Rotorna Kosarka to a walk -behind tractor with your own hands. How to make a mower

How to install a rotary mower on a single tractor

Speaking of a rotary mower, it implies a device with which a vegetation cover is mowed, growing in the fields and meadows. It can be agricultural crops or weeds that should be eliminated if herbicides are not used.

This is the name closest to the speedy perception, giving an idea that the principle of its work is the functionality of the discs available on it, with which the mushroom is carried out.

rotorna, walk, tractor, your, hands

The rotary type of pigtails is connected to the walk.behind tractor in three main ways:

In the same way, there is a separation of this type of pigtails according to how the cutting devices are located in relation to the unit on which they are fixed:

All about how to make an electric mower with your own hands.

Looking here, you can watch a video mini.tractor from the Neva walk.

one.axle tractor with a hay

So, as a result of long torment selection and compromise searches, it is purchased:

There were already reports on the walk.behind tractor, I will not repeat myself. The engine is magnificent, the swing of the assembly of everything else is Soviet. In particular, after 5 minutes of working with a whistle, a bolt flew out onto the engine shaft pulley. It’s good that the shield stood. And after 10 minutes of work, the knob was lost from the speed switch, stupidly unscrewed despite the found traces of the glue, but then found the elastic band from the right hand and so on. In general, you need to glue everything and tighten everything. The most important claim is the bolt that attaches the steering wheel to the walk.behind tractor, according to the design of the designers, it should provide a slight rearrangement of it on the side to go from the side block. In fact, it turns out that the entire steering wheel is attached to the base with a bolt on which is probably up to the middle of the nut, t.e. Just pressed. You have to pull up constantly. I think to cut the thread on the bolt to drag it through this node and tighten it with a nut from below. Of course it will be more difficult to rearrange the steering wheel, but constantly pulling it up is not a matter.

Now on the mower. I immediately discovered that the shaft on which the stretch video is placed is not parallel to the main structure, as a result, after installing the tensioner, it turns out that the video spares the trajectory of the belt movement. Cured the bend of the tensioner for which the video is installed. Let’s go The first belt was killed for about 15 minutes The most filthy that even a slight weakening of the belt, as a result of its overheating, leads to that it is no longer possible to use it, because its tension is carried out by a proliferator or rearrangement of one “hole” on the console itself. As a result, the belt is pulled out and the tensioner is no longer enough, and the rearrangement of the braid leads to the fact that even with the lowered tensioner lever the belt is still stretched, and I didn’t want to try something with the “connected” load, in my opinion this is wrong. We change the belt, the attempt number 2 rushes like a tank, cuts everything and everything, but if the grass is thick or settled, it is better to mow small squares, A whole stack of tangled grass is assembled on the mowal frame, which, first of all prevents the knives from rotating, secondly falls and crushes grass from the side. I got so embarrassed-I do it after 5-7 meters, such as the “pull”, I hand over, and then Kosh is perpendicular to these crooks to dump them in them what gathered on the frame. As a result, with this approach, with a very difficult nomadic area, dense grass and places already burned in 2 hours, it was possible to mow about 6 acres, with pauses for cooling the belt (it was the last, and to the city of 150 km) and the scattering of already mowed grass.

Summary: Little, despite the above shortcomings. If mowed before two weeks, it would be much easier.

Varieties of mowers for a walk.behind tractor

A mower for a walk.behind tractor can be found in stores or made on your own. Do not rush and start making equipment yourself. First you need to compare the for haying.bears in stores, they are not as small as we would like, but not sky.high.

Masters who are decided to independently manufacture a mower is attracted by the fact that equipment can be saved on equipment.

In addition, the process is not very complicated, on the Internet there are quite different drawings of ready.made mowing models, and the thing created by yourself helps to experience delight and pride.

The choice of a variety of mowers depends on the type of site. Earth differs in relief, grass in volume, size, composition. It is based on these parameters that you need to choose a technique. There are only three types of mowers on a single tractor:


The model is suitable for a low.level site and small bushes, grain crops. The braid is quite productive, used in relatively equal place with minor slopes (10-20 degrees).

The side slope on these models is not more than 8 degrees. A significant minus of the mower to the walk.behind tractor is a big chance to injure. After a bevel, the grass folds in rows, which allows you not to bother with it in the future. Rotary models have a very simple design, which reduces the risk of breakdown.

In a separate article, you can read about the attachment equipment for the Neva walk.behind tractor.


The knives of this model move in the progressive-reflective direction thanks to the operation of the shaft of the motor system. Features of the design of a segmented mower for a walk.behind tractor is more difficult than analogues, which contributes to complication of service. But the models have a number of advantages: side equipment of equipment eliminates the possibility of working with already beveled grass, unlike rotary options. Moving cutting details when spent move along the relief of the earth, repeating the landscape. Such a mechanism allows you to cut plants almost under the root.

The braid works with the deviation of the knife part by 20 degrees, this allows you to treat even the most uneven plots of the Earth. The mechanism of activation and disconnection of equipment is not at all related to the drive of the walk.behind tractor. This solution allows you to freely turn off the mitch in dangerous situations.

The balance of the knives in segment versions is as much as possible, which allows you to reduce vibrations in the structure to a minimum indicator.

Pitch-pier (drum)

The design is similar to the rotary model, but the mechanism is a little more complicated. The mower is made of drums that are fastened with a frame and consolidated with a tape.

Rotor mower for a walk.behind tractor: the principle of operation and features

This modification is intended for work, including on soil irregularities. It is a single.disc (with a cutting edge of the knives of a single rotary disk) and a two.minor (respectively, with two rotors, whose knives rotate, as a rule, a friend to meet a friend).

Among the advantages of the rotary mower is the following:

  • Increased maneuverability due to compactness and lightweight weight for perfect maneuverability between bushes and trees;
  • Suitable for motoblocks with both water and air cooling;
  • Depending on the model, the width of the mowing can be in the range of 52-80 cm, and the height of the fence of the sprout is 5-14 cm. All this, of course, is regulated during the operation of a walk.behind tractor with a mower;
  • You can change the angle of installation of knives to increase their effectiveness for places. Also, for the same purpose, you can equip the product with additional skis;
  • The presence of special drums, the task of which is to push the plants, so that the tool is not clogged even with thick and gesture varieties.

Scope: haymaking, weed cleaning from the rope, trimming a small shrub. After a bevel, waste is laid in t.n. felting, which is convenient for its subsequent cleaning or disposal. At the output, the mass is obtained quite chopped to immediately use it in the fertilizer of the soil, covering plants, preparation of humus without using an additional animation.

Segment mower for a walk.behind tractor. area of ​​application

Segmented mower on a single tractor is one of the simplest equipment options. Its design consists of a frame on which 2 bars are installed. The cutting elements are placed between them. In the process of performing progressive movements directly from the drive of the used motoblock, the cutting elements of the mowing begin to move like scissors, thus cutting the grass. At the same time, one of the segments is constantly moving to the right and left, and the second is in a stationary state. When the grass gets between the fingers of the braid, its stems are quickly and evenly cut off. This kind of design allows a segment mower to work successfully in areas with a complex relief.

The entire device is held on the support wheels, and can be attached to the front or rear of the walk.behind tractor. On the edges of the structure are slide, designed to adjust the height of the mowing of vegetation.

The segment mower does not differ in modest dimensions, which does not allow you to effectively use it in areas with a large territory. Nevertheless, the adaptation of this type successfully copes with the mowing of weeds with high and thick stems, which allows you to use it for mowing dry grass. Thanks to this, the segmented haying carpet for a walk.behind tractor is quite high in demand among farmers who own cattle.

The main advantages of the segmented mower include ease of operation, the lack of the need for frequent repairs, as well as a low cost. Among the minuses of the equipment, low performance and low efficiency in areas with low grass are highlighted.

Front mower for a walk.behind tractor. constructive features

Such a hinged mower for a walk.behind tractor is used mainly for work with heavy equipment equipped with a water cooling system. The main tasks that the front mower to the same.based tractor is designed to cope with a large number of tall and thick weeds, the removal of shrubs, the harvesting of large hay volumes.

Some models of frontal equipment are pre.equipped with rakes, so that the work of the walk.behind tractor with a mowing of this type allows you to collect mowed grass in felt, thus simplifying the process of working on the site. In the lateral parts of front.blocks for walk.behind tractors, there are separate slopes, the movement of which allows you to adjust the height of the grass mowing. The configuration of most models of hinged equipment of this type includes special pulleys that replace the standard elements of motoblocks.

Popular models

Domestic manufacturers produce these units in various configurations. A common braid is the one that is produced under the Zarya and Zarya 1 brand. the product of the Kaluga OJSC Kadi.

This multi.purpose model. It is distinguished by high production indicators, ease of management, ease of installation and maintenance. The mechanism of attaching the braid frame to the rotary node of the motor block is simple and universal, approaches almost all domestic cultivators.

Another model widely used by farmers is KR-80. It is suitable for operation in combination with the motoblocks “virgin lands”, “Neva”, “cascade”, “Oka”. You can mow grass, coarse shrub, cereal crops.

Similar characteristics are possessed by the rotational suspension mower KRN-1. Produced in the territory and Belarus. Installed on most leading units. It has modifications designed for industrial field processing.

Before acquiring an installed addition to the walk.behind tractor, it is necessary to find out the characteristics of their compatibility. Daewoo Daewoo Daewoo Cultivator is sometimes sold with additional nozzles from the same company. They easily combine with its leading mechanism. Cosocosers of other manufacturers may constructively differ, which will prevent or nullify the attempt to connect a walk.behind tractor with a suspended unit. When buying this or that agricultural equipment, it is worth paying attention to this issue.

In the case when a hinged mower is not intended for use with a particular engine, you can purchase an adapter. If there is no one, it may require a refinement of the connecting mechanism.

Design features

Devices produced by different companies can vary in external and some technical data. The principle of the functioning of such units is identical and dictates an integral list of nodal blocks included in the design.

Standard rotary braid for grass is made of:

  • frames;
  • subframe;
  • balancing mechanism;
  • cutter;
  • field divider;
  • traction fuse;
  • racks;
  • protection of the cutting apparatus.

Frame. element designed to attach the nozzle to the walk.behind tractor. Has two axes facing the sides. One of them serves to fix the frame on the lower rods of the leading apparatus. The second is attached to the second from the overload of the rod holding due to bolts and two nuts. An element with a bracket will join the frame, which allows you to install a subframe.

The subframe is a welded part connecting the frame and cutting element. It consists of a rectangular case. On the one hand, the tube with bushings introduced into it is welded. In the middle there are “ears” designed for fastening transport traction and device that regulates the height. The side of the bracket is on which the traction fuse is attached to. On the subframe, the drive itself and the protection of the belt transmission are fixed.

rotorna, walk, tractor, your, hands

The balancing mechanism is designed so that the cutting device repeats the terrain relief. Thus, the best mowing of vegetation is achieved. Using this mechanism, the mower is also converted into transportation mode. Its adjustment is carried out by special tension bolts.

Cutting device performs mowing. Its body serves as a whole crankcase. The cutting elements are based on the soil through a special pallet installed below. The cutting device can have on its body how much rotors. There are usually two of them in the motoblock modification. Rotors are equipped with two knives. The transmission of mechanical effort from the motor to knives occurs by means of a belt of traction, gearboxes, a number of shafts and gears.

Field divisor helps to separate mowed and dwarf grass. It consists of their shield, springs and bolt fasteners. The spring mechanism allows the divider to move back at the time of overflow of the cut vegetation.

rotorna, walk, tractor, your, hands

During the mowing process, the cutting mechanism may come across an obstacle. In order to avoid a breakdown in this situation, the rotary mower is equipped with a traction fuse. Using this node, a braid for grass can deviate from the working position to the moment established by the user.

The stand helps to hold the hinged unit in a convenient position at the time of its connection to the walk.behind tractor.

The assembly knives rotate at high speed. For the safety of a person using equipment, they are placed in a protective casing. It can be made of light metal or tarpaulin fabric.

Various modifications of rotary braids can differ in the presence of certain details. Some of them can be purchased, and others are made independently.

How to make a rotary mower with your own hands

Unfortunately, most owners of motoblocks and ministers do not always use them in full, and in order to mow the lawn or the field they hire another equipment. Although, it is quite possible to do this with a rotary mower. The cost of such a tool is prohibitively high, therefore it is much more profitable to build it yourself. About how to make a rotary mower from improvised means we will consider further.

  • The principle of operation of the rotary type mowel
  • Features of rotary braids
  • DIY rotary mower
  • Homemade rotary mowel from improvised materials
  • The price of purchased rotary mowers

The principle of operation of the rotary type mowel

In the modern market of agricultural tools, there are a large number of various braids. The most popular are the rotary devices. Due to their design, they have high performance and are convenient to work both on a large tractor and a walk.behind tractor.

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The principle of operation of the rotary mowing is in the production of rotational movements in a rotor that has a round shape.

The rotary braid has the appearance of a rectangular beam to which rotors with knives are attached. It is they who are responsible for the correctness of the cutting of plants.

Rotor mowers gained great popularity due to their efficiency. The fact is that these devices use direct energy that comes from the tractor. Therefore, for their work, it is not required to produce a certain type of energy. At the same time, performance increases several times. These mowers are used in the process of mowing grass, weeds, lightweight plants, they are called not only rotary, but also rotational.

If we compare the rotary mower with alternative options, then the first. the efficiency is more than 70%, while others have up to 40%.

The rotary mower is attached to the transport device, which is a tractor, mini.tractor or uno.based tractor.

There are three types of such mowers, these are devices:

The first.type rotary mowers are attached to transport using a three.point scheme, so there is an opportunity to adjust the angle of inclination of the device.

Hinged braids are ideal for work in small areas of the Earth. The use of semi.western devices is recommended in the areas huge in area, and trailed rotor braids are used to work on uneven soil.

The rotary mower is characterized by a fairly wide area of ​​application. She perfectly mowns herb for further laid in the rollers. In addition, they distinguish rotary braids that not only mow the grass, but also crushed and collect it. The principle of operation of such a device is to cut the plants, they are supplied to special knives, which are grinding, transporting in a container.

Features of rotary braids

In general, there are several types of mowers for mini.tractors or walk.behind tractors, which can be built independently. Since in this way it will be possible to achieve the greatest savings in cash, and at the same time get a quality tool.

Mowers that are made at home are:

As the basis for the rotary type mowel is a metal welded design in the form of a frame. For its manufacture, the presence of metal corners with a standard size of 40×40 mm is required. Cabiners are installed on the design to fix the wheels. After that, you should independently choose the type of working part, which depends on the place of work of this tool.

The scope of the use of a home.made rotary mowing applies to the mowing of grass or lawn areas. But, keep in mind that with the help of such a mower it is recommended to mow only high grass, since it will grind low. To make such a mower yourself you need:

rotorna, walk, tractor, your, hands

For the manufacture of knives, use exclusively hardened steel. There should be four knives on each disk.

On each of the disks you need to drill holes under the knives, their diameter should not exceed six millimeters. Knives fixation occurs using shinka. In this case, it is necessary to leave a small gap between the knife and the mount, its thickness should exceed the thickness of the blade two millimeters. In addition, you should take care of installing a protective case.

DIY rotary mower

The design of a homemade rotary mower for a mini.tractor includes knives that provide herbal mowing. Knives are fixed on a special disk device. To ensure movement, power shaft is used. Sliding mowing on the surface of the earth is carried out using the lower disks.

For the manufacture of a welded frame, use corners, it is possible to use old scrap metal. To save time on the manufacture of knives, use the old rotor from the tractor. But, in this case, in order to improve the craving and make the mower more productive, you should shorten the tractor rotor a few centimeters from 2 to 4, depending on the power of the mini.tractor. Such a model of mowing has a height of a beam of not more than 350 mm.

For an independent construction of the rotor, take a metal sheet and cut out two circles in the form of disks from it, each diameter is 390 mm. To save on buying a metal sheet, it is possible to use the bottom from the old barrel. In the center, legs are welded to the disks that provide their rotation. Thanks to the influence of centrifugal force, the process of mowing grass will be carried out.

Carefully monitor the strength of the mounting, in the process of welding the legs, since the connections should be as reliable as possible.

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As the lower support, a disk taken from the lush device is suitable, its diameter should not exceed forty.five centimeters. An old metal pipe is suitable as an axial shaft, with a cross section of not more than three centimeters. To make a design, it is also required to have bearings 80 106. On the pipe section, a hole should be provided for installing the lower bearing, a second bearing is installed on the surface of the pulley. In this case, the presence of welded pulley is required.

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