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Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower Reviews Jul 2023 – RY48110 38″ Battery Electric Rear Engine

I have had the opportunity to operate a manual lawn-mower.

If you’re a millennial, you might cringe at the word “manual” and probably don’t know what it’s like to use a manual mower.

Well, long story short, it’s inefficient, exhaustive and inferior to using a motorized mower.

Thanks to the march of technology, almost every landowner is now switching to a motorized mower, and can you really blame them?

But the market is incredibly saturated these days, and if you don’t do your homework before buying one, you might end up with a rotten egg.

But the one I’m featuring today is anything but a rotten egg. In fact, it’s one of the best mowers on the market!

This is my review of the Ryobi RY48110 electric lawn mower, so let’s get started with its features.

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Ryobi Electric Riding Lawn Mower Review Jul 2023: What did I like about it?

Electric Powertrain

That’s right, the Ryobi isn’t an archaic dinosaur from the past; it’s advanced and futuristic.

Instead of utilizing a gas-guzzling, smoke-belching, constantly-breaking internal combustion engine, the Ryobi uses an electric powertrain to propel itself.

It uses a 75 Ah lead-acid (no lithium-ion here, folks) battery (that’s 75,000 mAh for computer and mobile freaks) which gives the Ryobi a run-time of two hours (more on that later) or can trim two acres per charge.

The power from that battery is transmitted via three noiseless and brushless motors (one for the drive and two for cutting), and that power is delivered at a voltage of 48 volts.

The upshot of electrification is that there is no noise, there are no emissions, you don’t need to brim the tank repeatedly and maintenance is generally not required as there are no pistons, belts, cams, spark plugs, etc. Even if the need for maintenance arises, it is incredibly easy. You can charge the battery by plugging into any standard power outlet via the provided cord.

over, the mower can be used for retreats and resorts, where silence is of paramount importance.

Maximum speed is 13 km/h when the blades are not engaged, 8 km/h if the blades are employed, and 3 km/h if in reverse.

Cutting and Mowing Instruments

Despite the Ryobi’s best efforts to mimic a Tesla, it is still a lawnmower, and it has the tools for the purpose.

It has a 38 inches cutting deck which is more than adequate for a mower of its size and capacity. The deck features two blades and can be adjusted in twelve different positions between 38 to 114 millimeters to ensure that you can trim your grass to the desired level.

I found the trimming and mowing tools to be great, with the blades providing great consistency to the cutting process. Uneven patches and undulations were dealt with beautifully, no complaints here.

After mowing, I proceeded to clean the deck which proved to be slightly problematic as it does not have a self-cleaning mechanism. over, as most of the weight is concentrated down low, hence lifting the Ryobi would be cumbersome.

But I guess the lack of this feature is justified at this price point, so the Ryobi is excused.


One of the most interesting things about the Ryobi RY48110 riding lawn mower is its chassis, something you will notice instantly if you’re a motorcycle maniac.

The chassis is exposed and resembles the exoskeleton of an insect. The inspiration behind this could’ve been the Ariel Atom or most of KTM and Ducati’s lineup.

I, for one, found it to be an absolute stunner, especially with its lime-acid green paint job.

Controls, Ergonomics and Lighting

The Ryobi features two fairly standard control panels on either side of the operator. The switchgear feels sturdy and unlikely to break soon. The mower features cruise control as well which is useful for those long patches of land, and you can even charge your phone while mowing thanks to the built-in charger.

As far as ergonomics go, the chair is placed pretty high and provides great cushioning and support, making the Ryobi ideal for protracted jobs. I would’ve liked the steering to be more angled towards me, but I guess I’m nitpicking.

I found the lighting on the Ryobi excellent for mowing your lawn before the break of dawn.

The two thin strips of LED lights do not seem like much, but they’re incredibly bright and do an excellent job of illuminating your path.

Ryobi RY401180 40V HP Brushless 20″ Self-Propelled Mower Review: The Best-Selling Lawn Mower

Although the Ryobi RY401180 was released nearly 2 years ago, it is still among the best-selling lawn mowers on the market. It emerges as an impressive choice in the 40V lineup of cordless mowers, delivering a winning combination of power, convenience, and innovative features at an affordable price.

Self-Propelled Rear Wheel Drive

Another standout feature is indeed its self-propulsion system, an attribute that offers numerous benefits to homeowners. Particularly useful when mowing on slopes, the self-propelled nature of the mower drastically reduces physical effort, making it less strenuous to navigate inclines. This is achieved by the mower essentially driving itself up the slope, requiring minimal push from the user.

The self-propelled rear wheel drive is not only beneficial for dealing with slopes, it also makes the mowing experience easier for a wider range of users. For instance, even younger family members can operate the mower safely under supervision, turning lawn care into a shared family task rather than a solitary chore.

The speed of the self-propulsion can be conveniently adjusted via a dial on the handle, allowing for a controlled and customized mowing experience. This means that irrespective of the user’s walking pace – be it a teen just learning to mow the lawn, or an adult who’s been doing it for years – the Ryobi can match it, ensuring comfort and efficiency in each mowing session. Users may notice a bit of lag before the propulsion kicks in, but it’s relatively minor and doesn’t detract significantly from the mower’s overall performance.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, the Ryobi scores high marks. The push-button start is straightforward and convenient, eliminating the often frustrating pull-start mechanism found on many gas mowers. Furthermore, the mower’s light weight and compact design make it easy to maneuver around corners and obstacles.

The mower’s cutting height can be adjusted to seven positions, with a range of 1.5″ to 4″, offering a considerable amount of flexibility depending on the specific requirements of your lawn. This can easily be adjusted with a single lever, contributing to the user-friendly nature of the mower.

In terms of noise, this model shines. Compared to the noisy gas-powered models, the Ryobi RY401180 operates with minimal sound, making it a more pleasant option for those who prefer a quieter mowing experience. Now I even don’t need to wear any noise-reduction earmuffs.

Bagging, Mulching, and Side Discharge Functions

An added feature of this Ryobi lawnmower is its ability to mulch, bag, or side-discharge clippings. The bagging capacity is quite satisfactory, holding a substantial amount of clippings before needing to be emptied. Mulching is efficient, but a tad less impressive when tackling taller grass. Nonetheless, the ability to switch between these 3 modes offers much-appreciated versatility.


The Ryobi is powered by 40V lithium-ion battery, mine uses a 6.0Ah battery included in the box. The mower’s run-time is impressive, comfortably cutting up to half an acre on a single charge. However, the battery life could be shorter when I use the self-propulsion a lot. Charging is straightforward with the included charger, but the charging time may be a downside for some users, taking approximately two hours to reach full capacity.

Two Weeks Review of the Ryobi RM300e Ride on Mower | Electric Lawn Service

A Drawback

One potential drawback is the plastic deck. While it contributes to the lightweight nature of the mower, it might not be as durable as the steel decks found on more heavy-duty models. That said, for most residential applications, this shouldn’t pose a problem.



  • Efficient Performance
  • Self-Propulsion
  • Mulch, bag, or side-discharge clippings
  • Ease of Use
  • Impressive Battery Life
  • Adjustable Cutting Height
  • Quiet Operation
  • Compact Design


  • Plastic Deck
  • Slight Propulsion Lag
  • Longer Charging Time
  • Mulching Limitations

In conclusion, the Ryobi RY401180 40V Brushless Self-Propelled Mower presents an impressive balance of performance, convenience, and innovative features. It’s an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a reliable, user-friendly, and efficient lawnmower. While it has a few minor drawbacks, such as a slower self-propulsion start and a longer charging time, they are easily outweighed by the strengths.

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Ryobi RY40190-Y Review

The combination of the Ryobi RY40190-Y’s robust motor, broad cutting deck, maneuverability, and low cost make it a standout even among top-ranked cordless lawn mowers. While this mower has a short runtime in comparison to some of its peers, it will still cut an estimated 7,000 square feet of grass on a single charge. Considering all the positives that this machine brings to the table, our critiques regarding ease of use and recharge interval seem minor.

ryobi, mower, battery, life, riding, lawn

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Ryobi is a high-performance mower that boasts self-propulsion, a powerful motor, a super-wide cutting deck, as well as an easy to use design. This machine is maneuverable, too. The battery powering this unit is the only real mark against it, though in truth, this model’s battery performance is slightly above average. However, in light of its high-end performance in all other evaluations, it’s battery comes off particularly poorly. That said, this machine offers a lot for the asking price.

Performance Comparison


The most important feature in a lawn mower is it’s mowing proficiency. Accordingly, we weight the mowing metric the heaviest at 35% of the product’s total score. Our evaluation consists of a practical and a dimensional analysis. The practical analysis is an assessment of the motor’s power as expressed by its ability to keep the blade spinning in shaggy grass and knee-high weeds while mulching. Next is our dimensional analysis, which consists of measuring the range of cutting-height adjustments and the cutting deck width.

We take a practical approach to measuring the cutting deck because we want that measurement to be representative of the maximum mowing width possible. Accordingly, our measurement is taken between the two front wheels to account for the overlap required to avoid leaving a strip of uncut turf between one row and the next. We also measure the cutting gap, which is the space between the end of the blade and the outside of the cutting deck. This gap is the main culprit in poor edging and in the overlap requirements discussed above.

The Ryobi is a leader in the mowing metric. This machine can cut grass at any height with little difficulty. With seven cutting-height settings between 1 1/2 and 3 13/16, the Ryobi can handle most grass species preferred trimming heights. At a width of 17, the cutting deck is one of the wider in the class. Additionally, this model has one of the narrowest cutting gaps making it great for edging. Thus, the mower will do more work in less time than many of its competitors.


After mowing proficiency, the battery metric — which is weighted to 25% of the final scoring — is the most important aspect of mower performance. The answer to why this is the case is simple: the battery powers the mower, and without it the mower is just a tacky lawn ornament. To get at what makes one battery better than another, we look at the runtime of the mower and the recharge time. Runtime is simply the amount of time that a mower’s battery will continue to power a stationary mower with the blade spinning. Recharge time is, as the name implies, the interval required for a fully depleted battery to be completely recharged.

While recharge time is simple enough to understand, runtime requires a bit of explaining. One might wonder what a motionless mowers operation time has to do with mowing the lawn. We admit it’s a bit counterintuitive. The problem lies in the efficiency of these mowers. To test a full class of mowers’ battery life while mowing a lawn would take hundreds of thousands of square feet of grass. Grass that would need to be uniform as not to skew the results.

Finding, let alone cutting, this much grass is unrealistic. Our solution to this problem is math. We take the loadless runtime and plug it into a model that conservatively estimates the square footage that can be trimmed on a single battery charge. With an estimated 7,031 sq. ft. of cut grass on a single battery charge, the Ryobi does not fare so well compared to some of its peers. However, that is still the equivalent of mowing a lawn that is ~84′ on a side. Not terrible, but still a poor showing for the class. Worse yet, is the model’s prolonged battery recharge time of 4 hours, 10 minutes.


These lawn mowers are not hotrods. However, like hotrods, the ease in which the user can direct and maneuver them is quite important to the overall experience. As such, we weight the handling metric to account for 25% of the overall score allotted to a product.

Our analysis of mower handling looks at the starting mechanism with the primary concern being how easy it is to start the machine. We then evaluate the maneuverability of the mower — focusing on how it negotiates corners and tight spots. We also take stock of the mower’s propulsion method. This could be self-propelled or human-powered. Either way, we want to know how easy it is to push the mower around. Finally, we evaluate the starting mechanism and the bail. While a simple feature like the bail might seem insignificant, it in fact can be quite uncomfortable to grip if the spring that disengages the blade is too stiff or it has a weird shape.

The Ryobi starts with little trouble, but it does have a bit of a leg that, at first, had us wondering what was going on under the hood. As it turns out, this delay is consistent and is just how this machine operates. Despite the broad cutting deck width, this self-propelled machine is quite maneuverable. It does well in tricky spots and corners, which complement its superior edging capability discussed above. Finally, the bail is one of the better designs that we have seen. It’s both easy and comfortable to hold down.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is our mop-up metric that captures the little details that are less important than, say, how well the mower mows, but become more important to the user over time. Our FOCUS of this metric is on the mower’s folding mechanism, the position and usefulness of the battery life indicator, the effectiveness of the battery release mechanism, and finally, the noisiness of the engine. Due to the lower priority of these features, we weight this metric to account for 15% of the total product score.

The Ryobi delivers mediocre results in this evaluation. It’s not that this machine is difficult to use, it’s just that some of its competitors fleshed out these details to better effect. Take the storage folding mechanism as an example. While the model folds up compactly, depending on the cutting height one has the deck set to, one might have to readjust this to get the handle fully folded. Another minor issue is the battery life meter. This useful feature is hidden under the battery cover and is not visible from the cockpit of the mower. That said, the removal of the battery is super simple and effective. Additionally, at 71 dBA, this is one of the quieter machines that we’ve tested.


When you get more than you paid for in a purchase, we call that value. The Ryobi RY40190-Y fits this definition to a T. Sure, the mower has some shortcomings in the ease of use and battery metrics, but these fall away when compared to the mowing performance and handling. When compared to its competitors, purchasing a mower with the Ryobi’s level of performance usually costs quite a bit more money.


The Ryobi is well-deserving of the accolades heaped on it for its affordability. It offers considerable performance in mowing and handling outweigh its limited battery life and so-so secondary features. If you have a small to medium-sized lawn, perhaps one with an unusual shape requiring tight edging, then you can’t go wrong with this machine. As a bonus, you can throw a couple of barbeques for your neighbors with the money you saved.

The best cordless lawn mowers in 2023

Looking for the best cordless mower? Browse our experts’ pick, from budget to premium models.

A lawn mower may be one of the first purchases we make when getting a garden of our own, but that doesn’t mean finding a good quality one is easy. There are so many models and brands on the market to choose from, including corded electric and petrol, but as their range increases and fall, cordless, battery-powered models are an increasingly popular option.

Light and compact compared with traditional petrol models, cordless mowers are simple to use, easy to manoeuvre around the garden, and have none of the maintenance and servicing needs or costs of petrol lawnmowers. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which charges up quickly and won’t lose power in storage, they’re also quiet and emission free.

To compare these cordless mowers against other types of mower, we’ve reviewed the best lawn mowers, robotic lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers and push mowers, too. And if your lawn needs a bit of attention, our experts have tested a range of the best manual and powered aerators and scarifiers.Keep edges looking neat with our pick of the best strimmers, the best garden shears and the best lawn edging, and if you’re thinking about somewhere to store your new mower, our comprehensive guide to choosing the best garden shed will be helpful.

For your next DIY project, have a look at the best cordless drills.

The best cordless mowers to buy at a glance

Cordless mowers. Buyer’s Guide video

Many thanks to Rosie Yeomans and Sparsholt College for their help in making this video.

Getting the best cordless lawn mower for you means ensuring it has the correct cutting width, range of cutting heights, and weight plus a battery run time that matches the size of your lawn. We’ve tested a range of cordless push mowers, putting them through their paces across a range of grass and terrains, to help you find the right one for your garden.

Each mower has a detailed list of pros and cons for clarity and has been rated according to set up and storage, handling, mowing and value for money. Every mower in our round up below has scored a minimum of four out of five stars, so you can buy with confidence.

ryobi, mower, battery, life, riding, lawn

In every review we award outstanding products our coveted Best Buy award. To see these and the others we recommend, browse our pick of the best cordless lawn mowers, below.

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Best Buy cordless mowers

Husqvarna Aspire LC34-P4A

Our rating: 4.9 out of 5

  • Quiet
  • Cuts even long grass with ease
  • Battery level visible while mowing
  • Small and compact for easy storage
  • Part of the POWER FOR ALL cordless range

Part of the new Husqvarna Aspire cordless range, which includes a hedge trimmer, pruner and leaf blower, this 34cm mower is powered by an 18V POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE battery and charger. These are interchangeable with tools in other leading brands such as Flymo, Gardena and Bosch so if you also invest in tools in these ranges, you’ll only need to buy the bare tool and won’t have different batteries and chargers taking up space in the shed.Great for small gardens the mower comes ready to go, there’s no assembly or handles to attach, and it folds down to a compact size when you’re finished, with a telescopic handle that folds completely flat over the body of the mower. It can then be stood up against a wall or hung up, and even comes with a handy hook. The 30l grass bag also flattens down to take up very little room and can be hung on the mower. The Aspire is light, with a carry handle so that lifting it up steps or into other areas is easy and it has an adjustable handle to suit different height users. It’s comfortable and easy to manoeuvre around the garden and has just four cutting heights to choose from, ranging from 25-65mm and changed easily with a single lever on the body of the mower. It cuts grass quietly and smoothly and has an automatic boost that increases blade speed when you’re mowing in tougher, longer areas that works well. You can hear it kick in when you push the mower into longer grass and unlike other cordless mowers that can cut out, just carries on cutting the grass. While you mow the battery charge level is always clearly visible so you know how much battery you have left and when it needs charging. It comes with a two year warranty and we awarded it a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy in 2023 for ease of use.

Specs: Battery: charge time. 95 mins; run time. 500sqm. Cutting: width. 34cm; height. 25-65mm. Grass box. 30 litre.

Buy the Husqvarna Aspire C34-P4A cordless mower from Husqvarna and Sam Turner

Ryobi lawn mowers are garbage

Greenworks GDG24LM33

Our rating: 4.5 out of 5

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Comfortable padded handle
  • Choice of mulching or collecting clippings
  • Interchangeable battery with Greenworks 24V family

Ideal for smaller gardens this sturdy, great value cordless mower is easy to put together, well thought out and simple to use. Thanks to a padded handle it’s comfortable to push, although it did feel a little short for our taller tester, and it’s light and easy to manoeuvre around trees and beds and borders. There are five cutting heights to choose from, adjusted with the simple lift of a lever and it offers the choice of collecting clippings in the 30 litre fabric grass bag or inserting the mulching plug and leaving them on the lawn to break down and feed the grass. It mows well but doesn’t like very long grass, with the battery cutting out occasionally but its long lasting brushless motor offers a a decent run time of 46 minutes and it charges in two hours. Plus, as part of the Greenworks 24V family, both the battery and charger are interchangeable with all the other tools in the range, saving you money if you invest in more in the future. We awarded it a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy for the best budget cordless mower in 2023.

Specs: Battery: charge time. 120 mins; run time. 46mins. Cutting: width. 33cm; height. 25-70mm. Grass box. 30 litre.

Yard Force LMG37A 40v 37cm

Our rating: 4.8 out of 5

  • Rear roller
  • Double folding handle for easy storage
  • Quickest charge time
  • Part of the Yardforce GR40 cordless range

This sturdy mower has a 37cm cutting width and useful features including a rear roller for those much desired stripes. Awarded a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy in 2022 for small to medium lawns, clippings are collected in the large 40 litre fabric grass bag. It offers a wide choice of seven cutting heights, from 25-75mm, and is easy to fold away at the end of the day. The 40V battery is quick to charge, taking just 50 minutes and when full it has the capacity to cut a 400m2 lawn.

Specs: Battery: charge time. 50 mins; run time. 400sqm. Cutting: width. 37cm; height. 25-75mm. Grass box. 40 litre.

Buy the Yard Force LMG37A 40V 37cm cordless mower from Yard Force, Amazon and Wickes