Shtil Fs-38 – Light Lawn Mower with Power of 65 kW

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Shtil Fs-38. Light Lawn Mower with Power of 65 kW

Shtil Fs-38 manual

FS 38. Light lawn mower with a power of 0, 65 kW

Padded shoulder strap makes long-lasting work easier, more comfortable and safer.

STIHL ElastoStart

As a result of compression pressure, when starting two-stroke engines, jerky forces arise, which load the muscles and joints. The ElastoStart launcher noticeably reduces these harmful effects. A special damping element in the handle of the starting device alternately takes over, then gives off energy according to the compression process. Thus, the launch occurs evenly, without jolts. (see illustration)

ErgoStart Lightweight Launch System

Convenient and easy engine start thanks to an additional coil spring installed between the coil with the cable of the starting device and the crankshaft. To start the engine, it is enough to pull the starter cable with even effort. On all models labeled C-E is included.

Some elements of equipment are presented in more detail in the Product and Application Technique section.

The product range and data may vary depending on the export performance. Constructive and technological modifications of the tool and accessories, as well as price changes are possible.



    Simple shoulder strap

    Simple shoulder strap for FS 38, FS 40, FS 45, FS 50


    Shtil fs-38 instruction:

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    Shtil fs 38 instruction. application for study

    And there’s one head there. AutoCut C 5-2. Please specify, the spring must be between the plate and the part on which the fishing line is wound, I understand correctly. Help solve the problem with this lawn mowing, or rather with the AutoCut C 5-2 head. Well, the head, too, for sure. So it was at the time of delivery. I don’t even have time to mow a meter of grass, as I stay with a bare spool. They didn’t seem to have time to swim perfectly, but the landing under the hexagon was finished. On the. The bolt in the gearbox is unscrewed, from the tube of the grease cap it is unscrewed and screwed into this hole and the tube is squeezed. Floor. hours we tried to pump oil through the hole from this screw. As I understand a threaded hole. He replied that they said in the magician that nothing was blurred and not a word in the annotation. I tried to reel in the latest fishing line according to the annotation, as soon as the fishing line ended, leaving small pieces of 3-5 cm of chopped fishing line around, it was possible to start and give almost full gas. In general, you need to lubricate and drive. Stihl FS 38 heats the barbell. Stihl fs38 runs only at idle. If the knot is smeared, it still looks like. And the bearing housing is disassembled. But try, since there is such a recommendation. At the moment, I think I need it. would be thicker grease. The nightlights are mowed, maybe greased, by the morning if they do not melt. Tried to pull it, it stretches. The shaft spun around like a young one. This is what we did not know. They always say that it was simply filmed. Specially took a picture of the coil, IMHO is not the best solution. In order not to waste from repairs from 900 to 1,500 rubles, it is recommended to add a special STIHL transmission lubricant to the FS 38 plain bearing every 50 hours. The remaining oil was poured into the bar. No more words and no pictures. Even I tried to grow a little more to increase the compression force, but the result remained the same. small pieces of fishing line around. We stick the cable into the sleeve, assemble the sleeve into the rod. We put the case on the shaft, and it flew off together with the shaft, dshr. Occasionally. After lubrication, the ceramic-metal bushings ended extremely quickly. If the core is melted, it will break off, for sure. For the sake of enthusiasm, at the moment I downloaded the annotation and read it. Tell me what the problem is. Kose 3 years of intensive use. In the end, they brought the assembly of the spindle assembly, about 400 rubles. I haven’t watched it myself yet, from words. Either I’m doing something wrong, or there is a problem in my head. He really didn’t remember the model of the braid, but the fact is that Stihl is therefore like everything is calm and with a bent bar, most likely. I said to him about the grease. Lawnmow Stihl FS 38. Obstacles and solutions. It did not seem to burn out during the night, although it was very hot.

    Shtil fs 38 instruction

    Shtil fs 38 instruction

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    Instruction shtil fs 38. we will find you a statement

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    Lawn mowing shtil fs-38

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      Speed: 8868 Kb / s

      Stihl fs 38 manual

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      Shtil fs 38 instruction >. portal with standard forms of documents

      Shtil fs 38 instruction

      Shtil fs 38 instruction

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      Do-it-yourself Stihl trimmer repair Stihl FS 38

      dichlosoftvideo: I looked with interest, a lot helped. But why pound the shaft? This can reduce the resource node, which costs about seven hundred rubles. Place the part in place using a mandrel made of aluminum tube or profile.?

      Gary may: Thanks for the review. I have the same one, it works like a clock for 3 seasons. ?

      Vitaly Evseev: a good reviewer, I didn’t even know that it should be lubricated, I bought one last year, but it’s clear from the video that it doesn’t need to be disassembled for lubrication, just remove the secured cover, unscrew one bolt and fill it with grease. thanks for the review, Like.?

      Nikola Pitersky: Thanks Bratiiishkaa! I’ve been looking for such a video for a long time. Well, I like it and subscribe. I think this is something that needs to be done and we are unlikely to go to the masters. Diman Huskavarna so can be served 7?

      Dmitry Ivanov: Gasoline is not recommended to be stored in plastic bottles for a long time. It becomes harmful to the carb.?

      Infectant: Well guys!)))?

      Alexander So and so nekhuya. Do not twitch, say the words at a normal pace and in the case. It was not necessary to sort the bottom. oil through the top poured in and gear lubricated and greased business then.?

      Vito Manone: Stihl FS 38 fuel mixture how to dilute?

      Vladimir Adulov: it is not a repair but a maintenance! There is no need to twist the bar there everything through the bottom is remarkably removed and inserted. Dima is cunning! The trimmer is almost new !?

      Sasha Bob: I looked at myself in oil and now I can’t collect; it’s not inserted until the end of the twist 2 days already?

      Serge Winter: the right video, thanks! I was surprised that you have such a clean braid. I don’t have a lot of koshu, although the yard is large, I clean it after each mowing. ?

      Vadim Simonenko: Hello! Tell me, how often do you work with this mower? I have the same device for the 5th season plowed. This year will be the 6th. To be honest, over 5 years of operation, no one has lubricated or disassembled anything, although the instructions say that the fuel filter must be changed once a year. The only thing during this time has changed something in electronics (I don’t even remember what it was).?

      Nikolay Ogluzdin: Hello Dmitry. Let me leave my comment too. It doesn’t make much sense to lubricate the cable, because at maximum speeds (and they’re big there), the grease just scatters the rod walls.?

      EUGENE PRINCE: This is not a repair! The title is off topic. ?

      Inside View (Comp Education): Hello everyone. I have a Prorab 8406T trimer. Until now, it worked perfectly, but now I tried to start it and it didn’t work. Oil, oil and nothing. (The candle works, dry, sucked in 10 times, there is fuel, the button is in the on position. Help! What to do ??

      MarinGY: Interested mainly in why the momentum disappears. Spin weakly. The fishing line is not cut. They would talk about replacing the air filter. suction head and carb setting. Throw it away after 4 years of use.?

      Alexander Serafimovich: Not bad, thanks. And could you show the complete disassembly cycle, and not just the rods? There, under the black cover, where is the air filter, there are 2 nuts, are they non-standard? Can you tell me, the problem is this, the primer does not pick up gasoline, the gas hose does not seem to flow.?

      Response166: Good work, perfectly done.?

      Do-it-yourself Stihl trimmer repair Stihl FS 38 5 out of 5

      Stihl fs 38 benz trimmer

      Stihl fs 38 benz trimmer

      If you bring everything and the Stihl fs 38 petrol trimmer instruction is correct, then your Skewer will serve the Stihl fs 38 petrol trimmer instruction manual for years. The price is excellent A and China, but the sound is firm, sound, nice to hold on. This unit was visible instead of a burned, frozen, electric trimmer 4 years ago, the Stihl fs 38 petrol trimmer instruction strips on deep autumn work without surprise.

      One dream petrol trimmer Stihl fs 38 instruction 330 ml. And one more amateur: when the ignition is turned off, the Komi-air mixture continues to flow into the cylinder or there some aggressor closes. Solemnly I myself think that it would be necessary to have a hot lubricant. Manual desired pump With a smile on the manual fuel pump, you can approximately suspect fuel in the carburetor by pressing a finger.