Starting The Petrol Trimmer


The method of securing the mower to your body while working should be taken seriously. This is explained by the fact that the weight of the unit with a gasoline engine cannot be called small. And if a large amount of work is performed with this apparatus, then its weight causes fatigue in the back and muscles of the shoulder girdle of the user. Belts are of the knapsack type and shoulder straps. Most home trimmers use padded, wide shoulder straps.

Starting The Petrol Trimmer

Petrol trimmer

This type of trimmer has an indisputable advantage over an electric trimmer, since it does not tied to an electrical outlet and can be used in places far from the electrical main.


Gasoline trimmer cutting elements are usually supplied with the unit or purchased separately, depending on the type and complexity of the work that will be performed with its help. In most models, a special spool (bobbin) is included as standard, into which a cord (line) is wound, which serves as a cutting tool.

The bobbin design allows adjusting the cord length almost in a semi-automatic mode: just a little hit with the stopper in the ground, and the blocking from the inner spool is removed. Further, due to centrifugal force, during the rotation of the bobbin, the cord comes out, and since there is a special knife on the protective casing, the excess edges of the fishing line are cut off.

To mow thicker plant stems (reeds, sedges, shrubs), you will need to use metal knives and cutters. They usually differ in the shape and number of cutting surfaces (petals). There are cutters that resemble circular dust in their appearance, which are successfully used on powerful units. The disc trimmer is usually used when cutting young growth of trees.

Also, to expand the functionality of lawn mowers, you can purchase (if not included in the complete set) special attachments, shown in the following figure.

You should know that such attachments can only be installed on a trimmer with a collapsible bar. In this case, the device can turn into:

  • Brush cutter,
  • Chainsaw (you can cut branches in trees),
  • Brush (you can clean the tracks from snow and dirt),
  • Cultivator for tillage (surface).

Principle of operation

The operation of the trimmer with a gasoline engine is as follows:

  • With the help of the starter, the operation of the internal combustion engine is started (how the engine works. This is a separate topic)
  • Rotation from the engine crankshaft is transmitted to the gearbox by means of a clutch mechanism and by means of a shaft located in the rods;
  • The rotation of the gearbox is transmitted to the spindle, on which the cutting elements are fixed;
  • Cutting elements, due to the high speed of the spindle, cut grass and bushes;
  • Spindle speed depends on the force of pressing the gas button.

Device device

An electric mower differs from a lawn mower in the type of drive used in it, namely, the electric motor installed on it. Below is a diagram on which all the main units of the unit are clearly visible.

Electric trimmers, available with different engine locations.

  • The motor is located at the top of the unit. This arrangement of the drive is used in devices whose power can reach 1.4 kW. Thanks to this, tall grass, including wet grass, as well as small shrubs with thin stems, are easy to cut. Usually, an electric scythe includes a fishing line and a metal knife.
  • Motor at the bottom of the unit. With this arrangement of the motor, the mechanical part of the device is significantly relieved, since the use of a gearbox and a shaft that transmits rotation from the motor is NOT required. The cutting unit is installed directly on the spindle of the electric motor, which increases the reliability of this design.

But still, such a structure of the unit with the absence of a gearbox affects the speed of the cutting tool. Due to insufficiently high speed, such a unit can only mow young and not very dense grass.

There are also cordless trimmer models. But these devices are NOT capable of operating for a long time, and besides, they are low-power (used only for grass, not very thick and young). Since the battery needs periodic recharging, it is required to have a spare battery in order to use the unit more efficiently.

Battery trimmers are often used because of their quietness and mobility, in places where noisy machines cannot be used, such as in hospitals, holiday homes and hotels. They are also very convenient to use for cutting grass in hard-to-reach places and when working on terrain with various obstacles. Elements of landscape design, where the electric cable would interfere with movement.

Unit device

There are a huge number of models of petrol trimmers on the market. But, despite this diversity, they are made according to the same principle. At the very top of the trim tab there is a gasoline engine (1), a fuel tank (2) and a starter (3) for manually starting the drive. The motor is connected to the working tool by means of a rod (4), inside of which there can be either a flexible shaft or a rigid one. The bar often consists of several parts (sections) and can be either collapsible or one-piece.

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The handle (5) can have different shapes. It contains controls (6). The control module (6) is connected to the drive by means of a cable (7). A gearbox (8) is installed at the bottom of the device, the task of which is. Transfer the rotation of the shaft to the spindle with the cutting tool (9), consisting of a spool with a fishing line (cord) or a special knife. For the safety of the user, a guard (10) is installed above the cutting tool.

This switch makes it easier to start the unit. It can be used to quickly warm up the engine when the ambient temperature is low.

In turn, the handle with control elements has the following device. In the most visible place of the handle there is a button (1), which interrupts the ignition circuit. It is used to stop the engine if the need arises. The throttle trigger (2) is used to control the carburetor throttle, which is responsible for the amount of fuel supplied to the engine. From accidental clicking on gas protects the button (3) below the button “Stop”. Until the safety button is pressed, the gas trigger will be locked. In order not to constantly hold the throttle trigger with your finger, if a long trimmer operation is required, a stop button is used, which locks the control key in the pressed state.

Starting the electric trimmer for the first time

Setting up a break-in trimmer is also not difficult. To do this, you need to build and run it, but not work right away. It will be best to start the device several times (3-5 will be enough) to make sure it is easy to start. If the device starts without problems, you can run it in for five minutes on the lawn grass, without heavy loads.

Almost all modern electric trimmers are designed for 20/20 operation, i.e. Twenty minutes of operation and twenty minutes of rest. The latter is necessary for the engine to cool down a little. If you operate such a trimmer for more than 20 minutes, do not let it rest for the necessary time, then the engine resource may sharply decrease, as it is experiencing an increased load.

The mode of continuous operation in electric trimmers is not provided, but, nevertheless, if you do not break it in correctly, gradually increasing the load and operating time (up to 20 but not more than minutes), the device may work incorrectly, causing the owner trouble with constant breakdowns and failures in work.

It is important to remember that running in and putting the device into operation is an integral part of proper maintenance of the equipment. Thanks to this, the device will last much longer. This is how the first launch will be, its further work largely depends. You should NOT rush, even if the volume of work is not small, it is best to give the electric motor the required rest, because this way it will last much longer.

Oblique under hay

Hay is a must for the villager. This is animal feed in winter, fertilizer and covering material that protects the planting from the cold. Of course, with such versatility of use, the question arises of preparing hay in advance. Mowing under the workpiece differs from the usual aesthetic cleaning of the perimeter in some features.

  • For example, in order to prevent the mowed grass from being crushed into mulch, it is necessary to mow at the root, lowering the bar with the disc as low as possible.
  • You should outline the swaths in which the mown grass will fall. This will help avoid clutter and crowding. In addition, at the end of the work it will be easier to clean it.
  • Another very important point. Mowing large weeds. For example, a formed burdock bush, which is capable of cutting NOT every knife. If such a large weed is encountered on your way, you should cut it in a circle and continue working. When the work on the perimeter is completed, there will be lonely weeds sticking out on the site, which are easy to remove by hand, moreover, they will NOT mix with the grass.
  • The main thing in Mowing for hay. Leaving the length of the grass, did not let it lose its shape. Otherwise, the resulting mulch can only be used as a covering material.
  • The mowing width must be kept strictly fixed, because Remember the average size and length of the workpiece.

Some experts recommend using the line for hay mowing, but this is not always correct. Firstly, the grass in such an area is usually tall, moreover, its base is denser and more formed. Using a line will increase engine wear as it has to run at higher rpms. Of course, this will also affect performance. Secondly, the line is simply not provided for such loads. By using this material, you risk not only the line itself, but the entire mower.

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The best option is a disc designed for shrubs. It is designed for increased loads. In addition, tall grass is coarser at the base and will mow with a blade productively than line designed for soft, silky lawn.

There are options for hay trimmer mowing, but all are unofficial modifications. In other words, self-made modifications, the use of which is highly discouraged, since K. Instrument behavior under unexplored conditions can be unpredictable. By following simple recommendations, you can quickly get the necessary experience and harvest hay in large volumes.

How to cut your lawn to keep it smooth

A lawn means an open flat area that excludes any large landscape irregularities (holes, hills). Of course, driftwood and stumps should stick out of the ground. Their uprooting should be attended to in advance. It is best to plant a place under the lawn with soft types of grass, which lend themselves well to mowing. In this case, you will spend much less effort.

  • Experts recommend dividing the entire area into small squares and mowing along them, moving from one to the second clockwise. In this case, the grass that you cut will always remain on the left, and will not interfere with further manipulation of the trimmer.
  • If you need to mow under the root, Then the angle of contact with the surface should be at least 30 degrees. With this technique of work, the device practically comes into contact with the surface with a cutting knife.
  • It is believed that to give the lawn a complete look, it must be mowed with a carriage-type lawn mower. This is partly true, but if you get used to it, you can achieve good results with a hand trimmer. It is also recommended to use the manual grass shears to correct any imperfections after using the trimmer.
  • The lower the line is, the smoother the lawn will be. By leaving the grass taller, the chances are that it will be cut differently in different places. This is due to the fact that the trimmer itself is NOT fixed on the horizontal plane, which leads to unevenness in the reciprocating motion performed during operation.

Getting ready for operation

As with any other technique, there are rules for working with a trimmer. First, you need to make sure that the main components and assemblies are intact: the screw, the rod, the handle and the motor. If the device is NOT assembled yet, then it should be properly assembled according to the instructions.

Mowing tall grass

Cutting tall grass is not difficult. Mowing takes place in two directions at once. First to the left, then to the right (first pass), cutting off the top. Then in the opposite direction, but already lowered the barbell with the blade to the required level. In this case, the grass that was mowed remains on the left side, which is very convenient for the subsequent collection. It so happens that Burian has grown too much and abundantly. In this case, several movements to the right and to the left may be needed, the main thing is to adhere to the correct pattern.

With several movements, the line is consumed much faster, but in some cases it may be necessary to get to the base of the thickets, into which it is impossible to cut through the east. If necessary, the line can be alternated with the knife. If difficulties arise, and the performance of the device has decreased, it will be enough just to replace the consumable and start working again.

DO NOT try to mow Tall grass just below the base. This can lead to embarrassment. For example, a long stem can wrap around the line, resulting in a long, unplanned stop.

Duration of Mowing

An electric mower can operate without interruption for NOT more than 20 minutes, after which it will take the same amount of time to rest. The motor needs to be cooled down to prevent the plastic parts from melting.

Gasoline trimmers allow for longer use. On average, you can work up to 40-60 minutes, or Until the fuel runs out. In any case, the break should NOT be less than ten minutes, but better if all twenty. The point here is in the engine itself, which is deprived of the water cooling system natural for the internal combustion engine. To avoid overheating and increased wear, it is better to give the device an opportunity to cool down, and at the same time to regain its strength or to collect already mown grass.

Huter GGT-1900T

Equipped with a two-stroke engine and electronic ignition, the device is attractive and easy to operate. The anti-vibration system simplifies work, dampens vibrations that negatively affect the user’s condition, especially his hands. The handle itself can be repositioned to the boom for the operator’s convenience. The manufacturer recommends cleaning accessible parts from grass deposits after work. If you follow the rules of operation and maintenance, the device will last a long time.

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Tank, volume in l 0.7
Line width, cm 25
Trimmer power, in W 1000


  • The ignition is completely electronic;
  • Equipping with an anti-vibration system prevents negative effects on the human body;
  • Protection against accidental activation;
  • Power 1000 W.


Husqvarna 128R

Trimmer from a famous Swedish manufacturer. The lawn mowers are designed taking into account the anatomical features, has a telescopic bar and a backpack-type belt. Even distribution of the load allows you to get tired more slowly and DO NOT feel pain during and after the work performed.

The trimmer is equipped with a pump, due to which the fuel supply is improved, and the device works continuously and without interruption. There is an adjustment of the number of revolutions, therefore, in works of different complexity, the trimmer will be effective and quite relevant. The bar is long. 145 cm, but the fuel tank is too small (only 0.4 liters). But in general, the device has established itself as quite effective, coping with complex household tasks.

Trimmer power, in W 700
Mowing width, cm 45
Tank, in l 0,4
  • The power of the device is 700 W
  • The fuel pump makes work easier and faster;
  • Lightweight trimmer. 5 kg;
  • The knapsack T-shirt does not put a lot of stress on the back.


  • Volume;
  • Small fuel tank. 0,4 l.

Interskol KB-25 / 52V

Despite the fact that the model is more of a budget option, in quality it is not inferior to an expensive trimmer. The build is good, it works continuously and flawlessly. There is a backpack strap, thanks to it, the mass of the trimmer is distributed over both shoulders, and the person feels fatigue from using the device more slowly. The boom is equipped with telescopic clamps, made of durable and high quality material. Anodized aluminum. The package includes a knife and fishing line. Is one of the prominent representatives in the category, the price-quality ratio is fully justified.

Tank volume, l 1,2
Line, cm 42
Power, in W 230


  • Build quality is rated at a high level;
  • Convenience in long-term work, the arm and back do not get tired, since the load is evenly distributed;
  • The volume of the tank is 1.2 liters, enough for a long period of work.


  • No measuring cup.


Kruger petrol trimmer with 52 cc engine and 4 hp. Perfect for mowing grass, young trees and shrubs in the local area up to 10 acres. The ergonomic handle of the Kruger Cycling Trimmer reduces vibration and increases ease of use. The soft start system makes starting the device easier. The metal body of the Kruger petrol trimmer has a special anti-corrosion treatment.

Tank (volume, l) 0.5
Mowing width (mm) 415
Motor power (W) 3000


  • High power 3000W;
  • Low weight. 7 kg;
  • Comfortable shoulder strap that redistributes the load from the hands;
  • 5 knives and 2 spools of line optional included.



The scythe runs on a fairly powerful and durable gasoline engine; there are rare cases when the trimmer goes out of working condition. It has a non-separable bar, it is strong and durable, and the manufacturer guarantees the reliability of the device. The built-in handles are rubberized, and do not cause discomfort during work, and for a long time. The manufacturer has equipped the trimmer with a fishing line and a knife, a shoulder strap. Due to it, the device distributes the load evenly, and the user does NOT feel tension, pressure and fatigue.

Device power, in W 900
Mowing width, cm 21
Tank, in l 0.7


  • Low vibration, comfortable use;
  • In the presence of a detailed instruction in Russian, clear and simple;
  • Powerful motor (900 W), works are carried out much faster and more efficiently;
  • Comfortable shoulder strap and full trimmer kit.


  • Loud noise during operation.

Thanks to scientific and technological progress, mankind has created a lot of adaptations that simplified activities in various spheres of life. This also affected the care of household territories and plots. In particular, in removing weeds and creating a favorable environment on the site.

The trimmer was invented back in the seventies of the 20th century, and since then the device has been gradually improved. Its practicality and ease of use, ease of use have constantly attracted the attention of gardeners and gardeners. The assortment is constantly expanding, which makes it quite difficult to choose a high-quality device that meets the needs and wishes of the gardener. We have compiled a rating of the best gasoline trimmers, identified their advantages and characteristics. After reviewing the rating and recommendations, it will be easier for you to choose the perfect device.