Stihl 180 Chainsaw How To Distinguish A Fake

When buying professional products of famous brands, there is always a chance to get a poorly working imitation instead of the original. If the buyer needs a Stihl Chainsaw, then you need to learn how to distinguish the original from a fake.

Place of acquisition

Original STIHL chainsaws are sold only by authorized dealers who provide service and consultation support.

Identification of counterfeit by serial number

It is necessary to start the inspection of the product by studying the type and areas of the serial number. On the original chainsaw, it will be applied as follows:

  1. In the form of a stamp on the chainsaw body near the muffler.
  2. On a sticker located on the body under the muffler.
  3. On the sticker on the packaging box of the chainsaw.

In these three places, the serial number must be identical, and the numbers indicating the country of manufacture should correspond to the product documentation provided by the seller.

Stihl 180 chainsaw how to distinguish a fake

The original Stihl chainsaw is marked with a number where the following figure is in the first position:

  • 1. for Germany;
  • 2. for the USA;
  • 3. for Brazil;
  • 4. for Austria;
  • 5. for the USA and Great Britain;
  • 8, 9. for China.

The numbers 6 and 7 are reserved, and 9 indicates third-party manufacturers.

It is necessary to make sure that the “X” symbol is present at the last position of the serial number, which means that the product was checked for operability before being sent to the warehouse.


Table of barcodes that may be present on the original product:

External signs

Unfortunately, a reliable bar code and serial number do not give complete confidence in the purchase of genuine products. Therefore, you need to know how to distinguish the original Stihl chainsaw during an external examination.

You should evaluate the features that characterize a quality product:

    • Real saws are distinguished by their perfect execution, careful finish of not only the main, but also minor details, characteristic smooth fishing lines. Signs of unprofessional casting of plastic parts, mold residues, burrs, sagging, scratches give out a fake product, which you must refuse to purchase.

      • The company logo is present on the muffler next to the serial number, on the fuel tank cap and on the screws on its inside.

        • The logo on the original is always engraved.
        • On this saw only star screws are used, therefore there is no hardware for a flat or Phillips screwdriver.
        • There is only one hole on the branded product tire. There is no grease window.
        • On the chain included in the kit, the letter “S” is marked on each intermediate link.
        • The two large nuts on the left side of the saw bear the letter “S”.
        • There is a serial number sticker on the back of the original.
        • The air filter is made of dense material and is painted white on the upper side and brown on the reverse.
        • The filter holder is engraved with the article number.
        • Original launcher cover in bright orange.
        • The brake lever has a characteristic shape and is fixed on both sides.
        • The covers on the fuel and oil tanks of the original design have a specially patented design.

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        If, after an external examination, the buyer has doubts about the origin of the instrument, it is worth paying attention to investments. The original product is completed as follows:

          1. There is an instruction, without grammatical errors translated into Russian.
          2. The tool kit includes only a multi-purpose screwdriver and a "candle" key engraved with the company without packaging.
          1. On the tire cover and chain packaging there is the inscription “Stihl”.
          2. The original tire is usually delivered in a cardboard case.

          In the case of fakes, a set includes several screwdrivers, a fuel canister.


          Despite the fact that the packaging boxes of fakes are very similar to the original, there are several characteristic features that you need to pay attention to. On the original box you can see:

          • Color and font developed by the manufacturer.
          • Clearly typed text.
          • Thick cardboard.
          • Mandatory presence of a sticker with manufacturer information: chainsaw model, manufacturing country, serial number.
          • The presence on the left side of the sticker with the series number necessary for servicing in a service center.

          A fake box is likely to be shorter than the original packaging by 2 centimeters.

          Counterfeiting Examples

          The Stihl range of chainsaws includes tools for domestic and professional use, so the products are in constant demand. Experienced craftsmen know how to distinguish fakes of the most popular models from chainsaws in the original version.

          One of the common signs of a fake Stihl MS 180 saw is the presence of a fuel canister in the package. Also on the tire may be a hole for supplying oil. However, the original saws do not need additional lubrication. The fake tire is packed in a plastic bag, not in a cardboard case.

          The length of the fake saw may be 5-10 centimeters longer. Accordingly, the length of the packaging box is longer than the original. The package does not have a sticker with a series number.

          Counterfeits of the STIHL 660 model can be distinguished by the faded color of the body, the convex caps of the oil and fuel tanks, the presence of a sticker with the company logo instead of the engraved inscription. Another characteristic sign of a fake is that the screw of the air filter cover is placed on top, and not on the back side, like the original.

          The STIHL 362 professional chainsaw is often faked by unscrupulous manufacturers. The main signs of fake:

          1. Extra hole on the tire.
          2. Poor cylinder casting quality.
          3. Silencer in black, not silver.

          A complete guarantee of product quality is provided by the purchase of a chainsaw from an authorized dealer with a certificate.

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          Features of the Chinese Stihl chainsaw

          Branded Stihl chainsaws are produced not only in Germany, but also in China, and, more specifically, in the city of Qingdao. Stihl values ​​its reputation, therefore the quality characteristics of Chinese-made saws are at a high level. The enterprises strictly monitor compliance with the technology at each stage of production, and this serves as a guarantee of the identity of the assembly of products in Germany and China.

          However, Chinese manufacturers use materials of inferior quality, which to some extent affects the durability of the tool and limits its scope. The disadvantages of the appearance of parts made of Chinese plastic are clearly visible during visual inspection.

          If a chainsaw is supposed to be used from time to time, without exceeding the loads, then the existing differences will not interfere with the effective use of this cutting product. Nevertheless, it is always useful to know complete and accurate information about the purchased tool.

          At the time of purchase, you must pay attention to the following signs of Chinese production:

          • The serial number printed on the tool will begin with the number 8. The numbers 1, 2 or 5 indicate the manufacturing countries: Germany, the USA and Brazil.
          • The cost of the tool will be lower while maintaining the same warranty period.
          • The range of Chinese products includes products no longer manufactured in Germany.
          • Individual parts, such as the air filter housing, are made of cheap, easily deformable plastic.
          1. Headset malfunctions.
          2. Rapid loss of elasticity of the starter spring.
          3. Rapid scoring in the cylinder.
          4. Regularly falling power.
          5. Failure of the saw bar and chain before the specified service life.

          Nevertheless, the purchase of a Chinese-made Stihl chainsaw can be justified if the purpose of using the tool meets its capabilities. But the buyer must be aware of the origin of the product in order to consciously use the tool and correctly calculate the load. In this case, the chainsaw is guaranteed a long service life to the complete satisfaction of the owner.