Stihl 180 How To Distinguish A Fake

This article may be interesting to summer residents, gardeners and lovers of an active lifestyle such as hiking and picnics. I will tell you how to choose a chainsaw.

Rather, the choice here was not particularly great, but how not to get pierced in this important issue. Those wishing to skip the lyrics immediately to the second subtitle. I’ll tell you for the rest.

About the first

There was, then, I had a chainsaw. She bore the proud name "Energomash", at the time (2010) it cost 5300 rubles and went down in history as the first such unit in my hands.

What to say about her? In principle, she worked her money. But it was a terrible China, albeit a Russian name on the case. I bought it. And only then, climbing the forums, it turned out that there was only a Russian name in it, the rest was a “motherfucker,” as our Belarus neighbors say.

Almost 20 gas stations of the tank determined her lifetime, although mine plowed much more. And after a ridiculous death without the possibility of recovery. That’s almost what happened. But I don’t know if she would have died or worked, if the local master, the conditional Uncle Vasya, had not put his playful hands into her. And he did it while I was still serving, and when I arrived the fact was obvious. the saw did not function. She died, she died. over, the thought in my head that she worked out two, or even three, resources warmed up a little. But Uncle Vasya’s hands also beat off the desire no, no, yes it did. Especially when it was necessary to cut something, but nothing.

How to distinguish a fake

It is written, it is written, but this is Russia, where all the fences are painted, but the form most often does not correspond to the content. Armed with these doubts, I went deep into the Internet. To the official website of Stihl. Here in a concise and understandable form I will give signs of the correct Stihl chainsaw. First picture:

Stihl 180 how to distinguish a fake

A now signs how to distinguish Stihl from a fake:

Video: Stihl 180 How To Distinguish A Fake

In principle, these five signs are enough to distinguish a fake. But there is one more.

Business with a human face

And to be honest, this fact surprised me. Thinking about buying, I want to achieve the best price / quality ratio. So I even thought of going to Bryansk for a chainsaw. What was my surprise when I found out that at the company’s request for dealers, the price for Stihl equipment is the same everywhere!

Wherever you are, Stihl dealers are required to sell equipment at prices that you can find on the official website. If there is a discount action, it will be in your city. And I felt it on myself.

On the official website, the price of a Stihl MS180 chainsaw with a 14-inch tire is 8390 rubles. From September 1 to November 15, 2013, a special offer is in force whereby it is reduced to 7690 rubles. It was for this amount that I bought it.


What should I say? Severe tests of a half-meter linden my 35 centimeter chainsaw passed with a bang! Starting to cut, I myself did not believe in the outcome, but in vain. Of course, on an industrial scale, I’m not going to cut down the forest for her, but here you involuntarily respect the German quality.

Plus an amazingly low oil consumption for the chain. At first it seemed to me at all that she was not lubricated, but no. It’s just that everyone has the rank, as the forum users wrote. So far, only positive emotions.

This post is not an advertisement. I do not sell Stihl equipment, I am for quality! If something goes wrong, I will write. But the year of warranty for such equipment is a serious statement of quality, for comparison, my “Energomash” guarantee was given for three months.

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do not offend Soviet engineers with the Urals and Friendships. simplicity interchangeability maintainability is simply legendary

Yes figs with her, with a fake. This is all better than Soviet Friendship.

I did not own Soviet Friendship)), but I remember "Energomash": heaven and earth. Everything is very high quality, but in appearance one to one. Quality is in the details

Hmm, my fighters with such a saw set a log house 12×12, and nothing has been plowing and buzzing for about 6 years. Congratulations on your purchase!

It has completely passed the tests, now it is mothballed for the winter. vesch)). Thanks.

Heh, I have exactly the same binzopil =) In principle, I confirm that there is no problem with a good device, relatively light, powerful. Cherry in a few minutes was pulled for firewood)

)) The legendary "hundred and eighty." People already for 5-7 years work grief do not know. I read on We will see…

Well, listen, now it’s dangerous to argue with you on blogging topics. &# 128578;

I am so, yes! &# 128578; It was better not to argue with me before that, but with a chainsaw I will prove anything.