Stihl 250 Chainsaw Chain Lubricant

Stihl 250 Chainsaw Chain Lubricant

A little later, in 1929, the company’s engineers released the first Stihl chainsaw, which was so heavy (48 kg.) That it was serviced by two operators. Its power was 6 liters. from. Time passed, the company carried out new developments, chainsaws received new components, so the weight of the tool decreased significantly.

Today, it is safe to say that Stihl chainsaws are the quietest and most bought saws among all available brands of garden tools. Representative offices are located in 160 countries on five continents. The production and assembly of original Stihl MC-250 chainsaws is carried out in Germany and the USA. However, no one is safe from Chinese counterfeiting.

You can distinguish the original “Stihl” MS-250 chainsaw from a fake purely visually:

  • the fake is assembled coarser, the casting of the body is porous, heterogeneous;
  • the color is more dull;
  • the location of the screw of the air filter is top (for the original from the end);
  • the covers of the fuel and oil tanks are simple, slightly convex (the original has a screwdriver included in the kit);
  • no serial numbers;
  • the instruction manual is also not original;
  • brake attachment is one-sided when the original is double-sided;
  • there is no Stihl logo on the spark plug;
  • simplified carburetors without built-in compensator.

The price of the original Stihl MS-250 chainsaw is in the range of 23-25 ​​thousand rubles.

Stihl MS-250 chainsaw descriptions

The Stihl MS-250 chainsaw is a semi-professional portable chain tool designed for sawing trees, fueling, cultural tree pruning, landscape design, use in the construction of wooden buildings, sawing boards, etc. The weight of the chainsaw is 4.6 kg.

The manufacturer supplied the saw with an original single-cylinder Stihl gasoline two-stroke engine with a capacity of 3.1 liters. from. Starting the unit is carried out using a manual starter. The launch system is facilitated by a decompression valve. The original carburetor is of the membrane type with a built-in compensator, which prevents rotation from falling during operation and improves the quality of exhaust gases (the combustible mixture burns to the fullest extent).

Side bolt mounting for 4 bolts, easy access, operator protection. The tire size is 35 cm. The Oilomatic chain is 1.3 mm thick. has a ⅜ inch pitch. Automatic chain lubrication with feed to specific points, 50% savings in lubricants. There is an automatic chain brake. Handles with vibration protection.

The basic equipment for the Stihl MS-250 chainsaw includes:

  • tire 14 inches;
  • 16 inch tire
  • Oilomatic chain;
  • screwdriver;
  • tire cover;
  • instruction.

Stihl MS-250 chainsaw specifications:

Characteristics and advantages of a Stihl MS-250 chainsaw

Let’s get acquainted with the advantages of the German-made Stihl chainsaw:

  1. Reliable, durable tool.
  2. Original spare parts are interchangeable (from other modifications).
  3. High build quality.
  4. The ability to choose the right tire size.
  5. Automatic and economical lubrication.
  6. An opportunity to pick up a necessary chain. Oilomatic or Picco with victorious soldering.
  7. Unpretentiousness in leaving and operation.
  8. High safety of all nodes and mechanisms.
  9. High power and torque.
  10. The launch is lite.
  11. Anti-vibration protection.
  12. The presence of a compensator in the carburetor.
  13. Easy access to the air intake.
  14. Reusable air filter.
  15. Simplified single lever control.
  16. Weather protection.
  17. A chainsaw is highly repairable.
  18. Among the shortcomings, there is only one. the high price of the saw itself and its spare parts.

Video: Stihl 250 Chainsaw Chain Lubricant

User’s manual

The instruction manual is a constant companion of gasoline powered tools. It contains complete information about the chainsaw itself, describes the detailed principles of working with it.

Each instruction must contain the following sections:

  1. Unit design in diagrams and descriptions.
  2. The table with the technical characteristics of the model MS 250.
  3. Conditions for safe use in the operation and maintenance of the Stihl chainsaw.
  4. Preparing the tool for work.
  5. Running a Stihl MC-250 chainsaw.
  6. Maintenance.
  7. Malfunctions in the work and the reasons for their occurrence.

Preparing the chainsaw for operation

The period of uninterrupted operation of the Stihl chainsaw, as well as the safety of the owner of the equipment, which is important, depends on the correctness of the actions taken.

We offer a simple algorithm of actions:

  • the unit is assembled as described in the instructions;
  • the saw set is connected and securely fixed;
  • chain is tensioned;
  • preparing a fuel mixture;
  • the finished mixture is poured into the fuel tank;
  • the oil tank used to lubricate the chain is filled with the appropriate lubricating fluid;
  • the operator once again checks the tension of the fixing bolts;
  • chainsaw starts;
  • the operator adjusts the idle speed (correct setting. the chain does not rotate at idle);
  • the lubricant supply to the chain mechanism is checked.

In order to properly prepare the fuel mixture, you must purchase high-quality gasoline AI-92 and original Stihl oil for two-stroke engines. The ratio of fuel to oil is 50/1. That is, you need to take 5 liters. gasoline and 100 ml. engine oil. The fluids are thoroughly mixed, the unused fuel mixture is stored for no more than 1.2-2 weeks.

Chainsaw running

The original product does not require any specialized procedures; the saw is initially ready for use. However, the first 4-8 tanks of the combustible mixture must be fired in the gentle mode. this means that the engine power should not exceed 50%. In addition, the first hour of operation consists of alternating cycles: 2 minutes of operation, 10 seconds. idling, rest, etc. Attention: idling for more than 15 seconds harms the spark plug. it forms a soot.

Chainsaw Maintenance “Stihl” MS-250

Before starting operations:

  • headset is checked;
  • chain is pulled;
  • bolt tension is checked;
  • working fluids (fuel mixture and oil) are poured into appropriate tanks;
  • Check for lubrication on the chain;
  • checked idling.
  • After carrying out operational work:
  • chain tension is loosened;
  • the chainsaw is cleaned of tyrsa, dust and dirt;
  • the air filter is being cleaned;
  • the saw set is checked, if necessary the chain is sharpened, the tire changes.

Scheduled maintenance is carried out for:

  • idle settings;
  • carburetor cleaning;
  • candle replacement;
  • troubleshooting minor issues.

If there are serious malfunctions, it is recommended that you contact service centers to resolve them; their addresses are indicated in the instructions.

We offer you to watch a video showing how to disassemble the “Stihl” MS-250 chainsaw:

Another video will tell you how to set up the carburetor of the Stihl MS-250 chainsaw:

Faults and repairs

Knowing the causes of the malfunctions, you can fix them yourself and restore the operability of your petrol tool.
We list the typical malfunctions of the Stihl MS-250 chainsaws:

The chainsaw will not start:

  • the fuel mixture is over;
  • poor quality of the fuel mixture;
  • no contact on the candle;
  • high-voltage wire breakage;
  • does not pump the fuel pump;
  • candle bay;
  • on a candle deposit, it needs to be cleaned;
  • failure of the candle (replacement after 100 hours of operation);
  • clogged fuel lines;
  • magneto is out of order;
  • carburetor clogged;
  • carb settings lost;
  • the starter cable on the starter does not extend or tighten.

A chainsaw can not develop speed:

  • the candle smoked;
  • candle replacement required;
  • carburetor cleaning required.

The Stihl MS-250 chainsaw starts up and stalls at idle, the reason is that the carburetor settings are lost.

Video review

Chainsaw “Stihl” 250, video in operation:

Ruslan, 54 years old

“A great helper for home! Lightweight, durable, unpretentious. I have been working with it for 4 years, in winter and summer, it starts up immediately in any weather. A year ago, I bought a nozzle-angle grinder. an additional tool appeared. I’m thinking about acquiring a planer. Saws everything from trees to boards, and saw cut both transverse and longitudinal. Very pleased with the tool. ”

Oleg, 33 years old

“The Germans are Germans. and their technique is appropriate. My chainsaw is already in its seventh year, with its help, I’ve put trees in wood, I cut firewood when I was building it — sawing logs on boards, I cut the house myself — I suffered everything. In the rain does not get wet. in the snow does not freeze. But the brother bought himself the same a year ago. ran into a fake! Tormented. one thing or another does not work, but I wanted the same hard worker as mine. So, dear ones, be vigilant, China is not asleep! ”

Victor, 41 years old