What Differs Stihl Saw From

For owners of private and farm households, the Stihl MS 230 chainsaw can be a powerful addition to the home tool kit.

What Differs Stihl Saw From

Photo: Stihl MS 230 chainsaw

The saw combines classical standards with modern technical solutions in its design, the use of the highest quality materials with advanced technologies for their processing, therefore, it deservedly occupies the highest positions in consumer ratings.

Application features

Saw Stihl 230 allows you to partially or fully mechanize most of the business profile, including: clearing land, harvesting wood fuel, caring for ornamental and fruit trees.

  • The effectiveness of the use of the tool in the construction technology of wooden log and timber houses is proved.
  • The combination of a powerful engine, compact dimensions and light weight creates additional conveniences in the cutting and complex processing of building wood.
  • In terms of design, productivity and safety of cutting operations, the characteristics of the STIHL MS 230 model are as close as possible to a professional level.

The 230 series saw differs from the legendary Stihl-180 model in the increased engine life of a more powerful power unit, the presence of carburetor heating systems and a quick start.

The operator’s comfort is enhanced by the modern design of the small-sized case, improved balance, ergonomic shape of the handles and the location of the controls.

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Modification C-BE

Based on the base model, a more technically advanced version of the Stihl MS 230 C-BE was also developed.

The list of improvements to the new model includes:

  • original chain tensioning mechanism;
  • increased reliability and response speed of the QuickStop emergency stop brake;
  • economical automated lubrication system that reduces the actual consumption of chain oil by at least 50%.

Using the spare parts and consumables presented in the company’s assortment, the owner of the saw can independently perform after-sales service or high-quality repair of the tool with full restoration of its working capacity.

How to eliminate the risks of acquiring a fake when choosing a Stihl chainsaw?

In the market of chainsaw equipment in a large number of low-quality and short-lived copies of popular models that are sold under the guise of branded products at a lower cost are presented.

The original Stihl chainsaw and its replacement equipment can be distinguished from counterfeiting by a number of characteristic features, but a full guarantee for the purchase of a quality tool is provided by contacting certified dealer centers.


The dense placement of internal equipment and fuel and oil tanks made it possible to reduce the dimensions of the hull to a compact level, which does not exclude convenient access to the filler necks and tuning units of the fuel system.

  • With its own weight of 4.6 kg, the tool does not create problems when performing complex sawing operations in hard-to-reach places.
  • The Stihl 230 saw is powered by a two-stroke carburetor ICE operating on a dosed mixture of high-octane gasoline with special engine oil, which enters the fuel system from an internal tank with a volume of 470 ml.
  • Power unit with a cylinder displacement of 45.4 cm3 and a power of 2.7 hp It is equipped with an easy-start system, an economical carburetor, and an air intake filter convenient for routine maintenance.

The advantages of the engine include a significant reserve of torque, economical consumption of the fuel mixture, increased engine life of the crank assembly, piston group with a wear-resistant coating, stable traction characteristics in all operating modes.