Stihl 361 Starts And Stalls Reason

Chainsaws of the world famous German brand Stihl are popular, primarily due to their high reliability. Each of the models of this brand is equipped with durable durable components that can withstand high loads and work under extreme temperatures. When creating its technology, Stihl uses a large number of its own innovative developments. All of them help simplify the maintenance of chainsaws and make their operation more comfortable.

Stihl Chainsaw Device

The basis of each model of the Stihl brand is a 1-cylinder 2-stroke gasoline engine running on a fuel mixture of gasoline, brand no lower than AI-92, and motor oil. For the enrichment of fuel with air and its further supply to the internal combustion engine cylinder in the German company’s chainsaw device, the company carburetor is responsible, equipped with a Stihl compensator and three jets for the possibility of independent adjustment of the unit. An anti-vibration system is responsible for damping vibrations transmitted from the crankshaft to the handles of a garden tool.

Stihl 361 Starts And Stalls Reason

For continuous connection of the motor with the saw set, each Stihl gasoline chain saw is equipped with a durable clutch system, the drive sprocket and other details of which are designed to operate in the most difficult weather conditions. The ignition of each of the models is electronic, consisting of a coil and a candle.

All internal mechanisms and spare parts for Stihl garden tools are housed in a sturdy multi-layer plastic case. It consists of individual plates that can be removed, and to repair a faulty unit. The controls and switches required for control are located at the rear of the chassis. In its middle part, only an inertia brake on and off lever is provided. For more convenient operation of garden tools, the manufacturer equipped them with two metal handles coated with anti-slip rubberized material.

Fuel for Stihl chainsaw. features of choice

In order for the Stihl brand chainsaw used in the household to last as long as possible, you need to correctly approach the choice of fuel. The condition of the engine’s CPG, as well as the condition of the fuel filter and carburetor, depends on this.

In the operating instructions for each of its models, the German manufacturer Stihl advises pouring gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 92 into the tank. But despite this, many beginner gardeners use AI-95 fuel for this. This should not be done, since this fuel contains a large number of additives that not only do not improve the condition of the fuel, but also worsen it.

The more balanced 92nd gasoline for the Stihl chainsaw does not contain unnecessary components, so during combustion it forms much less tar and carbon on the walls of the muffler and pipes. This extends the life of the garden tool and increases the frequency of replacement of some of its important parts.

Stihl Chainsaw Oil

Another important factor is engine oil for a gasoline saw. Its quality and composition play one of the main roles in the operation of the engine, therefore, the choice of a lubricant should be treated with special responsibility.

To dilute gasoline for a Stihl chainsaw, you need to choose oils that have the following properties:

  1. the presence of anticorrosive, lubricating and anti-wear qualities. for this purpose, special additives should be present in the composition of engine oil, as indicated by the manufacturer of the lubricant on its container;
  2. the ability to quickly dissolve in gasoline and purify fuel from harmful impurities;
  3. the formation of a minimum amount of resin during combustion. a high-quality lubricant burns out almost completely, leaving no traces of ash and carbon deposits. Poor quality oil during combustion, on the contrary, emits puffs of dark smoke, which contains large amounts of environmentally harmful substances.

In order not to make a mistake when choosing, it is best to give preference to branded Stihl engine oils. They are made on a semi-synthetic or synthetic basis and contain in their composition those additives that are needed to protect the engine and extend its life.

How to start a Stihl chainsaw. the right procedure

In order for the used Stihl chainsaw to last as long as possible, you need to start it correctly. The load level that affects the motor and other mechanisms of the tool when they are directly switched on depends on this.

To start a chain saw with a cold engine, you must adhere to the following algorithm:

  1. First of all, the operator must activate the inertial chain brake by pushing its lever forward from itself;
  2. Next, you need to press the decompression valve several times. this will fill the engine cylinder with fuel and make it easier to start the engine;
  3. After that, you need to press the fuel pump;
  4. Then the operator must move the throttle flap position lever to its lowest position;
  5. Then you need to quickly pull the starter cable toward you several times until the engine starts and stalls;
  6. After that, the throttle position adjustment lever must be quickly moved one position up;
  7. Next, you will need to quickly pull the starter cable again. As a result, the chainsaw engine should start;
  8. At the next stage, the operator must fully press the throttle lever and hold it in this position. At the same time, with the second finger you need to translate the throttle position lever directly to its highest position.

In the end, you need to slowly raise the chainsaw and turn off the inertial brake by pulling its lever towards you. As soon as the operator hears a characteristic short-term click, it is possible to begin operation of the chainsaw.

Running a Stihl Chainsaw

The new Stihl chainsaw needs proper break-in. During it, the parts of the motor and other moving parts of the garden tool will be filled with grease and will get time to rub against each other.

Run the Stihl chainsaw in the following order:

  1. First, the operator will need to prepare the fuel mixture and pour it into the appropriate tank. A separate reservoir for chain lubrication must be filled with fresh oil;
  2. After that, when the inertial brake is off, you need to start the standard Stihl chainsaw engine and let it idle for 15–20 minutes. At the same time, every 30–40 seconds, the operator must perform a gas test. While pulling the trigger, put a sheet of paper under the guide rail. If drops of oil appear on it when the chain moves, it means that the tire and chain lubrication system is working properly;
  3. Then you can proceed to sawing fine wood. For this, twigs and branches with a thickness of not more than 1 cm are suitable;
  4. After half an hour, the thickness of the wood needs to be increased, and proceed to sawing larger branches;
  5. As soon as the fuel in the saw tank is over, you will need to fill in a fresh mixture and start sawing large logs.

The German manufacturer advises running the chainsaws not only after purchase, but also after each long downtime, for example, after winter. This procedure will help reduce the load on the main components of the garden tool and prevent their premature failure.

Stihl Chainsaw Carb Adjustment

It is necessary to adjust the carburetor of the chain saw during unstable operation of the engine, as well as a sharp increase in the amount of fuel consumed and the exhaust gases emitted.

Stihl chainsaw carburetor adjustment is performed in the following sequence:

  1. First, on a chainsaw with a muffled internal combustion engine, it is necessary to turn clockwise to the stop those 2 screws that are marked with the letters H and L. After that, both of these screws must be alternately slowly rotated 1 full revolution in the opposite direction;
  2. Next, you need to quickly start the Stihl chainsaw and warm it up. As soon as the tool body becomes warm, you need to press the throttle lever and, by turning the screw H, achieve the speed of the motor, which will be 14000 rpm. At the same time, holding the gas lever pressed for more than 10 seconds is prohibited;
  3. After that, you will need to start turning the LA bolt one by one until the chain stops rotating on the bus. Then, the LA bolt must be turned a quarter of a turn in the opposite direction.

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At the end, you must turn off the Stihl chainsaw motor and start it again. If the engine is unstable at low speeds, it means that you need to slowly turn the screw L against the clock hands. Then you need to turn the LA bolt in the position at which the engine speed at idle will be 2800 rpm.

Stihl chainsaw malfunctions. causes and solutions

Most often, Stihl gasoline saws break down due to improper daily use, poor fuel quality or a violation of the proportion of the fuel mixture, as well as mechanical damage. You can fix some malfunctions of the garden tool with your own hands. To do this, find the worn part and replace it.

What to do if the Stihl chainsaw does not start?

The main causes of this popular malfunction are clogging of the built-in fuel filter and poor condition of the spark plug. The first thing a saw owner must do is inspect the filter element. If a large amount of debris has accumulated in it or a hole has formed in the filter screen, then it will need to be replaced.

The second cause of the malfunction is carbon deposits formed on the spark plug. In this case, the part must be removed and cleaned of dried resin, after heating the AL-Koy spark plug. After that, blow the cylinder. To do this, when the candle is dismantled, you need to rarely pull on the starter cable several times. In the end, you need to screw the candle into a regular place and try to start a chainsaw.

No spark on Stihl chainsaw. repair procedure

A spark plug in each Stihl chainsaw is responsible for sparking. In case of its malfunction or breakdown, the used garden tool will not start. To solve the problem, you need to clean the part from ash and carbon deposits.

If after cleaning the candle, it still cannot form a spark, then the part will need to be replaced.

Why does a chain break on a Stihl chainsaw?

The main reason for this common malfunction is that the saw element is too tight. As a result, the circuit cannot withstand the load and breaks. To solve the problem, in this case, help to re-tension the headset. A correctly installed and adjusted chain should sag by about 5–7 mm when pressed with the index finger.

The second reason for the malfunction is insufficient oil. If the chain is not lubricated, then, over time, it becomes tougher and breaks. In this case, you will need to carefully inspect the oil pump and, if necessary, replace it.

Stihl chainsaw stalls when gas is pressed

The cause of this malfunction is a malfunction in the carburetor or a clogged air filter. First of all, you need to inspect the filter element. If necessary, it will need to be washed in clean gasoline and completely dried.

If this does not solve the problem, then you need to set up a regular chainsaw carburetor. At the same time, adjustment should be carried out only on a saw with a fully operational engine, as well as a clean air and fuel filter.

Stihl chainsaw lineup

Stihl is constantly expanding its range by offering customers more modern chain saws. Each of the models of the German brand combines reliability, performance and ease of operation, which makes it equally popular among gardeners, forest fellers and builders.

Chainsaw Stihl MS 362. tool description

This professional model is included in the list of the most powerful chainsaws of the German brand. It combines profitability and efficiency when operating in all weather conditions. The endurance and quality components of this tool allows you to install various nozzles on it, which help to expand the functionality of the saw.

The main brand parameters of this Stihl chainsaw include:

  • gas engine power. 4.8 liters. s./3.5 kW;
  • possible tire length. 40–45 cm;
  • pitch of the installed chain. 3/8 ";
  • weight. 6 kg.

The Stihl 362 chainsaw is equipped with a long-lasting brake of the installed chain, which is activated by inertia every time the saw headset hits the wire or a sticking nail.

Chainsaw Stihl MS 170. model parameters

The base of the saw consists of a 1-cylinder internal combustion engine with a forged piston and a chrome cylinder protected against corrosion. The starter of a domestic garden tool is manual, equipped with a reinforced spring with a previously lowered resistance level.

Model features include:

  • gas engine power. 1.8 l. s./ 1.3 kW;
  • possible tire length is 25-30 cm;
  • pitch of the installed chain. 3/8 ";
  • weight. 4 kg.

The Stihl 170 chainsaw is equipped with a high-quality automatic oil pump, the operation of which can be quickly adjusted depending on the specified operating conditions.

Stihl MS 440 Chainsaw. Tool Features

In this professional configuration, the portable chain saw is distinguished by a sufficiently high power and, at the same time, low fuel consumption. The model is equipped with metal parts that are resistant to high loads and corrosion.

The Stihl 440 chainsaw is equipped with a durable 2-stroke ICE with a chromed cylinder with a volume of 70.7 cm3. To start the built-in motor, the device of this garden tool has a proprietary ventilated starter and a decompression valve.

The main parameters of the Stihl chainsaw include:

  • gas engine power. 5.4 l. s. / 4 kW;
  • possible tire length. 40–45 cm;
  • pitch of the installed chain. 3/8 ";
  • weight. 6.2 kg.

The delivery kit for this Stihl model includes detailed operating instructions, a universal maintenance key, and a branded saw headset. The manufacturer of this model is China.

Stihl MS 181 chainsaw. model advantages

Among the advantages of this chainsaw stands a branded reinforced tire made of high-quality metal alloy. An automatic oil pump is responsible for lubricating the headset, the operation of which can be adjusted.

Stihl chainsaw options include:

  • gas engine power. 2 l. s./1.5 kW;
  • possible tire length is 25-30 cm;
  • pitch of the installed chain. 3/8 ";
  • weight. 4.1 kg.

For operator safety during operation of the model, the manufacturer equipped it with a durable inertial brake.

Stihl MS 441 chainsaw. tool features

The standard equipment of this professional model includes a powerful M-tronic gasoline 1-cylinder engine, designed specifically for operation in difficult conditions. The volume of the standard chrome chainsaw cylinder is 70.7 cm3.

Saw organs of the tool are represented by a reinforced tire on which the forged chain is mounted. The chain is lubricated under the control of an automatic oil pump, and its tension is controlled by a separate mechanism located on the right side of the saw body.

Parameters of this Stihl model include:

  • gas engine power. 5.7 l. s./4.2 kW;
  • possible tire length. 45-50 cm;
  • pitch of the installed chain. 3/8 ";
  • weight. 6.3 kg.

The original equipment of this model includes an improved clutch equipped with a forged drive sprocket, as well as an ignition system with a modified coil and reinforced wiring.

Stihl MS 231 chainsaw. model equipment

The semi-professional price of the saw in this configuration is equipped with a reliable gasoline engine with a cylinder volume of 40.6 cm3, a manual starter with a decompression system, as well as a reliable inertial chain brake. For more comfortable operation, the manufacturer equipped the tool with an effective anti-vibration system.

Parameters of this Stihl chainsaw include:

  • gas engine power. 2.7 l. s./2 kW;
  • possible tire length. 30–35 cm;
  • installed chain pitch. 3.8 ";
  • weight. 4.9 kg.

The saw is emitted with a low noise level, which, when the engine is operating at maximum loads, is 114 dB.

Stihl MS 880 chainsaw. the advantages of the tool

This professional chainsaw is the most powerful in today’s global market. The cylinder volume of this tool is 121.6 cm3. The model is equipped with a reinforced forged Rapid Micro chain, a hardened tire and an impact-resistant plastic case.

To tension the chain, a side screw is provided in the saw device. Lubrication of the headset is carried out under the control of an adjustable oil pump operating in a fully automatic mode.

Chainsaw options include:

  • gas engine power. 8.7 l. s./6.4 kW;
  • possible tire length. 75–105 cm;
  • installed chain pitch. 0.404 ";
  • weight. 10 kg.

The branded equipment of the saw includes a capacious fuel tank with a wide neck for the possibility of cleaning it from trash.

Stihl MS 270 chainsaw. model specifications

This professional model is equipped with a durable brand-name 2-stroke engine, showing high efficiency in the worst weather conditions. Saw starter. manual, equipped with a reinforced spring with low resistance. An oil pump is provided in the original equipment for lubricating the chain.

Chainsaw options include:

  • gas engine power. 3.5 l. s./2.6 kW;
  • possible tire length. 35–40 cm;
  • installed chain pitch. 0.325 ";
  • weight. 5.3 kg.

This portable saw comes with an instruction manual, branded case and universal key.

Stihl MS 280 chainsaw. tooling

Among the advantages of the model, its ergonomics stands out. All tool controls are located on the back of its body. For more convenient operation, the manufacturer included 2 rubberized handles in the equipment of the saw.

Parameters of this Stihl model include:

  • gas engine power. 3.5 l. s./2.8 kW;
  • possible tire length. 40–45 cm;
  • installed chain pitch. 0.325 ";
  • weight. 4.9 kg.

The market supply of this chainsaw consists of company documentation, equipment for assembly and a plastic cover for the tire. The country of manufacture of the model is Germany.