Stihl 250 Poor Minus Temperature

230 Stihl: chainsaw review, specifications, adjustment, repair

Stihl 250 Poor Minus Temperature

230 Stihl in its characteristics belongs to the class of semi-professional chainsaws designed for logging at a professional level (i.e., not just sawing wood in a bathhouse, but for example for sale).

Due to the ratio of size and power, the chainsaw is great for building from wood and felling trees. Due to the limited tire size, which is only 35-40 cm, the manufacturer recommends felling trees with a diameter of not more than 30 cm.

But, as practice shows, the Stihl 230 does an excellent job with larger trunks.

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Let’s look at the characteristics of the Stihl MS 230 chainsaw, declared by the manufacturer:

  • engine displacement: 40,2 cubic cm;
  • engine power: 2.7 hp / 2.0 kW;
  • idling: 2800 rpm;
  • chainsaw weight: 4.6 kg;
  • tire length: 35-40 cm. / 16 inches;
  • chain pitch: 3/8 ";
  • oil tank volume: 200 cu. cm;
  • fuel tank capacity: 470 cubic meters cm;
  • sound power level: 113 dB;

According to some reports, the engine displacement is 45.4 cubic centimeters. According to data from the official website of Stihl, the value of this technical specification is indicated by a range from 40.2 to 45.4. Therefore, in order to find out the real parameters of the Calm 230 engine, I recommend that you look at the passport for the chainsaw that comes with the package.

Options are standard. The price of 230 Calm includes the following items:

  • chainsaw;
  • tire and chain;
  • wrench for chain tensioning and oil and gasoline filling;
  • screwdriver;
  • case for chain protection;
  • manual.

Features of the Stihl MC 230 chainsaw

230 Stihl, like many other company saws, are manufactured with the latest technology. Let’s see the main technologies used in the production of this chainsaw:

  1. Carburetor preheating. when working in the winter season, the chainsaw is switched to summer mode, the carburetor is blown with heated intake air, thus preventing icing.
  2. The innovative gas tank cap does not require a special key to open. Technology developed and patented by Stihl. The process of opening, closing takes place without difficulty, and the tightness, in turn, remains at its best.
  3. Anti-vibration system. Stihl, like Husqvarna, uses a special system to reduce the vibrations transmitted from the instrument to humans during operation. Without such a system, with prolonged work, the human body experiences heavy loads, which over time can lead to impaired blood circulation in the hands.
  4. Quickstop instantaneous chain stop. The well-known hand brake lever actuates the QuickStop mechanism, which allows you to instantly stop the work of the Stihl MC 230 chainsaw.
  5. Ematic chain effective lubrication system. The system includes an oil pump with variable oil flow, an Oilmatic chain and an Ematic guide rail. The peculiarity of the system is that the supplied oil reaches only those places where it is required, which allowed to reduce the oil consumption by half.

What is better stihl 180 or stihl 230

  1. The most important difference is that the Stihl MC 230 has a larger engine capacity, which in turn greatly increases the resource and, as a result, the service life.
  2. The Stihl 230 chainsaw is equipped with a heating system that prevents the carburetor from icing up when working in the winter season.
  3. The 230th is as much as 700 grams heavier than his younger brother. Believe me, when doing light work (pruning branches), this difference is significant.
  4. Therefore, the higher the price of the Stihl MS 230.

These are the main differences and they are important. Carefully weigh the pros and cons before choosing.

Carb adjustment

If the Stihl 230 chainsaw starts up and stalls or just works erratically, then it’s time to see how things are with the fuel supply system, namely the carburetor. Most likely the reason lies in him, and it requires maintenance.

We will not dwell on this process in detail in the framework of this article, because previously talked about carburetor repair on chainsaws in general and Stihl in particular.

We recommend reading articles: the device and the carburetor adjustment on the Stihl 180 chainsaw and the second interesting article on carburetor adjustment on chainsaws in general.

The articles raise questions of the main reasons why the saw begins to "bullshit". Detailed and detailed answers are given that will help to repair the arising malfunctions with your own hands.

If for some reason you cannot contact a specialized Stihl service, and want to adjust the carburetor of your chainsaw yourself, then you definitely need to watch informative videos related to this issue. We present to your attention our selection.

Adjusting the carburetor on the Stihl 230 and 250 saws is no different, so watching the video will be useful to owners of both those and other chainsaws.

Repair Stihl MS 230

The tool is quite reliable and it breaks only due to improper operation or a large amount of work, because of which the chainsaw resource has long been worked out. One of the serious failures is problems with the engine, in particular the cylinder-piston group.

Symptoms of the problem: full or partial jamming of the chain. Chainsaw chain does not rotate, starter does not scroll.

If your 230 Stihl has similar symptoms and problems, we recommend that you watch an interesting video on this topic. The author tells in detail what to do and in what sequence in this situation.


Summing up, it is worth noting that the semi-professional chainsaw. Stihl MS 230 is in great demand, due to its good performance. True, you have to pay for them, because the cost of a saw is far from the budget segment.

The main malfunctions that need to be eliminated are connected with the carburetor, in solving these problems you will be helped by the video from the masters (published in the article) or the services of specialized centers. Serious malfunctions occur very rarely, but here everything is solved. All this speaks of the reliability of the German Stihl saws.

We recommend this chainsaw to the choice of those who need a reliable tool more powerful for every day, to solve problems of medium difficulty.

Overview of the semi-professional Stihl 230 chainsaw Link to main publication

Chainsaw Stihl MS 230. a domestic model of the semi-professional class

For owners of private and farm households, the Stihl MS 230 chainsaw can be a powerful addition to the home tool kit.

The saw combines classical standards with modern technical solutions in its design, the use of the highest quality materials with advanced technologies for their processing, therefore, it deservedly occupies the highest positions in consumer ratings.

Application features

Saw Stihl 230 allows you to partially or fully mechanize most of the business profile, including: clearing land, harvesting wood fuel, caring for ornamental and fruit trees.

  • The effectiveness of the use of the tool in the construction technology of wooden log and timber houses is proved.
  • The combination of a powerful engine, compact dimensions and light weight creates additional conveniences in the cutting and complex processing of building wood.
  • In terms of design, productivity and safety of cutting operations, the characteristics of the STIHL MS 230 model are as close as possible to a professional level.

The 230 series saw differs from the legendary Stihl-180 model in the increased engine life of a more powerful power unit, the presence of carburetor heating systems and a quick start.

The operator’s comfort is enhanced by the modern design of the small-sized case, improved balance, ergonomic shape of the handles and the location of the controls.

Modification C-BE

Based on the base model, a more technically advanced version of the Stihl MS 230 C-BE was also developed.

The list of improvements to the new model includes:

  • original chain tensioning mechanism;
  • increased reliability and response speed of the QuickStop emergency stop brake;
  • economical automated lubrication system that reduces the actual consumption of chain oil by at least 50%.

Using the spare parts and consumables presented in the company’s assortment, the owner of the saw can independently perform after-sales service or high-quality repair of the tool with full restoration of its working capacity.

How to eliminate the risks of acquiring a fake when choosing a Stihl chainsaw?

In the market of chainsaw equipment in a large number of low-quality and short-lived copies of popular models that are sold under the guise of branded products at a lower cost are presented.

The original Stihl chainsaw and its replacement equipment can be distinguished from counterfeiting by a number of characteristic features, but a full guarantee for the purchase of a quality tool is provided by contacting certified dealer centers.


The dense placement of internal equipment and fuel and oil tanks made it possible to reduce the dimensions of the hull to a compact level, which does not exclude convenient access to the filler necks and tuning units of the fuel system.

  • With its own weight of 4.6 kg, the tool does not create problems when performing complex sawing operations in hard-to-reach places.
  • The Stihl 230 saw is powered by a two-stroke carburetor ICE operating on a dosed mixture of high-octane gasoline with special engine oil, which enters the fuel system from an internal tank with a volume of 470 ml.
  • Power unit with a cylinder displacement of 45.4 cm3 and a power of 2.7 hp It is equipped with an easy-start system, an economical carburetor, and an air intake filter convenient for routine maintenance.

The advantages of the engine include a significant reserve of torque, economical consumption of the fuel mixture, increased engine life of the crank assembly, piston group with a wear-resistant coating, stable traction characteristics in all operating modes.

Carb adjustment

The performance and economy of fuel and oil consumption largely depends on the correct tuning of the fuel system. The need to adjust the operation of the carburetor arises under the influence of external factors, in particular. the quality of the fuel, temperature differences, the level of operational loads.

The proper tuning quality is confirmed by the good throttle response of the power unit, stable revolutions at operating and idle modes, the absence of knock noise and overheating of the cylinder.

You can adjust the carburetor using the recommendations of the application manual that came with the kit. A significant amount of information contained in it is allocated to preparing the tool for launch, service features, troubleshooting.

If the engine starts poorly or stalls during a sharp gas supply, the cause may be a clogging of the main jet or water entering the carburetor.

Working equipment

The headset comes with a removable 16-inch guide rail and a wear-resistant Oilomatic saw chain with a standard 3/8 inch pitch. For sawing hardwood, the Stihl Rapid Duro carbide chain is recommended.

The standard equipment includes a tensioning mechanism and a lubrication system. Dosed oil enters the working area from an internal oil tank with a volume of 200 ml.

The saw is controlled using the multi-function lever. Its design allows the operator to pay more attention to the control of the work process and the safety of complex work.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • According to the general opinion of specialists and ordinary users, the model in all respects complies with the recommendations of existing standards and regulatory documents.
  • In terms of performance, operational reliability and durability, the MC 230 chainsaw exceeds the characteristics of the previous Stihl 180 model, which provides the prerequisites for the stability of its consumer demand.
  • The owners positively accepted changes in the design of the saw and increase the comfort of work due to a significant effective reduction in vibration levels and noise background.

The cost of a Stihl MC 230 chainsaw is 17,500 rubles. For a more advanced version of the MC 230 C-EB, this figure has been increased to 18,900 rubles.


Only Stihl brand products can compete with high-quality products of identical design by leading manufacturers. These models are Oleo-Mac 941CX-16, Husqvarna 435 II X-TORQ and ECHO CS-360TES-12.

Owner reviews

For me, buying a chainsaw was a real shock. Bought for 10 thousand rubles Stihl turned out to be a Chinese copy of the corporate tool.

I can’t say that the device is not working, but almost all the characteristics leave much to be desired. Significant costs are required to keep the saw in working condition.

Only last year’s fall season, we had to replace the starter, a headset with a drive sprocket, and a carburetor float.

Stihl 230 Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment

Stihl 250 Chainsaw Adjustment

The stihl ms 180 chainsaws are designed in such a way as to greatly facilitate their operation by inexperienced users. To do this, some functions available on the more powerful Stihl models have been eliminated in the carburetor of the saw. But there is still the opportunity to set up, and the repair is also adjustment do-it-yourself carburetor chainsaw Stihl 180 possible.

When to adjust your Stihl 180 carburetor

To begin with, it’s worth deciding why, in general, you may need to adjust and repair the stihl ms 180 carburetor. So, you need to do this in the following cases:

  • if the chainsaw does not keep idle;
  • repairs may be required if the saw does not start;
  • there is a loss of power;
  • excessive fuel consumption;
  • chainsaw does not develop the largest momentum.
  • stalls at speed.

This list can be continued for a long time, but we have identified the main premises. Before proceeding with the adjustment, it is necessary to know what are the main parts of the carburetor on the Stihl 180 chainsaw, and who produces it.

Carburetor Stihl 180

So, the stihl ms 180 carburetor is designed and manufactured by a subsidiary of Stihl, under the name Zama. Photo and video. And carb adjustment. The Stihl 361 chainsaw is used. Unique carburetors on their case have a company logo guaranteeing product quality.

Fuel pump

A fuel pump is installed directly in the carburetor body, which operates under the influence of an air pulse from the crankcase of the chainsaw, transmitted through special channels. A diaphragm is installed in the pump; it is directly responsible for pumping fuel under the influence of an impulse. A gasket is installed between the diaphragm and the housing, which is responsible for the density of the fuel pump.

Distribution chamber

In the distribution chamber, as in the fuel pump, there is also a membrane that opens and regulates the fuel supply by pressing a special rocker, which lifts its needle valve with all this.

The chamber cover is the compensator case, which is mounted on the carburetor with 4 screws, a gasket is installed between the body and the cover, increasing the height of the chamber and responsible for sealing.


The fuel injector is integrated in the carburetor body in such a way that it is a connecting link between the distribution chamber and the cavity in which the throttle valve is installed. The fuel is supplied to the nozzle immediately with air and an air mixture arises.

Carb adjustment and saw repair. Features of the Stihl ms 230 chainsaw. 230 Stihl. Stihl 180 chainsaw carburetor adjustment can repair the Stihl 180’s chainsaw.

The nozzle has a check valve that shuts off the air in the reverse order, in other words from the throttle chamber to the distribution chamber.

Throttle damper

A throttle is installed in the carburetor body and is responsible for increasing the supply of the fuel mixture directly to the engine cylinder. At the moment of pressing the gas, the throttle opens slightly, thereby increasing the channel capacity and fuel from the carburetor cavity, rushes into the cylinder in a larger volume.

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The combustion of a larger amount of fuel increases the amount of energy generated, which affects the power and speed of the processes. The damper is mounted on a shaft passing through the entire carburetor body.

At the output of the shaft from the housing, a mount for the gas cable is installed, a conical, adjusting screw responsible for idle speed adjustment is located nearby. Carb adjustment and saw repair. The Stihl 230 chainsaw is equipped with a heating system.

By tightening the screw, you can slightly adjust the position of the shaft and the shutter installed on it, thereby increasing or decreasing the idle speed by slightly opening or, alternatively, closing the shutter.

How to adjust the carburetor on the chainsaw yourself // stihl spare parts, accessories and equipment for the forest and garden. Subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel:.

How to adjust the carburetor on the chainsaw yourself // stihl spare parts, devices and equipment for the forest and garden. Carburetor Chainsaw Adjustment Doesn’t Start The Stihl 180 Chainsaw? Subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel :.

Carburetor adjustment on a Stihl MS 230, MS 250 chainsaw

Repairs Stihl chainsaws MS230 in Kiev at the Peter and Paul Borschagovka. Replacing the piston with rings on a Stihl chainsaw.

Carburetor adjustment on a Stihl MS 230, MS 250 chainsaw

In this video we will answer the question of how to configure or to regulate carburetor chainsaws do it yourself.

Air damper

The carburetor air damper is installed on the reverse side of the throttle and is responsible for starting a cold motor, its control is carried out by the motor control lever.

The article describes in detail the adjustment of the carburetor of the chainsaw with three adjusting screws, as well as the adjustment of the carburetor of the Stihl 180 chainsaw with one screw.

For a cold start, the air damper is 100 percent closed, for normal operation open.

Adjustment carb stihl 180

The carburetor of the Stihl 180 chainsaw, indiscriminately, can only be adjusted by the number of revolutions at idle.

It is impossible to increase or decrease the fuel supply in various modes with the help of special screws. The manufacturer restricts access to adjustments and does not install these screws.

How to adjust the carburetor to the correct idle speed is very painstakingly described in the manufacturer’s instructions.

When certain flaws occur, and experience is available, increase or decrease fuel supply possible by increasing the gap when opening the needle valve.

For feed growth, rocker needle valve in the distribution chamber, it is necessary to bend up, and to reduce, down. This regulates the stroke of the needle and, accordingly, the throughput of the valve.

It is not necessary to carry out the adjustment without the help of others, because it must be done very accurately and if an error is returned, the initial position of the rocker arm is almost impossible.

Why the Stihl 180 carburetor overfills and some characteristic malfunctions

After we examined the carburetor device, finding the reason why the fuel enters the combustion chamber in a larger volume is not difficult. This happens due to wear on the gasket between the compensator cover and the carburetor body. You may ask how this can affect?

The answer is simple, shrinking, the gasket releases the diaphragm located on top of it a fraction of a mm down. She, in turn, will press harder on the rocker of the needle valve, it will open more than expected and the fuel will go in excess (begin to overflow).

Video: Stihl 250 Poor Minus Temperature

Another reason is the extension of the diaphragm itself, this ultimately occurs due to natural wear. To prevent this process is unrealistic, but you can solve the problem by periodically changing all gaskets, carburetor diaphragms, and the fuel pump. In this case, the carburetor adjustment on the carburetor body they are Stihl 362 China. There is a repair kit for this.

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When cleaning the chainsaw with compressed air, in no case should you blow into the fuel pipe, this can lead to an extension of the diaphragm.

Frequent breakdown of a Stihl carburetor and how to avoid it

A common cause of failure of a carburetor on a Stihl chainsaw is sticking of the valve in the nozzle. The cause of sticking is a violation of the storage of the chainsaw, or rather the manufacturer’s instructions Stihl 180 on proper preparation for storage.

As follows from the instructions, before long-term storage, it is necessary to drain the fuel from the tank, then start the saw and burn gas from the carburetor. Carburetor adjustment not needed chainsaw should the Stihl 180 chainsaw not start? Failure to comply with this usual rule has the following consequences.

The forsknui valve, being in certain contact with the fuel, sticks to the body, since gasoline gradually evaporates and only sticky oil remains. It is impossible to change the nozzle, because

they are not in the repair kit, you can only try to knock it out and rinse, which can not always be done without spoiling the nozzle.

Removal and Installation Algorithm

In cases where the Stihl 180 carburetor needs to be cleaned or disassembled, for starters it will be necessary to remove the assembly from the chainsaw. Adjustment of the carburetor stihl Stihl ms 180. Stihl 180 chainsaw. device and adjustment of the carburetor of the stihl 180 ms 230, ms 250 chainsaw. This must be done in compliance with a certain method of action:

  1. Attach a protective cover for the chainsaw to the tire.
  2. Remove the top cover of the chainsaw.
  3. Unscrew the two nuts securing the air filter and carburetor.
  4. Remove the air filter housing.
  5. Disconnect wire from engine control lever.
  6. Carefully pull the lever out of the landing position in the housing, immediately disconnecting the air damper rod from it.
  7. Pull the carburetor towards you and disconnect the fuel supply, also the throttle link.

To facilitate dismantling, you can additionally untwist the rear handle and disconnect the throttle rod at first from it, and later only from the carburetor. This may be necessary, because without certain experience, disconnecting the thrust from the carburetor is quite problematic and easier to first disassemble the handle.

Install the part in place, following the reverse order of the method.

When removing and installing the control lever of the chainsaw engine, you should be as careful as possible, because the landing place on the saw body is a weak link in the saw, and very often inexperienced users break it.

Dismantling the Stihl 180 carburetor

In order to blow, change gaskets or a needle valve, the carburetor must be disassembled. To do this, unscrew the 4 screws on the compensator cover and one on the fuel pump.

Having opened the case, it is worthwhile to be as careful as possible, because if debris enters the carburetor inside, it will make its work impossible. Adjusting the carburetor is divided into two main ones: the Stihl 180 chainsaw won’t start? The thickness of the channels in it is comparable to the width of a thread or even a human hair.

Repair Video carb stihl 180, you can see below. In it, the master carefully knows about the dilemmas and clearly shows the entire repair process.


In conclusion, I would like to note again that the Stihl carburetors, which are produced by its subsidiary Zama, are very reliable. With proper operation and storage, they are able to serve the entire time allotted to the chainsaw without repair.

Overview of the Stihl 230-MS chainsaw. Technical specifications, description, operation and maintenance manual

The Stihl 230-ms chainsaw is a model of a household chainsaw designed for sawing and small volumes of building objects made of wood.

It has the optimal ratio of technical capabilities and weight, convenient to operate, equipped with a carburetor heating system. This option makes it easy to start the chainsaw even in winter, at minus temperatures.

If desired, the owner can independently adjust the speed of his work and conduct maneuvers in a chainsaw. the tool has one control lever.

The power of the Stihl 230-ms chainsaw is 2000 W or 2.7 hp. The engine cylinder capacity of the device is 40.2 cc. Two-stroke engine, single cylinder, air-cooled. The fuel tank of the chainsaw is 470 ml.

On the network you can often see the designation “be” near the name of the Stihl 230-ms model. this is the full name assigned to the tool by the manufacturer. The chainsaw is no different from the usual Stihl 230-ms.

How to saw a Stihl chainsaw 320 ms

Stihl 230-ms be chainsaw review

Basic equipment, equipment, country of assembly and production

Country of assembly and manufacture of the original stihl 230-ms: USA. Copying takes place mainly in China. The birthplace of the brand is Germany.

The basic equipment of a chainsaw includes:

  • tool body;
  • chain, tire, sprocket (saw part);
  • user manual and warranty card;
  • packaging.

Additionally, an authorized dealer offers to purchase:

  • protection on the tire;
  • Lubricants from Stihl;
  • Stihl chainsaw protective gear.

Chainsaw Stihl MS 230C-BE


Description of the main technical characteristics of the Stihl 230-ms chainsaw:

  • power 2000 W, engine displacement 40.2 cc;
  • idle speed. 2800;
  • maximum number of revolutions. 10000;
  • tire length 35 cm;
  • chain. STIHL Oilomatic Picco Micro 3, step 3/8;
  • chainsaw weight 4.6 kg;
  • vibration level in the range from 6.9 to 8.9 m / s²;
  • noise level. 113 dB.

Instructions for use and maintenance

Rules for safe operation and maintenance of Stihl 230-ms:

  • work is recommended in protective clothing and a mask, headphones;
  • Before starting the chainsaw, make sure that it is working and filled with fuel;
  • do not saw with the end of the tire. such a movement will give a return and increase the likelihood of jamming of the blade in the wood;
  • terms of maintenance. daily inspection of the chainsaw, cleaning of sawdust, once a month cleaning the fuel filter, replacing the fuel with fresh fuel, adjusting the carburetor once a year, tensioning the chain after loosening the chain, sharpening / replacing the chain based on the condition of the spare part.

Download Stihl 230-ms user manual

Basic Stihl 230-ms Troubleshooting

  1. The saw does not work at full power, although it is fueled. Reason: carb is out of balance. Remedy: carburetor adjustment required. You can do it yourself if the tool is no longer under warranty.
  2. The saw body is very hot. Reason: overload, too much work, lack of interruptions in work. Remedy: work with the necessary technological breaks, for example, after 30 minutes of sawing, take a break of 10 minutes to allow the engine to cool.

Stihl MS 230 chainsaw: overview of technical characteristics and features

The Stihl MS 230 chainsaw is one of the most requested chainsaws today.

By its design features and performance characteristics, this tool from the Stihl brand can be put on a par with such famous chainsaws as the Husqvarna 435 II X-TORQ or Oleo-Mac 941CX-16, the performance and quality of which operations noticeably distinguish them from the background existing domestic manufacturers.

The 230th Stihl model is the base. On its basis, an advanced Stihl MS 230 C BE 16 chainsaw was created. For a start, we will consider the main model and talk about the advantages of a later development.

Features of the Stihl MS230 chainsaw 14

Thanks to the generated power of almost 3 hp this unit is a semi-professional line of Stihl chainsaws.

The large internal volume of the cylinder (40.2 cm3), the capacious gas tank and the level of balancing brought to perfection create all the conditions for many hours of continuous operation.

Suitable not only for professional saw cutters who specialize in felling trees, but will also become an indispensable thing for everyday life.

Advantages of the Stihl 230 chainsaw

  • increased engine capacity;
  • vibration protection of the operator;
  • the ability to control with one hand and one lever;
  • functional lubrication chain "Ematic";
  • convenient for filling fuel and oil tanks;
  • QuickStop brake. is activated in a split second manually and by inertia to protect against recoil of the chainsaw;
  • stable operation regardless of external factors. heating the carburetor saves time on turning on the chainsaw in the winter season;
  • lightweight start. ErgoStart functionality reduces starter resistance;
  • reusable air filter;
  • side chain tensioner.

Technical Specifications of Stihl 230

  • Power. 2 kW;
  • Fuel tank. 0.47 L;
  • Carter. 200 ml;
  • Guide. 350 mm;
  • Step. 3/8;
  • Weight. 4.9 kg.

How is the Stihl 230 C BE 16 chainsaw different from the 230 14?

In addition to the fact that the newer model is equipped with a 16 inch tire (40 cm), its functionality is more advanced than the original version. The Stihl 230 C BE 16 chainsaw has the following features:

  • screw tension of the saw block. for comparison, we give a photo of this mechanism for the base (left) and late model.
  • primer. a special fuel pump reduces the time to turn on the chainsaw.

Their operational parameters are identical, except for the size of the tire and the number of links in the complete chains. With a Stihl C BE 16 chainsaw, a cutting unit of 55 links is supplied.

The most common breakdowns of the Stihl 230 chainsaw

Despite the high rating of the Stihl equipment, it periodically fails.

The main reasons contributing to this are:

  • violation of the rules of operation of the device;
  • untimely diagnosis of systems and individual working bodies;
  • incorrect start of the unit;
  • the use of improperly sharpened and low-grade saw set;
  • low-quality fuel mixture or grease refueling in a chainsaw;
  • exhaustion of the engine life of the engine or its other components while continuing to use the device.
  • chain tensioner;
  • cylinder-piston group;
  • carburetor;
  • ignition system. a candle or an ignition coil.

Let us dwell in more detail on the problem with the carburetor, which entails other malfunctions.

Carburetor Stihl 230 Adjustment

Despite the difficulties, this process can be done with your own hands:

  1. clean chainsaw filters;
  2. find jets on the carburetor according to the proposed scheme;
  1. when the saw is off, turn the screws “L” and “H” all the way;
  2. start the saw and adjusting the high-speed screw to ensure that the engine speed corresponds to the nominal value for the tachometer, which must be at hand;
  3. turning the idle nozzle, achieve chain rotation, then unscrew this screw by ¼ in the opposite direction;
  4. the performed operation can be checked with a tachometer. at idle it should show 2.8 thousand revolutions.

Do-it-yourself repairs are a good alternative to service centers and repair shops. But only experienced and technically competent users can take it.

Stihl 250 chainsaw carburetor adjustment and tuning

For the small, compact Stihl 250 chainsaw mechanism, proper carburetor tuning is key.

All coordinated work, all load conditions and its trouble-free operation directly depend on the adjustment of the fuel supply systems, the quality and quantity of the fuel-air mixture.

This article describes how to adjust the carburetor for the Stihl 250 and configure all of its dosing systems.

Carburetor device

In fig. 1 shows a modern carburetor for a German chainsaw manufactured by Stihl 250. It is a knot the size of half a human fist.

The manufacturer of the movement is Walbro, Taiwan. Case material. stainless steel alloy.

At the bottom of the device, a shutter is fixed, providing a uniform supply of the fuel-air mixture to the engine combustion chamber.

Fig. 1. Carburetor for the Stihl chainsaw.

Here, holes are made for attaching the assembly to the power unit housing. Between the flanges of the mixture supply and the combustion chamber of the engine, a gasket is installed. An accelerator pump is located under the throttle rod. It is a small piston with a rubber ring.

On the front of the case is a series of easy-to-use spring-loaded adjusting screws:

  • idle move;
  • maximum speed;
  • amount of mixture;
  • mixture quality.

The carburetor of the Stihl chainsaw is adjusted with these screws.

The main innovative feature of the carburetor for the Stihl 250 chainsaw is the heating device. In order to avoid freezing of the mechanism during operation during the winter period, it is equipped with a special system that preheats the steel case during operation. For this, the unit is switched to winter operation.

The body is blown with heated air drawn in from the engine. This mode of operation of the mechanism prevents icing, freezing of the nozzles, provides a normal flow of the fuel-air mixture. When switching to summer operation, the hot air damper closes. Summer mode is characterized by natural cooling of the unit.

Features of the Stihl 250 chainsaw

Need adjustment

Throughout the operation process, the need periodically arises for additional adjustment and ensuring the correct supply of the fuel-air mixture.

How to determine exactly when and what kind of adjustment is necessary for the normal functioning of the equipment? There are characteristic signs when the mechanism, by the behavior of individual parts, itself suggests when adjustment is necessary.

First of all, each time before the next engine start, it is necessary to check the color of the spark plug electrodes.

By changing it, you can decide on the need for adjustment, adjustment of work processes, improving the quality of the combustible mixture:

  1. Black electrodes coated with soot or soot indicate a re-enriched air-fuel mixture entering the engine.
  2. Brick-gray electrodes indicate that the mixture is perfect in composition and no additional adjustments are required.
  3. White plaque on the candle electrodes indicates that the mixture is lean.

The signs described in paragraphs 1 and 3 indicate that carburetor adjustment is essential for the Stihl 250 chainsaw.

Preparing for carb adjustment

Of paramount importance when setting all the fuel metering characteristics of the Stihl 250 is the top-most adjusting screw located near the muffler. The factory setting, the parameters of which are shown on the upper plastic cover, provides that it must be twisted one revolution from a full twist.

Do-it-yourself Stihl 250 chainsaw carburetor adjustment is carried out throughout the operation process. Unscrewing the screw enriches the working mixture, since the air-fuel mixture receives a larger volume of gasoline, and twisting the screw depletes the working mixture, since the air-fuel mixture receives less gasoline.

Adjustment of the carburetor will not give positive results if air intake from the engine side takes place through:

  • carburetor gasket;
  • accelerator pump rubber ring;
  • crankshaft oil seals.

Setting up the Stihl 250 carburetor is carried out only after a careful inspection, identifying the existing air leaks. The next stage of preparatory commissioning is the full maintenance of all components and mechanisms.

  • cleaning from deposits, slags, resins;
  • engine wash using solvent, acetone;
  • spark plug replacement;
  • cleaning, washing the air filter;
  • checking the tension of the cutting chain;
  • idle setting;
  • engine warming up to operating temperature.

Then you can proceed to complex manipulation settings.

Carburetor Adjustment Stihl 250 Chainsaw

Fig. 2. Carburetor adjustment for the Stihl 250 chainsaw.

Step-by-step adjustment of the Stihl МС 250 carburetor with a rev counter is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Switch off the engine, tighten the screws H and L all the way, then unscrew both by one turn.
  2. Start the engine, warm up. At maximum speeds with screw H, achieve a maximum crankshaft frequency of 14,000 rpm, fixed by a tachometer or engine speed counter. Keep maximum engine speeds for no more than 10 seconds.
  3. Use the idle bolt LA to start the chain. After that, turn the bolt LA ¼ turn counterclockwise.
  4. Check the acceleration of the Stihl 250 chainsaw mechanism. Carburettor adjustment continues if the idle speed is unstable or the chainsaw is not accelerated enough. Screw L must be turned slightly counterclockwise. At the same time, the saw should quickly gain momentum, steadily function at idle. Finally, correct the operation with the LA screw. According to the tachometer, the idle speed should correspond to the catalog value of 2800 rpm.

Similarly, you can adjust the carburetor of the Stihl 211 chainsaw with your own hands.

In his article, the author covered in as much detail as possible all the adjustment details of a well-known German production mechanism called the Stihl 250 saw. Carburetor adjustment is simple and accessible to every home master. By following the recommendations made by the author of the article, everyone can customize their Stihl 250 chainsaw and enjoy its flawless performance.

Fuel ratio

Engine oil for two-stroke engines STIHL 1:50:

1:50 = 1 part oil 50 parts gasoline

other branded motor oils for two-stroke engines of the TC classification:

1:25 = 1 part oil 25 parts gasoline

Examples of fuel mixture ratios:

If you still have questions about adjustment, watch the video tutorial on adjusting the carburetor on a Stihl 230 and 250 chainsaw:

Stihl 230 Chainsaw Adjustments

Carburetor Sthil MS180 (Stihl 180). Adjustment. no, not heard.

At the Stihl MC 180 chainsaw, currently manufactured and in the last couple of years, Chinese-made carburetors have been installed, which have only one adjustment screw. Depending on the adjustment of the carburetor Stihl 361 chainsaw Stihl characteristic.

Such membrane-type carburetors are practically not subject to disassembly, since it is all sealed and filled. So to say: "Adjustment. no, I haven’t heard.

»In this case, it’s easier to buy a carburetor chainsaws Stihl 180, while on sale there are carburetors both unique (also produced in the PRC, but at the factory owned by STIHL), and from extraneous (also Chinese) manufacturers.

It should be noted that without looking at the Chinese creation, the unique Stihl 180 carburetors are very reliable and occasionally fail the owners. The cost of a unique carburetor for the Stihl 180 and not unique varies very significantly.

Carburetor Adjustment Stihl Chainsaw Adjustment Details for All Stihl 230 and 250: Posted by. For example, if a non-original carb on the web costs from 700 rubles, then a unique carb of 2500, in other words, is almost 4 times more expensive.

For chainsaws manufactured for 5 years or more, repair kits can be purchased. Carburetor Repair Kit Cost Stihl 180 ranges from 200 to 400 rubles.

How to adjust the carburetor on the chainsaw yourself // stihl spare parts, devices and equipment for the forest and garden. Subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel :.

Carburetor adjustment on a Stihl MS 230, MS 250 chainsaw

Repairs Stihl chainsaws MS230 in Kiev at the Peter and Paul Borschagovka. Replacing the piston with rings on chainsaw Stihl.

How to adjust the carburetor chainsaw Stihl 180?

Only adjustment is available to us idle move. Why is this necessary and how to understand when you need to set idle speed not for a Stihl 180 chainsaw? This is necessary if the chain does not stop at idle, which can lead to injuries, unstable operation of the saw as a whole.

The procedure for adjusting the carburetor stihl MS 180:

The instructions for the MS 180 describe how to standardly set idle on a chainsaw:

Turn the screw adjustments idle revolutions counterclockwise until the moment it goes tight, then turn off two turns clockwise. Voila! Configured.

If your saw speed is too low idle move, then we carry out the following actions:

  • Rotate adjustment screw clockwise until the chain begins to move along the tire.
  • Turn the screw half a turn counterclockwise.

If you have high speeds and the chain does not stop turning:

  • Turn the idle speed adjustment screw counterclockwise until the chain stops moving.
  • Turn the screw another half a turn counterclockwise.

If you are unable to independently adjust the idle speed, you must contact a specialized service center.

Stihl chainsaw adjustment video:

Here you can read about the adjustment of the Husqvarna carburetor:

Repair and maintenance of a chainsaw Stihl МС 230

Question: The Stihl ms 230 chainsaw, after replacing bearings, oil seals on the crankshaft, grabs but does not start, and it hits your hand very hard! Answer: The ignition system is faulty. Question: I did a piston replacement on a Stihl 230 chainsaw. Everything was assembled, nothing was left unnecessary, and when it came time to start only smoke through the exhaust.

Then a few pops in the carburetor and no longer start. Later I dismantled it again, missed the motor connection with sealant. After 2 days, almost the first time it wound up, it died out, later it grabbed a couple of times and does not start again. What could you miss? the spark is good, I tried 5 candles. I think the piston is correct, but the rings are not clear.

each cut in the opposite direction, and where exactly it looks without a clue. Must go along the axis of the shaft. Answer: Both cuts should be facing the carburetor, one on one side of the carburetor, the other cut on the other side of the carburetor, that is, the approximate angle between the cuts is 90 degrees. Question: Ask for supplies.

How many original driving sprockets and tires pass during the operation of a Stihl ms 230 chainsaw?

Answer: I think that the resource of the leading sprocket of any chainsaw in comparison with the Stihl 230 will be approximately the same. If the stars are not defective, then the normal resource will be unique.

It should be noted the convenience of replacing the drive sprocket on calm 230 (the user himself is calm 230). It is removed elementarily. The resource of calm tires is good. In work I use only Stihl tires and Oregon.

Question: What else needs to be changed while replacing a candle in a chainsaw? I saw a sealed piston and talked about a candle (and detonation) I understood, so that a spark happens, it doesn’t work and there are more powerful flashes in ICE, right? Answer: Candle and detonation are not particularly related.

A burnt piston and a failed candle can be from poor-quality fuel, but in no case one from the other. Candles, most often, work on failure. Very rarely. they are buggy.

Question: I have such a problem, the Stihl 230 chainsaw. It starts up well in the cold, having worked at idle for 1-2 minutes (it can work longer, maybe less), it stalls.

The candle is new, the filter is clean, the breather in the tank is clean, the compression is good, I sin on the ignition module.

Can someone tell me what the problem may be? The carburetor is clean. Answer: 1-2 minutes idling is a bit too much. it may appear on the electrodes for 20-30 seconds to warm up enough for now just try to add idle speed, look at the muffler Question: My ear has broken off on a Stihl ms 230 chainsaw , there is a cylinder from the 250th, can it be installed on 230? Answer: The cylinder mount is suitable, only there will be a change in power. But if the saw is old, and the cylinder is new (different release date) then it will not work. Different piston diameters. Question: A Stihl 230 saw was used in operation. After you plug it, gasoline flows from the carburetor. And it pours decently. What is the reason? The carburetor washed, blew. The needle valve is normal. Answer: Remove the carburetor and apply approximately 0.3 kg of pressure to the nipple (onto which the fuel hose fits). This pressure should not be relieved. At all. You can even 0.5 kg / sq. Cm, and the needle should hold it. If poison, repair the needle valve. The beam can get stuck on the axis, the needle may hang in the shaft, the needle itself may not hold. Question: Tell me, please, who knows how to start (pull the starter) Stihl ms 230 chainsaw? Answer: we select the free movement of the cord (until the dogs come into engagement with the flywheel) then we jerked and started. And then gently lower the launch cord to its original position, but do not unclench your fist and the cord is unwound itself, or in this case the starter breaks (for some reason, it is especially critical for calm). Yes, the jerk should be smooth and not very long. Question: I read that for uniform sprocket wear, change the chains with each new operation of the Stihl ms 230 chainsaw. Is it independent that the first chain is still very sharp? Answer: Chains from a set of chains change in turn as they become dull, are used cyclically, one after another, so that as a result, the total operating time of each chain from the set is approximately the same with the others. Then sawing will always be carried out by a sharp chain, and the wear of the chains will be approximately the same. Yes, and it is more convenient to replace the chains themselves when the chains are stretched approximately the same way. you do not need to turn the tensioner screw almost half its length each time, one way, then the other. Question: Do I need to turn the tire over each time, not often sawing with one chain? Answer: Turn the tire over. every time you change or sharpen the chain. Question: I bought a Stihl MC 230 saw, it starts up normally (the first time), but it was already barely started twice. it came to the point that gasoline was dripping from the muffler, the candle was wet. Maybe there is no spark, change the candle? or can there be many reasons? Answer: Put the lever in the first position from below, pulled 3-4 times, if there is a flash well, no, do not try to pull again, you will flood it. Translate in the second position and make a launch. If you still fill it in: Unscrew the candle and dry it. Turn off (ignition). We start the starter of races 15 ventilating the combustion chamber. After we screw in the candle and start from the second position from the bottom. Since there is already gasoline in the carburetor, it does not need a suction. Or we put the lever in the working position, hold the gas button and start. Question: About loosening the chain on a Stihl ms 230 chainsaw. if I easily wind it back and forth with 2 fingers, is it still better to loosen it? It’s just not so convenient, you need to unscrew 2 nuts, remove the cover, then twist the tension bolt. Can’t it be twisted without removing the cover and without unscrewing the 2 main nuts of the cover holding the tire? Answer: the cover does not need to be removed, the nuts are loosened and adjusted. Then, while tightening these nuts, lift the toe of the tire to the top. Question: what often breaks on the Stihl saw. piston? How much is the new, original? Really, only replace it and continue to cut it? Answer: The crankshaft oil seals fail, well, the piston wears out. Both that and another it is real to change even to itself and to work quietly further. Original, it is clear that dear. Question: On the new Stihl 230 saw, before starting operation, is it necessary to remove the drive sprocket and lubricate the bearing under it, or is there always enough lubrication? Well, maybe something else needs to be lubricated (tightened) before the start of operation of a new saw? Answer: Factory grease is enough for you until the next sprocket change. You do not need to twist and lubricate, we fill, start and saw. Question: Is it possible to put a larger tire on a Stihl 230 chainsaw? Answer: On the MS230 (according to official figures), you can use a bus with a maximum length of 45 cm.

Technical characteristics of the Stihl MS 230 chainsaw

Displacement: 40.2 cm3 Int. cylinder diameter: 40 mm Piston stroke: 32 mm Power: 2.0 kW (2.7 HP) Idling speed: 2800 rpm

Electronically controlled magneto Spark plug (anti-interference): Bosch WSR 6 F Electrode gap 0.5 mm

Regular diaphragm carburetor with integrated fuel pump Fuel tank capacity: 0.47 L

Chain lubrication

Full-automatic oil pump, operating depending on the number of revolutions, with a rotary piston Oil tank volume: 0.2 l

Saw headset

Rollomatic E and Rollomatic E Light guide rails

Cutting length: 30, 35, 40, 45 cm Pitch: 3/8 ″ P (9.32 mm) Groove width: 1.3 mm Driven sprocket: 9-tooth

Saw chain 3/8 ″ Picco

Picco Micro (63 PM3) 3636 Series Picco Duro (63 PD3) 3612 Series Pitch: 3/8 ″ P (9.32 mm) Lead Thickness. link: 1.3 mm