Stihl Fs 55 Gas Trimmer Doesn'T Gain Speed

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The history of STIHL has more than 90 years. It all began, as with many now famous brands, with a small family production. Initially, it was the release of components for washing and steam engines. Then, the famous Stihl saws appeared. at first saw, a bit later a gasoline model. Every year, a unique novelty was developed in the design bureau, which occupied a worthy place in the market.

Stihl Fs 55 Gas Trimmer Doesn'T Gain Speed

Today’s range of companies is diverse: chainsaws and gas cutters, vacuum cleaners and cleaning equipment, high cutters and motor scissors, blowers and motor drills, Stihl lawn mowers and lawn mowers, electric trimmers and sprayers. Unique multi- and combisystems, original tools and a multifunctional headset have been developed.

Stihl Lawnmow range

Stihl lawn mowers are represented by several product categories: cordless and electric trimmers, light and powerful lawn mowers, brush cutters. Depending on the engine power, STIHL lawn mowing can be used to mow soft and hard grass, cut wild thickets and thin trees, ennoble park and garden areas, apply equipment for landscape design, in communal and forestry.

STIHL cordless lawn mowers

With Stihl cordless lawn mowers, you can mow the grass in the required area at any time. Depending on the needs, in the group you can choose a compact unit for very light work and more solid. The youngest model in the family. the STIHL FSA 45 scythe. is able to work with the string for 12 minutes, 20 minutes with a plastic knife.

The novelty, the powerful cordless lawnmower Stihl FSA 130, which has already become popular, provides a continuous operation of at least 420 minutes when working with an AR 3000 battery and a mowing blade for hard grass 260/2. The weight of the model is only 4.5 kg.

The most popular model is the FSA 56 SET with battery and charger, STIHL FSA 90 lawn mowers. The biggest advantage of cordless braids is their environmental friendliness, mobility, and virtually silent operation. Thanks to a powerful brushless motor with an electronic control system and a 36 V battery, effective mowing is provided, especially near social facilities where excessive noise and exhaust gases are not desirable.

Stihl Electric Trimmers

Electric scythes are intended for mowing grass on small lawns, near flower beds, in hard-to-reach places, cutting low soft grass. Models of FSE 52, FSE 60 trimmers are perfect for finishing work where there are noise restrictions.

Light household lawn mowers Stihl

Domestic lawn mowers are the most common segment on the market. Consumers can choose any option they like with power from 0.9 HP up to 1.2 hp This group of STIHL lawn mowers is designed for summer cottages, putting in order tennis courts, lawns, mowing grass in small areas. It is an ideal complement to a powerful lawn mower when working on larger areas.

As a mowing headset, AutoCut C5-2, AutoCut 25-2 mowing heads with fishing line and two-leaf polymer canvases for mowing grass of 230 mm are used. Among the most popular models are lawn mowers Stihl FS 56, FS 38, FS 70 SE. Available with straight or curved barbell. The Stihl FS 55-R petrol trimmer is designed with a round handle for convenient operator movement between shrubs and trees.

Powerful STIHL gas mowers for universal use

Stihl lawn mowers of this group have power from 1.2 hp up to 2.2 hp Very productive aggregates, capable of effectively mowing large areas of tall grass, weed, small shrubs, dry fallen grass, reeds, nettles.

The presence of a hard drive shaft on these Stihl lawn mowers allows any nozzles to be used as mowing blades: three-blade knives for thickets, special knives for grass 230/2, saw blades for cutting bushes and young trees.

The advantage of the STIHL range of powerful lawn mowers is independence from power supply or charging, the ability to work for a long time at an intense pace. The popular FS 130 model is equipped with a 4-MIX engine, which develops high traction, quickly deals with thickets and dead wood, easily cuts wild growth, thin trees.

Brush cutters

Very powerful units with innovative 2.2 hp engines. 3.8 h.p. They are used for professional clearing of forests, thinning of forest stands, in public utilities and parks, and landscape design. Brush cutters can work effectively in intensive mode for a long time without compromising the quality of work performed.

Many cutting devices are used as mowing devices on STIHL brush cutters: knives for young animals and knives for thickets, disks with chisel-shaped teeth. With steel saw blades, Stihl gas trimmers can cut trees with a trunk thickness of up to 7 cm.

Some versions (marking FR) are equipped with backpack engines in which the transmission of torque is carried out through a special shaft. Stihl lawn mowers with a boom engine are marked FS.

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The powerful STIHL FS 490 C-EM, FS 510 C-EM and FS 560 C-EM brush cutters are equipped with the M-Tronic electronic engine management system, which automatically adjusts the flow of fuel and the ignition timing. The use of STIHL 2-MIX technology in engines makes them more economical and environmentally friendly.

Which is better. STIHL or Husqvarna

The shield of the Husqvarna lawn mowers is larger in size, the engine is completely covered with plastic, the unit starts more smoothly, gently picks up the necessary speed. All components are optimally easily and quickly repaired.

Stihl starts up worse, it sounds sharper, the color of the plastic gets dirty. At the same time, Stihl lawn mowers use maintenance-free gearboxes that do not require additional lubrication. Huskvarnovsky must be lubricated, then only a long service life is guaranteed. The Stihl piston group withstands a not very high-quality fuel mixture, while not failing.

A big plus of STIHL trimmers are ergonomic vibration damping pads that can be used for a long time without unpleasant sensations. The fuel consumption of STIHL lawn mowers is 20% lower, and the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere is 70% less. Note that the ignition is constantly on at Husqvarna, in fact, a serious minus, based on safety precautions.

The price of the Stihl lawnmower is much lower than the Husqvarna counterparts. Nevertheless, the models of both brands are in great demand, which means they have a right to exist. And what choice the consumer will make will depend more on personal preferences than on specific technical characteristics.

Comparative review of the Lawnmower Stihl FS 55 VS Husqvarna 128R

Features of operation, maintenance

For each Stihl trimmer model, the factory operating instructions provide detailed information about the device, the principles and features of the unit. Strict adherence to the manufacturer’s recommendations significantly extends the life of manual mowers.

lawn mowers Stihl

  • Stihl lawn mowers consume a fuel mixture of AI-92 branded gasoline and STIHL engine oil for two-stroke engines in a ratio of 50: 1.
  • There are several brands of branded oil, the best is considered STIHL HP Ultra. In the case of using non-original engine oil, the fuel mixture is prepared in a ratio of 25: 1.
  • The prepared mixture should not be stored for a long time (no more than 1 month), unlike the original STIHL MotoMix fuel mixture, which preserves its properties for up to 2 years.
  • STIHL grease is used to lubricate the gears; control is performed every 100 hours of operation. The air filter is usually changed annually.
  • Sharpening a metal cutting tool is performed as necessary, usually a few filing movements are sufficient.

Electric Stihl

When using electric mowers, there are no problems with fuel, however, it is necessary to observe specific precautions when working with a power tool. A special cable lock prevents the STIHL trimmer from unexpectedly disconnecting from the network.

Cordless Lawn Mowers

Stihl cordless lawn mowers, depending on the model’s equipment, provide different modes of operation without recharging. from 12 minutes (model FSA 45) to 420 minutes (model FSA 130). Mowers are available in different configurations: with a 36 V battery and a charger and without the specified equipment.

Charging time depends on the size of the battery and the type of charger. A special quick-charging device AL 300 charges the AP 160 battery in just 25 minutes, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the Stihl FSA 65 lawn mowers for about 1 hour.

First run-in

All STIHL lawn mowers are of high build quality, therefore, they require minimal grinding of units and rotating parts, mechanisms. At the first start, they give a time of 5 minutes to warm up the engine.

! Continuous operation or long running of the Stihl lawn mowers at idle is strictly prohibited. This mode for all Stihl lawn mowers with two-stroke, 2-MIX and 4-MIX engines leads to overheating of the device, incomplete combustion of the fuel mixture, increased formation of soot, is fraught with serious breakdowns and subsequent costly non-warranty by repair.

The manufacturer recommends that during the first three refueling of the fuel tank, the lawn mower should be minimally loaded, which is exactly what the break-in process is all about. After 5-15 full tank refueling, the braid reaches its full capacity.

Possible malfunctions, their elimination, repair

The great advantage of the STIHL lawn mowers is their simple design, reliability, and durability. The effective operation of the trimmer is largely dependent on the owner. The manufacturer warns of the need to comply with the rules for safe, competent operation of the units:

  • Installation of special protective devices on cutting nozzles.
  • The use of all cutting devices. mowing heads, metal and polymer cutting blades, strictly for its intended purpose.
  • Increased risk of kickback when working with a saw blade in the black sector.
  • Precautions when working with brush cutters. a safe distance from the cut trees.
  • Saw blades should seem to soar above the ground at a distance of about 20 cm from the surface.
  • Compliance with the operating mode: for electric and domestic gasoline models, work / rest for 20 minutes, for professional ones. work 50 minutes / rest 10 minutes.
  • Before prolonged downtime or storage of STIHL lawn mowers, to avoid breakdowns, the fuel from the tank must be completely drained.

After prolonged use of the Stihl manual lawn mowers at full load, it is recommended that you leave the engine idling for several minutes. Such a measure will help to avoid stagnation of heat in the carburetor and the ignition system, reduce the load on the drive parts, since excess heat will be removed by the air stream.

The most common problems at work owners can fix on their own:

  • The motor stops at idle. carry out the standard setting of the idle adjustment screw.
  • The cutting tool moves at idle. turn the idle screw counterclockwise until the tool stops, then make another 1 / 2-1 revolution in the same direction.
  • Often the engine stalls. check and clean the fuel channel from contamination.
  • When operating Stihl brush cutters in the cold season, do not forget to put them in winter mode. installation of a kit for preheating air.
  • If the engine does not work satisfactorily with the carburettor adjusted correctly and the air filter cleaned, the muffler should be sent to check for coking.

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“I chose between the lawn mowing Stihl 55 and 120 model. I decided that it’s better to add money and take a more powerful option. The 120th is still a universal lawn mower, it has a hard shaft and a power of 1.3 kW. ”