Stihl Ms 250 How To Distinguish A Fake


Stihl Ms 250 How To Distinguish A Fake

If you decide to purchase a Stihl 250 chainsaw, it is important to consider its main technical characteristics, which determine the capabilities and resource of the equipment. Among the main ones, one can single out the power, which is 2300 watts, and is average in the class; as well as the length of the tire, it is equal to 35 centimeters or 14 inches. "Stihl 250" is equipped with an engine of 45.4 centimeters cubic. Professionals are often interested in such a characteristic as a chain pitch, in this model it is 3/8 ″. It is convenient to work with the device, since it has a low weight, the mass is 4.6 kilograms. If this saw is not your first, then you will definitely pay attention to the width of the groove, it is 1.3 millimeters.

Additional functionality

The Stihl 250 gasoline saw has many advantages, namely an anti-vibration system that effectively protects the user, this is especially important for long and complex work. Among other things, it guarantees the most comfortable work. The master will be able to pull the chain, without touching it, which is possible thanks to the side device. It should be noted a positive feature, which is expressed in the presence of one lever, with its help the operator will be able to control all elements of the unit. "Stihl 250" will not let you down even in the coldest weather, since the manufacturer has taken care of pre-heating the carburetor, with this functionality you can work at any time of the year.


In order to eliminate injuries, the company’s engineers equipped the equipment with a Quickstop brake, which guarantees an instant chain stop. The consumer can count on the fact that the device will last long enough, and its operation will be accompanied by economical oil consumption. This is because there is an Ematic automatic chain lubrication system inside the case. It will not be necessary to use an additional auxiliary tool to unlock the oil and fuel tank with caps, which is very popular with consumers.

Model Features Reviews

The Stihl 250 chainsaw is the fruit of continuous improvement of such tools of the manufacturer. Consumers say that with its help you can get rid of both old trees and fallen branches. Using a chainsaw, it’s easy enough to work, as the equipment is universal, has an average weight and size.

Buyers emphasize that with its help it is possible to quickly perform light tasks, clear the area, especially when accuracy and high accuracy are required. The unit is equipped with a fairly powerful engine, as well as modern functions that allow you to solve everyday problems. Home masters note that the model has such functions that are quite common in professional chainsaws. It is easy to operate this device, it has an ergonomic design and allows you to work without getting tired. Customers often say that the “Stihl 250” is characterized by an excellent combination of weight and power, which allows, almost without interruption to rest, to harvest a large amount of firewood for the winter.

Thanks to the anti-vibration system, you can forget about engine vibrations, the vibration of the handle will be reduced, and this functionality will be supplemented with lower oil consumption. If we compare with traditional systems, then the fuel will need 50% less. Saw "Stihl 250", according to users, is also convenient because it is equipped with a tension screw, which is located under the cover of a chain sprocket. This allows you to simply install the saw blade, while pulling the chain, which eliminates contact with sharp edges. Among other things, the device is equipped with a universal lever.

Reviews of used air filters

The Stihl 250 is equipped with an air filter system that is used in a variety of conditions. According to users, the consumer can independently retool the system. The device can be supplemented with a felt or fabric filter, depending on the equipment. The last type of filter is designed to work under normal conditions and operation in cold weather. Experienced users are advised to use a felt filter if it is intended to work in very dusty and dry conditions.

Air Filter Cleaning Reviews

Operating a Stihl MC 250 chainsaw, the characteristics of which were presented above, the consumer may need to clean the air filter. As experienced operators emphasize, this happens if the motor power drops noticeably. To carry out such work, it is necessary to press the stop of the gas lever, while the combined lever must be in the closed air damper position.

Masters advise turning the corresponding button 90 degrees to the left, but the carburetor case cover must be removed. Experienced operators emphasize that the filters may be damaged, while they suggest the need to replace them. The surface that surrounds the replacement element must be cleaned of coarse dirt. The filter must be folded using the index fingers of two hands. Thumbs should be supported in the body.

Chainsaw device

The design of the described model of a chainsaw is a classic mechanism that is driven by an internal combustion engine. over, this unit has a simple single-cylinder two-stroke gasoline engine, and the gearbox in the strict sense is simply absent, except for a single-stage chain transmission. It is the last element that drives the saw chain.

Reliability is ensured precisely by the simplicity of the device, as a result, the user receives trouble-free operation, even if the operating conditions are difficult. Looking at the Stihl 250 chainsaw device, you will realize that there is a gas tank in the design. From it, fuel enters the carburetor, mixing with oxygen. Next, the air-fuel mixture is sent to the engine cylinder, where the composition is ignited by a spark.

There is also a crank mechanism, which is designed to convert the movement of the piston into the rotational movement of the shaft. The latter acts as a component of the above mechanism. The design would not work without centrifugal clutch and sprocket, which makes the saw chain move.

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Additional chainsaw units

In addition to these elements, Stihl has a system that is responsible for cleaning the air entering the carburetor. When disassembling the structure, you will notice the presence of a starter, a tire, a chain tensioning mechanism, a muffler and an ignition.

Stihl MS 250 chainsaw. one of the best models of a semi-professional level

Photo: Stihl MS 250 chainsaw

The tool attracts potential buyers with modern functionality, maintainability, interchangeability of standardized parts and consumable components with models of release of past years.

Range of application

The manufacturer of the saw is positioned as a universal, easy to maintain and durable in operation tool.

The scope of its application extends to a wide range of chores related to:

  • with fuel wood sawing;
  • care for ornamental and fruit trees;
  • construction of wooden structures and structures;
  • design of the original architectural and landscape design.

Operational capabilities

The Stihl 250 saw is characterized by universality of application, economical use, stability of working parameters during the overhaul and operational resources.

  • The tool with equal success performs transverse, longitudinal and diagonal cutting of any kind of wood, the tire length allows you to work with material with a diameter of up to 35 cm.
  • The production of this model involves modern materials and new technologies for their processing. The saw is assembled at a high technological level, which reduces the likelihood of failure or malfunction to a minimum.
  • Fine tuning of the fuel equipment allows using traction and economical resources of a full-time engine with maximum efficiency.
  • The instruction manual attached to the tool includes information on preparing the saw for operation, service features, and the search for and self-resolution of possible malfunctions.
  • The repair assortment is represented by a fairly wide selection, allowing to restore the operability of a worn assembly or system with minimal time.

Differences between the original and the Chinese version

The popular base model has become the basis for the production of substandard counterpart. Chinese Stihl with greater or lesser success copies the appearance and device of a proprietary tool, but its technical and operational characteristics are significantly inferior to it.

Forgeries are mostly represented in the assortment of small trading organizations. In order to avoid possible risks, it is better to buy the original at certified dealer companies and sales offices.

The differences between the Chinese counterfeit and the corporate tool are noticeable even with a superficial examination. First of all, it is:

  • low quality and rough texture of the plastic case;
  • custom logos and stickers;
  • lack of serial numbers and equipment of engines with simplified, compensator-free carburetors;
  • the presence of spark plugs with calm symbols, the production of which the company is not involved.

A significant part of the repair assortment in the domestic market is represented by low-quality and short-lived spare parts and consumables of Chinese manufacture. Practice shows that the service life of these products is less than half the resource of branded analogues.


A feature of the tool is a combination of optimal power with a compact layout and comfortable working conditions. The design of the saw is characterized by excellent balance, convenient for reliable grip by the shape of the body and handles. The use of modern materials has reduced the weight of the tool to 4.6 kg.

The Stihl chainsaw model MS-250 is powered by an air-cooled carburetor ICE with a displacement of 45.4 cm3. The compact, easy-to-maintain and fuel-efficient fuel-economy power unit at 3.1 rpm develops 3.1 hp. The fuel is a gasoline-oil mixture that enters the carburetor’s float chamber from a 470 ml tank built into the tank body.

Engine characteristics include a large supply of torque and overhaul of motor resources, reducing the noise background to 101 dB. Comfortable operation ensures the effective operation of the vibration damper.


The STIHL MS250 chainsaw is an excellent tool that provides comfortable work in the process of logging, construction, and stalling of small trees. This tool will become indispensable assistants to the owners of a summer house or a country house. In the garden, you just can not do without it.

Chainsaw STIHL MS250. Key Features

The tool has the following features:

  • The STIHL MS250 chainsaw is a very sturdy and reliable tool. The main thing is to purchase a real device of high German quality, and not a cheap Chinese fake.
  • Thanks to the equipment with a gasoline engine, the saw works in an autonomous mode, that is, in no way depends on the power sources. This allows you to use the device not only close to home, but also in other places. For example, when harvesting firewood in a nearby landing.
  • The STIHL MS250 chainsaw differs from more powerful devices of the same model range in its lower weight and economical fuel consumption. Of course, dealing with a very thick log with the STIHL MS250 is difficult, almost impossible. But it is indispensable for working with thin logs, trimming knots.
  • The STIHL MS250 chainsaw, like most similar STIHL tools, is equipped with an anti-vibration system. The fact is that in the process of working with the device there is a very strong vibration. And it leads not only to the rapid fatigue of the operator. Often vibration becomes the cause of many serious diseases, including chronic ones. Anti-vibration system can significantly reduce the level of vibration in the area of ​​the handle.
  • The STIHL MS250 chainsaw is equipped with a number of protective mechanisms to protect the operator from injury:
  • Inertial chain brake. In the case of very strong recoil or when you press the front hand guard, a special brake is applied. The saw chain stops instantly.
  • Side chain pulling. It is possible to get to the tensioning screw thanks to a special cover on a chain sprocket. This prevents the operator from contacting the hazardous elements of the saw: chain and gear.
  • One-lever control of all the basic functions of the device.
  • Equipping the carburetor of a gasoline saw with a special compensator. The presence of a compensator allows you to maintain the basic parameters of the device, such as fuel costs, exhaust composition, engine power, regardless of the contamination of the air filter. As a result, the chainsaw is able to work for a long time without filter maintenance.
    • And the filter maintenance process itself for this model is light and simple. And all thanks to easy access to the air filter. The latch on the cover allows you to instantly get to the filter to check its condition, clean or replace.
    • Fuel and oil chainsaw chains are equipped with caps with special bayonet locks. The result. there is no need to use additional tools to open the covers. They open quickly and easily.
    • Thanks to equipping the oil pump with an oil flow control system, its consumption is reduced by almost 50%.
    • The chainsaw works great at any time of the year thanks to the preliminary heating of the carburetor.

    Chainsaw STIHL MS250. Key Specifications

    • The working volume of the STIHL MS250 gasoline saw is 45.4 cm2.
    • The STIHL MS250 chainsaw has a power of 2,300 watts or 3.1 hp.
    • The weight of the device is 4.6 kg.
    • The STIHL MS250 chainsaw is equipped with a 35 cm long tire.
    • The chain pitch is 3/8 ".
    • The saw is equipped with the following tanks:
    • With a fuel volume of 470 cm2.
    • Oil volume in cm2.
    • Chainsaw revolutions:
    • The maximum is 14,000 rpm.
    • At idle. 2800 rpm.
  • The vibration level left / right is 5.7 / 6.8 m / s2.
  • Sound pressure. 101 dB.
  • Sound power level. 111 dB.
  • The price of the STIHL MS250 chainsaw is about 500