Stihl Oil How To Distinguish A Fake

Any two-stroke engine of a chainsaw runs on a mixture of gasoline with oil, respectively, how long it will last depends on the quality and the correct mixture of these components. Also, in chainsaws, it is necessary to lubricate the tire and chain, and the quality of lubrication is not the last factor affecting the duration of use of these parts of the chainsaw. In this article, we’ll talk about the oils that Stihl produces and recommends for use not only on own chainsaws.

Stihl two-stroke lubricant

Stihl engineers are developing oils that are optimally suited to all two-stroke engines installed on Stihl chainsaws and more. The Stihl two-stroke engine lubricant line includes several product options:

  • Stihl HP;
  • Stihl HP Ultra;
  • Stihl HP S

Stihl HP Review

Stihl HP is a chainsaw lubricant designed to meet the highest quality requirements and is designed to lubricate the internal parts of the engine during operation. It is made on a mineral basis and has good combustion performance (it has a low level of emission of harmful substances during combustion).

Stihl Oil How To Distinguish A Fake

The original Stihl HP is red and sold in Stihl’s original packaging.

It comes in several packaging options, the most popular of which is a one-liter bottle with an integrated dispenser. You can also find Stihl HP in five, ten and fifty-five liter cans.

The smallest Stihl HP packaging, which is convenient to use when you need to prepare just one liter of the fuel mixture, is a twenty-gram plastic bottle.

The company also produces one hundred gram bottles of Stihl HP, which can be used to prepare five liters of fuel mixture.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, Stihl HP can be used to prepare the mixture for any two-stroke engines.

Shelf life, if stored in unopened containers, is 4 years.

Stihl HP Ultra Review

Unlike conventional Stihl HP oils, the HP Ultra is designed for high engine loads during operation and is recommended for use on professional chainsaws. This is a synthetic oil. In order to prevent consumers from confusing diluted fuel, it has a green color, respectively, a ready-made mixture of gasoline with Stihl HP Ultra, also has a greenish tint.

There are only two packings of this oil. This is a Stihl HP Ultra 100 ml and 1 liter with dispenser.

The cost of Stihl HP Ultra is almost twice the price of Stihl HP and for this reason it is less popular in our country.

Shelf life Stihl HP Ultra four years.

HP Super

Designed for high-performance and four-stroke engines made using 2-MIX technology. The specs are slightly worse than those of the HP Ultra, which is why the HP Super is currently not available on the shelves of official Stihl dealers.

The proportions of the fuel mixture

Very often, people ask how much oil per liter of gasoline is considered the norm. It is easy to answer, because the instructions for any Stihl chainsaw, as well as on the additive packaging, indicate that when using original Stihl products, the proportion of oil and gasoline should be 1:50. This means that for one liter of fuel, it is necessary to add 20 ml of additive.

Video: Stihl Oil How To Distinguish A Fake

During the break-in period of a new chainsaw, it is allowed to slightly increase the amount of oil per liter of gasoline. For example, you can dilute one liter, 25 ml of oil, this will reduce the load on the grinding parts and extend the life of the chainsaw.

Which oil to choose

If you are a regular user of a chainsaw and do not use it for 6-8 hours daily, while only working in the summer, then you can use the usual Stihl HP to prepare the fuel mixture for your chainsaw. The optimal ratio of price and quality of the lubricant has made it popular among millions of users of gasoline powered tools.

Stihl HP can be used to make mixes for any two-stroke engine, including moped motors and boat options.

Stihl Chain Oil (Oil Overview)

The Stihl range of chain lubricants includes three types of products, these are:

When working, it is necessary to use the type of lubricant that best meets the conditions and duration of work. Consider each of the oils for the Stihl chain in more detail.


ForestPlus chain lubricating mineral oil is a high-quality product that creates a reliable film on the tire web and chain links that holds well even at maximum rotational speeds of the chain.

It is packaged in three types of containers, a liter bottle and canisters of five and twenty liters.

ForestPlus has the lowest shelf life among Stihl oils, which is only three years old under proper storage conditions.

BioPlus Chain Oil Overview

BioPlus is made on a plant basis, which allows it to decompose when it enters the soil in a short time. This property is marked by the European sign of environmental safety. According to information that is available on the manufacturer’s website and is official, BioPlus has been tested according to OECD 301 B.

For maximum consumer convenience, it is packaged in 4 types of containers, this:

  1. Liter bottle.
  2. Three liter canister.
  3. Five liter canister.
  4. Plastic twenty-liter canister for those who work with a chainsaw daily and spend a large amount of lubricants.

The price of BioPlus may vary depending on the region of sale.

Shelf life of BioPlus is four years. Brown colour.


SynthPlus is a semi-synthetic oil that retains its properties even under the most severe conditions. It is able to maintain performance at a temperature of minus 25 degrees. SynthPlus mixes well with BioPlus, making it easy to switch from one type of oil to another.

SynthPlus has a high shelf life, which, when properly stored, reaches seven years. SynthPlus oil color, brown.

Stihl SynthPlus is packaged in containers of the same capacity as BioPlus.

Which oil to choose for the chain

The optimal oil option for chain lubrication is BioPlus, and it is worth choosing for those who saw with a chainsaw from time to time. The optimum price and quality of BioPlus has made it the most popular Stihl chain lubricant.

It is also worth remembering that BioPlus does not harm the environment, because it is made on a plant basis and decomposes in the shortest possible time, which is also important when working with a chainsaw in its own area.

How to distinguish fake Stihl oil

Attackers do not miss the opportunity to earn on the sale of fake products of a well-known brand. Stihl oil is no exception. Most often you can find fake Stihl HP, because its sales volumes are the highest of the entire Stihl range of lubricants.

In order to distinguish the fake from the original, Stihl issued a special brochure, which recorded all the main differences between the original and the fake.

Also, we suggest you watch a video in which a concrete example shows how a package of high-quality Stihl oil should look and how to distinguish a fake.


We reviewed all of the Stihl oils, and found that the most popular lubricant for 2-stroke engines is Stihl HP. It is it that needs to be used under ordinary conditions, since at the same time you do not have to overpay, and the engine will be reliably protected.

Saw chain, for ordinary users, must be lubricated with BioPlus, because the other options are designed for harsh conditions or work in the winter. Also, we figured out that the correct ratio of gasoline to oil is 1:50, but during the break-in period you can slightly change it and make the mixture in a ratio of 1:40, i.e. 25 ml per 1 liter of gasoline. Learned how to distinguish a fake Stihl BioPlus from the original.