Than Cut Sandwich Panel For Slopes

Have you ever been engaged in the decoration of window slopes with your own hands? I, yes, and I want to say that I did not like plastering. Not that it looked ugly, just the installation process is long and very laborious. I would like to use a faster option, which I can do with my own hands. A friend advised me to slope the sandwich panels. According to him, this is a quick and easy way that does not require special efforts or skills. Immediately after that, I began to search for the information I need, about which I now want to share with you.

Than Cut Sandwich Panel For Slopes

Now technology does not stand still and is constantly being improved. One of these innovations is the installation of slopes with sandwich panels. Having a sufficient number of advantages, the panels are becoming more and more popular every day, and even an inexperienced beginner can afford to install them.

Material properties

Plastic slopes of sandwich panels

The device of standard panels looks like a sheet, the outer side of which is a whole-sheet pvc, the inside is a sheet of polystyrene, in the middle there is a heater. That is why this finish option was called the American word. sandwich panel. They differ only in the material of the facing side, and the installation remains the same for any kind.

Important! The people call slopes a sandwich. warm slopes. This is due to the insulation that is present in the panel.

When you have already realized for yourself what it is, I will talk about their advantages:

  • Despite their popularity, they remain affordable for everyone due to their affordable price.
  • This is not just a building element, it is also an independent device, which has its own complete set.
  • The internal place is filled with mineral wool or expanded polystyrene. this indicates the incombustibility of the structure.
  • Excellent thermal insulation performance, as well as additional sound insulation is achieved with their help.
  • This finishing method is durable and durable.
  • If you are doing the installation yourself, you must strictly follow the installation technology. In this case, resistance to moisture and mold will be at a high level.

Sandwich panels for slopes

For those who decided to change the windows in their house or apartment, and install the slopes with their own hands, I will give advice: you must wait at least 24 hours after installing the windows and only then finish the slopes with sandwich panels. The advantage of installing a sandwich before plastering is that installation with your own hands does not require painting skills and is a clean way.

Video: Than Cut Sandwich Panel For Slopes

Important is not only the correct installation of slopes, but also how to cut the panels. It is better to cut plastic elements with a circular circular saw on plastic or aluminum. At the same time, a small tooth pitch is able to perfectly cope with the task. In addition, you need to cut the material at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. if you do not observe the temperature regime, then due to a decrease in toughness, chips may appear on the cut line. If there will be a finish on the slopes of pvc sandwich panels, then you can cut with many tools. But the hacksaw for metal remains the most optimal, and it is possible for wood. You need to cut face up and with a slight angular inclination. At your own peril and risk, you can cut and angle grinder, but a little overdone with pressure, the panel may break.

Getting started installation

Finishing slopes of windows with sandwich panels

Sandwich panel slopes will be quite simple to do if you follow the rules and the sequence of actions. Even if there is no experience in finishing slopes with your own hands, then you do not need to be afraid of this work. Before starting the installation, you need to prepare the tool and materials, you will need:

  1. Sandwich panel. what material to buy from, you choose yourself
  2. Start profile
  3. F profile
  4. Liquid plastic. used as desired
  5. Tape measure and knife
  6. A screwdriver with self-tapping screws, a screwdriver and a drill. the latter is probably in every house.

Slopes from a sandwich panels in a panel house

I already said that you need to install at least a day after installing new windows. Using a tape measure, you need to take measurements and cut panels for the side and top slopes. The knife removes unnecessary pieces of polyurethane foam and installation of the starting P-profile begins using self-tapping screws for fasteners. They need to be screwed in with a gap of 10-15 cm. Do not forget that the upper profile is attached first, and only then the side ones should fit tightly with the upper one. Next, we proceed to install the slopes with a sandwich panel, it is inserted into the grooves of the profile. In the same way, we start from the upper slope.

Finishing plastic slopes

Then there are two options:

  • The first is to insert pieces of the starting profile into the vertical bar from above and below, and then side panels enter these grooves.
  • The second. just fastens the panel end-to-end with a windowsill and an upper slope, after which the gaps are closed using liquid plastic.

When this stage is completed, it remains to give the slopes a finished look. To do this, use f profile, it needs to be fixed on the edges of the sandwich cloth. For additional thermal insulation of voids, the sandwich between the sandwich and the wall is filled with polyurethane foam. this process does not cause any inconvenience, since it is very easy to dismantle the profile. After filling the voids, the bar is returned to its place.

Plastic slopes from sandwich panels to BAL-KONny block

One more tip! Undercut f the profile is better after installation. for this, it is lapped and then with a pencil the line of the cut is marked. Thus, it is possible to achieve maximum joining of the slats.