Than Sawing MDF Panels Without Chips

MDF is a chipboard. Such a stove is environmentally friendly, because it does not contain phenol and paraffin compounds. The panel contains wood dust, which was obtained from sawdust. They are pre-crushed, then dried and sent to the oven for heat treatment. When heating the sawdust, lignin is secreted.

It is he who powdery masses and sticks together. Next, the mixture is sent for pressure testing. When the product cools down, it is again processed and cut into certain pieces. Then they are pasted over with a melamine film, which imitates the pattern of wood.

The resulting panels have good thermal conductivity. Their only drawback is that the melamine film is easily damaged. It often remains scratches and stains. But it is easy to fix with paint. This material is easy to work with. Note that the panels differ in size and also in design, although they are performed using the same technology.

So, on sale you can find veneered panels in which the top layer is natural wood veneer. Such a product looks natural and expensive. Laminated panels are in demand. They are often used for wall cladding. There are also panels painted with paint (photo 1).

Tools for cutting panels

As already mentioned, MDF panels are an excellent facing material. Most often they are used to finish the office, loggia, hallway, corridor. Of these, not only walls can be mounted, but also a ceiling.

They go well with wooden or plastic lining, tile. Experts do not recommend the use of such boards in damp rooms, as moisture will swell the wood. A variety of equipment is used to cut MDF boards.

Many recommend sawing plates with a jigsaw. Such a tool is suitable when cutting will be carried out indoors. Then it will be possible to connect a vacuum cleaner to it. The result is an even cut. In which case it can be trimmed with sandpaper or nulevka.

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The main thing before cutting the slab is to outline a neat markup. To do this, use a corner, a ruler, a tape measure, a laser level or an ordinary level (photo 2).

You can also cut MDF with a hacksaw for metal. Such a tool cuts carefully and accurately, but very slowly. Therefore, it is recommended to use a hacksaw when you need to fit something. The angle grinder will cut the plate much faster.

Than Sawing MDF Panels Without Chips

The cut is accurate, only during operation the tool forms a lot of dust. Working with an angle grinder is best on the street, or when the house is undergoing major repairs (photo 3).

Plate mounting

At first glance, installing MDF boards seems very complicated. But the design is also easy to assemble, like a regular children’s puzzle. The connection of the panels is the same as that of PVC: with the help of spikes and grooves. One side of the panel will be pointed and the other bifurcated. Therefore, having brought the panel edge into the groove, you will get a prefabricated structure.

If the panel will be attached to the wall, then it is necessary to equip the crate. MDF does not like moisture. The air gap will allow air circulation. over, the crate is best done from wooden planks. Fasten the panels to them with glue or mechanical fasteners (photo 4).

As already noted, the panels can be installed on glue. This is the most common and easiest option. “Liquid nails” are used, which must be applied in a thick layer from the wrong side to the MDF board.

This method is suitable for flat surfaces. over, the glue consumption is very large. As fasteners, you can still use staples. Also an easy option. The construction stapler is used in this case (photo 5).

Any home craftsman sooner or later faces the need to cut chipboard. This can be the manufacture of furniture with your own hands or wall cladding with MDF or chipboard panels. As you know, it’s easy to cut chipboard, but making the cut even and without chips is not an easy task.