What a Goodluck Chainsaw Tire

Light, productive and easy-to-use chainsaw is part of the household tool kit of many households in the private and farmers sector. In the scope of its application. sawing of fuel wood, kronirovanie decorative and fruit trees, the construction of wooden logs and lumber houses.

The operational capabilities of powerful models are expanded through the use of special nozzles. In this embodiment, a saw with a dismantled saw set serves as a drive for removable metalworking, grinding, drilling, pumping and winch equipment.

What a Goodluck Chainsaw Tire

A set of saws and several easily removable nozzles can replace several household tools, the total cost of which is much higher. A productive removable ice drill can be of great help in aeration of a stocked reservoir, a winch nozzle will help to pull out a car stuck on an impassable road.

Self-selection criteria

The offered chainsaw assortment consists of 3 main categories.

  • In the first version, these are expensive, productive and durable models of leading European manufacturers.
  • The second group includes relatively inexpensive chainsaws with more modest working capabilities and less operational resource.
  • The rest of the significant part of the chainsaw imports is made up of budgetary chainsaw products of Chinese origin.

In the domestic market of household appliances, Chinese saws of various power categories are represented by a fairly wide selection. For the most part, the best models of Chinese chainsaws are tools that replicate products of leading European manufacturers with varying degrees of success.

and the CIS countries, the original China is represented by several models of chainsaws, which in their parameters and price range correspond to the main consumer requirements.

Quality Improvement Measures

In the process of modernization by Chinese manufacturers of chainsaw equipment, new materials and technologies are involved.

  • In particular, due to the chrome plating of the cylinder mirror and the application of wear-resistant coatings on the parts of the crank mechanism, the life of the power units is increased.
  • The use of more advanced carburetors and air intake filters made it possible to stabilize the traction characteristics of power units when working in difficult conditions of variable loads.
  • When developing the hull, new technologies of industrial design were used, the systems of easy engine start and emergency stop were improved.

Chinese chainsaws produced by state-owned enterprises are distinguished by increased quality. This is facilitated by modern equipment, which allowed to bring the products to a new quality level.

Advantages of Chinese-made chainsaws

In addition to moderate cost, the advantages of the Chinese chainsaw assortment should include:

  • a large selection of affordable spare parts and consumables;
  • the possibility of acquiring a household class saw with increased power;
  • unification of many spare parts, contributing to the operational commissioning of a faulty tool.

The disadvantages until this time are:

  • poor supply of spare parts and consumables;
  • in some cases, service specialists practice replacing faulty branded parts with a short-lived counterfeit;
  • the quality of cord starters, spring elements of the vibration damper, budget tires and saw chains leaves much to be desired.

Practice has proven that with full service and competent operation, a relatively cheap Chinese-assembled chainsaw generates an allotted overhaul life. Overhaul of a worn tool at a cost is almost equal to the cost of a new chainsaw, therefore it is carried out only within the framework of warranty obligations.

European models of Chinese assembly

All Chinese-made chainsaws are different from European branded counterparts at an affordable cost, but the technical and especially operational properties of budget-level designs do not fully meet European standards.

High quality is characterized by household and professional chainsaw equipment, which is produced in China at specialized enterprises of European companies.

Despite the widespread use of Chinese components, the quality of products of the Oleo-Mac, MTD, Efco and several other brands is maintained at the proper level.
Consider the main technical characteristics of popular Chinese models.


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The powerful 2.4 kilowatt engine of this tool with a displacement of 45.5 cm3 allows you to take advantage of productive saw rebars up to 45 cm long. The long tire provides the possibility of one-way felling and sawing of trees with a diameter of up to 400 mm.

The advantages of this model are a large stock of torque of the power unit, the effective operation of the vibration damper, the ability to work from any position.

Chainsaw Professional Foreman

The operational capabilities of a product that is universal in many respects extend to a wide range of sawing operations of various profiles. The chainsaw is equipped with a powerful 2.8 kW two-stroke carburetor engine with stable traction parameters and economical consumption of fuel-oil fuel mixture.

Adapted to difficult weather conditions, the power unit is equipped with an upgraded launch system, the best-in-class economical WALBRO carburetor in its category, a saw headset 50 cm long, with improved performance characteristics.

Saw GoodLuck

Professional status has a chainsaw model GoodLuck.

The advantages of this unit:

  • modern industrial design of the case;
  • the shape of the handles contributing to a reliable grip;
  • increased reliability of loaded nodes and systems;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • modified security system design;
  • the volume of refueling tanks increased in relation to household models.

BP-52 Proffesional chainsaw

Taking into account the requirements and recommendations of users, Chinese manufacturers have developed a professional-grade professional saw Rostek BP-52 Proffesional model, technical and operational characteristics.

Characteristic features of this tool:

  • increased to 3 kW power carburetor drive;
  • two piston compression rings;
  • adjustable performance of the oil pump lubrication system;
  • tool weight reduction due to the widespread use of shockproof moisture-frost-resistant plastic.

Champion brand chainsaws

  • Champion chainsaws cannot compete with similar products of European brands. On the other hand, for the full-fledged mechanization of chores related to wood processing, a tool worth 5-6 thousand can be the optimal solution.
  • Analysis of failures and malfunctions showed that a significant proportion of them falls on illiterate operation by users and savings on the quality of consumables.

In domestic construction markets, the sale of Champion chainsaws, independently assembled by home-grown craftsmen on the basis of low-quality components, is not ruled out.

The aforesaid fully applies to Chinese chainsaws of the Patriot and Huter assembly. These affordable models do not strike with perfection of design, unique performance and durability of a resource, however, over the past years they have been in steady demand.

Caution. Counterfeit!

A separate category is not always successful copies of branded chainsaws, which are sold on the market at a lower cost. A significant part of the fakes are popular models by well-known European brands Stihl and Husqvarna.

The quality of such tools does not compensate for their low cost, there are no warranty for free repair, so the demand for such products is consistently low.

Prerequisites for the stability of demand

The unofficial consumer rating of household chainsaws has shown that the level of trust in the Chinese range has increased significantly in recent years.

The reason for this phenomenon is most likely in a problem economy and limited material capabilities of a large number of potential owners.

On the other hand, one cannot ignore the noticeable improvement in quality characteristics. One way or another, but the demand for new chainsaws supplied from China has so far remained stable.

Failures of Chinese chainsaws

The high maintainability of Chinese chainsaws and the availability of affordable spare parts allows many users to abandon the costly service maintenance services. In the presence of certain skills, maintenance, elimination of possible failures and malfunctions is carried out by the owners themselves.

Typical malfunctions of budget class Chinese chainsaws are failures of electronic ignition units, oil pumps of the lubrication system, loosening of threaded fasteners due to poor assembly, premature failure of tires and saw chains.

  • The low information content of the operating instructions is compensated by access to technical documentation on service and repair sites and the use of recommendations received on Internet forums.
  • The information obtained removes the problems of self-adjustment of the carburetor and the choice of removable saw equipment. In the information field, effective algorithms for searching for characteristic failures and methods for their prompt elimination are presented.

Owner reviews

The first 2.5-strong Champion 240 with a 16-inch tire faithfully served for more than 4 years. Perhaps affected by the low quality of fuel and cheap engine oils. There is reason to believe that an inexpensive car has worked out its value in double size. I have been using the new saw of the same brand of model 254 for only 8 months, so it’s too early to talk about its advantages and disadvantages. During this time, he drove to the service 2 times to replace the starter and oil pump. Repair recognized warranty, so I had to spend only on the road.
Roman Vladislavovich

From a professional point of view, one cannot fail to note an improvement in the reliability and performance of Chinese Champion chainsaws. A 2.5 kW tool purchased for trimming thick branches copes well with AL-KOy trees with a diameter of 300 mm and more. Small failures and malfunctions characteristic of the new tool are eliminated in the course of work. It is only natural that the Champion model 254-18 is inferior in terms of comfort to expensive Styles and Husqvarns, this disadvantage is compensated by the moderate cost of consumables.
Fedor Nikolaevich