Than To Cut Platbands For Doors

Carrying out repairs in the apartment, the owners often face the need to update the doors. It is worth noting that replacing the door unit is in any case significant costs. But replacing the platbands on the door will cost much less. At the same time, quality will remain at the proper level. Installation of door platbands. not too hard work.

Professional door installation tool

Before you begin installing the platbands on the door, you should stock up with the necessary tools:

  • roulette;
  • pliers;
  • jigsaw or saw with small teeth;
  • trimming;
  • hammer;
  • furniture nails;
  • building corner;
  • pencil.

Installation of door platbands

First remove the old cashing. Used for this mount and a conventional screwdriver. Carefully pry off the platband and remove it. In doing so, try not to damage the door jamb. After you remove the door trim, remove the existing nails.

After that, inspect the additional strip (it may also require replacement). If you need a new bar, then, first of all, look at its mounting method. This element can be attached in different ways: with the help of self-tapping screws or with an overlap.

When buying a bar, you must take into account the roughness of the wall. If the wall is not completely smooth, then you need to measure its maximum protrusions adjacent to the door. Due to this, you will avoid the mismatch of the additional strips.

Installation begins with the right and left strips. Excess parts (in length) should be trimmed.

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Dobora are attached to a wooden box with the help of wood screws.

By the same principle, the upper bar is attached. After the upper additional level is installed, the entire structure should be strengthened. To do this, the side and upper trims are fastened together by self-tapping screws (so that they do not come out from the front side).

Then the door trim is installed. It is recommended that they be mounted at a distance of 0.3. 0.5 cm from the inner edge of the door frame.

Door frames are fastened around the entire perimeter of the door frame. Installation begins with any long platband.

Before starting installation, platbands should be sawed with a jigsaw or saw at an angle of 45 degrees.

The cut lines are marked both with the help of trimming, and with the help of a building corner.

After the markup has been completed, it is necessary to draw a neat, even line with a pencil. It is on it that a cut is made. It is necessary to saw evenly and smoothly.

Than To Cut Platbands For Doors

Next, you need to determine the length of the clypeus. This parameter is equal to the distance from the lower edge of the upper additional strip to the base of the floor plus 0.5 cm.

We measure out the door platband and saw off it.

Platbands are fastened to the door with a hammer and nails. Hats of nails must be bitten off (so that they do not attract attention). Clog nails in increments of 50 centimeters.

The most difficult to measure the upper clypeus. A shorter door trim is required for this. One corner should be cut (as described above) at an angle of 45 degrees. After that, try on the resulting cashing and from the second side mark the top of the corner. Now fasten the item.

If in some places the seams do not meet to the end, then they must be repaired with sealant.

Platbands on the opposite side of the door are installed accordingly.