The Best Model Range From The Company “Partner”

The “seniority” of the company “Partner” is more than fifty years. It was found as a family business in Sweden. After the brand became part of the Electrolux Corporation, its product range has grown tenfold. Today, the Partner trimmer is in high demand on the market. Such popularity was achieved thanks to high-quality European assembly and reasonable cost.

Trimmer “Partner XS”

The model is in working condition with a high-performance gasoline engine. Engine power is 700 W, cylinder capacity is 25 cm 3.

Other specifications:

  • engine cooling. air;
  • hand starter is a starting system;
  • semi-automatic coil;
  • weight. 3.6 kg.

Piston group operates in two clock mode.

Trimmer “Partner DX 42″

This model can cope with any plants that litter lawns and flower beds. It can be used in private households and the performance of public works in the park area and city squares. The unit is equipped with two knives that have a different number of cutting blades.
The engine is insured against overloading. this fact indicates the high performance of the unit. The trimmer is endowed with a reliable cooling system, which does not allow it to overheat under heavy loads.

Trimmer “Partner DX 56″

In comparison with the previous model, this model is more powerful. It’s two-stroke engine is capable of developing power, which equates to 5.6 litres. The operator to work with such a powerful unit is comfortable and convenient. These indicators are achieved due to the presence of a shoulder strap and a properly designed handle.

Such indicators show only one thing: the trimmer is very powerful and productive.

Trimmer “Partner B250B”

The presented trimmer is ideally suited for use on homestead plots and lawns. Its main technical characteristics:

  • gasoline engine: power is 1 l. s., working volume 23 cm3;
  • as fuel can be used gasoline A-92;
  • cutting line can be a fishing line, a knife with steel cutting blades;
  • the drive is made of metal in the form of a shaft;
  • weight 5.5 kg

Regardless of which model you use for your needs, it is worth remembering that the full answer to the question of how to disassemble a trimmer can be found only from professionals or from the complete instructions provided by the manufacturer. For repair, it is necessary to use only original spare parts. Only when these two conditions are met, you will be able to work with a trimmer for many years.
Detailed advice can be obtained at the service centers that specialize in repairs of the units of the trademark “Partner”.