The eternal coil for trimmer for grass with their own hands

Trimmer reels (heads)

Mowing heads with the lines placed in them, along with knives and discs, are part of the cutting equipment for trimmers. The main function of the heads, or as they are often called coils, is to quickly and accurately mow the grass. There are different kinds of mowing heads on the market today. They are mostly categorized in terms of line feeding and charging. This classification makes it possible to choose the best mowing head for almost any novice gardener.

Most amateur and household trimmers are distinguished by a simple device. They consist of an engine, a rod in which there is a flexible or rigid drive shaft, a handle and a cutting organ, the role of which is often played by the grass trimmer head. According to the principle of filament feeding heads are divided into the following types:

  • manual. this headset type got its name due to the fact that the cutting cord in it is fed manually. Each time it is necessary to lengthen a line for a trimmer, the operator must stop working with the trimmer and pull it out mechanically. This brings its own inconveniences, but it is the type of device that is considered the most popular among gardeners. Manual reels differ from their counterparts by durability and low prices;
  • semi-automatic. when working with this type of heads, you can extend the cord by pressing the head against the ground. During this, a button is pressed, which activates the anchoring mechanism. It creates a centrifugal force that pushes the cord out. Semi-automatic trimmer head for grass has one important advantage. when using it, you do not need to stop working with a brushcutter, as you can extend the line for the trimmer while the engine is running. The only drawback. a semi-automatic cutting headset costs a little more than manual coils;
  • Automatic. standard devices of this type are convenient to use. To extend the cord, the operator only needs to reduce the engine speed of the brushcutter. Automatic factory grass trimmer reel differs from its counterparts in the ease of operation. Nevertheless, the of this type of headset are the highest on the market.

Each of listed types of cutting heads is suitable for use in different conditions. Handheld heads are best used in areas with hard obstacles. The low cost of this type of head will make it possible to buy several manual heads at once and replace them one by one as they break down. Automatic models, on the other hand, are quite expensive, so they are best used for maintaining clean areas.

Types of semi-automatic heads

The mowing head of the semi-automatic type. typically consists of a housing with several springs and a bobbin inside. Spools, by their design, are divided into:

Many owners of household trimmers remake one-section bobbins for two-section. To do this, you will need to find a solid metal plate, and draw an outline with the diameter of the bobbin. The plate is then cut along the contour so that the thickness is near the filament winding. As a result, the resulting circle should move freely around its axis. Next, it will be necessary to make a cut on the resulting ring and slip the bobbin inside the ring. The two parts should be connected to each other with tape or quick-drying glue. As a result, the manufacturer will have a bobbin in which the line for the trimmer can be wound into two sections.

How to remove the grass trimmer head: basic rules

It is necessary to remove the trimmer head, adhering to the elementary rules in the work with a brushcutter and electric counterpart, and the main ones we will name:

  • To unscrew the head you need a special hexagon, or gently with a screwdriver, dipping it into a special hole. The latter can become very clogged with grass and blend in with the overall color, so. delicately clean and find it;
  • Jamming is mandatory so that the shaft will not rotate;
  • Be especially careful when working with disassembling a broken or cracked spool. its elements can be all over the place;
  • Many users of gasoline mower today are looking for “grass trimmer remove the head” on the network, and we in instructive articles and videos also do Accent on different types of threads. take into account the nuances of your tool;
  • It is practiced to turn the tool upside down with the motor, laying it on a horizontal surface for ease of operation;
  • Shocks and harsh forces applied when removing the mowing head are inappropriate, as the plastic delicate housing can be damaged;
  • Install the new coil or the old one, if it is still usable, on the cleaned tool.
  • The new tackle should meet the parameters of the old one. Installation of another component whose characteristics do not correspond to the power of the grass trimmer may negatively affect its elements and operation of the mechanism as a whole;
  • We recommend working with a cleaned tool to avoid debris and small particles of grass in the holes;
  • Locking the reducer by sliding a screwdriver into the slot is a must when installing a new reel or removing an old one;
  • Be aware of the prevalence of left-hand threads on the gearbox of most trimmers;
  • Don’t forget to remove the screwdriver from the gear slot when you finish mounting the reel in place;
  • All fixing and removal should be done with care, remembering that the spool is made of thin plastic;
  • It is not necessary to screw in a new reel (or an old one in its place) too tight, as it will be impossible to remove it after working hours at the next removal. You also do not need to fix it too lightly. weigh the load placed on this assembly as you work and the resistance of the cutting material;
  • If you need instead of the reel on the grass trimmer to determine the knife or bobbin. analog cutting tackle, the gear unit is also carried out, twisting is carried out according to the same scheme, but the installation itself is slightly different due to the specifics of each individual tackle. Mount knives on the grass trimmer with a spool in the case when the tool functionally works with different types of gear.

If you need to buy fishing line for grass trimmer, then you can do it on the expanses of our website, and how to mount and replace it correctly. we will gladly tell you in our articles.

How to make metal blades for grass trimmer

Once again mowing the grass on the suburban area, trimmer bumped into an iron sticking out of the ground. The result of such an “encounter” is a broken tool spool. There is no spare part, there is no place to buy, and you need to mow.

I had to be clever and repair the device.


I have thought about and drew a drawing of the new trimmer (see Fig. rice. on page. 18) I made the necessary parts from the metal plate according to the sketch. Assembled the ready assembly and fastened it to the working shaft of the grass trimmer (instead of the coil).

To do this, I pressed a bush on it (photo nr. 1) with a welded washer (2) I screwed the blades to the last one using M4 bolts (3) To prevent the mechanism from turning while the shaft is turning, I additionally secured it with a splint (4)

The hole for the cotter pin (4) is best drilled after installing the assembly on the grass trimmer shaft.

If you do not have a washer of the correct diameter at hand, you can make it from a sheet metal[ ! 2 to 3 mm in thickness. First, drill a hole in the strip, ! equal to the diameter of the tube, and for- important!

With long and repeated use of the tool with such an attachment, you need to monitor the wear and tear of the blade fasteners (bolts) and timely change the fasteners.

Classification by cord charging method

Another important factor is how to charge the line into the mowing head. There are the following types of reels on the market according to this factor:

  • fast. to charge this type of devices the operator does not need to remove the headset from its base. It is sufficient to gently slip the cord to the center of the coil and wrap it around the base several times. This is convenient and also saves a lot of time;
  • demountable. to change a cord in a reel of this type it is necessary to disassemble it. Beginning gardeners may have problems with this procedure, but once they have gained the necessary experience, charging the head will be much faster later on.

As practice shows, for the novice gardener, the fast reel on the grass trimmer is best suited. It is rugged and can be used extensively in areas with lots of hard obstacles.

Features of trimmer application

grass trimmer, mowing grass with a fishing line, can be used near: houses and other buildings, fences and hedges, trees and shrubs, beds and flower beds, rows in the garden.

Such a convenient, and most importantly, effective device, as a grass trimmer, exists in several variations:

As is clear from the names, the grass trimmer types differ markedly from one another. But regardless of the type of this tool, its cutting element can be a line for trimmer. Of course, the grass trimmer fishing line tucked into the grass trimmer reel is not endless. And sooner or later it will be necessary to replace it with a new one.

Consumption of fishing line directly depends on the frequency of use of the device and the scale of the work performed. The more grass is cut and the more often it is trimmed with the grass trimmer, the more the trimmer line is consumed. And, accordingly, the faster it will run out. This begs the question: how to tuck lines into a grass trimmer reel?

Not everybody knows the answer to this question. And after all, the winding of fishing line on the spool plays an important role in the operation of the grass trimmer. In order for the device to function properly, it is very important to correctly wind the new line for the trimmer on the spool. On how to change the line for the trimmer on the trimmer, and will be discussed in this article.

The eternal coil for grass trimmer with their own hands

I want to share with you some useful information for those who use a trimmer, which is also called a lawnmower, benzo. and brushcutter, and residents of bedroom communities of high-rise buildings dubbed it “good morning, country. But, as it were, most people wonder if there are such options as perpetual grass trimmer fishing line for trimmer with their own hands. In order not to bog down the expectations of users, I say at once: “Yes, it exists, and it will survive even the tool itself”.

At first it would not hurt to understand what wears out the factory lines for trimmer, which constantly have to change, which is not entirely convenient, and sometimes such a need can even spoil your mood, because there is simply nothing to replace. I noticed that lawnmowers, in order to finish the work, are forced to use some wire instead of the fishing line, and even saw on the Internet that for this purpose tried to apply pieces of a soft hacksaw blade, broken in half. there are holes on both sides for fastening. But all these attempts are ineffective, because the cutting element always breaks, or tears from hitting hard trunks of weeds, or foreign objects that are in the grass.

Instead of fishing line it is much better to use a thin steel rope. its strands are made of tool steel, which is not subject to corrosion, but has an extremely high barrier of strength. That is, in fact, the pieces of steel cable mounted on the rotating disc of the brushcutter should last forever, at least much longer than the grass trimmer itself. But this is not entirely true, but rather, in order to ensure that the cable endless service life, its free end must be sealed, which is quite difficult or even impossible to do at home. The fact is that from frequent blows, the tip of such a secant element will begin to unravel and gradually turn into a bundle of steel threads that will get tangled. The conclusion here is one: if there is an opportunity to solder the tip, as in the plumbing rope. do it and use for good health.

Unbreakable blade for a garden trimmer for grass with his own hands.

Not always a lawn on the site is a soft green carpet. When a friend bought a house in the country, I was amazed at the abandonment of the site. Not only that on the site did not plant anything, not even mow the jungle of weeds. The only thing I can ascertain from looking at this mess is that the land is rested and fertile.

The electric grass trimmer we bought earlier had to be put away in the garage and armed with shovels and an axe. They waved vigorously all day, but cleared only a quarter of the area. The rest was postponed until the next weekend.

The next weekend a friend bought a three-blade blade for a grass trimmer. In spite of the rainy weather, we tried it out

The first impression: any serious trunk of a weed caught by this blade gives a powerful blow in the hands. After about 10 minutes of work the sharp edge of the blade got blunt and many burrs appeared. There was no point in destroying the grass trimmer further. A friend decided to resharpen and temper the knife in production conditions.

On another weekend I come to visit him.

-. And how we will clear the thicket? You joined Greenpeace in a week and decided to save the jungle?

-No. I made a knife of a different design!

I immediately called the design “boomerang”) Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it is very well made! The curved shape eliminates impact from branches and trunks. This will extend the service life not only of the blade sharpening, but also of the grass trimmer bearings. The holes in the plane of the blades are made to increase the strength of the petals. The length of the blades is a little longer than the “native” blades

This was done to increase the length of the cutting edge. There is only a couple of centimeters distance to the stop

We put the new blade to work. Impressions are the most positive! No vibrations, no knocks. Grass cutters cut through trunks like butter. The rest of the jungle was cleared out in a couple of hours. Before the evening we still had time to walk with a power tiller.with the cultivator by turning over the virgin soil.

When I asked for a diagram, he only shrugged. I drew without any calculations on a life-size piece of cardboard. Then there’s the adjustment in the manufacturing process. If anyone is interested, I can put a knife on a piece of absorbent cotton and trace the outline.

We also finished building the “Tsar’s Study”. But that’s a story for another day.

My other dacha-household samodelki:

How to remove the blade from the lawnmower

The disassembly process depends on the mower, but before you start make sure that all the safety rules are followed.

If the machine is powered by electricity it must be de-energised.

On a petrol-powered machine the spark plug cap should be removed first. It is important that there is no fuel leakage, so the machine’s fuel tank must be empty. It is possible to shut off the fuel tap by first placing a rubber diaphragm under the cap. After that the gas hose, designed for drainage of the crankcase waste, is squeezed. Otherwise there is a risk of oil spillage. Always refer to the instruction manual to avoid unnecessary complications.

eternal, coil, trimmer, grass, their

The blade is fixed in two ways: by a single bolt in the center of the structure through a shaped washer, or by a pair of bolts that are attached to a pin or an alignment hole. The bolts are unscrewed clockwise. During this work, it is important to fix the cutting parts of the mower in place to avoid injury. For this purpose a wooden bar with a stop in the ground is suitable.

Cleaning and Dressing

The working part is first cleaned of any dirt or debris that has stuck to it during use. The most suitable tools for this work are metal brushes. When the blade is cleaned, you need to degrease the surface and inspect the damaged blade.

Small, hard debris trapped under the tool during operation can deform the pruning shear. Only the cutting edge of the mower blades should be inspected for bending, i.e.к. The blade itself can be of a complicated construction. Repair the damaged tool by hitting it carefully with a hammer with rounded edges. You need to put the knife on a hard surface, such as an anvil. It should be corrected, starting from the edges of the deformed area and gradually moving towards the center.

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Balancing the blade

The balance of the blades is important for the operation of the mower. Without it the cutting elements will create permanent vibrations, this reduces the life span of the machine and complicates operation. This is primarily important for tools with double-sided single blades, for other types it is not so critical.

eternal, coil, trimmer, grass, their

To check the balance, a smooth and thin bar should be held horizontally by clamping the end in a vice. After that the blade is put on the pin and fixed. If there is no balance, the blade tips can move relative to each other.

To balance the blade correctly, the metal on the back of the pruning shear must first be ground down so that the overhang is eliminated. It is not possible to achieve the exact balance at home. For the mower to work efficiently, it is enough for the blade to remain horizontal for a while.

How to remove the blade from the lawnmower

The disassembly process depends on the type of mower, but before you start, make sure that all safety rules are followed.

Isolate the electrical supply to the machine.

On machines running on petrol, first remove the spark plug boot. It is important to avoid fuel leaks, so the machine’s fuel tank must be empty. The fuel tap can be closed with a rubber diaphragm placed under the cap. After that the gas hose, intended for drainage of crankcase deposits, is squeezed. Otherwise there is a risk of oil spillage. Consult the manual at all times to avoid any risk of complications.

The blade is attached in two ways: by a single bolt in the center of the structure through a shaped washer or by a pair of bolts attached to a pin or alignment hole. Bolts are unscrewed clockwise. During this, it is important to secure the cutting parts of the lawnmower to avoid injury. A wooden pole with a block and a stop in the ground is a good way to do this.

Cleaning and Straightening

First the working part is cleaned of dirt or debris that has adhered to it during the work. The most suitable tools for this job are metal brushes. When the blade is clean, you need to degrease the surface and inspect the damaged blade.

Small, hard debris picked up while working can distort the pruning shear. Only the cutting edge of the mower blade should be examined for bending.к. The blade itself is a complex design. A damaged tool can be straightened by hitting it carefully with a hammer with rounded edges. Place the blade on a hard surface, e.g. an anvil. You need to straighten it by starting from the edges of the distorted area and gradually moving towards the center.

Balancing the blade

The balance of the blades. an important point in the work of the lawnmower. Without this, the cutting elements will create constant vibrations, reducing the longevity of the equipment and making work more difficult. First of all, it is important for tools with double-sided single blades, for other types it is not so critical.

To check the balance, you need to fix in a horizontal position smooth and thin rod, clamping the end in a vise. After that, the blade is put on the pin and fixed. If there is no balance, the blade ends can shift relative to each other.

To balance the blade correctly, first the metal on the back of the pruning shear is ground down so that the overweight is eliminated. It is impossible to achieve a precise balance at home. For the mower to work efficiently, it is enough for the blade of the machine to remain in a horizontal position for a while.

The nozzle on the trimmer for the grass with his own hands

For many gardeners trimmer for the grass has long become a familiar technique and almost indispensable. But it is not always possible to buy a model that can meet all needs. It happens that the grass trimmer easily copes with fresh young vegetation, but there is a desire to clear space behind the fence or along the driveway, and the high mature grass is a technique “tough.

Here is a variant of self-made nozzle for grass trimmer from simple (almost improvised) means.

The nozzle on the trimmer for grass with their own hands

For many dacha owners the grass trimmer has long been a familiar and almost indispensable technique. But it is not always possible to buy a model that allows satisfying all needs. It happens that the grass trimmer can handle fresh young vegetation easily, but there is a desire to clear the area behind the fence or along the driveway, and the high mature grass is “not up to it” technique.

We offer a variant of self-made nozzle for the grass trimmer from simple (almost improvised) means.

Specifics of the reel

In today’s world (both in the city and in the countryside) it is almost impossible to do without such a modern and useful tool, as a trimmer for grass. It is widely used by employees of municipal services of large cities, such devices are in demand and in farms, they are used for ennoblement of summer plots, vegetable gardens, orchards, etc.д.

Photo of the garden trimmer reel for grass.

However, it should be remembered that the main working element is the head for the grass trimmer. the spool with the fishing line. It is this element that most often fails and requires maintenance. The price of coils has a wide range (from 10 to 150 dollars), which makes such a tool even more expensive. Any manufacturer (even a brand-name one) usually bundles his product with an inexpensive and low-quality spool. However, it is possible to work long enough and primitive coil, provided that the maintenance work is carried out in a timely manner.

Like any other mechanical element, the spool requires cleaning from accumulated grass, cooling in case of overheating and filling with lubricant. However, reels often malfunction for various reasons, and it is quite expensive to buy new ones or have them repaired. Almost all faults can be repaired by yourself. It is not difficult to disassemble the coil, especially if you use the instructions.

The first part that often fails on the grass trimmer reel is the line for the trimmer. The line for the trimmer is an expendable material, for which the manufacturer is not responsible. At the same time, on many models of reels, replacing the fishing line is a complicated procedure (and in some brands it is impossible). Attempting to replace a trimmer line with a different material than the native line can destroy the spool.

The spool itself (the part of the element on which the line is wound) rarely fails, while the slots through which the working part of the line is threaded and which hold it in place can be destroyed (worn out), since they are almost always made of plastic.

Despite the abundance of spare parts for trimmers on sale, not everyone can afford to buy them, in addition, there are often restrictions on available products. For example, grass trimmer mounts, a universal coil will not fit on such a mount. This often makes it impossible to buy a properly priced spool. Some manufacturers make spools designed for a thin line for trimmer (up to 3 mm in diameter), which significantly limits the possibilities of trimmer for grass. Therefore, there is an option of making the coil yourself.

Range of saw chain repair machines

A special machine for riveting chainsaw chains is included in the list of working equipment of specialized workshops. The proposed range includes several budget and branded models of imported production

STIHL, Husqvarna and Champion riveting machines are characterized by increased capabilities and a comfortable level of operation.

Technically advanced devices provide high quality riveted joints, saving working time and money.

Conclusions about efficiency

To summarize, it is worth saying that manufacturers do not just use a special line for the trimmer for a reason. It is optimal for working with this tool: it mows the grass well and does not overload the mechanics of the device. If it has run out and there is still a lot of work to be done, it is better to buy a new one. For temporary use, of course, you can install a metal rope, but at the first opportunity it should be changed, for a special line for the trimmer. Otherwise, it will adversely affect the technical condition of the tool.

Choose a line for the trimmer not only by thickness, but also by shape, here’s why: the cord does not cut the stem, but breaks it. Rotating string strikes the surface of the stem repeatedly and finally separates the top of the stem. For this kind of work, the shape of the cutting edge is an important technical characteristic.