The lawn mower does not work there is a spark. Damage of gasoline trimmers


Lawn mowers are a convenient equipment that allows you to maintain in the country, in the garden, the park of herbal cover in a well.groomed state. Thanks to their use, lawns acquire an attractive appearance with minimal labor and time. Gasoline and electrical devices that have pushed to the background are popular with the popularity of mowers.

With proper operation, the equipment is capable of working for more than one year without breakdowns. But over time, the details wear out or an unforeseen accident may happen, as a result of which the unit will fail. If the equipment is not under warranty, then it is not necessary to contact the service center for help to specialists. Repair and maintenance of lawn mowers can be carried out at home. This is due to the fact that many malfunctions do not relate to serious breakdowns, they can be easily eliminated on their own.

The main malfunctions of electric and gasoline lawn mowers

Despite the variety of models and manufacturers of lawn mowers, gasoline and electric equipment has similar structural units. The difference lies in the types of installed engines and related systems for ensuring performance. Equipment malfunctions are conditionally divided into 2 groups:

Damage of the mechanical part of models with gasoline and electric motors is almost the same, but the refusal when operating the drive part of the lawn mower can be caused by problems with different details.

The gasoline lawn mower is not started. Why?

If at the first launch, your new lawn mower refuses to start, try the following: based on the air temperature on the street, set the appropriate position of the air damper (at a temperature of less than 30 s. the “cloth is closed”, over 30 s. half.closed position), then pump up into the carburetor fuel and neatly, but rather sharply jerk to the sensation of some resistance to the lancet of the starter. Repeat these actions in the same sequence several times. A completely new tool should start. If this finally happened, you can safely start work, having previously completely opened the damper.

If the lawn mower is no longer new, then it is necessary to start its inspection from the gas tank. If the device has not been driven for a long time, then it is necessary to drain the old gasoline, which has a feature of “exhaling”, t.e. lose your octane properties, and pour a fresh fuel mixture. The ratio of gasoline/fuel, as well as their necessary brands are usually indicated in the instrument operation instructions.

Now you need to check the spark plug. either the problem in it itself, or in the fuel system. The candle must be carefully removed and appreciated its condition. If the candle is very flooded or there is a black fog on it, then it needs to be removed, clean and dried. Drain the excess fuel, if any, from the candle holes, drain the cylinder itself, then screw it dried or, even more desirable, a completely new candle. If the candle was originally completely dry, you need to look for a problem in the fuel supply system. First check the fuel filter. To do this, disconnect the suction hose and remove the contaminated filter from it, clean it and return installation, or change it to a new. If this did not help, it is worth contacting the specialists of the service center.

Not starting after winter

In this case, you just need to drain the old and, possibly, even frozen fuel and pour a freshly prepared mixture. Then you need to make the same manipulations as during the first launch of the lawn mower.

If the lawn mower stalls after starting, it is necessary to check the air filter. When this filter is strongly clogged with dust, it stops letting the required amount of air into the carburetor and allows dust entering the fuel mixture. It is necessary to carefully remove the contaminated filter, clean and rinse in gasoline. If the air filter is clean, and the tool still stalls, then to establish the cause of the malfunction and its elimination, it is better to contact professionals.

lawn, mower, does, work, there, spark

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The lawn mower starts and stalls. What to do?

There is a spark, and everything seems to be normal, but the lawn mower is not started, in such cases, you should check the air access valve into the fuel tank. Clogging of the valve leads to the creation of a vacuum in a tank, in which the carburetor does not receive gasoline, so the lawn mower will start, but then it will die out. To exclude this reason, you need to clean the valve and try to get a lawn mower with a not fully twisted tank traffic jam. 2. If at the same time the lawn mower is not started, you should remove and clean the fuel filter, as well as check all the parts of the carburetor, and then try to start. The lawn mower is not started again, the air filter is disconnected, try to get without it if the gas station has started to mean the reason in the air filter, replace it.

The loss of the spark entails a check of contacts and the correctness of the clearance between them, conducting the wire to the candle and the candle itself. A method of checking the spark. to unscrew the candle, connect the wire to it, attach the candle sideways to the casing of the engine and pull the lawn.mower as if starting the starter several times, while you need to look at the corner and contact of the candle, the spark should run between them. If there is no sparks, take a new candle to do the same procedure, if the spark is not traced, the problem in the wire or contacts means it, it is better to replace them.

The lawn mower is not started on a cold

When starting a cold motor, it is not recommended to press the gas. Having tilted the lawn mower so that the air filter is on top, click on the fuel suction button 5-6 times, install the function of switching functions to the Start position, pull the starter’s cord several times until the motor starts up. After a few seconds of the engine, turn off the start system.

If the lawn mower was recently at work and did not have time to cool down but did not want to start. press the gas trigger, sharply pull the starter’s cord several times until the engine is started and only then the gas trigger is released. If a lot of time has passed and the lawn mower managed to cool, then it must be started as with cold. If the above methods did not help, the lawn mower did not start, then you should contact the service center.

Repair and service of garden equipment.

Specialized Service Center “AgrotechService”. Warranty and post.warranty service of the equipment of world manufacturers! Attention! Information for users!

We find the reasons why the lawn mower refuses to start

If the lawn mower stubbornly does not want to start, and for some reason you do not want or cannot contact the service workshop, then try to follow the simple algorithm for searching for a malfunction. As always, use an effective search method, moving from simple reasons to more complex.

Check the pressure level in the engine (compression). To do this, you will have to get a special device in advance. a compressometer for measuring the parameters of the lawn mower. Normal engine compression indicators should lie in the range from five to eight atmospheres (all the envy of the individual characteristics of your engine). The compression parameters of your unit should be indicated in the accompanying technical documentation. If the level of compression is much less than the indicated, then your piston system has failed, requires a deeper study, repair or replacement of your elements.

The engine of the lawn mower jammed. Although this type of malfunction is much less common in a cart type, but it cannot be completely excluded. Basically, the engine jamming is due to gross violations of the operation of the lawn mowers. But if this still happened, then the repair of the lawn mower in the service center will cost you not cheap. Therefore, always carefully read and observe the rules of operation, storage and maintenance of the device recommended by the manufacturer.

Falf of the starter of the lawn mower. Checking the functioning of the starter is quite simple: you just need to try to pull out the launch cord from the lawn mower. If it does not stretch, try unscrewing the top cover of the lawn mower with the trigger and try to pull the cord again. If this time the cord does not lend itself, we diagnose the breakdown of the starter.

If the cord after separating the cover from the engine began to stretch out, put the mitch on the side and try to turn the working knife with our hands several times. If the knife does not rotate, then the engine still jammed and you have to send it to the service center, conduct deep diagnosis and, depending on the result, repair or change.

Carburetor failed. This is the most common cause (more than half) of the breakdowns of the gas mowers of the cart type. The carburetor will have to be removed from the lawn mower, disassemble and carefully consider. Also pay attention to the serviceability of gaskets and the air damper, responsible for mixing air with fuel.

Primer Bulb Not Working WEED EATER FEATHERLITE Trimmer. Walbro Carb

The main problems with gasoline machines

Primary diagnosis is carried out from the stage of elimination of the most obvious breakdowns. When the motor does not start, it is worth monitoring the presence of fuel in the tank. If there are its remnants from last season, then it is worth replacing it. Low.quality gasoline after wintering is able to lose its characteristics, give an undesirable sediment or even stratifying at a fraction in density. In this form, he is not able to start the engine, but only clogs the system.

At the second stage, we find out why the spark does not appear. Its loss will not make it possible to ignite the fuel. Remove the cap from the candle and unscrew it from the planting nest by a special clip that came with a mower. Next, we throw the cap to the candle, bring it closer to the threaded part or the metal element of the motor, and at this time the partner pulls the starter.

With such manipulations, a blue powerful spark is required to appear in the working node. She will be able to notice her even in daylight. It is important to test this next to the unpainted metal part of the engine that can conduct current.

When there is no spark, you need to go for a new candle to the store. Do not return to the motor even with a weak or unstable spark. It is better to clean the working contacts from the haze on the head.

During operation, the occurrence of rattling in the design is possible. It at first does not affect the performance of the mechanism as a whole. However, it can lead to unbalancing and increased noise during operation. It is worth tightening the fasteners on the frame in a timely manner.

An uneven slice of grass is evidence that you need to sharpen a lawn mowing knife. It’s not so difficult to get to them, but it is important to completely turn off the equipment from power. You can work on your own using tisses and files or on a solid sandpaper. It is important to ensure the cut angle uniform throughout the line 30 degrees. If there are excellent sections in the surface, then this is evidence of getting on a solid surface. Replacing them will cost quite expensive.

After turning on, a whistling sound appears. An unpleasant acoustic effect is associated with the penetration of foreign elements inside the design. They can block the video in the aerator. You can solve the problem with disconnecting a blocked roller and subsequent extraction of an extraneous subject.

The engine of gasoline equipment becomes almost immediately after the start of short operation. The culprits are a jammed crankshaft or a piston. In parallel, we check the presence of oil in the crankcase. On the disconnected engine, manually start the rotation or add the oil as necessary. However, in such a situation, you often have to apply for recovery to specialists.

Spark plug

If it works correctly, then the spark plug will create a spark in the cylinder, which ignites the fuel-air mixture. However, if the spark plug is damaged or covered with corrosion, it may stop working, as a result of which the engine will work with interruptions or not start at all. You can check or clean the spark plug, but, given the low cost, they are also easy to replace.

The engine cannot start without a working starter correctly. If this part is out of order, you will not be able to crank the engine. To fix this, remove the starter and check if there is damage or a broken spring. If there is any damage, it will need to be replaced.

These are the most important areas that need to be checked if your lawn mower does not start. If you need additional information, we will give an answer to any of your questions.

Checking filters

Another common cause, due to which a trimmer for grass does not start, is the presence of a blockage in the filter area. To confirm the conjecture, just dismantle the indicated block and try to start the unit without it. If the engine of the trimmer for the grass has launched, most likely you will have to replace the air filter or at least perform a thorough purge of the old. In the presence of abundant contaminants on the surface of the filter element, it is necessary to use a new grid. Relying to such actions, you should not leave a suction pipe at all without a filter. After all, rush in this case can lead to the need to repair the entire piston group of the unit engine.

All the whole, clean, works?

We try to adjust. We take a long screwdriver, we find a bolt of idle speed adjustments (it is on the throttle), twist it a couple of revolutions so that the damper is opened. We start. It works smoothly? Then we go further. Does not start or stall? Open the damper until it starts stably.

Next, adjust the quality of the mixture with a screw l. You need to achieve maximum storage speeds. Here the principle is the opposite. the more the bolt is unscrewed, the richer the mixture. After that, the quality of the mixture at maximum revolutions by the screw h.

If the adjustment of the carburetor has not given its fruits, then it needs to be disassembled. Watch the membrane, clean nozzles and inner moves. For this, it is necessary not only to have a reptile, but also preferably a reserve carburetor.

Why is the gasoline trimmer not starting for the grass

The reasons why the gasoline trimmer for the grass stopped starting is different, therefore, a phased diagnosis of the apparatus is required.

Fuel tank (fuel quality)

Remember that always before starting the unit, a check of the presence and quality of fuel is required. In this case, you should not be greedy and save, as well as “clever” about the amount of oil added. Everything must be done according to the management attached to the apparatus, since when the piston group fails, its replacement will cost about 70% of the total cost of the trimmer for the grass. Pour fuel due to the fact that you will fully conside it when performing work. After a while, the gasoline remaining in the tank loses its properties and can harm the engine. Therefore, do not prepare the mixture for the future and in large quantities. If the lawn mower starts poorly, try to drain the “old” fuel from the tank, and season it with a freshly prepared mixture.

Important! To refuel the device with fuel, the origin of which is unknown, fraught with negative consequences. Gasoline should be of high quality, bought at a gas station, and its brand should be not lower than AI-95.

Candle and candle channel

So, you changed the fuel, but nothing has changed, and the trimmer for the grass still does not start. In this case, it is worth checking the candle channel: whether it throws it with a combustible mixture. Often users transfer the air damper to the “OFF” position when starting, and when the engine started, they do not transfer it to the “ON” position, after which it stalls. Further, an attempt to start the internal combustion engine to again leads to the fact that it floods the candle with gasoline, and the start becomes impossible. To diagnose and eliminate the possible problem in this node, do the following.

  • It is necessary to unscrew the spark plug, wipe it well and dry it. When installing a candle in the ICE cylinder, it should be dry.
  • Draw from the combustion chamber the fuel accumulated there. This is done through the hole from which you twisted the candle.
  • In the presence of soot on the electrodes of the candle, it must be removed either with a thin file or a nail file.
  • Do not forget to put the gap between its electrodes before installing the parts in place. The gap on the candle should be 1 mm. As a probe to check the gap, you can use a coin.
  • Next, collect the block, read the start instructions and try to start the engine again.

If the engine does not start, then you will need to check the spark. For this:

  • unscrew the candle;
  • put on it a cap of a high.voltage wire;
  • Touch its metal part to the cylinder body (to provide contact, you can insert a tubular key) as shown in the figure below;
  • pull the launch cord so that several engine speeds occur.

Normally, with each piston roll between the electrodes, the candle should slip a spark. If there is a spark, then the reason that the internal combustion engine is not launched should be sought in other nodes of the device.

For a better understanding of the process, how to test the candle for the presence of a spark, you can use this video where the check is shown by the example of the Lawn Mushiel “Soyuz”.

lawn, mower, does, work, there, spark

If there is no spark, then in the beginning check the cable connecting the candle to the coil. perhaps the reason is in it. You can call it with a tester. In case of detection of the rupture of the chain, a high.voltage wire will require a replacement.

Also the reason that the spark has disappeared is a malfunction of the ignition coil (magneto). The figure below shows what the coil (magneto) looks like from the gasoline trimmer for Patriot grass (Patriot).

To exclude the malfunction, it will be necessary to use a tester to check the Magneto trimmer for the grass, namely, its primary and secondary winding. On the primary winding, the resistance should be in the range from 0.4 to 2.0 Ohms. If the device shows 0. this means that there is a short circuit in the winding, and if infinity is a clear sign of a chain break. The resistance on the secondary winding should be in the range from 6 to 8 kOhm.

On some coils, it can reach the value of 15 kOhm.

Air filter

If your lawn mower does not start well or stalls immediately after starting, you should pay attention to the air filter, since it can be clogged, as a result of which the air does not enter the combustion chamber, and fuel ignition does not occur. To check if the filter is the case, remove it and try to start the engine. If he earned, then the reason was found. The filter needs to be replaced or rinse well and dry before installation. In the case when you find the oil in an air filter, it must be washed with gasoline, squeezed well and dry at least 2 hours before installing in place.

If the unit does not start with an air filter, it is still recommended to check the fuel filter.

Fuel filter

This filter cleans fuel of possible pollution. If it is scored, then gasoline does not enter the cylinder, and, accordingly, the unit does not work or stalls after starting. The fuel filter is located at the end of the fence hose, which is located inside the fuel tank. To get to the filter, it is necessary to extract a cork with tubes emerging from it.

When extracting traffic jams, a fence hose can disconnect and stay in a tank. It is extracted with a tweezer.

Next, remove the old fuel filter from the hose and put on it a new, pre.acquired. You can also clean the fuel filter if you do not have new. The filter must be fixed on the hose using a spring latch.

Install the fence tube on the cork and insert the last into the tank.

Electric trimmer for grass vibrates

Many mowing users noticed that some time after the start of the apparatus, it begins to vibrate very much. On some trimmers, mainly in models more expensive, an anti.vibration system was installed in the form of shock absorbers seized between the engine and the bar. But in some cases, even she does not save from strong vibration. The reason that strong vibration appears in the trimmer, there may be a small amount or complete absence of lubrication on a hard or flexible shaft located inside the rod of the apparatus.

Replacing the lubrication of the hard shaft is as follows:

  • Apply a small amount of lubrication to the shaft and evenly smear it along the entire length of the part, including the slots at the ends of the rod (if they worked, the shaft will have to be replaced);
  • After lubrication, insert the shaft back into the bar and put the gearbox in the same place.

The lubrication of the flexible shaft is as follows:

  • unscrew and remove the mowing head;
  • remove the bar from the electric motor by unscrewing a couple of bolts;
  • Pull out a flexible cable from the bar;
  • Lubricate the cable with grease along the entire length.

This is done like this: first you need to lubricate the end of the cable, and then insert it into the bar, after which, as it moves into the pipe, you should apply grease to the part and evenly distribute it on the surface. Then insert a bar with a flexible shaft into an electric engine and fix it.

In the event that the lubricant did not help, and the vibration continues to appear, you will need to change the flexible shaft.

Visual inspection

Before working with any faulty device, you need to conduct a visual inspection. one that does not require a complete disassembly of the device. Agree: it is much easier, for example, to check the battery of the phone, the screen of which sharply stopped working, attaching it to the power, instead of completely disassemble the display, check the train, etc. D. So:

  • First of all, we check whether the required amount of gasoline is available inside the motor. If the reason is this, then the rest of the actions do not need to be performed (and so similarly with each paragraph).
  • We look at the possibility of gasoline or oil. You need to do this in good lighting or just use a flashlight.
  • We look at whether the motor has external deformations.

Engine problems

Common reasons and ways to solve.

Frequent problem. air filter pollution. Take it off. If without it the motor starts to work better (this can be determined by sound), then the reason is found. If when the hand is closed with the hand, the engine reduces the speed, then this additionally confirms that the case is in the filter pollution. It is recommended to replace it with a new. You can also clean it with a vacuum cleaner or rinse thoroughly with a rag using a dishwasher or the same soap. The main thing is a thorough subsequent drying. After you need to very carefully grease the filter with oil and leave it for half an hour to absorb.

If the engine works, but reduces the moment, perhaps the blame for the ignition. The problems with this element are also evidenced by a large fuel consumption. You can check it using a special “gun”, which is sold in any automobile store. To do this, insert the candle into the hole. If after that there is no spark, then the element does not work. you just need to buy a new one and replace.

Check the sapun. This is a part of the engine that serves to maintain the same pressure in the gas tank. If it clogs, then, most likely, a vacuum will be created, which prevents the fuel further. To check, you need to dismantle it, and then close the hole with your palm in which there was a saopan. If there is no pressure, then the matter is in it. After cleaning the bacon yourself, mount it back. If the motor has not started to work, it may be in the rings. They should be checked using a compressometer. Before checking, warm the power unit: if there is not enough atmosphere, we change the ring.

Fairy tap breakdown can also indicate problems with the engine. Its deformation is very easy to see with an external examination of the part. If it is broken, replace it. To check, first of all, you need to disconnect the spark plugs wire and fix it away from the candle itself. Remove the casing, unscrewing the bolts. Install the filmmaker of the flywheel, remove it with the veneer. If deformation is detected, the spare part is replaced.

If the motor starts up, but immediately stalls, then this may indicate a damaged insulation of the ignition system. So, touching the metal of the case, the current passes further, there is a closure that extinguishes the spark.

The problem can also lie as fuel. First of all, you need to check if there is an excess of oil, then. gasoline itself. On the fuel in no case should be saved! You can check its quality in three ways:

  • By color. To do this, pour fuel into a small transparent jar. If at the same time the color of gasoline is pale yellow, then it is in perfect order-exactly the one that is needed is chosen. If the shade is different, it can talk about cheap impurities. They quickly spoil the engine, which means that it will have to be taken to the nearest service center.
  • Consists in the use of potassium permanganate. We also pour into a jar, dilute with potassium permanganate. If the fuel quickly repainted pink, this means that it has a large amount of water that should not be.
  • Drip a little gasoline on a sheet of paper. Wait a couple of minutes: if it has not completely evaporated, and the paper changed its color, impurities are present in the fuel.

If the lawn mower smokes strongly, this may also indicate gasoline prepared for two.stroke engines. The next time you just need to choose it wisely, and before that it is worth changing the spark plug.

If the shaft does not rotate, then the problem in the “oil starvation” is a lack of oil in the engine. In addition, insufficient oil is used. To repair the crankshaft, a complete dismantling of the pallet should be carried out. You need to replace the bearings. Additionally, it is recommended to clean the channels if there is dirt in them. She can also negatively affect the lack of oil to lubricate parts.

If the candle is wet, problems with the carburetor are possible. When wear out gaskets, they should be changed. You also need to rinse it by partial disassembly. First remove the air filter and cover. After we extract all the contaminated elements, completely wash them so that they look like new. After we collect everything back. Details must be soaked in cleaning liquid, which can be bought in the store. It is also permissible to replace it with clean gasoline or kerosene. If necessary, the carburetor can be blown.

The above recommendations in most cases help to cope with a trimmer malfunction. However, it should be noted that it will simply simply be given the device to the service center.

What to do if a gasoline lawn mower does not start?

The most important point in the use of any equipment is to comply with the basic rules of operation and its timely maintenance. It is this approach that will provide you with good and long operation of a gasoline lawn mower. But still, sometimes unforeseen situations happen, and for some reason the device does not want to start up. In our article we will talk about the possible reasons and ways to eliminate such a problem.

Malfunctions that can be eliminated independently

When your gasoline law mower does not start. First of all, it is necessary to check the presence of fuel in the tank. If it is absent. share it to the desired level. Often, when the device is not used for a long time, gasoline is “exhausted”, so it must be completely drained and seasoned with new. A similar procedure must be done carefully so that the fuel does not get to the engine, since this can lead to the fuse in the future (when the engine is heated). Which gasoline is better to use, you can learn from the technical passport of the device.

In order for the unit to start, you need to pump up a combustible primer (if it is in this model) in the carburetor and set maximum speed. You need to start equipment gently. The starter cord must be pulled smoothly until it stops, after which to pull on yourself with one even sharp movement.

A problem may occur with the improper location of the air damper during the first launch. Depending on the air temperature, it is completely closed or set to the middle position (above 30 s). Then it must be completely opened.

Check the air filter, if it is polluted. To do this, turn off the device and disconnect the wire from the spark plug. Unscrew the lid and remove the filter. Rinse it with gasoline and dry thoroughly or just put a new. Remember that changing the air filter is recommended after every 25 hours of operation.

Petrol Strimmer bogs down, wont rev up. Simple DIY fix. VSG Ep60

Another reason why the gasoline lawn mower is not started, there may be a faulty spark plug. Perhaps she was just flooded with fuel. In this case, unscrew it, clean it and check the presence of a spark. It may be absent with a candle with fuel. Install the control handle of the air damper (if available) to the “closed” position and start the engine. If this did not help, it is better to seek help from a specialist.

Try to constantly inspect the lower part of the device, since the appearance of any damage on it can contribute to the fact that the engine stalls.

If your benzogazonokilk started up normally, but almost immediately stopped working, most likely the crankshaft or piston. Another reason may be an insufficient amount of oil in the crankcase. We recommend that you manually move these details and check with a special probe the oil level, perhaps you can correct this problem.

However, remember that the replacement and repair of all faulty nodes and elements should be entrusted to professionals of authorized service centers. Never do this yourself.

If you want to chat with a specialist and get advice on the issue, call us by phone: 7 (495) 135-29-39 every day from 10.00 to 20.00. We will provide all the necessary information.