There Is No Oil On The Chainsaw Chain: Reasons And Solutions!

When moving the saw chain chainsaw in the groove of the tire due to friction produces a large amount of heat. If oil does not flow onto the chainsaw chain, it is necessary to stop work and take all measures to eliminate the malfunction of the lubrication system. The combination of large loads and overheating of the headset is accompanied by its accelerated wear and early failure.

  • Without exception, all chainsaws and their electrical counterparts are completed with systems of the same type according to the principle of operation, using which lubrication of the tire, the saw chain and its drive parts is realized.
  • The standard part of this device includes a reservoir from which the chain oil is fed to the pump inlet with a fixed or adjustable capacity.
  • Further, the working fluid in a dosed quantity enters the groove of the tire, in which the shanks of the saw chain are evenly distributed throughout the headset and the working surface of the crown of the drive sprocket.

Tires of productive headsets from 400 mm in length are completed with a driven asterisk. Periodic lubrication of the bearing is done individually, after 6-8 hours of operation.

Symptoms of a Lubrication System

The correct choice of consumable lubricant and the flawless operation of the system contribute to full lubrication, effective cooling of the saw equipment and full development of its resource.
There are several external signs that the chain is not lubricated. First of all, it is:

  • constant level of oil in the tank;
  • increased engine load;
  • accelerated wear of the cutting edges of the saw links;
  • characteristic smell of overheated wood.

In the simplest version, the cause of oil starvation can be clogging of oil channels with sawdust. This disadvantage is characteristic of budget headsets that do not have convenient access to problem areas.

The reasons for the decline in performance and system efficiency

The right amount of oil is not supplied to the chainsaw chain for several reasons. Of the most characteristic failures, you can call:

  • clogging of the filter located in the oil tank;
  • mechanical failure of one of the elements of the worm drive of the pump;
  • In the winter, the delivery rate of the delivery device is reduced due to filling the system with too thick oil.

In the latter case, the drive and all parts of the pump operate at increased loads, initiating serious mechanical damage.

Advantages of high-end oil pumps

The maintainability of collapsible pumps is sufficient to restore the unit to serviceability at home.
Gears drive pumps budget chainsaws mostly polymer. Advanced in terms of technical equipment branded models with adjustable performance are completed with drive mechanisms made of non-ferrous metals. The cost of such systems is compensated by economical, up to 50% consumption of the working fluid.

Self-Troubleshooting Feature

A full-fledged independent repair of the chain saw lubrication under all equal conditions requires knowledge of the interaction of all elements of the system, the availability of tools and fitting skills.
Restoring the operating parameters of many chainsaws provides for partial or complete disassembly of component equipment. It is better to use the capabilities and technical potential of service workshops to perform complex repair work.
Parts with a broken thread and damaged spline connections, as well as non-separable structures, which complete the lubrication system of popular Stihl 180 chainsaws and other similar models must be replaced.
If, when the tank is filled, oil does not enter the headset design, the cause should be sought in the pump. Dismantling and disassembling the mechanism will help to identify faulty parts and to eliminate the malfunction by replacing them.

Check system for oil output and performance

Contamination of the oil filter is a significant reduction in pump performance. Check this option is easy. To do this, you need to hold the headset working at working speeds saws over a clean sheet of paper.
By the density and size of the oil strip, you can confidently judge the state of the system and the complexity of the upcoming repairs.
To the question why the repaired lubrication system works, but there is no oil on the chain in the right quantity. there is no definite answer. The reason for the failure can be errors made during assembly, the failure of the standard adjustments, the discrepancy between the density and the viscosity of the selected component to the declared characteristics.
Oil starvation of the headset is possible when installing on a household saw with an unregulated pump of a longer productive tire, which is completed with professional-grade gasoline-cutting equipment.

The specifics of the repair of Chinese chainsaws

A significant proportion of the imported chainsaw range is Chinese-made chainsaw technology. Many models with more or less success copied from the best European developments.
The main advantage of Chinese products in the budget segment is the high level of interchangeability of spare parts, components and systems. In some cases, for repairing Chinese chainsaws, components from identical in power and purpose models of other manufacturers can be used.