Trimmer “Stihl Fs 100”

Powerful trimmer. Permanent air filter. Ergonomic two-handed grip. Adjustable steering wheel mowers. Automatic decompression.
Trimmer STIHL FS-100 is indispensable when working in the garden. It copes with tasks that are beyond the capacity of lawn mowers and lawn mowers. Clearing and mowing grass on a plot of land, thinning overgrown grounds or working on steep slopes. a powerful engine and well-thought-out equipment of this trimmer will allow you to solve any of the problems.
Powerful trimmer with a reliable engine Stihl 4-MIX combines the advantages of a 2 and 4 stroke engine. Less exhaust does not require an oil change, quiet sound work. Excellent traction and high torque.
Durable air filter with paper filter element and compensator. Ensures a long filter life and reliable engine protection even under extreme conditions.
The ergonomic two-handed grip (steering wheel spit) together with the double shoulder strap “Komfort” when mowing large areas allows you to perform calm, uniform movements and makes control of the tool easy and stressless. Provides uniform distribution of the load on the shoulders, back and lower back. It does not squeeze the chest, so it is also convenient for women. Thanks to the soft linings, it is designed for continuous operation and, thus, facilitates the processing of large areas.

Adjustable steering wheel mowers.

The central thumbscrew can be quickly and without tools to adjust the position of the trimmer steering wheel by 90 degrees for transportation and convenient storage.

Multifunctional handle.

All engine controls are located on the handle. Therefore, it is easy and convenient to use them.
The Stihl FS 100 trimmer is the perfect solution for your garden.
Comfortable, lightweight mowers of the STIHL brand allow you to polish when caring for your backyard plot and landscape.
They are an ideal addition to the motor mower and are used where rework is necessary after mowing.
They can also quickly mow the grass in a small area.

Automatic decompression.

The system of decompression when the engine starts automatically opens the exhaust valve. Due to this, the pressure is equalized, and the forces applied to the launch cable are significantly reduced when it is pulled out.
Rod with a drive shaft. Especially lightweight hollow shaft withstands even extreme loads.

Characteristics of the Stihl FS 100 trimmer:

  • Working volume is 31,4 cm3
  • Power is 1,05 kW / 1,4 l. with.
  • Weight 5.8 kg
  • Total length without cutting tool (m) 1.8
  • Cutting tool: cutting disc D = 230-4 mm made of steel, with four cutting knives. (For work on large areas with thick grass.)
  • Tank capacity 0.53 liters.
  • Engine Stihl 4-MIX
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Multifunctional handle
  • Two-handed grip
  • Handle adjustment without tool
  • Shoulder strap / carrying device
  • Protective glasses