Top 8 Powerful And Reliable “Patriot” Trimmers

Patriot brand trimmers are the most powerful hand tools for lawn care in the garden, cottage, and garden plots. Depending on the power source, Patriot trimmers are divided into gasoline and electric (battery), depending on the power and purpose. domestic and professional.
The units and components of the units are assembled from durable and high-quality materials. All models are equipped with primers, anti-vibration systems and protection against the accidental launch. The top location of the engine, low weight, good balancing, ergonomic handle and shoulder straps provide a high level of comfort when working. The advantages should also include the low cost of the tools of the entire range.


Petrol units are not environmentally friendly and require special preparation of the combustible mixture, but are more popular among homeowners, since They are more powerful and do not depend on the proximity of the network. For this reason, the model range trimmer includes several dozen modifications, differing mainly in power, engine size and fuel tank capacity.

  • PT 545

This model is equipped with a two-stroke engine with an increased motor potential of 1.86 kW (2.5 hp) and a volume of 43 cm ³, as well as a spark plug Champion RCJ6Y. A trimmer head represents the cutting element with a 3 mm thick fishing line and a 3-blade blade. Such equipment is sufficient to handle large areas with a high level of neglect.
The advantages that simplify the management of the device include:

  • electronic ignition system;
  • transparent fuel tank, allowing the operator to control the amount of the mixture in the process;
  • comfortable adjustable U-shaped handle, which facilitates the work of caring for large areas;
  • the presence of a fuel pump (primer) that boosts fuel and facilitates starting;
  • ergonomic control, derived from the handle (buttons for feeding the fuel mixture and gas lock);
  • shoulder strap with special soft inserts;
  • the ability to quickly replace the air filter without the use of tools.
  • PT 555

Benzotrimmer PT 555. more powerful model. It is equipped with a two-stroke engine with a volume of 52 cm ³, a power of 2.21 kW (3 hp) and a 1.2 l fuel tank. The weight of the unit is 7.7 kg. Package includes:

  • semi-automatic head with fishing line 2 mm thick;
  • 3 blade blade;
  • cutting disc;
  • tank for the preparation of the fuel mixture;
  • protective cover;
  • shoulder strap.

The device has several advantages:

  • primer that simplifies the start of the mechanism after a long idle;
  • easy to maintain air filter;
  • comfortable U-shaped handle with a control system;
  • hard drive shaft extending the life of the unit.

Thanks to the 3 cutting device options, the Patriot RT-555 model copes well not only with grass, but also with weeds that have a hard stem, and sparse brushwood.

  • PT 3055

Model PT 3055 has the following specifications:

  • engine power. 1 kW;
  • volume. 25 cm³;
  • fuel tank capacity. 0.25 liters.

The cutting device is represented by a trim coil with a fishing line 2 mm thick and a 3-blade blade.
Unlike previous models, the Patriot Pt 3055 is equipped with a flexible shaft and a collapsible rod, which facilitates the transport and storage of tools.
The rest of the equipment is standard for the entire model range and includes:

  • primer;
  • adjustable U-shaped handle;
  • protective cover;
  • shoulder strap;
  • electronic ignition;
  • locking system from accidental launch.

The model is recommended for the care of a plot with dense grass vegetation.

  • PT 3355

This modification differs from the previous power (1.3 kW), engine capacity (33 cm ³), fuel tank capacity (1 l) and the absence of a collapsible rod. The rest of the equipment is standard. The advantages include lower weight. only 6.6 kg.

  • PT 3555

Trimmer Patriot PT 3555 is positioned as a more reliable, productive and comfortable tool in operation. Its two-stroke engine has a volume of 33 cm ³ and power. 1.32 kW. Tank capacity is 0.9 liters.
However, this unit differs from previous models by a number of advantages, including:

  • availability of a quick start system;
  • metal forged shaft, prolonging the life of the mechanism;
  • the presence of an antivibration system;
  • four blades, which prevents the dispersion of parts and juice of poisonous plants (for example, Hogweed or ambrosia);
  • knapsack belt.

The trimmer design provides easy access to the air filter and a spark plug. There is also a primer and an adjustable ergonomic handle.

  • PT 4355

This modification of the trimmer is recommended for mowing thick young shoots in the garden plots. The power of the two-stroke engine is 1 kW, the volume is 43 cm ³, the capacity of the fuel tank is 1.1 l. It is possible to mow the grass with the help of a trim coil with a 2.4 mm thick fishing line or a 3-blade metal knife (a special set of tools for its installation is included in the kit).
The model is equipped with a standard set of options, including:

  • electronic ignition system;
  • primer;
  • protection system against accidental launch.

The modification is equipped with a rigid collapsible shaft and an adjustable ergonomic handle. The kit includes two keys: universal and hex.

  • PT 5555

Benzotrimmer Patriot PT 5555ES Country. the most powerful of all the above modifications and is suitable for mowing grass in large areas. Its power is 2.2 kW, and the engine displacement is 53 cm³.
The cutting system is adapted to combat poisonous weeds (equipment includes a 4-blade metal knife). The forged shaft has high wear resistance. Anti-vibration system, adjustable handle and backpack belt make the work more comfortable. The primer and quick start system make it easy to get started. The complete set provides a set of fixing devices and tools for installation of knots.

  • T 545 Pro

Modification of the trimmer T 545 Pro with a folding bar and a little power (1.1 kW) is classified as household and is designed to care for small and not too neglected garden plots. The cutting device consists of a 2.4 mm fishing line and a metal knife.
The model is equipped with an anti-vibration system, a primer and a rigid shaft. An ergonomic backpack belt with spring pins and a soft shock absorber between the hip and barbell makes work more comfortable. Sophisticated design with easy access to the filter and spark plug facilitates maintenance. The kit includes two hex keys and one universal.

Less popular gas trimmers:

The lawn mower trimmer Patriot PT 2540 and trimmer Patriot PT 415 are among the less popular household modifications. The first model provides the only way to cut using a 2 mm thick fishing line and is the smallest of all of the above: its power is 0.8 kW, the volume of a two-stroke engine is 23 cm ³, and the declared weight is only 4.7 kg. In this case, the mechanism is equipped with options that distinguish more powerful models: a primer, anti-vibration systems and protection against the accidental launch, an adjustable handle.
The curved form of the bar gives additional convenience to working with the trimmer in hard-to-reach places (for example, under garden benches), and its collapsible design makes it easy to store and transport the device.
Trimmer modification PT 415 is equipped with a four-stroke engine with slightly larger power than the previous one (0.96 kW) and is excellent for dealing with thick grass in areas of a large area with uneven terrain. To work with more rigid vegetation, you can use the 3-blade metal knife, optionally included in the box.


The main advantages of electric trimmers are environmental friendliness and less weight (due to the lack of a fuel tank). However, their attachment to the network and the cord that extends behind the operator severely limits the use of the mechanism. Also, the cord lying on the lawn reduces the level of safety of operation of power tools.
The most popular models of Patriot brand electric trimmers are ET 1000 and ET 1200. Both have top engine positioning that allows working with wet grass and is characterized by low noise levels (96 dB) and vibrations. The general characteristics include the presence of:

  • height-adjustable D-handle, increasing maneuverability during operation;
  • protective casing;
  • semi-automatic filing line;
  • collapsible rod, facilitating storage and transportation mechanism;
  • shoulder strap.

The first model is designed for domestic needs and is adapted to work only with soft grass. The cutting element is represented by a fishing line with a thickness of 2 mm, a curved non-separable bar allows access to hard-to-reach corners. The power of the unit is 1 kW, weight. 4.5 kg.
The second model has a little more power (1.1 kW) and weight (6.7 kg). The modification provides for two cutting devices: a trimmer reel with a fishing line and a metal knife, which allows for trimming shrubs. The model has an easy start and replacement lubrication options for the gearbox.
Both models are easy to operate and maintain.


The Patriot TR 300 Li trimmer is a tool designed for finishing the lawn (cutting blades of grass around flower beds, flowers, landscape design elements) and having special tools for this:

  • telescopic bar;
  • plant protection bracket.

For the convenience of maneuvering, there is an adjustable handle. The device operates on a 2.5 Ah battery with a voltage of 18 V. The battery life is 25 minutes, and a full charge is 30-40 minutes. The cutting element is a reel with a 1.6 mm thick fishing line; the weight of the unit is only 1.6 kg.

Maintenance and repair.

Despite assurances from manufacturing companies that their trimmers are easily maintained and repaired at home, it is better to use the services of professionals. The simplicity of the device and the operation of the aggregates is an appearance. Trimmers consist of complex high-tech components and parts, repair and adjustment of which require special knowledge.
At home, you can perform simple manipulations, for example, adjust the height of the handle, replace the reel with a line or trimmer knives, clean or replace the air filter, etc. These types of work are described in detail in the instruction manual.
However, if the unit does not start up or there are other sounds while working in the engine or transmission, it is necessary to contact a specialized service. To make the trimmer last longer and without breakdowns, it is essential to take it at least one time per year to a service center for a professional inspection.