What Oil To Pour In Tiller? Criterias Of Choice

Over time, every person who uses the tiller is interested in the question of what kind of oil to pour into the tiller, and how to do it. This question should be paid special attention, as the service life of a tiller depends on the right choice.

What oil to pour in tiller?

First, you need to read the instructions about the device model used. It is here indicated what kind of oil to pour in the tiller and in what quantity. Such rules should follow strictly. First of all, you should find out which tiller is better. If you choose a device that runs on diesel fuel, then accordingly you need to use diesel oil. Besides, pay attention to the time of year, as there are a summer and winter facility.
It happens that a person acquires a petrol tiller without instructions.

How to choose?

During operation, the tiller motor constantly subject to serious loads.
There are a large number of technical indicators of oils. What oil pour in tiller? When choosing, pay attention to viscosity and quality. These two indicators are key. First of all, they choose which tiller is better to use for this type of product, as well as climatic conditions. You can find answers to these questions on the engine fluid labelling.

Characteristics of products

There are such types:

  1. SAE. Its main indicator is resistance to various temperature drops. It is used not only for the summer but also for the winter period. How to determine? First of all, you need to look at the number in front of the letter W. The smaller its value, the more it is adapted to cold temperatures. The smallest value is 0W. If there is no such letter, then the oil is intended for the summer season. The greater the value, the better the quality of it.
  2. API. This value describes the operating conditions. They exist two types: diesel and gasoline. Alphabetic values ​​indicate the quality of the oil, as well as where it is necessary to fill it: in tiller petrol or diesel. Also, its appearance depends on the number of measures. That is, the number 2 is an engine with two cycles, etc. Some brands can be used for two or four cycles, which are called combined. Another indicator is the literal value of the EU, which means energy conservation. The oil efficiency indicates in Roman numerals, and the higher they are, the better.
  3. ASEA. Shows the original quality of the material. Oil can be used not only for passenger cars but also for trucks operating on diesel fuel. After it is usually a figure. If its value is high, then the vehicle can operate in difficult conditions.
  4. CCMC. This indicator uses rarely. He pointed out which types of cars are suitable for the oil.
  5. MIL-L. This indicator is used in military terminology and divides into two parts. Code 2104. indicates that the tiller diesel, and 46152. gasoline.
  6. GOST 17479.1-85. It is the last characteristic indicating oil viscosity. After it comes various letters and numbers indicating the type of fuel. If they are missing, the lubricant is universal.

Features of means for a reducer

Changing the oil in the tiller gearbox should be done regularly. Why do it? After some time, the additives begin to lose their characteristics. To serve them for a long time, they must be protected with oil. If you do not replace, it will lead to foaming means, and the gearbox starts to jam. But there are vehicles in which the replacement of this fluid is not necessary.
To carry out its replacement, apply transmission types of products.

Oil change in tiller

As a rule, the funds become spent after 100 hours of work. But it happens that this procedure must be carried out every 50 hours. To replace, you need:

  • unscrew the plug from the drain tank;
  • pour the oil into a special dish (this operation takes about 15 minutes);
  • we twist a stopper from a drain tank;
  • make filling the gearbox with new oil to the required level;
  • close the hole with a stopper through which clean fuel was poured.

Engine oil change

It happens that a person purchased a tiller without oil. In this case, it is necessary to pour new cleanser before using the unit. At the same time pay attention to the viscosity. It must meet a specific indicator. For these purposes, suitable brands such as SAE and API, features and characteristics of which were presented above. But you should still look at the instructions. That it indicates a certain type of oil, the most suitable for this type of engine.
Replacing it in the engine occurs after three hours of continuous work tiller. But it should be borne in mind that different manufacturers of this fuel indicate their specific time. After the first replacement, the procedure is carried out according to the instructions, that is, every 25 hours.

  • open the lid of the container, where the oil is located;
  • unscrew the lid of the drain tank;
  • that oil which remains in the engine, we merge in special capacity (procedure is carried out about 15 minutes);
  • close the lid of the drain tank;
  • make filling the gearbox with new oil to the required level;
  • close the hole with a stopper through which clean fuel was poured.

There is nothing difficult in this process. It can be done by following specific instructions.

Tiller grease

The most common oil is 10w30 for tiller.
The price of tiller lubricants depends on the brand of the manufacturer, as well as on their technical characteristics.


Before you buy oil, you should decide in which season you will use it.
So, we figured out how to choose the right lubricant for your tiller.