Top Tillers Rating: 5 Best Models.

Tiller. is a piece of essential equipment in agricultural business, simplifying the process of tillage in many times. Many models differ in technical characteristics, for example, the engine size and the number of connected modules, as well as the type of fuel used. diesel or gasoline.
It should be said that it is simply impossible to predict how long a tiller will last. However, you can define a good model based on user feedback. Especially for this, we have compiled a tiller rating for reliability. the best options for you!

No. 1. Hyundai T800.

The well-known company Hyundai has produced a tiller, which occupies the first position in our list. and for a good reason. In this model, convenience is combined with versatility, because everything is provided here to the last detail. The most important thing is that the owners of the car have never faced a serious breakdown over the entire period of its use. Therefore, the Hyundai T800 is a reliable assistant.
Tiller is characterized by a chain transmission that transmits up to 95% of engine torque. It is easy to control, and the movement of the machine simplifies due to the presence of the right transport wheel. Sabre-shaped cutters are powerful enough to cope even with virgin soil. The maximum burial depth is 33 cm.
On the sides of the cutters, there are protective discs that prevent damage to the plants planted on the site. The tiller also has a reverse function, and the operator panel is height adjustable. The cost of the car is an average of 28,000 rubles.

№2. Aurora Gardener 750.

The rating of the best tillers in terms of reliability is no less a quality machine produced in China. This motor-cultivator is the lightest among its peers with an engine power of 7 horsepower. This model perfectly combines performance and mobility; that is, lightness does not affect the speed of the motor. And not every manufacturer can boast of this.
Features tiller Aurora Gardener 750 are as follows:

  • there is a universal connection. you can connect the domestic equipment;
  • low fuel consumption. the volume of the tank is such that the motor-cultivator can work without refueling for up to 8 hours;
  • powerful engine. volume 207 cm ³.

The model has only one minus. plastic casing, which can be deformed during operation. But despite this, tiller is popular and reliable. Its cost is about the same as the previous version.

No. 3. Huter GMC-1.8.

Another reliable Chinese-made tiller, which has a small weight. only 15 kg. The motor-cultivator is intended for processing of the areas of the small size, for example, greenhouses or row-spacings.

No. 4. Neva MB-1B-6, OFS.

Motor-cultivator of the Russian production. It is known since Soviet times, since it has been produced since 1984. But now the model is fully updated, it has a reliable gasoline engine of 208 cm ³ and a power of 6 horsepower. Meanwhile, the tiller is relatively light. 75 kg.
The machine is equipped with a three-stage transmission MultiAGRO with the possibility of reversing. Both pulleys in a motor transmission are two-armed, which helps to vary the motor transmission. This allows you to use tiller on soils of varying severity, exposing the necessary momentum, as well as maneuver the cart during its transportation.
The gear shift is on the steering wheel, and it is possible to adjust the tiller in height. In this case, the lever will move along with the base. For comfortable use, the manufacturer has provided a headlamp.
Thanks to all the advantages, this tiller is not inferior in reliability to previous import versions. Of the minuses, you can select only the chain reducer and weight, which is convenient for heavy work but complicates maneuvering and transportation.

№5. Caiman Vario 60S TWK.

The production model of the French-Japanese company is well known due to its versatility, excellent technical characteristics and, of course, durability.
Tiller weight is 70 kg, so it is easy to manage. The model is equipped with a new gearbox, protected from external pollution, as well as an innovative transmission, thanks to which the gear shift occurs very smoothly and based on the load.
At the heart of the tiller is a powerful engine, Subaru. Tiller has such positive qualities as maneuverability, the ability to adjust the handle of the operator and the almost complete lack of maintenance, which is possible due to the high quality.
The only negative is the high price. But sometimes you have to pay for quality. In the Russian market, the price of such a model starts from 75,000 rubles.

What to stop at?

Tiller refers to such a technique, which is not worth saving, because, once bought, it can be used for more than a decade.
Choosing a tiller for reliability, consumers also pay attention to the cost of the model and its technical characteristics. If the price does not matter, of course, you should choose from more expensive options, such as the latter. It is not only durable but also an easy-to-use machine.
In general, all the models presented have their advantages and disadvantages, differences and similarities. But most importantly, they are all reliable!