Mower For Tiller.

A mower is a type of attachment designed for mowing weeds and shrubs of grown tuber crops just before their assembly. Practical use of the tiller mower allows you to get rid of excess vegetation of almost any height and thickness, saving, at the same time, the time and strength of the farmer.

Rotary mower for tiller. description of construction

Rotary mower to tiller. a type of attachments, whose function is to mow weeds and bushes in meadows and fields. This device successfully copes with the removal of grass in large areas, the soil of which is not treated with herbicides.
Often a rotary mower is also called a disk mower. this is due to the principle of its operation and design features. Depending on the method of connection with the tiller, such a mower can be semi-mounted, mounted or trailed. Also, attachments of this type are classified according to the location of the cutting elements to the used tiller. According to these factors, rotor mowers are distinguished with front, rear and side arrangement of the cutting knives.
During the operation on the site rotary mower is driven by the transmission and wheels tiller. The design of such attachments is extremely simple. one or more cutting discs with a support wheel mounted on the frame. As soon as the support wheel begins to move, the disks start to rotate with it, mowing the vegetation.
The areas of use of the rotary mower are quite extensive. you can use it on pastures, meadows and large vegetable gardens. At the same time, the more disks include the equipment design. the larger the treated area can be.

Segment mower for tiller. applications

Segment mower on the tiller. this is one of the simplest equipment options. Its design consists of a frame on which installed 2 bars. Between them are placed cutting elements. In the process of making translational movements directly from the drive used by the tiller, the cutting elements of the mower begin to move like scissors, thus cutting the grass. In this case, one of the segments is constantly moving left and right, and the second is in a stable state. When grass between fingers mows grass, its stems are quickly and evenly cut. This kind of design allows the segment mower to work successfully in areas with difficult terrain.
All fixture is held on the support wheels and can be attached to the front or rear of the tiller. Along the edges of the structure are slides designed to adjust the height of the cutting of vegetation.
Segment mower does not differ in modest dimensions, which does not allow to apply it to areas with a vast territory effectively. Nevertheless, the device of this type successfully copes with the mowing of weeds with tall and thick stems, which allows to use it for mowing dry grass. Due to this, the tiller segment mower is in rather high demand among farmers owning cattle.
The main advantages of the segment mower include ease of operation, no need for frequent repairs, as well as low cost. Among the minuses of the equipment stands out low productivity and low efficiency in areas with low grass.

Front mower for tiller. design features

Such a tiller mounted mower is mainly used for working with heavy machinery equipped with a cooling water system. The main tasks with which the front mower is designed to tiller. is mowing a large number of tall and thick weeds, removing shrubs, harvesting large amounts of hay.
Some models of frontal equipment are pre-equipped with a rake, thanks to which the work of tiller with this type of mower allows you to collect the mowed grass into felts, thus simplifying the work process on the site. In the side parts of the front mowers for tillers, there is a separate slide, the movement of which allows you to adjust the height of the mowing grass. The package of most models of attachments of this type includes special pulleys, replacing natural elements tillers.

Mower installation on tiller. detail for beginners

Preparing the tiller in the farm before mowing the grass consists of installing the selected mower on it.

Installation of attachments is performed in this order:

  1. First you need to fix the tensioner from the mower kit;
  2. Next, you need to put the pulley on the upper clutch in such a way that the front part of the hub “looked” at the tensioner flange;
  3. After that, it is necessary to fasten all installed parts with a screw;
  4. Then you need to install a mower and put on a belt, then fix the mower with the help of pins;
  5. In the next step, you need to put on an apron to prevent grass from falling on the operator, and install the protective shield back on the tiller.

The installation field of the mower will need to adjust the belt tension. It does by turning the handle in the direction of the tiller movement. After that, you can start mowing the grass on the site.

How to make a mower for tiller do it yourself. making options

Practically each of the listed types of mowers for the tiller available on the farm is quite simple to make independently. The only thing. problems can arise when assembling the frontal equipment, since it is quite cumbersome, and requires the acquisition of a variety of articulated mechanisms.
The most popular among farmers, enthusiasts enjoy rotary and segment devices on the tiller. They have a simple design, and for their manufacture does not need to be available specialized equipment.

Rotary mower. how to do it yourself?

This type of common attachments will be most effective in any area. If low grass has sprouted on it, the device will chop it, and if the weeds are high enough, then the mower will mow them.
For the manufacture of a rotary mower be sure to study the drawings. They should indicate the dimensions of each detail of the structure and methods of their fastening.

A further procedure for assembly is as follows:

  1. First you need to find two discs. they can be taken from the grain drill on the farm or any other equipment. You will also need a gearbox and a chain from a chainsaw;
  2. To make the axis on which the knives will be mounted, you should use a carbon steel pipe with a diameter of about 1 cm along the entire length. For the knives to rotate freely, the axis is tightened with a disk until it stops;
  3. The discs made earlier will need to be fixed on the welded frame and connected to the drive of the tiller provided in the design of the PTO shaft. You should make sure that during the rotation the disks will rotate towards each other. thus they will fold the cut grass into neat rows.

A self-made rotary mower made in this way will quickly get rid of weeds and bushes of any height and thickness. Assembled equipment does not require frequent repairs and proper maintenance.

Segment mower. sequence of actions in the manufacture

This type of attachment for the used tiller is also as simple as possible in independent production.

To assemble the structure you will need:

  • electric drill;
  • Bulgarian;
  • welding machine;
  • set of bolts and nuts;
  • several metal bars.

A further build order is as follows:

  1. In each of the used bars it is necessary to drill through 12 identical holes. M8 bolts places in them;
  2. Next on the bolts need to attach a guide rail, 89 cm long with knives and teeth. All knives places on both sides of the boards;
  3. Next, from the two ends of the bars you need to make clamps and skids;
  4. A wheel is installed in the lower part of the frame. you can take it from an old baby carriage;
  5. After that, the design is connected to the tiller power shaft.

After assembly, the finished structure needs to be checked, as often there are situations in which a homemade segment mower for a tiller uis put aside. The reason for this is the wrong center of gravity. To solve the problem, you need to shift the center of gravity of the mower in the opposite direction, using any available weighting agent.
Thus manufactured rotary and segment mowers are suitable for tillers of the Neva MB-1 and MB-2, MTZ, Zarya, Salyut, Oka, Agat, Zubr, Agro, Patriot, Ural, Centaur and other units equipped with a power take-off shaft.