Trimmer for grass gasoline or battery what to choose.

Choosing a trimmer for grass

It is better to cook sledges since summer, and a trimmer for grass for the summer season from winter. How to choose a trimmer for grass so that it serves faithfully for many years, I want to tell you in this article!

Trammers for grass differ in many parameters, but having highlighted the main of them, we have the following division: according to the power source, by power, by the location of the engine, by type of drive, by the type of handle and, importantly, by weight. We will analyze these main differences in more detail:

Battery trimmers for grass. Quite an interesting, but ineffective type of manual lawn mower, due to low power. Suitable exclusively for rare use in a small territory with not launched vegetation, or perfectly complement a more powerful four.wheeled counterpart. The batteries are designed for 20-40 minutes of continuous operation, and the charging process can reach a rather long period of time, up to a day. Of the advantages, of course, one cannot fail to note the low weight and independence from the electric network, which makes this already compact view of the trimmer for the grass even more mobile! Virtuoso and fast mowing of soft grass in places, this is definitely his horse!

Electric trimmers for grass are the most popular type of mowal, which is often found on the balance of home inventory of an ordinary layman. Professional models of this type are very rare. The power of trimmers with an electric engine reaches 1.4 kW, which is quite enough for comfortable use in a summer cottage, even with thick grass. Dependence on electricity sets a certain framework for the use of a trimmer for grass. Limited by the length of the cable and the length of the extension cord, will bring much less benefit in large areas than the battery or gasoline. The mowing of grass after rain will also be quite problematic. But still, do not forget the fact that electric trimmers for the grass work quite quietly and for the most part have a small weight that allows you to cope with the scythe even older people!

Gasoline trimmers for grass. for the most part, are used for professional purposes or on fairly large areas. The power of gasoline cobs reaches 3 kW, which on some models allows you to use a disk and a knife, as well as a disk or attachment equipment. Gasoline trimmers for grass have significant weight, which very much limits the time of continuous operation. Engines on gasoline trimmers are both two.stroke, working on a mixture of gasoline with butter, and four.stroke, in the latter case, gasoline and oil are poured separately. Four stroke engines consume less fuel than two.stroke, and the release of harmful substances into the environment is less. However, it is worth considering that the two.stroke version of the engine is easier than four.stroke and in most cases cheaper. The gasoline engine braid for grass produces quite a lot of noise, which can lead to some lack of understanding from the outside, especially in the evening! This type of trimmer for grass is limited only by the capacity of the fuel tank, which allows mowing in vast territories, under any weather conditions!

Summing up by the types of mowers engine, we note that the battery and electric trimmers for grass have a slight weight and less, compared to gasoline, the release of noise. The gasoline engine, in turn, is more powerful and universal.

Power is the main parameter that determines the scope and the effectiveness of a trimmer for grass. Wallowing the power of the engines, it is worth considering the fact that for mowing grass in even areas that have not overgrown with a hard shrub, a trimmer for grass with a capacity of up to 500 watts is quite enough. If the site contains vegetation varied in stiffness and height, overgrown and covered with small shrubs, then for a more confident and effective putting the site you will need a trimmer for grass with a capacity of 500 to 1000 watts. In the most neglected areas, you can not do without a trimmer for grass with a knife and power, much larger 1 kW.

The trimmer engine for grass can have both the upper and lower engine location:

  • The lower location of the engine, in the vast majority of cases, is characteristic of battery trimmers, but is also found on electrical models. Of the obvious advantages of a similar location of the engine, it is worth noting a more balanced design and smaller vibration, which allows the use of a trimmer for the grass continuously, for a greater time. However, a trimmer with an engine located below, you can not mow wet grass.
  • The upper location of the engine is much more common and is used by manufacturers on electric and gasoline trimmers. This location allows you to use a thicker fishing line for a trimmer or knife, in the case of gasoline trimmers. Promotes mowing even wet grass.

By type of drive, there are trimmers for grass with a flexible shaft inherent in household models and with a hard shaft, more often found on more powerful and professional mowers. A hard gearbox shaft is considered more reliable, unlike a flexible damnator shaft. The transmission of rotation from the engine to the head in the latter case occurs through a steel cable, and in the rigid version by means of a full shaft with a gearbox, a braid for the grass inside the bar. Trammers for grass with a curved bar as equipment can use only a fishing line for a trimmer and plastic knives, with a straight line, in turn, with metal knives or disks.

By the type of pen, it is worth highlighting the two most common types:

  • The D-shaped handle prevails in the battery and electrical types of trimmers, does not reduce mobility and at the same time allows you to keep the tool with two hands.
  • T-shaped or J-shaped, it is also a bicycle handle, more often found on powerful electric and gasoline models of trimmers, allows you to imitate the movements of an ordinary oblique.

Trimmer weight for grass. This is an important factor that is worth paying attention to when choosing. It is influenced by all other parameters, whether it is a type of handle, a type of gear shaft or a gas tank capacity. When choosing trimmers for grass with a weight of more than 5 kilograms, do not forget to pay attention to the presence of a belt, preferably a backpack type, this will make it easier to control with a scythe and distribute its weight to the whole body.

Summing up, let’s try to collect the information together together. The first thing to note for yourself before approaching the choice of a trimmer for grass is the area of ​​the mowing and the condition of the grass cover of the site, as well as the presence of stones on the ground. If the area of ​​mowing is small and the grass on the site is quite soft, it is quite possible to do with low.power batteries and electric trimmers, well, if you are the owner of a very large site, the acquisition and use of a powerful gasoline braid for grass will be much more effective. The presence of stones on the site will limit your choice in the direction of a trimmer for grass that can only use a fishing line for a trimmer, because in this case the use of knives will be ineffective and costly, since it is quite problematic to sharpen a knife without violating the balancing and you will have to buy new ones. In the case of a condition of the territory that is catastrophically overgrown and saturated with shrubs, an indispensable assistant will become a more powerful gasoline trimmer for grass with a knife, or even with a disk.

Battery trimmer for grass cutting

  • Price
  • Manufacturer
  • Equipment
  • The weight
  • Guarantee period
  • Specifications

So far, we will leave it as far as the gas mushrooms and robots-not every site is suitable for their use. Let’s look closer to a universal gun. a trimmer for grass. At first glance, battery models are what you need: light weight, light exploitation, the absence of wires that need to be carried along the site but discussion (grass, grass at the house How do you struggle?) showed that everything is not so unambiguous: the objections to such a choice, perhaps, are no less than the arguments in his favor.

Well, since I still need a trimmer for grass, I decided to approach the case in detail and figure out how to choose a successful. convenient, reliable, practical. battery model. And yes, is it worth making a choice in favor of such technology.

Choice parameters

To choose, you must first decide on which parameters comparison, what is important. and what can you do. I got such a list.

Vice opinion: battery technology is expensive. I myself thought so until I took up the search. In fact, it turned out that:

Yes, in general, batteries for grass are more expensive than electric ones that are close in characteristics, operating from the network. On the other hand, if you still do not have a coil with a suitable extension cord in the farm (like me, for example), and it should be added to the price of an electric trimmer for the grass for a 50-meter, up to 2000, up to 2000 for a 30-meter. the amount from the value of the battery analogue will not be so noticeable.

Choosing a string trimmer #shorts #youtuber

Among the battery models (as well as among others) there are not only expensive equipment (from 30,000 and above), but also quite budget options (from 5000 in full configuration and from 3,500. without battery). Only you need to choose them carefully. However, we will not run ahead.

If you already have any battery technique, it is quite possible that its batteries (battery) and charger (ZU) will be compatible with trimmers of the same manufacturer. And then you can choose a complete set at a very democratic price.

And also (Glory to the Internet!) you can find a store where the price of an interested model will be optimal.


Here everything is simpler and more complicated Firstly, the technique of promoted brands, as a rule, costs more than analogues from less well-known manufacturers. Secondly, unfortunately, the loud name on the label does not always guarantee quality. And finally, if you look closely, it turns out that almost all the trimmers offered by our stores for grass are produced in China. Absolutely regardless of what brand they are sold.

The idea to focus first of all on the brand burst with a bang after reading reviews. Failure models are uncomfortable, often breaking, with maintenance problems, etc.D All manufacturers have. Alas.

Nevertheless, what has been said does not cancel the fact that a well.known manufacturer with a high probability will have a better and reliable technique. In addition, it is easier for it to choose consumables and spare parts (if necessary), it is easier to repair in case of problems (products of unknown Chinese craftsmen are sometimes not taken for repairs at all).

Finally, since we are talking about battery equipment, it is reasonable to think about the prospect: most serious manufacturers have accumulators of different devices interchangeable, so in the future, if there is a desire to expand their arsenal, it will be possible to save money.

Which Lawn Mower Is Best? Gas VS Electric!

All kinds of ratings are called leaders among manufacturers of batteries of Bosch, Makita, Patriot, Stihl. The latter, however, had inexpensive (up to 10,000) models I could not find on sale. But in this category, GreenWorks is well represented, which produces, judging by the reviews of customers, quite decent batteries.

Electric or gasoline trimmer for grass?

Now let’s talk about different types, weigh all the pros and cons. We will immediately say that we will talk about the batteries even lower, and in this case we consider simply electric and gasoline. Often they choose precisely between these two options and, as it usually happens, in each case there are both their advantages and disadvantages. Well, what is more significant for you, you will understand by reading this section until the end.


They are called “Elektokos”. Have an electric motor, power from the network using an extension cord. For very, very rare exceptions, these are domestic models of small power. The engine can be either from below and from above. The upper location is better, since this allows even wet grass to mow, with a low location it will not be safe. The bar can be either straight and curved, telescopic are found, which facilitates their transportation.

Electric trimmers for grass have several very significant advantages: they are easier, if you compare them with gasoline, easy to maintain, do not require fuel, and also differ in silence. Of course, when working, they make sounds when you mow grass, but if we talk about the noise of the engine, then gasoline, in this case, they can’t go into any comparison, they are much louder.

But there are also disadvantages. It will not work without electricity, no light. grass will grow. The cords that are included usually have a small length, so the use of the extension cord will be required, and its length will depend on the size of your site. Also, electric trimmers for grass are not intended for very long work. they overheat and they need breaks (operating rules are different and depend on the model, this must be read about this in the documents).


As often happens in cases with any other equipment, the advantages of one turn into the minuses of the other and vice versa. Gasoline trimmers for grass are characterized by greater power, so they are much better suitable for mowing hard grass and for working with large areas. For example, when harvesting hay, few will use electric trimmers for grass, simply because they do not have the right performance.

The gasoline engine guarantees mobility: you do not need to stretch the wires, there is no need for electricity, and the operating time is limited by the volume of the fuel tank, which can always be seasoned. They can be used in any weather, even in the rain, respectively, you can calmly mow wet grass.

There are disadvantages. Firstly, they are more noisy. Secondly, they weigh much more (the engine itself is heavier, plus a fuel tank). Thirdly, they require maintenance, they need to not only be refueled, but also pour oil, monitor the wear of the nodes. Their cost is also higher. It is for all these reasons that in ordinary summer cottages, you can see gasoline trimmers for grass very rarely.

At first glance, it may seem that there is no sense in buying a gasoline trimmer for grass at all if it is needed for your six or ten acres. In principle, this is true, but with one reservation: only if it is planned to be used only for mowing grass. The thing is that some models have a change of nozzles, so they turn into a universal tool and can be a snowman, cultivator, etc.D.

If we summarize the difference between electric and gasoline models, we can draw a simple conclusion: for mowing grass on a small area, there is no sense to buy gasoline large, except that there are serious reasons like the lack of electricity.


As the name implies, this type of electric trimmers is powered by the battery. Immediately note the important: many models are sold without a battery, which must then be bought separately. Always pay attention to the package when buying, so as not to be in a situation where you brought a trimmer for grass to the cottage, unpacked it, but there is no battery. Accordingly, battery trimmers for grass will be more expensive than ordinary electric.

The main plus. there is no need for an extension cord, and if the electricity is turned off, and the battery will be charged, we can work. Cons: heavier than electric (due to the battery), the operating time is limited. Regarding the time of work, everything is simple: the larger the battery capacity, the longer it is (but it also depends on the power of the electric motor). This value rarely exceeds one hour. By the way, do not forget that the batteries are degraded over time (you can read more in this article) and lose their properties. That is, the battery life will be reduced and periodically it will be necessary to replace the battery.

Thus, the batteries for grass should be bought only when it is not possible to connect to the mains, and intensive use is not supposed. To perform mowing in large volumes, they are not suitable, except to buy several batteries and change them during work, but it will be more expensive than gasoline models that are more powerful. Also, batteries for grass are characterized by small power and are suitable only for thin grass, but with large thickets of thick.nisted vegetation, problems can arise.

How to choose the best trimmer for grass?

Above we have already decided on the type of engine and power. In fact, we almost have no doubt that most readers will make a choice in favor of electric trimmers with power from the network (Electros). Objectively speaking, this is really the best option that wins the analogues with ordinary household use. But it is not enough to decide on the type of trimmer for grass, you need to pay attention to its characteristics. Everything is not very difficult here, because there are quite few important parameters.

Weight can be as an important indicator or not. It all depends on the physical capabilities of a person, as well as on the area that needs to be mowed. For example, if a weight is 8-9 kilograms, it is obvious that for most women or the elderly it will be hard. But it will be difficult for a healthy man, if you have to work with him all day. In this case, we cannot give recommendations, push off from our capabilities and tasks. The lightest models weigh about 2 kilograms.

Power affects performance and can fluctuate from 200-250 to 3000 watts and above. Of course, the more powerful the trimmer for the grass, the more expensive it is, but at the same time it can cope with most plants and even mow the bushes (when using knives). Power indirectly affects the time of continuous operation: models with a large indicator can work without overheating much longer (which applies only to electric trimmers).

Since most buy a trimmer for grass for a summer cottage, the power in the region of 400-600 watts will be more than enough for mowing ordinary grass. Well, if you need to mow dense and thick grass, if the area of ​​the site is large, then it is worth looking towards the models more powerful.

We wrote about the location of the engine above, but did not note a rather important fact: if the engine has a lower location, then such a trimmer for the grass will be more maneuverable, and it is easier to keep it easier. But, recall, it will not be possible to mow wet grass.

The cutting elements can be different, in household models it is most often a fishing line for a trimmer of different diameters or wire. Metal or disk knives are used with powerful models, they are suitable for hard grass, they can even work with bushes. Trimmer fishing line. consumables, like plastic knives.

The pen can be of different shapes, most often there are three options:

  • J-shaped, which is kept as if they work with an ordinary scythe;
  • U, t-shaped-hold about like a bicycle steering wheel, with two hands. It will be inconvenient to hold with one hand, since it will swing and you will need to make efforts so that the trimmer for the grass is stable;
  • P, D-shaped is very common, you can keep it with one hand. A convenient type of handle, which allows you to easily change the spatial position of the trimmer for grass and without much effort.

If you simplify the issue of choice as much as possible, then for giving you can buy almost any trimmer for grass. But for comfortable work, you need to pay attention to weight, ergonomics, power. With unsuccessful choice, mowing grass can turn into a little torture.

Cutting systems

In modern trimmers, as cutting systems are offered:

Consider how to choose a trimmer for grass for grass (and not only) by the type of cutting system.

There are different diameters than thicker a fishing line for a trimmer. the more thick, hard and tall grass you can mow.

Needs periodic replacement, as it becomes thinner when working.

The supply of fishing line on the rogue is semi.automatic (for omiting the spool, pressed to the ground) or automatic (with each engine turning on, several mm fishing line is supplied to compensate for the worked out).

Processes more complex areas, cuts dry grass, young shoots, burdocks.

Safe, but can break in contact with solid obstacles in the form of stones, fences, borders.

Periodically requires replacement, is consumable.

Copes with the most difficult tasks: weeds, thickets, burdocks, young shoots of trees.

often found in gasoline models or on powerful electrimmers.

Requires great accuracy during work, injured.

Resembles a circular saw with teeth, made of metal.

Suitable for thick grass, dense shoots of shoots, other complex tasks.

When it gets on the stone, sparkles, but usually does not break.

Advice on how to choose the right equipment of a lawn mower or electrimmer, depending on the features of the relief on the site. If the relief is rocky, give preference to the fishing line. it easier to tolerates collisions with stones and it is easier to replace it. Knives will stupor and break. If the site is complex, uneven, overgrown, buy an option with interchangeable nozzles. fishing line and knife. They will have to be changed during the processing of the site, which is not very convenient, but the trimmer for the grass will last longer, and the consumables will have to be purchased not so often.

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The location of the engine

On sale there are models with the upper and lower engine location. How to choose a trimmer for grass according to this parameter and how important it is?

The lower location of the engine is inherent in battery, electric models that work with fishing line or plastic knives. Usually these are light engines, in more heavy models, the design can include wheels for the convenience of moving. Important: Motokos with the lower engine arrangement is not recommended to be used in wet weather, rain, on wet grass. Random water entering the engine can lead to a short circuit and breakdown of the technique.

The upper location of the engine is found in more powerful electritrimers and benzocosas.This option is more convenient for Kosar: the center of gravity is closer to the capture area, which provides better maneuverability during operation. The tool can be equipped with fishing line, disk, plastic and metal lobe knives. The advantage of gasoline models with the upper location of the power unit is the ability to mow wet grass and work in any weather.

If you think which gasoline trimmer to choose for grass, then this will be a model only with the upper location of the motor. When buying, the electric ships will have to think what is better: an easier model with a lower engine or more powerful with an upper engine (you can mow wet grass, but you can’t work in wet weather).

Motokos mass varies from 1 to 12 kg. In gasoline models, a mass of fuel is added to the weight of the unit. The weight of the tool affects fatigue during operation and the load on the back of the mowing. How to choose an amenchile or ectric trimmer for grass by weight?

Light devices are suitable for physically less strong people. women, pensioners, adolescents.

Heavy professional models are suitable for physically hardy men.

Heavy models are not recommended to people with diseases of the back, joints, other problems of the musculoskeletal system.

When choosing a gasoline model, consider the additional weight of the fuel, starting from the capacity of the tank.

If you are looking for light models. pay attention to the battery and electrical tools with a power to the product with a plastic case, equipment in the form of fishing line or plastic knives.

Husqvarna 128r

Light trimmer for Swedish grass, an excellent model for owners of small sections. It has a capacity of 800 watts with a weight of only 5 kg, which will allow you to effectively operate with the device even to women and older people. It has a modest fuel consumption and a decent number of revolutions per minute (up to 8000). The engine is two.stroke, and the cutting system is based on a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, which increases the efficiency of work.

Power is enough for the mowing of the lawn, herbal shoots and small shrubs. The working width of the trimmer for the grass is 45 cm. For convenient operation, an adjustable handle and a long handle are provided, thanks to which the cutting part can be located parallel to the ground. Light start is possible due to the fuel pumping pump.


Universal gasoline trimmer for grass for giving. Equipped with a straight rod and a two.handed handle for convenience of mowing. The handles are rubbed, and this provides a reliable grip: you can not worry that the trimmer for the grass will slip out of hands. Easy to operate thanks to the control elements built into the handle. The model provides for the possibility of adjusting the height of the handle using a screw.

The lawn mower is very good for cutting lawns and trimming on a land plot. And in combination with the appropriate cutting tool, it is also effectively used to mow poked grass, reeds and nettles. Reliable, it comes with fishing line and a metal knife. The two.stroke engine is practical and easy to maintain. Tank holds 0.33 liters of fuel mixture. Power 750 W is enough for domestic use. Weight relatively small. 5.1 kg.

Choice parameters

When choosing a trimmer for grass, you should pay attention to several characteristics:


This parameter directly determines the performance of the tool. In addition, more powerful models have a large margin of safety, which means they will last longer and less often will fail. At the same time, the connection between power and weight should be taken into account: more powerful models weigh more and are more expensive. The power indicator varies from 0.25 to 1.8 kV. If you need to cut the lawn near the house, then 0.3-0.5 kV power is enough. For utilities, this indicator should be not lower than 0.9 kV.


This is an indicator of performance, that is, how much revolutions the cutting element per unit time makes. This is affected by engine power. Simple models have turns about 6000-7000 per minute, professional-9000-12000 per min. 7-8 thousand are enough for the grave of grass in the country. It should be taken into account the fact that more productive models weigh more and are more expensive.

Fishing diameter

The diameter of the fishing line affects the ability to cut the stalks of vegetation: the larger the diameter, the more thick stems it can cut. This parameter varies within 1.4-3.2 mm. For giving enough fishing line in 2 mm. If you need to ennoble the wasteland, you will need a fishing line for a trimmer at least 3 mm.

Trammers for grass weigh from 1.5 to 10 kg. This is an important parameter that determines the convenience of using the tool. To work in a summer cottage, the best option will be models from 2 to 5 kg. Women will be able to use them without any problems and have fun.

Type of fastening

A trimmer for grass can be attached to a person using belts or a random method. The belt mount is used on light trimmers and is suitable for small volumes of work. The fastening with a ranger is more practical, the weight is distributed evenly so as not to tire the working.

Battery capacity

The battery reserve is measured in a/h. One unit ampere is enough for about 15 minutes of work. For example, in order to cut the lawn around an ordinary house, 2 A/h is enough. If the entire site is 3-4 a/h.

Cutting element

There are two main types of cutting element: metal knives and a plastic fishing line for a trimmer. Knives are used only on a flat surface, they make a cut and more practical cuts. A fishing line for a trimmer is good on an uneven surface or next to some obstacles in the form of fences, pillars and so on. If you need to regularly work with thick vegetation, then the fishing line for the trimmer is not suitable. She will quickly spent and bore the owner of the tool. Ideally, you should buy models with the ability to change the cutting element based on the need.

How to choose

Consider various situations in which this or that trimmer for the grass is suitable:

  • In a small summer cottage, it is necessary to periodically bite the grass. You can safely take an electric model with a capacity of about 0.3 kV and 6000-6500 rpm. Fishing thickness. up to 2 mm. Type of mount. belt. Such a trimmer for the grass is quite to cope with its work and will cost inexpensively.
  • Care for a large site (near schools, gardens, etc.D.). Definitely it should be a battery of 0.7 kV and 7000 rpm. Batteries should have a supply of at least 3 a/h. Fishing thickness-2-2.3 mm. Type of fastening. satchel.
  • An uneven and non.borely area with garbage, stones and other obstacles and densely vegetation. The type of trimmer for grass. depending on access to the mains. Power. at least 0.7 kV, revolutions. 7500 and above. Field thickness. 2.7 mm (minimum). Type of fastening. satchel.
  • Large area with a flat surface. Trimmer type for grass. battery. Cutting element. metal knives. Power. more than 0.7 kV. Revolutions. 9000 and above. Field thickness. 2.4 mm. Type of fastening. satchel.

First, you should decide on the purpose of the tool and carefully consider where and in what conditions it will be applied. In any case, preference should be given to more powerful models if the volume of work is significant. For small one.time works with a lawn, you can choose the simplest and cheapest models.

Pros and disadvantages of using a gasoline engine in a trimmer

The advantages of the gasoline engine are mass, the key among them is as follows:

  • Mobility. The tool is autonomous, it can work for them anywhere and as much as you like. The main thing is to have gasoline and motor oil for quick refueling in stock.
  • Power. Even an inexpensive gasoline trimmer for grass in terms of performance exceeds the most powerful models with an electric engine. Therefore, if we are talking about the regular mowing of huge areas of high weed, then a trimmer for grass only with a gasoline engine will cope with this.
  • Repair of the failed engine is possible and appropriate. The design of the gasoline engine in trimmers is extremely simple, and to purchase spare components will not be problems (sometimes spare parts are suitable even from chainsaws).

But the disadvantages of gasoline trimmers are also enough:

  • Weight. The gasoline engine weighs 2 to 3 times more than electric. Heavy motorcycle is difficult to perform neat mowing. Yes, and it will turn out to work continuously for only 30. 45 minutes, then the operator will definitely have to take a break and give the opportunity to relax his hands (even if the shoulder belt was used).
  • Engine starting. In motorcycles, the motor is launched using a hand starter, by analogy with chainsaws. And if it is cool enough outside, then it is not always possible to start the trimmer for the grass the first time (especially when the candle has not changed for a long time and was not cleansed of the carbon fiber).
  • Maintenance. In gasoline trimmers, you have to serve a gearbox regularly, monitor the level of oil, clean the carburetor, candles and nozzles (if any). If at least one of the points is the owner of the trimmer for the grass, then the tool will not last long.

Review of popular models

The best-selling gasoline motorcycle models during the next three years in online stores were as follows:

A 4-stroke engine is installed with a capacity of 1.44 liters.With. Directly hard shaft, T-shaped handle (conveniently control with two hands). A very powerful model (there are no analogues with an electric motor yet), in 1 hour of work you can put in order 10. 15 acres of the overgrown area. But only a knife is included, a bobbin for a fishing line for a trimmer is sold separately. The minus of working with a knife is not a very wide coverage of a rounded strip.

The model belongs to the budget price category. 2-stroke engine, 2.4 liters.With. (but in practice it turns out to be less productive than the above Makita). The kit includes a bobbin, the option of installing knives is provided. The rod is collapsible (disassembled in the form of a braid for grass is placed in any trunk). Average

Belongs to the average price category. The declared capacity is 0.8 liters.With., The engine is two.stroke. The key feature of the model is the use of forged components in the engine, from which they are extremely rare. The manufacturer, by the way, gives a guarantee of 2 years to Motokos. Holder. 2 pens, the bar is not collapsible, the transfer of effort through the hard shaft. Supernay trimmer for grass, albeit low power. Average

Miniature gasoline braid for grass with an engine of 0.63 liters.With. Hard shaft, double handle for holding, a disk is included in the kit. Due to the small weight, it is very convenient to work with it, it turns out well and the mowing of the lawn. All buyers of this model note supernarial gasoline consumption, lack of vibrations during operation. Average

According to many buyers. the best option in the middle price category. 4-stroke motor for 2 l.With. For hay harvesting, it is suitable optimally due to wide coverage of the mowing strip, as well as due to a powerful engine. There is a disk in the kit, the bobbin is also available. Ground for 2 handles, transmission of effort through a hard shaft.

Lawn mowing of a budget price segment. But, despite the low

At one time, this lawn mower was the best sold in the budget price segment. Power. about 4.2 l.With. in the maximum load, transfer of effort through the cable, 2 handles for holding. But the main feature: a knife, a bobbin, and even a reel with a fishing line are included in the kit. But the quality of all accessories is medium-native, so to speak. But

And yet: a cart or a trimmer for grass?

The trimmer for the grass must be held in the hands, and large models (motorcycles). also “put on” with the help of special mounts. The cart is taken in front of themselves, so the choice depends on the tasks and in many ways. on the physical capabilities of the user. So, a large trimmer for grass. especially gasoline. is quite heavy, and it is difficult to work without good physical training.

First about the pluses. An electric or gasoline trolley with a rotary knife (such a majority) provides an even equal height of the cut of grass (when forming a ground lawn, the height of a bevel is critically important: there are certain rules at each stage, without their execution you will receive a trimmed area, but not a lawn in any way).

The user spends a significant part of the time of work with the cart on the removal of mowed grass from the grass collector and its disposal (it is convenient to have a wheelbarrow nearby, in which you can dump the beveled), however, the presence of a grass collector has a big plus in carts. The grass does not fly in the face of the user and he does not need a protective mask; No need to collect mowed grass with a rake, you can immediately send it to compost. Some models have grass grinders (mulching function, mulching the knife), turning it into finished fertilizer for the lawn and immediately scatter crushed grass on the lawn. Such models are often more expensive, but get rid of the need to shake the grass collector and think what to do with waste. Minus of using the chopper: you need to protect clothes, shoes and face from flying chopped grass.

The carts also have common disadvantages: they mow grass with a maximum of 80-100 cm high. and then in this case they will constantly slow down and clog. especially less powerful, electric. That is, for overgrown sites, the trolley is not suitable: first it is necessary to clear it with a trimmer (motorcycle). Tails often lack maneuverability. for example, to carefully circumvent cultivated plants or to bite small areas between them, as well as zones in front of fences or borders.

Selection of lawn mowing, depending on the area of ​​the site

For 6-9 acres, an electric lawn-bore-mushroom is suitable. If the surface of the site is leveled and there is no strong shoots of fruit trees and undergrowth, the device consumed by a capacity of 1000 W is enough. If the site is often overgrown (for example, you are on it once or twice a month), if there are height changes (pits, mounds) or shoots. the power of an electric lawn mower should be higher: 1.5-2 kW.

For plots with an area of ​​10-15 acres, it is worth thinking about a gasoline or battery lawn-bore. Exception. if, except for the house, there are buildings with electricity on the site (bath, garage, household), where you can easily connect the lawn mower. Changing the connection location to the network, it is quite possible to get by with an electric device. Sections of a larger area to process an electric lawn mower are extremely difficult or impossible.

And there is another interesting solution for very small areas: compact batteries combining a housing with a rotary knife (like a cart) and a long handle (like trimmers).

Selection of lawn bores, depending on the type of lawn

Most rotary lawn mowers have a adjustment of the height of the cut of grass, and for normal care for the site this is quite enough.

But if you want to achieve a perfectly even lawn and you do not have a too large site, then you should choose the lawn mower not rotary, but drum type. These are mechanical (!) lawnmands (and not quite trolleys), the cutting mechanism of which is a cylinder rotating around a fixed counterattack with blades. The cutting cylinder and counterates do not contact, working contactlessly, which means. almost silently. The distances between the blades on the cylinder are very small, which allows you to mow very accurately, without missing a single blade of grass and leaving a beautiful even cut.

Trimmers for grass: for and against

The pluses include the maneuverability of a trimmer for grass. the ability to gently cut off the excess around cultivated plants, walk along the boundaries of paths, at fences and buildings, and in general where the cart will not pass. In addition, a trimmer can cut grass of any height, even to the waist, even higher (of course, we are not talking about low.power, 250-500 watts, trimmers to trim the grass near the curbs), and rather about motorcycles.

The disadvantages include, firstly, the need to hold the tool in the hands and weight. Yes, many trimmers for the grass of well.known brands are equipped with reliable and convenient systems for attaching a trimmer for grass on the body, have a lightweight design and an ergonomic handle, but still not all users are able to control with a trimmer. it’s easier to roll a cart. The second minus refers to the quality of the work: the trimmer for the grass will easily remove the bulk of the grass, but it is very difficult to achieve an even cut with a trimmer: for “English lawns”, a gas mower is more suitable with the adjustment height of the cut. Thirdly, there is no grass collector in trimmers. If you cut the grass in a low altitude, then the mowing is not a problem remaining on the ground, but if thickets, you will have to be wielded with rakes then. Fourthly, you need to work with a trimmer in a defending face and especially the eyes of a mask or in special glasses: grass flies in all directions. Some models have a protective casing, but when working with large spaces and high grass, it is useless: it will instantly clog.

Trimmer for grass for grass: rating of the best models 2022

Trimmer for grass for grass is a garden technique that is used to haircut grass. The device is distinguished by the convenience of use and allows you to quickly put the site in order, including in places. The market presents a large number of these devices of different types with different functionality. The rating of the best models and expert advice will help to choose a high.quality trimmer for grass for grass.

When buying a device, you should focus on such criteria.

View of the shaft

In the handle of the device, a shaft is installed, which is of two types:


Battery. these devices function from their own battery. Thanks to this, they can be used, regardless of the location of the outlet. This suggests that the area of ​​the site is not limited. The device has a lightweight, which indicates the convenience of its use.

Helps to quickly get rid of grass even in places of the site. Disadvantage of models. dependence on the battery charge. At the same time, even a capacious battery will not be able to provide a long time for operation of the device.

For this reason, it is best to have several batteries for processing areas with a significant area. Another minus is small power. Therefore, the care of the territory will take more time compared to devices of other types.

Network models operating from electricity. Consequently, their operation requires a socket, which significantly reduces the capabilities of the device and limits the area of ​​the processed area with the length of the cable. Advantages. high power, environmental friendliness, light weight.


Devices that work, respectively, on a gasoline engine. Thanks to this, they can be used, regardless of electricity. They are highly powerful. This suggests that devices can even cope with hard branches and help to quickly process large territory without overheating. In addition, the devices are allowed to operate even in the rain or in the morning, when the grass lies on the grass.

The disadvantages of gasoline devices are an impressive weight, the complexity of service, harmful exhaust exhausts in the atmosphere, so you can use them only in the respirator. These models are mainly used by professionals to care for lawns in parks, squares, etc.D.

There are two types of gasoline devices:

  • With a two.stroke engine. Such devices are characterized by simplicity of operation, maintainability, high power. Disadvantage. you need to make special fuel, mixing gasoline and oil in certain proportions, and drain it after each use. Other shortcomings. a significant exhaust of harmful vapors, noisy work.
  • With a four.stroke engine. Devices with such a motor, unlike the previous option, do not work so noisy. In addition, products have separate tanks for gasoline and oil, so you do not need to cook fuel yourself. Cons. complex service, big price.

Type of cutting part

Manufacturers offer devices users with the following types of cutting part:

  • A coil with a bobbin with a fishing line, the diameter of which is 1.5-3.5 mm. For dense weeds, it is best to choose devices with the maximum fishing line size.
  • Three.beam knife. This element is made of metal. Can even cut off the branches of the bushes. Installed on gasoline devices.
  • Disk knives. They also help to cut off even branches of shrubs.
  • Plastic knife. Helps to get rid of only soft small grass.


The productivity of the device depends on this indicator. Different types of products have different power. Manufacturers offer models to users with an indicator from 250 to 3500 watts. When choosing a device according to this criterion, it is important to take into account the purpose of its use.

So, for cutting grass in a small area, a device is suitable, with a capacity of up to 500 watts. However, such a model will not cope with hard weeds and will quickly heat up. For thick grass, it is best to use devices with a capacity of 500-1500 watts. For trimming bushes and professionals, devices with an indicator of 1.5-3.5 kW are suitable.

The smaller the mass of the device, the easier it is to use it. However, light weight devices are low in power. This should be taken into account when choosing a technique.

Type of the handle

Two types of bar are distinguished:

  • Straight. Here weight falls on the cutting part, which helps to get rid of even dense weeds.
  • Curved. Ergonomic handle that ensures the convenience of using the product. Such a handle can be whole and collapsible. Differs in maneuverability, which allows you to process areas even in places. The latter option is distinguished by the convenience of transportation, storage.