“Oleo-Mac” Trimmer Review.

The Oleo-Mac brand is a manufacturer that has its history and is associated with customers as a reliable brand. The Italian company is a member of one of the largest manufacturers of Emak. On the Russian market, the Oleo-Mac brand is represented by a large assortment of garden equipment, including trimmers and trimmer.
The company produces both household and more powerful (professional and semi-professional) samples. The big model range allows each buyer to pick up an optimal variant of the mower.

Oleo Mac lineup.

Several rulers represent oleo Mac trimmers. The most popular line is Sparta.

  • Trimmer Oleo-MacSparta 25

This trimmer has become one of the most sought after among the entire line of gas mowers and trimmer Oleo Mak. After the release of the classic version, the developers presented two more variations: Oleo-MacSparta 25TR, Oleo-MacSparta 25 EcoAluminium with increased productivity and improved design.
The device is intended for long-term use on medium and large areas as a cutting element can be used as a fishing line, and blade. Thanks to this feature, the trimmer is great for cutting grass, weeds and small shrubs.
For the convenience of operating the device, the manufacturer has provided a primer, vibration isolation and the possibility of lubricating the gearbox.

  • Trimmer Oleo-MacSparta 37

productive gasoline trimmer designed for use in difficult areas. The most significant differences are increased flywheel, transmission, made of aluminum. Thanks to these features, overheating of the trimmer engine is much less common.
In comparison with the previous device, Oleo-MacSparta 37 has an increased engine power. 1.8 hp

  • Trimmer Oleo-MacSparta 38

Comfortable, ergonomic, durable and economical trimmer. The main difference is the increased diameter of the rod, which increases the strength of the device. The volume of the fuel tank is 0.87 litres. This amount is enough for 25-30 minutes of work.

  • Trimmer Oleo-Mac Sparta 44

Great semi-professional gasoline mowers. The Oleo-MacSparta 44 trimmer is designed to replace 42 models. The model was developed, taking into account the wishes and comments of users. Among the main changes: improved specifications, design and mowing head.
The capacity of the fuel tank is 0.87 litres, which ensures long-term operation in large areas. Among the entire range of mowers Oleo Mak Sparta 44 is the best-selling.

  • Trimmer Oleo-Mac BC 22 T

In comparison with the previous ones, a young model designed for long-term use at a country site. The manufacturer positions the mower as a tool for home use. One of the differences mowers is a combined cutting system: a knife and a fishing line. Equipped with a system of protection against vibration and air cooling. Fuel tank capacity: 0.4 l, power. 1.1 hp

  • Trimmer Oleo-Mac BC 24 T

powerful trimmer designed to perform garden landscape works of any complexity. It is a semi-professional tool. Engine power: 1.22 hp Ergonomic design and good balancing allow you to distribute the load on the operator and facilitate the work. The capacity of the fuel tank manufacturer left the same as in the previous version.

  • Trimmer Oleo-Mac BC 300 T

The Oleo-Mac BC 300 T trimmer is intended for long work on country sites, and the performance of landscape gardening works on big territories. Engine power increased to 1.5 litres. The capacity of the fuel tank is 0.58 litres. For ensuring long work and fast start of the engine, the Oleo-Mac BC 300 T is equipped with an always-on easy start system.
It is a patented development company, Oleo Mak. Long-term operation of the filters provides an additional diode that prevents the ingress of oil and fuel fluid into the filter. Head with a new generation of fishing line LoadGo. The swath width is 25 cm.

  • Trimmer Oleo-Mac BC 350 T

Improved variation of the previous sample. Among the changes:

  • increased fuel tank (600 ml);
  • engine power (1.9 hp);
  • width of capture (42 / 25,5 cm);
  • ergonomic handle.
  • Trimmer Oleo-Mac BC 360 4T

Professional trimmer, which is slightly inferior in power to the previous model. The trimmer is equipped with an autonomous lubrication system and withstands long-term work well. The design of the model has been improved in comparison with the previous one. One of the variations of the model is the Oleo-Mac BC 260 4S, which is equipped with a four-stroke engine with a power of 1 hp. Fuel tank reduced to 550 ml.

  • Trimmer Oleo-Mac BC 430 T

The Oleo-Mac BC 430 T trimmer is a professional-class device with an engine power of 2.5 hp. The width of the swath can reach 42 cm. Initially, the model was designed to perform work in harsh conditions. The ability to change the number of revolutions and knobs with vibration dampers make this trimmer optimal for work in any conditions.
A variant of the model is the Oleo-Mac BC 430 TL, which has minor structural differences.

  • Trimmer Oleo-Mac 740T

The trimmer of a household class perfectly will be suitable for cutting of grass, weeds and small bushes. Engine power is 1.8 hp The volume of the fuel tank (0.9 l.) Is provided for continuous operation. Width of capture makes 42 cm. This model belongs to flagman, but in the Russian market, it is difficult to find it as it is not issued by the company anymore.

  • Trimmer Oleo-Mac 741

Trimmer Oleo-Mac semi-professional class with an engine power of 2.5 hp and fuel tank capacity of 750 ml.

  • Trimmer Oleo-Mac 753T

Professional trimmer, designed for great work. Engine power: 2.8 hp, fuel tank capacity. 1.5 litres. Choosing this trimmer should also pay attention to the Oleo-Mac 755 Master. It is an improved model in terms of functionality and design characteristics.

  • Trimmer Oleo-Mac 446 BP

This trimmer is available in two variations of the Oleo-Mac 446 BP and Oleo-Mac 446BP Ergo. The semi-professional trimmer intended for great works under trying conditions. Width of capture. 40 cm. The volume of a fuel tank. 1,5 l. The main difference of the model is a curved, soft barbell type.

Top models “Oleo-Mac” trimmer.

  1. Benzocosa Oleo-MacSparta 25.
  2. Benzocosa Oleo-MacSparta 44.
  3. Benzocosa Oleo-Mac BC 300 T.
  4. Benzocosa Oleo-Mac 740 T.
  5. Benzocosa Oleo-Mac 446 BP.

These mowers are popular in Russia and other countries of the world. The main advantages of these trimmers are the quality and the ability to use in different conditions.
Even though Italy is the main supplier of Oleo-Mac products, you can find French or Spanish products on the Russian market. Before purchasing the product, it is recommended to ask the seller about the place of production.

Instructions for use “Oleo-Mac”.

After purchasing garden equipment, manufacturers recommend reading the instruction manual. This document contains the main provisions of the features of the use of a device. The instruction manual is attached to each model trimmer Oleo Mak.

The instruction includes the following provisions:

  • Precautionary measures.

This paragraph includes the basic rules for operating the device. When performing work, the manufacturer recommends wearing protective clothing, glasses and headphones. Before starting operation, it is worth making sure that all the structural elements are well fixed and intact. It is prohibited to allow children and people to be drunk or sick to exploitation.

  • The main criteria for the quality of protective uniforms.

The best option would be tight clothing, which is moderately adjacent to the body of the operator and will provide maximum protection. For greater protection against vibration, the manufacturer recommends wearing gloves.

  • Rules for the assembly and replacement of failed parts.
  • List of recommended parts.
  • The first start of the engine.

The manufacturer recommends the use of a fuel mixture in the ratio of 25: 1. It is recommended to choose liquid for two-stroke or four-stroke engines (depending on model) as oil. Running in of the engine takes 6-8 hours. In this case, it is recommended to start the engine at idle. After running, you can safely get to work.

  • Rules of preparation for use. They consist in inspection of the device, its refueling and replacement of worn-out parts.
  • Terms of maintenance.
  • Storage conditions.