Homemade Buggy Made Of Tiller.

Buggy is a lightweight single or double sports car for racing over rough terrain. In this article you will discover how to make a self-made buggy!

So! let’s start.

  1. Perhaps you should start with the project of my pen pal. Perhaps the most elegant and simple version of a lightweight buggy, which is based on the same engine as mine. Lifan 190FR.
  2. No less original is the project of a friend from Mariupol. Of course, this is not a separate independent machine, but an offshoot in the main project, so the creation history will have to be deducted separately from the BZ.
  3. Continuing the review of wheeled vehicles The next candidate on my list was perhaps one of the most exciting projects for a drive with a motor-block engine. a project from Vitebsk. The same tiller engine with a gearbox is right for 13 horses, of course, plus a box from the Dnepr motorcycle, but you see what kind of embodiment! In general, at first glance, it is even difficult to say that the transport of garbage production. It seems that the quad descended from the production line.
  4. Well, since I started such a conversation from quads, the next exciting piece for me was from Peter from. The six-wheel quadric quietly drives in and out of the swamp, as for me it is so simple super, eh… my stool can only operate on asphalt
  5. One of the recent and exciting projects that appeared on the drive, for me was a project from the city of Kiknur (Kirov region) from. It seems to me that the project from the very beginning was created somehow spontaneously without a unique plan of action. The creator periodically addresses the people for “thought”, from which the creation all becomes similar to something like a small “jeep”, for me it is no less attractive than the previous projects, especially since it also falls into the category of homemade products with a tiller engine. According to the author, the project implements a 6.5 strong Honda analog
  6. Also, one of the young projects of Drayv2 is a creation from Volokolamsk in the form from. I will say this is exactly what I initially wanted to do, or rather what I wanted to come too but in the end, life turned out that I decided to sip a bierkiste Therefore, for me this project is an embodiment of my dream, although by another person but still, I am pleased to see how this technique “lives.”
  7. Perhaps this is the most original technical application of the motor-block engine! for me it was perhaps a pleasant surprise that such transport can be made independently in the garage conditions! and so will not darken it yes yes! This technique moves on from motor-block engines. Previously, it was an independent project, I am not ashamed to say, my remote mentor from Chelyabinsk however, apparently, he was banned, which for me was an unfortunate event: (and now it’s up to the fate of this unique technique to be kept only in the blog of its creator.
  8. Today I came across such a wonderful unit belonging to And even though the vehicle has two wheels, it’s (note!) not a motorcycle, but !  And naturally, as a power plant, a motor-block engine for seven horses is used. Although not homemade, still people with their hands will be able to repeat this miracle in the garage, so it has all the rights to a place in this record
  9. Another non-independent project “resident” Drayv2 trike turned out to be great Unfortunately, you can only get to know the creation tightly only after talking to the creator. Previously, this technique could be read in the B.Z. and the blog, but then the owner found this information not relevant and deleted it. Now you can be satisfied with only the photo, as in all other creations in this technique as well as the power plant uses a motor-block engine
  10. Does not bark, does not bite, and carries a bunch of useful? Well, of course! Of course, I almost forgot about the self-propelled sled, or in the ordinary people called motor-snows. From the fresh on our site, there is such a one about our homemade dog

That’s all for now!  if someone missed. whistle, be sure to add.
All good mood and success in your endeavours! 🙂