Trimmer Stihl Fs 55.

Trimmer Stihl FS55 belongs to the category of amateur equipment. Its power is one hp. It is quite enough for processing garden plots, lawns, neat cutting of grown grass near flowerbeds, under trees in small and medium-sized areas. Trimmer STIHL FS55 is lightweight (4.9 kg.) and unpretentious in care.

Description of the lawnmower model.

Lightweight trimmer STIHL FS55 fully equipped with a knife and reel with a fishing line will perfectly trim at the dacha, it can even cope with thicker weed beds in the form of reeds, perennial plants with thick stems, loose grass.

  • Due to the presence in the configuration model of the mowing head, it is possible to mow the grass near obstacles.
  • The complete set with a disk with 2 cutting steel edges allows to mow hard vegetable shoots.
  • Ergonomic two-handed grip is adjustable in three positions, providing the necessary level of comfort when working in large areas.
  • trimmer Stihl is equipped with an anti-vibration system and a special easy-start system.
  • It is very convenient to control the manual fuel pump: by pressing a key, the operator pumps the required amount of the fuel mixture into the carburetor, which reduces the number of starting jerks and makes it easier to start.
  • For comfortable and safe work, in the basic configuration of the STIHL FS55 gasoline mowers goggles and a special shoulder strap are provided.

Features of operation.

With the mowing head FixCut 25-2, grass mowing is performed, and the semi-automatic AutoCut 25-2 mower perfectly performs mowing near hard-to-reach places. The process of adjusting the cutting strings is performed automatically. The GSB 230-2 steel knife mows tough grass.
Trimmer STIHL FS55 is demanding on the quality of gasoline and oil. Apply branded gasoline is not lower than AI-90 and original oil STIHL, which guarantees a long service life of the trimmer. The preparation of the fuel mixture is carried out in a proportion of 50 parts gasoline and 1 part oil STIHL.
In the case of using other brands of engine oil, the concentration is different. 1:25. It is not recommended to keep the fuel mixture for more than 2-3 months due to oxidation and loss of properties.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model FS55.

A great advantage of the Stihl FS55 lawn mower is reliability in operation, high performance, ability to perform significant amounts of work. Running in of the spit is simple. do not overload the engine during the first 2-3 refuelling of the fuel tank. Subsequently, after 5-15 full refills, you can reach full capacity.
The disadvantages of the Stihl gas trimmer owners include some problems with the launch. To avoid this, you should always check the fullness of the fuel tank, carefully read the step-by-step factory recommendations for proper starting. When the air filter is dirty, you immediately feel a drop in the power of the Stihl gas mowers; to eliminate this, you should clean the filter of dirt.
It is essential to take into account the peculiarities of the setting when working at different heights above sea level. in mountainous terrain and flat, since the degree of enrichment of the combustible mixture may affect due to the varying degree of air saturation with oxygen.