Trimmers Carver

Carver brand trimmers are known for their cost-effectiveness, ease of everyday use, and ergonomics. The good balance of each Carver model, together with its light weight and very modest dimensions, make it possible to freely work with the tool in the most inaccessible places. High serviceability and a large number of commercially available components allow you to quickly repair your Carver lawn mowers with your own hands.

Carver company. brand history

The Russian brand was founded in 2009 by the Perm enterprise Uraloptinstrument. Since the market launch, Carver has embarked on the active development and widespread production of semi-professional and professional equipment for the care of the garden. The list of products of the Russian brand quickly expanded with powerful chainsaws, 2-stroke and 4-stroke cultivators, as well as hardy tillers.

Trimmers Carver

Today, this company is one of the manufacturers producing the highest quality domestic trimmers. Each Carver Lawnmower stands out for its high reliability, excellent quality of components and assembly, as well as long service life. Prices for the equipment of the Russian enterprise make it affordable for almost every gardener.

Petrol trimmer Carver GBC-31FS. tool description

This high-quality Carver grass lawn mowers successfully copes with mowing young dense shoots, removing thin, not dried weeds and a few shrubs. An improved rotor system together with a robust 4-stroke engine makes it possible to use garden tools to cut thin shoots of young trees.

The Carver trimmer in this configuration is powered by a 1-cylinder internal combustion engine, developed according to the latest standards for economy and emission requirements. The unpretentiousness of the quality of the fuel makes it possible to use AI-92 and AI-95 gasoline for refueling lawn mowers without the need for regular carburetor adjustments.

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To start the internal combustion engine, the model device has a typical manual starter and a pump for pre-pumping fuel into the cylinder. This arrangement greatly simplifies the inclusion of the engine in severe weather.

The main factory parameters of this household lawn mowers include:

  • power of the internal combustion engine. 1.3 liters. with.;
  • fuel tank. 950 ml;
  • coverage when cutting with cord / knife. 43/23 cm;
  • allowable diameter of the cord used is 2.4 mm;
  • sound impact on the operator. 110 dB;
  • weight. 6.5 kg.

lawn mower Carver GBC 31F is equipped with an ergonomic 2-manual handle, the position of which can be adjusted along the entire height of the rod using standard bolted connections.

Gasoline trimmer Carver GBC-043M. model complete set

The semi-professional Carver trimmer in this configuration was initially set up by the manufacturer to work intensively in difficult operating conditions and hard-to-reach places. The modified cutting system of the tool improves the accuracy of mowing the lawn and allows the model to cope with cutting weeds and shrubs with a stem thickness of up to 4 mm.

Lawn mowers Carver is equipped with a high-precision gasoline engine, consuming a small amount of fuel at a fairly high speed. A carburetor with an enlarged combustion chamber reduces the amount of emitted gases and significantly reduces the amount of soot that forms on the walls of the muffler.

Key features of this lawn mower include:

  • the power of the internal combustion engine is 2.3 liters. with.;
  • fuel tank. 950 ml;
  • coverage when mowing with cord / knife. 45/23 cm;
  • allowable diameter of the cord used is 2.4 mm;
  • sound impact on the operator. 117 dB;
  • weight. 7.5 kg.

The Carver gas trimmer in this configuration stands out for good balance. This makes it possible, if necessary, to translate the tool into a vertical position for cutting the stems of climbing wild shrubs.