Two -stroke trimmer for the grass of fuel system malfunctions. Tips

Why the lawn mower and a trimmer for the grass do not start possible causes and ways to eliminate them

If a trimmer for grass or a lawn mower is not started, then any desire to mow grass disappears. Very often, the owners of these tools face difficulties in starting a two.stroke or four.stroke engine after winter, when the tool was not operated for a long time. If this situation has occurred, then do not rush to take the tool for repair. Start finding a malfunction from less to larger, and with a 100% probability you will be able to start a benzotrimer engine. Where to start searching for a malfunction when the lawn mower does not start, we will consider step by step with all the details.

Hand starters are used to launch gasoline trimmers. Through such starters, manual movement of the crankshaft is carried out. At the same time, it is important to turn on the ignition so that when the crankshaft rotates, the fuel mixture entering the cylinder could be ignited. Inflammation of the first portion of the mixture will entail the launch of the engine, and at the same time the trimmer for the grass is ready to operate.

However, it often happens that attempts to start the engine come to naught. Naturally, when after 5 attempts to start the engine, it is not possible to achieve success, then you need to start diagnostic measures. There is a special sequence that should be followed to find the reason why the lawn mower is not started, and successfully eliminate it. The sequence of verification has the following format:

  • Check the presence of fuel in the tank, as well as the quality of a mixture of gasoline with butter
  • Determine the color of the spark plug, as well as signs of its functioning
  • Make sure an air filter
  • Check the fuel filter that is responsible for cleaning gasoline with oil entering the carburetor
  • The serviceability of the sapun
  • The reason that the lawn mower is not started, there may be a exhaust channel or muffler

It is these nodes that are the main sources of the problem of difficult trimmer for the grass. A more difficult problem is associated with a malfunction of the carburetor, which needs to be adjusted. Consider each node separately to find out the reasons why the trimmer for the grass does not start, and eliminate them with your own hands.

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Previously :

Do not understand why the lawn mower is not started, then initially make sure that there is a fuel in the tank. Often, beginners forget that it is necessary to periodically make pauses to season the tool with a gasoline mixture. If the gas mushroom tank is empty, then of course it will not start, no matter how much you try to do it.

If there is a fuel in the tank, but it is impossible to start the tool engine, then do not rush to disassemble the carburetor. Make sure that the trimmer engine is launched correctly, as indicated in the instructions. If the launch is carried out according to the instructions, then it is important to consider the following points:

  • Use not just high.quality gasoline with the maximum octane number, namely the brand recommended by the manufacturer. And far from always such a brand is AI-95 gasoline. If you do not know which gasoline is used for the lawn mower, then choose AI-92
  • The oil should be special. for two.stroke engines. If the lawn mower has a four.stroke engine, then pure gasoline must be poured into it without stirring with butter. On the quality of the oil for the engine engine, the grass should not be saved, as well as on gasoline. After all, the operational resource of the motor depends on the quality of the fuel used
  • Proper preparation of the fuel mixture in a benzotrimer. Observations show that most mowers are only the first time control the process of cooking oil with gasoline for a trimmer for grass. The greater the experience of Kosar, the less close attention is paid to the process of mixing gasoline with butter for a two.stroke engine. The ratio of gasoline with oil should be the way the manufacturer recommends. Typically, this ratio is 25 to 1, that is, 1 liter of gasoline needs 40 ml of two.stroke oil (motor oil for the car and even more so you cannot use it)
  • Proper storage of fuel mixture. It often happens that after the preparation of the fuel mixture, it costs for a long time for more than 2 weeks. It is impossible to store the finished mixture of gasoline with oil for a long time, as this leads to the fact that the oil is precipitated, and thereby the properties of both oil products are lost. Even thoroughly stirring after prolonged storage of the finished mixture is not a reason for its further use. That is why it is not recommended to prepare more than 2 liters of the mixture at a time

Make sure that all of the above points are made, and only after that you can start checking the condition of the candle. A trimmer for grass is not started for various reasons, and most of them can be identified independently. Resorting to disassembling the carburetor, if it is impossible to start the engine, is simply irrational. The next step towards finding a malfunction is a check of the state of the spark plug.

It is interesting!With prolonged storage of diluted gasoline with butter, these elements decay into heavy fractions. These fractions score not only the fuel filter of the tool, but also the carburetor channels. The maximum duration of fuel storage is no more than 14 days.

The reasons

Trammers for grass are reliable and durable (of course, subject to proper care). Most often, malfunctions arise due to contamination of structural elements.

If the engine of your lawn mower does not start, does not gain momentum, does not reach the power you need or suddenly stalls, it may be a reason:

stroke, trimmer, grass, fuel
  • low.quality fuel (fuel mixture), it can be in long.term storage or in non.compliance with the recipe for the preparation of the mixture;
  • The grass was wound on the shaft of the fishing/knife head;
  • clogging of the air filter/muffler;
  • Balance of the carburetor.

Ways to eliminate problems

The first three reasons are quite simple to eliminate. If the matter is the mixture, it is necessary to pour old fuel from the tank, prepare a new emulsion from high.quality gasoline and engine oil (if your motor requires a mixture) and pour it into a fuel tank. If a trimmer for grass works on clean gasoline, it’s still easier.

In the second case, it is necessary to carefully release the details of the trimmer for grass from the wound grass.

If the filter is clogged, you can try to rinse it. If this procedure has not brought the effect, replace it with a new.

The last reason why the lawn mower does not work properly will require you a little more knowledge and skills.

In order to properly adjust the carburetor of the lawn mower, it is necessary to observe a certain procedure. First of all, carefully clean the air filter. The easiest way to rinse it (it is advisable to carry out the filter with water regularly after 9-10 hours of operation).

After that, in the diagram of your trimmer for grass, which is in the instructions for the operation of the device, find the adjustment screws. Usually there are three of them: the first is responsible for the supply of fuel, the second. for idle, but the third is designed to limit the number of maximum engine speeds.

Next, you should turn on the unit and wait for the engine to warm up.

Slowly twist the first adjusting screw (fuel mixture). Catch the moment when the motor begins to stall, and turn the screw in the opposite direction 45 degrees. If you did not have time and the motor stalled, the screw should be turned 90 degrees. Open the throttle and see how the speed is going. Next, you should slowly unscrew the screw (each turn. the same 45 degrees) until the moment when, with full gas, the motor begins to firmly issue maximum revolutions.

The second screw, as mentioned above, controls the engine speed at idle. Weakening it, you reduce the number of revolutions, tighten. increase. The screw must be adjusted so as to ensure confident operation of the motor at small speeds. Accelerate the engine for better starting a little. At the same time, make sure that before the movement of the knives/coil with the fishing line, the motor makes several dozen revolutions. With poor starting the engine, screw the screw slightly.

After you have adjusted the first two screws, test the operation of the device at the maximum engine speed. If necessary, you can limit it (maximum). this will serve as protecting the motor from “boiling”. To do this, you need to do the third screw. Unscrew the fixation nut until the moment when the control screw can be calmly turned. To increase the maximum speed, the screw must be loosened to reduce. on the contrary, tighten. Fix the screw position with a nut. Test the work of the motor again.

Spend the position of the screws regularly. a high level of vibration characteristic of benzocoses can cause their involuntary shift.

Remember that carburetor adjustment is not the final procedure. During operation, Motokos, most likely, you will have to mess with it more than once, because an unbalanced carburetor is both an increased fuel consumption and a quick failure of the candles, not to mention reducing the power and productivity of the device.

stroke, trimmer, grass, fuel

Some tricks of work with a benzotrimer.

Now is summer, and gasoline engines have become a constant attribute on land plots. Great tool, powerful and mobile. You can mow grass with a gasoline trimmer and cut dry weeds. But sometimes the braid for grass does not start, works with interruptions or does not develop full power. Now, of course, is not the time to work! As they say, this is rather the vibration of the starter handle than the kosba.

Problems with the launch do not only have an old braid for grass, but also in the new. what is the answer? Only one thing remains. listen to expert advice and adopt their practical experience.

You bought yourself a new gasoline trimmer for grass and difficulties immediately arose with it. It starts very badly. If you rush a little, and then turn it off, then get it “on a hot” even bigger problem than “for cold”. What to do with it, I won’t know how to start correctly?

Pour the fuel using the silicone button (primer) on the bottom of the carburetor. Press as much (or more) as indicated in the instructions, usually about 8-10.

At high speeds, fix the throttle lever using the throttle button.

Pull the starter lever 2-3 times. The engine must “grab”.

If the engine “grasps” and stalls, transfer the throttle to 1/2 and try to run again. If the engine still starts, lower the throttle and transfer the air damper to the position “Open”. Start operation.

When performing manipulations with a fuel pump, do not be afraid of overflow. If this happened, and you, as they say, “flooded the cork”, do not need to unscrew it, just transfer the air damper to the “open” position and, holding the full gas, simultaneously scroll through the engine with a starter 2-4 times. Then you can start the engine and start work.

Methods of elimination

Repair of a lawn mower is best started with a phased check of the main components. The first thing to check is fuel in the tank, as well as the presence of lubricants on the main nodes of the tool. It is also important to know what quality and what is the proportion of the fuel and oil used. If something is wrong, then the piston system may fail, and its replacement is expensive.

Next, it is worth evaluating the serviceability and performance of the spark plugs. The result is evaluated by the presence of a spark when there is contact with the tool body. If the malfunction in the candle, then you need to remove the voltage wire from it.

Then the candle is unscrewed by a special key.

In case of contamination, it is recommended to replace with a new one and drying the candle canal. This is also done if there are cracks or chips on the candle housing. The gap between the electrodes is set 0.6 millimeters. Squeezing a new candle is also produced by a special key. At the end, the voltage wire must be connected to it.

The inspection of filters, both fuel and air. If the blockages are strong, then the best solution will be their replacement. You can try the air filter with water with the addition of a detergent, and then dry. It is also sometimes soaked in gasoline. After drying and installation, it is important to moisten the filter with oil, which is used in the mixture with fuel.

It is very easy to eliminate the problem in the form of a stalling lawn mowed immediately after starting. it is enough to adjust the carburetor according to the scheme given in the documentation. Sometimes you have to send the valves of the carburetor to facilitate the supply of the mixture in it.

Sometimes the lawn mower stalls due to the receipt of a large amount of air. In this case, it is necessary to increase engine speed to release it. It is also necessary to check the fuel hose for possible damage. If necessary, it is changed to a new.

It is important to maintain a gearbox clean, and its gears should always be treated with a special lubricant. It is worth noting that it is not always possible to repair a gearbox and starter on your own, therefore it is more advisable when breaking down these nodes to replace them with new.

When reducing the engine power, it is worth paying attention to the exhaust muffler, or rather, to the net in it. She can clog because of soot from burned oil. This malfunction is solved cleaning the grid. You can do this using a small brush with wire or nylon bristles, as well as compressed air.

Clutch in benzocoses can break due to wear of the pads or a bursting spring. In both cases, the failed spare parts are replaced. Sometimes the clutch coupl is unusable, it can also be replaced with a new. over, on sale there are both couplings in full assembly and individual elements to them (washer, drum, etc. D.).

My weedeater has spark and fuel but it still won’t start

General recommendations of specialists

Avoiding repairs and contributing a long service life of a gas station is completely easy. The first thing to start with is to familiarize yourself with the instructions before work. It is important when the lawn mower is operated, monitor how well the engine is cooled. Be sure to maintain a pure starter and a cylinder ribs. Otherwise, the engine may quickly deteriorate due to overheating.

Periodic maintenance of the engine can significantly extend the life of a motorcycle. It consists in constant inspection and cleaning of the motor. A brush with a soft pile is taken to wash the cold engine. She needs to remove dirt from the surface. and.

Plastic parts are cleaned with special solvents

You can not leave fuel in a motorcycle for a period exceeding 30 days. If the mower is idle without work, it is better to drain the fuel mixture. For most tools, 92nd gasoline is suitable, which in no case can be replaced with diesel fuel or gasoline with a smaller octane number. The mixture is best used for two.stroke engines. It is not recommended to make fuel compositions for the future, since they eventually lose their original properties and can lead to a breakdown of motokos.

Upon completion of frequent operation of braids for grass, for example, with the advent of late autumn, the lawn mower should be prepared for storage. First you need to drain the fuel mixture, and then start the engine. This is necessary so that the remnants of the mixture in the carburetor are developed. After that, the unit is thoroughly cleaned of dirt and removed for storage. If you monitor the motorcycle, then even the Chinese can show high performance for a long time.

Recommendations for operation

The stability of the work of any motorcycle and the lack of problems with the launch of the power unit of such devices directly depend on the conditions in which the tool and quality of maintenance is used. And we are talking about the following basic rules:

  • In the process, it is necessary to pay special attention to the cooling system and other elements; It is strongly recommended to timely and qualitatively clean the channels located on the hull of braids for grass and ribs of the starter;
  • In the process of processing various elements, solvents, gasoline, kerosene and other effective means can be used;
  • The indicated work should be carried out after completely cooled by the power unit;
  • It is necessary to fully comply with all the rules specified in the relevant instructions drawn up by the developers of the described tool, which will avoid overloads in the heated engine, which in turn is the most common cause of serious breakdowns;
  • All fuel remnants in the internal combustion engine should be completely drained before long breaks in operation of braids for grass; It should be borne in mind that the gasoline-oil mixture quickly decays into the so-called heavy fractions that inevitably clogging the carburetor;
  • After removing the fuel, it is necessary to start the engine and let it work on xx until he himself stalls; Similarly, the remnants of the mixture will be eliminated from the internal combustion engine in full.

Particular attention must be paid to the preparation of the tool for long.term seasonal storage. This should be done to minimize the risks of problems with the launch of the engine. Competent preparation includes the following manipulations:

  • completely disassemble the trimmer for the grass;
  • Rinse and clean all the elements to which there is access;
  • examine the parts of the lawn mower in order to identify defects (mechanical damage detected in this case should be eliminated);
  • pour motor oil into the gearbox;
  • carry out high.quality cleaning from clogging of an air filter element;
  • Having appropriate knowledge and practical skills, you can perform partial disassembly of the power plant with subsequent purge and lubrication of moving elements;
  • pour the collected gasoline braid with a pre.oiled rag.

In addition to all of the already listed, it is necessary to lubricate the piston group. This algorithm provides for the following simple manipulations:

  • extract a candle;
  • translate with the starter the piston to the upper dead point (VMT);
  • pour a small volume of motor oil into the cylinder;
  • Shine the crankshaft several times.

Regardless of the cost and brand of equipment, you should clearly comply with all the requirements of the relevant instructions and adhere to the recommendations of developers and experienced specialists. Today, detailed information regarding the correct use of such technology can be easily found on many specialized sites and forums.

It is important to remember that competent operation of motorcycles and its timely maintenance (independent or in the service) is a guarantee of the longest possible service life and minimum expenses.

Next, watch the video on how to determine and eliminate the reason why the gasoline trimmer is not started for grass.

New chainsaw or benzotrimmer (lawn mower) may not start.

All the reasons why the lawn mower is not started can be classified by the specifics of the operation of individual units. In the service center, the malfunctions are classified:

  • engine malfunction (piston wear, bearing malfunction, crankcase crack);
  • Fuel mixture malfunction. clogged pores of an air filter or a malfunction of a carburetor;
  • the ignition system does not work;
  • A mechanical malfunction. a leak of hoses, broken wires under the braid, rupture of the tubes.

The user first needs to check if there is a fuel in the tank. Start the launch in accordance with the instructions, putting the saw on the side. Set the air damper to the position “closed”, pump up fuel, turn on the ignition and produce 3-4 sharp jerks by the starter. If the engine has earned, open the air damper. The lawn mower is not started. we repeat the operations with a slightly open air damper.


With a unsuccessful launch, we begin to look for the reason for the refusal:

  • check the quality of fuel;
  • make sure that the candle and clean canal is working;
  • check the cleanliness of the air filter;
  • Make sure that the fuel filter is not clogged;
  • Check the cleanliness of the bastard;
  • Clean the exhaust channel.

complex reasons will be detected in the diagnosis of a malfunction, leading to the overhaul of the carburetor. Such reasons include clogging of the internal channels of the carburetor, wear on it gaskets and violation of the tightness of internal halls with a vacuum loss. DIY lawn mowing repair, if it does not start, will require patience.

Where to start the diagnosis of malfunctions if a trimmer is not started for grass? In situations where the tool stalls immediately after starting, it is worth examining the following units:

stroke, trimmer, grass, fuel

It is the breakdown of the above locations that most often leads to the fact that a trimmer for grass is poorly started. Let’s look at how to eliminate such troubles.

  • To twist the candle. Wipe it thoroughly, and then dry it.
  • Drain excess fuel in the chamber through the corresponding candle hole.
  • Clear the old candle if there is a dozen on its surface. Cope with the task will allow the use of a conventional ladies’ nail file or file.
  • When installing the element in place, set a gap of 1 mm. To check the parameter, it is enough to place any coin in the lumen.
  • Collect a functional block back.
  • Try to start a trimmer for grass.

It is recommended to perform a candle channel to dry for at least half an hour. However, in no case should you resort to the calcination of its elements. After all, heating the spark plug can lead to its final corruption. Что предпринять, если обслуживание функционального блока было выполнено в соответствии вышеуказанным рекомендациям, но триммер для травы не заводится, искра есть при этом?

In this case, it should be treated with gasoline threaded connection. The latter does not need to be saturated abundantly fuel. It should only be slightly moisturized. Resort to such actions should be to ensure the ignition. After all, no matter how much the candle gives a strong spark, in an absolutely dry chamber there simply will not be something to ignite.

If even in this case a trimmer for grass does not start, it is worth evaluating the quality of the contact between the high.voltage wire and the candle. In the absence of a spark (in the presence of a reliable connection between the indicated elements), most likely, the problem is caused by breakdown of the ignition unit. In this situation, you will have to turn to the services of masters who will reinstall the knot.

The stable functioning of a trimmer for grass can be impaired as a result of laying dirt in the graduation canal or the formation of a blockage on a muffler grid. This problem most often occurs during the operation of older generation trimmers. The issue is being solved by dismantling the anti.diploma mesh and its cleaning.

And again the carburetor.

Well, even if after such bullying your trimmer does not start for the grass, you can’t do without disassembling the carburetor. It may very well be that everything is to blame for the gathering of the needle in it. In any case, the disassembly and washing of this capricious mechanism certainly will not hurt.

In general, when a trimmer for the grass began to be capricious and stall, it is advisable to carry out complete prevention: to completely change the fuel mixture, try another oil, and also mandatory change the candle. The gasoline trimmer for the grass does not start? Reasons and decisions on. Practice shows that in many cases, it is precisely cheap low.quality candles that are to blame.

We examined the most typical reasons why a trimmer is not started for grass. If the matter is something more “exotic”, do not pass the campaign in the service center. You will probably find smaller and obvious breakdowns yourself.

In general, when a trimmer for the grass began to be capricious and stall, it is advisable to carry out complete prevention: to completely change the fuel mixture, try another oil, and also mandatory change the candle. Practice shows that in many cases, it is precisely cheap low.quality candles that are to blame.

Malfunction of a used trimmer for grass

List of malfunctions of a used lawn mower (gasoline trimmer for grass) with any engine:

For several years, a new trimmer for grass could be launched only after cleaning the candle and purging the cylinder. Dismantling, washing and adjusting the carburetor, the use of gasoline almost without oil (before jerking when stopping the engine) did not lead to a solution to the problem.

The analysis of the cylinder showed that under the gasket separating the cylinder head and the case, the Chinese flooded the sealant. The sealant squeezed out from under the gasket just where the groove is protected, passing the connection place. The influx of the sealant was blocked by the groove. After removing the influx of sealant, the lawn mower began to start without problems.

Buying a remote assumption before disassembling the cylinder and not particularly hoping that the repair will succeed, at the same time I bought a Hopper VS-350 4T gas mower with a four-stroke engine. Before use, I checked the lubricant of the shaft and the lower gearbox. The gearbox was completely clogged with a thick lubricant, the shaft had to be lubricated additionally, and from the ends of the rod to remove the burrs who could break off and get to the shaft.

I confirm what they write about trimmers for grass with a four.stroke engine: less noise, vibration and fuel consumption. Instead of constant preparation of the fuel mixture, you only have to sometimes check the oil level and add if necessary.

Surprise from “Hopra

Since the “Hoper” calmly starts with an open air damper, he did not immediately notice that the air damper lever rubbed the fuel hose at the place of contact almost through:

If you see that the lever of the air damper of your trimmer for the grass rests on the fuel hose, insulate the hose at the site of contact and turn the sharp edge of the lever with a file or sandpaper.

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Why stall the engine of a trimmer for grass when recruiting

The most popular with summer residents, gardeners and gardeners trimmers for grass are equipped with two.stroke engines operating on gasoline. In recent years, part of the manufacturers have been promoting motorcycles and leaflets based on four.stroke engines in the market, but they have not yet gained the popularity that two.stroke. They are more difficult in the device, more demanding on the mode of operation, purity of fuel, oil quality. Also, four.stroke engines are more in weight and more slowly gaining momentum.

During the operation of trimmers on the basis of two.stroke engines, a number of characteristic malfunctions arise related to the features of the design of the engines. With all the perfection of the Husqvarna or Echo engines, even they occasionally “acting up”. The budget models of motorcycle assembled in China, problems arise more often. This is due to both the lower quality of materials and the assembly level. The most characteristic malfunction is a poor launch from a “hot” state and “subsidence” of revolutions at a slight load. But sometimes a trimmer for grass stalls with a sharp press on the throttle key. Why does this happen?

The reasons for the breakdown

For all the apparent simplicity, the lawn mower is a well.thought.out and balanced tool in which each part is in its place. If everything is regular, the engine from the cold state should start after the first starter jerk. Depending on the model, first you need to swing the fuel mixture by pressing the transparent button on the carburetor. In a number of modern fuel pumping models, it is not required.

You also need to transfer the lever on the carburetor to the extreme position to close the air damper. In some models of Husqvarna and other manufacturers, the shuttle of the damper is carried out by turning a special regulator. After that, you need to turn on the ignition on the handle and energetically pull the starter’s cord, while pressing the gas key to about half.

The engine should start after the first jerk, but can earn after 3. 4 movements. This cannot be considered a breakdown. it all depends on the production of the motor, the quality of the fuel mixture, temperature and humidity and other factors. Two.stroke engines have their own character, to find out why they are not launched from the first, but from the fourth time, it is difficult even for professional mechanics.

stroke, trimmer, grass, fuel

If the engine confidently launched and earned, but the trimmer for the grass stalls when pressing the gas, then you forgot to transfer the carburetor lever to the position of the open or partially open air damper. Usually. this is the movement of the lever down. It may happen that the most stable the lawn mower works with a not fully opened damper. If you have used the trimmer for more than one season, so it will be. When the lever of the damper is transferred to the extreme lower position, the fuel mixture can become too impoverished and the trimmer for the grass stalls when you give gas.

This feature is not considered a malfunction. you just need to check the work of the trimmer for grass in different modes and try to use the optimal one in work. But there are other reasons why the lawn mower can stall at any stage, immediately after starting or during operation.

Other possible reasons

If, with a sharp addition of revolutions, the engine stalls, as if zabulae, then the reason may be:

  • Carburetor adjustment failure. This happens after prolonged downtime or after excessive loads, for example, natives in hot weather or in conditions of strong dustiness.
  • Clogging valve on the tank cover. Eliminated by replacing the lid or cleaning valve.
  • Weakening of the cable of the carburetor regulator drive.
  • Stretching of the fuel hose.
  • Depressurization of traffic jams on the tank, which includes hoses.
  • The clogging of the sapun.

When looking for the reasons why the trimmer stalls for the grass when trying to increase speed, other reasons may appear, for example, associated with the ignition coil and candle. If the fuel mixture is not prepared according to the rules using cheap oil or poor.quality gasoline, the proportions are not observed, or the mixture cooked a month ago, then the engine can also stall when trying to add gas.

How the real reason is determined

In the case when the carburetor is responsible for stopping the engine, a sudden stop is accompanied by a nearby symptoms. Most often, this is the appearance of tangible vibrations in all operating modes. Carburetor adjustment is carried out using two screws. idle control and fuel supply. In which direction to rotate them should be written in the operating instructions. If independent adjustment has not helped, contact the service center or buy a new carburetor.

If you have a lawn mower of a professional or semi-professional class, for example, the same echo or al-ko. then the carburetor resource is approximately equal to the durability of the motor and there is no need to buy a new one. It is enough to seek help in adjustment to a knowledgeable specialist. Motokos type Champion has a slightly lower carburetor resource, it may happen that adjustments will not help. Carburetors of two.stroke engines in the repair are complex, so it is better to order a new.

After making sure that the carburetor works fine, but the lawn mower still stalls, try to loosen the gas tank cover. If the engine operating mode has changed, it means that the lid valve is clogged or clogged. Practice shows that it is useless to clean it. It is better to buy a new cover, it costs a little, and it will last at least 2. 3 seasons.

Along the way, check the tightness of the gas pipeline connection from the carburetor and tank. Sometimes hoses stretch, and air is sucked around around the fittings. With a sharp press on the gas key, the mixture becomes depleted (gasoline is less than a stichiometric indicator) and the motor stalls. This also happens when the gasket between the carburetor and the cylinder is pierced or the bolts of the carburetor attachment are loosened from vibration. Just in case, check them, but do not forget that two.stroke engines are made of rather fragile alloys. If you overdo it with the moment of puffing, the thread in the cylinder can be disrupted.

It is also recommended to check the fence mesh on the hose in the tank, the cork through which the hoses are inserted into the tank and blow the fuel lines. Perhaps they are clogged and a little gasoline enters the carburetor. Especially with sharp pressure on gas.

Having checked and cleaning all the systems of the trimmer for the grass, season the tank prepared by all the rules by the mixture and start from the cold state. Let me work out for several minutes at idle and try to mow fishing at medium speeds. After 10. 12 minutes of work, add speed sharply. a trimmer for grass should not stall. If this happens, change the spark plug and perform the same actions.

If during operation a trimmer for the grass, before stall, spontaneously periodically reduces or increases the revolutions, “failures” appear in power, then it is necessary to check the ignition coil and contacts of all wires. Start with contacts, they are quite fragile and can break off or oxidize.

The spring may interfere

My first attempt to adjust the gas mowing carburetor did not give anything, since the spring of the fuel mixture adjustment propeller prevented. The factory spring turned out to be too thick in a compressed state and did not make it possible to reduce the supply of fuel to the required level. I had to choose another spring and continue the adjustment after its replacement.

The adjusting screw for feeding the fuel mixture with the spring

In the photo above the factory spring, below the adjusting screw with a selected spring. I am writing about this, because I am not sure that this is an isolated case, and someone else may face the same situation.

From personal experience

lawn mower or trimmer for grass

Trimmer for grass is a broader concept than a lawn mower (lawn mower), since it can also be an electric. The gasoline trimmer for grass and the lawn mower is the same thing.

Some authors assure that a trimmer for grass is a weaker tool, unlike a more powerful lawn mower, which can be used to mow shrubs. Personally, I have a tool with a maximum capacity of 1.7 kW and capable, as stated in the instructions, to mow a small shrub up to 10 mm thick. User manual is called “trimmer for gasoline grass”.

The proportion of the fuel mixture

I read somewhere that if the law mowing manual and the canister with butter indicates different proportions of the preparation of the fuel mixture, the proportion indicated in the manual should be used.

It was done for a long time. excess oil flowed out of the engine to the gas tank and the fiber was constantly formed on the candle, since the leadership indicated a proportion for a engine 1:25, and on the canister. 1:50. After the transition to a proportion of 1:50, the appearance of oil fluxes stopped. The candle continued to burn, but with less intensity (the carburetor has not yet been adjusted).

Until now, some users of the benzo tool determine the fuel mixture “by eye”. If when preparing the mixture the amount of oil is underestimated, after a while an extraneous sound may appear immediately after the engine starts, gradually disappeared during heating, and the engine stop occurs with a sharp jerk. The continuation of the operation of a trimmer for grass in this mode will lead to its failure.

Clead cleaning

In the worst times of the work with a trimmer with an unresolved carburetor, the engine stopped starting after using each fuel tank. And only after cleaning the candle from the car, could you continue to work.

For cleaning the electrodes, fine sandpaper was used, and a thin stationery clip with a bent end was used to clean the space between the insulator and the case. At first, the electrodes were wiped with high dirt with a rag, then cleaned with sandpaper. After that, the candle fell into the diesel fuel and the moistened carpet was opposed by a paper clip from the surfaces of the insulator, the inside of the body and between them. Further, the candle fell several times into the diesel fuel, which then shake off it along with the pollution. Sometimes the procedure for cleaning a paper clip and washing were repeated. After that, the candle wiped dry and was ready for further operation.

Incredibly, one fuel mixture tank with an unresolved carburetor can be spent in less than 10 minutes. verified in practice, when the trimmer for the grass was launched and operated at high speeds with maximum fuel supply (the adjusting screw was unscrewed much more than the norm).

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