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TOP-14 Bosch screws rating: review and characteristics of the best battery and network models of 2022

A real master cannot do without a drill-electrical screwdriver. Will help with the choice of model the rating of the best devices.

During independent repair work, the battery or network drill-electrical screwdriver is one of the best assistants who allows you to perform an extensive list of tasks.

The device is compact, ergonomic and multifunctional, however, for the most comfortable operation, it is important to choose a model that fully complies with the requirements of the claimant buyer.

The German brand Bosch, a leader in construction technology, offers a decent network or battery equipment at affordable prices.

How to choose a battery or network drill with an electrical screwdriver from the brand Bosch?

Note! To select the best network or battery drill-electrical screwdriver, professionals recommend carefully studying such parameters as:

  • The value of the rotational moment.Devices for household purposes usually have an indicator up to 20 nm. Professional devices. from 100 to 200 nm;
  • rotational speed.Indicates the number of spindle revolutions per unit of time. 500 revolutions are enough to work with fasteners, and more than 1000 revolutions will be required to drill;
  • Battery tension.The stores show devices in the range from 3 to 36 V. 18 V devices or more are designed for professional use, but for the domestic, the model of 14 V is perfect;
  • type and diameter of the cartridge.The cartridge can be fast.packed with the possibility of installing a drill or bit, as well as hexagonal. only bats. A good solution will be a drill that allows you to work with a 10 mm nozzle;
  • additional options.The device will make a universal in use the presence of a shock mechanism and impulse mode. The reverse and speed switch will not become superfluous.

The main advantages:

Brighting engine.Durable metal drilling cartridge. With a low body length (in total 123 mm), GSR 18V-50 Professional allows you to perform complex work even in constrained spaces.Professional Flexible Power System.

The maximum torque is 50 NMMYGROY Twisting. 24 NMPs of idle speed: 1 speed. from 0 to 460 revolutions, 2 speed. from 0 to 1800 revolutions.

The main advantages:

Brightless engine is protected from overload.Durable all.metal fast.packed cartridge with Autolock. High power and individual settings of electrical screwdriver in the Toolbox application. Compatible with Bluetooth GCY module (settings control, state check and receipt of problems about problems).

Max. Twisting the moment. 60 NMMIG WITTION. 31 NMPs of idle speed: 1 speed. from 0 to 600 rpm, 2 speed. from 0 to 1900 revolutions.

Design and technical characteristics

The battery is rightfully considered one of the main nodes of the screwdriver, how high its operational properties will depend, the power and duration of the device will depend.

Structurally, the battery is quite simple: the battery body is equipped with a lid that is attached to it by means of four screws. One of the metizes is usually flooded with plastic and serves as evidence that the battery was not opened. This happens in service centers when servicing batteries under warranty. A garland of power elements that have a sequential connection is placed inside the case, due to which the full voltage of the battery is equal to the sum of the voltage of all the batteries. Each of the elements has its own marking with working parameters and model type.

The main technical characteristics of the batteries for electric screwdriver are capacity, voltage, and full charge time.

  • The capacity of the battery is measured in mails and shows how much time the element is able to nourish the load when full charge. For example, a capacity of 900 mA/h suggests that with a load of 900 miliamper, the battery will be discharged in one hour. This value allows you to judge the potential of the device and correctly calculate the load: the higher the battery capacity and the better the device holds the charge, the more the screwdriver can work for a long time.

The capacity of most household models is 1300 mA/h, which is enough for a couple of hours of intensive work. In professional samples, this indicator is much higher and is 1.5-2 a/h.

  • The voltage is also considered an important technical property of the battery and has a direct effect on the power of the electric engine and the value of the torque. Household models of screwdrivers are equipped with medium.sized batteries at 12 and 18 volts, while powerful devices install batteries for 24 and 36 in. The voltage of each of the power elements that make up the battery block varies from 1.2 to 3.6 V and depends on the battery model.
  • The full charge time indicates how much time will take the battery so that the charging is complete. Basically, all modern battery models are charged quickly enough, in about 7 hours, and if you only need to recharge the device a little, then sometimes there are enough 30 minutes at all.

However, with short.term charges, you need to be extremely careful: some models have the so.called “memory effect”, in view of which frequent and short recharge is contraindicated to them.

Chips on the choice

Before proceeding with the acquisition of the battery for an electric screwdriver, it is necessary to determine how often and in what conditions the tool is planned to operate. So, if the device is bought for irregular use with a minimum load, then there is no point in acquiring an expensive lithium-ion model. In this case, it is better to opt for time-tested nickel-cadmium batteries, with which nothing will happen during long-term storage.

Lithium products, regardless of whether they are operated or not, must be kept in a loaded state, while supporting at least a 60%charge.

If the battery is selected for installation on a professional model, the use of which will be constant, then in this case it is better to take “lithium”.

When buying a screwdriver or a separate battery from hand, it is necessary to remember the property of lithium-ion models to age in accordance with their age.

And even if the instrument looks like new and never turned on, then the battery in it is most likely a non.working. Therefore, in such situations, only nickel-cadmium models should be chosen or to be prepared for the fact that the lithium-ion battery will have to be changed soon.

Regarding the operating conditions of the screwdriver, it should be borne in mind that if the tool is selected for work in the country or in the garage, it is better to opt for the “cadmium”. Unlike lithium-ion samples, they tolerate frost much better and are not afraid of blows and falls.

For non-working work in the conditions, you can buy a nickel-metal-hydride model.

They have a large capacity and have established themselves well as a home assistant.

Thus, if you need an inexpensive, hardy and durable battery, then you need to choose a nickel-cadmium. If you need a capacious model that can twist the motor for a long time and powerfully. this is, of course, “lithium”.

Nickel-metall-hydride battery in its properties closer to Nickel-Kadmiev, therefore, for work at plus temperatures, they can be selected as a more modern alternative.

TOP 11 best battery screws for choosing customers

Despite the fact that all such devices have approximately the same design, there are models that differ from their competitors in certain parameters and are more popular among buyers. We selected the most popular screwdrivers that have a large number of positive reviews. Our rating includes models from the following manufacturers:

Rokodil Twist 2 Pro

The Rokodil Twist 2 Pro electric screwdriver was deservedly the leader of the rating. the tool received many positive reviews from users. The model is valued for high performance, excellent ergonomics, quick charging and prolonged autonomous work. The well.thought.out shape of the case provides a comfortable capture and reliable holding of the tool. The electric screwdriver is equipped with a capacious lithium-ion battery for 2000 mAh, it holds a charge for a long time, has no memory effect and differs in a long service life.

The Rokodil Twist 2 Pro provides for two speeds of work, which will establish a regime for the most efficient performance of the task. The maximum rotation speed is 1400 rpm, the torque reaches 48 N m. There is a fast.and.packed cartridge and a spindle latch, so that the replacement of equipment takes a minimum of time. Drills, bits, end heads and other necessary accessories are included in the package.

  • Torque 48 N m.
  • Thoughtful ergonomics.
  • Charges in 90 minutes.
  • The set of bit and drill includes.
  • Nylon plastic.
  • Warranty 5 years.

Interskol Da-12ER-02 Home Master

The most inexpensive battery electric screwdriver in our ranking. Equipped with a linear coupling restriction of torque. Gear gearboxes are metallic. Thanks to small weight 0.96 kg, even with continuous work, hands do not get tired.

Charging fee is immediately built into the battery itself, which allows you to disassemble and replace it in the case of a breakdown. Window with light indicators will be reminded when it is time to put the tool for charging. The warranty period is two years.

  • Thanks to easy weight, hands do not get tired even with prolonged work.
  • Self.izing cartridge.
  • Battery charge indicator.
  • Low price.
  • Speed ​​switch often sees, which can lead to a breakdown of the gearbox.


Good unstressed drill shurupert at an affordable price. The tool is attached to the battery using a handle. The reverse and lock button is combined. The main control buttons are painted in orange, which allows you not to confuse them with other parts.

Ventilation holes in the back allow you not to overheat the engine. The absence of rubberized legs on the battery is compensated by a wide and stable base. It can be charged with any charge level.

  • The cartridge is clamped without labor, with one hand.
  • Successful location of the buttons.
  • There is an instant stop.
  • Light weight and compact dimensions.
  • For storage of a screwdriver, a bag, not a plastic suitcase.
  • The set does not include a set of bit and.


Hammer ACD185LI

Household battery electric screwdriver, which works with fasteners, drills wood, metal and plastic. Can drill a hole in wood with a diameter of up to 25 mm. This is the most powerful model in the 18 in line of batteries. There are 16 torque settings and the “drill” mode.

The engine brake allows you to stop rotation immediately after lowering the lever. The reverse is turned on by the button on the side of the start, this allows you to conveniently control the thumb and forefinger.

  • There is a charge indicator.
  • Strong cartridge.
  • Shockproof case.
  • Fast charging (about 1 hour).
  • There is no magnet on the front of the screws, which complicates the work at the height.
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Makita DF331DWYE

This model has a plastic case with a rear rubberized handle. The device uses the cartridge of the German company ROHM, the world leader in this area, and all the main electronic elements for Makita are produced by the Dutch company. 18 steps of torque plus one for drilling. Thanks to the right angle of inclination, you will not have to strain hard and bend the hand.

With the help of the regulator, you can accurately, without disruption of the slots, twist any screws and drill neat holes of such depth that is necessary. This is especially important when working with furniture, where an extra millimeter can ruin the entire structure. Power is easily adjusted by the trigger button, the stronger the press, the higher the power. Indicators on the charger will inform about full charging or overheating of the battery.

  • Back for mounting on the belt.
  • Spindle speed.
  • Convenient pen.
  • For a long time from the battery.

4K Видео Распаковка GSB 18V-55 / Обзор GSB 18 V-55 Аккумуляторного Ударного шуруповёрта от Bosch.

  • The charged battery cannot immediately be installed in the drill, you need to wait for it when it cools down.

Hitachi DS18DVF3

The battery electric screwdriver of the famous manufacturer Hitachi, which deserves your attention. Thanks to the nickel-cadmium cassette-type battery, a fast charge of the battery occurs, in just half an hour. Above the power source there are two bits wearing holes. Adjusting the force at 22 values, which makes it an ideal device for working with wood, plastic, soft steel and aluminum.

A two.speed gearbox with a control button in one touch allows you to choose the required number of revolutions. Turnover in the first gear up to 400, and on the second 1200 rpm. A 2 kg weight tool is well balanced in the hand. A motor with increased resource and air cooling.

AKB compatible with hitachi screwdrivers

Nickel-cadmium battery with a capacity of 2 A × h and voltage 12 V. Consists of 10 cylindrical elements HYCPSC2000N, size. SC. For charging, chargers from Hitachi batteries are suitable. It has the form of clips.

Nickel-cadmium battery for Hitachi tools. Voltage. 12 V, capacity. 1.5 A × h. Charging time. no more than 90 minutes.