What brand of chain saw to choose

What brand of chain saw to choose: rating 2019

An overview of the best according to Zuzako editors.com. Selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a buying guide. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with an expert.

The chainsaw is an indispensable tool in the countryside for cutting boards or limbs in trees. The usual chainsaw no longer meets the demands of our automated age. The chainsaw’s ratio of effort to efficiency is much higher. And if we talk about industrial use of the device, then it is necessary to take into account several important criteria that seriously distinguish the professional model from the domestic model. The market for this tool is extremely diverse, and in order not to get lost in this variety, the editorial staff of Zuzako has made a rating of chainsaws in 2019. What brand to choose from those presented on the market we will tell you right now.

Basic types of gasoline saws

Before you go to the store, you need to thoroughly understand the purposes for which you will need an expensive tool. Who will be working with the saw most often, what kind of loads, how often it will be used. everything matters. What are the best chainsaw brands?? If it will be used for making firewood in the summer and fall, pruning branches, then the tool is not too powerful will cope with this work. And for the use of the saw in the construction business, where you have to cut timber for the construction of a sauna or a gazebo, you will need a more powerful engine. Always keep this in mind, so that the saw does not become dead weight in the future.

The gasoline-powered tool comes in 3 categories:

Most home models are designed to work for 20-30 hours a month. They help their owners to prepare firewood, cut wood or trim branches. They are lightweight and small in size. They are often called amateur tools. These saws are equipped with a 1.5-2 kW motor and low-profile chains that give a very low vibration level. The productivity of these units is not very high, but they are quite light and become real helpers in household chores.

Semi-professional units weigh more than household, have a 2-3 kW motor. They can be used for cutting thick trees and branches, beams and boards. Loading more than 2-4 hours is not recommended for this class of machines.

The most powerful units are professional saws. They can work for 8 hours without interruption. During this time, the amount of work performed can be quite industrial. Buy a professional saw can be used for the construction of a large house or bathhouse, a gazebo, for sawing thick trees.

Technics from Chinese and Korean manufacturers find their buyers thanks to the low price or certain design developments, which makes it lighter and more reliable. In general, Chinese and Korean chainsaws can be characterized as the most functional at the lowest possible price, so if you decide what brand of chainsaw to choose for country houses, they will be a good solution. Some budget models can even be equipped with the system New Pure Fire, which saves gasoline and almost half the amount of emissions into the atmosphere.


Often the packaging of these chainsaws indicates the manufacturer of the Swedish group Husqvarna, in which Partner is a member for many years. The company started its history in the fifties of the twentieth century as a manufacturer of specialized tools for loggers, but in the eighties it expanded the line of models, adding household appliances for home use.

The new direction proved to be successful and now the company is fully focused on it, producing low-cost models of good quality at a relatively low price, since the production facilities are located in China. For its value chain saws brand Partner have sufficient functionality and reliability, as noted in the reviews of its owners.

Kioritz Corporation (Shindaiwa and Echo)

Kiorits owns three brands at a time. besides repeating the name of the parent company Kioritz, such newly established names as Shindaiwa and Echo are fighting for the attention of buyers. At the same time, chainsaws were originally not the main products of the corporation. they are produced only under the brand names Shindaiwa and Echo, and the domestic buyer can buy only the last of them. It is unknown exactly why the company’s management made such a decision, perhaps they decided to promote a more “European” name, but after 2016, Shindaiwa chainsaws are not supplied to the domestic market.

In the segment of professional equipment the company’s products are not represented practically, but the buyers appreciated the domestic and semi-professional chainsaws for their lightness and quality of parts and assembly.

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Unlike venerable competitors, this Chinese brand has announced itself relatively recently. the company has only been operating since the early 2000s. Not trying to compete in quality, it immediately bet on its trump card. the ability to deliver to the market inexpensive and functional budget models of chainsaws.

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The company does not develop new technologies, focusing on the production of existing products. it makes barely a dozen models of chainsaws. They are fairly willing to buy for home use, as they cope with their task and at a cost of a third (sometimes even 2-3 times) lower than the domestic models of the same STIHL or Hauskvarna.

As with most budget products, reviews of Champion saws are completely opposite. some owners of the tool gives a head start to competitors, while others may almost immediately fail.


Thanks to many years of experience in the production of cars, the strong point of any chainsaw of this trademark is an engine. the power and reliability of which is confirmed by customer reviews. Another advantage of this brand products are prices. although not the lowest in the market, but allowing for a reasonable price to buy quite good quality tools with a good margin of safety.

Disadvantages of chainsaws Hyundai rather subjective. to someone they will seem unimportant, and for another will be reason to look at products of another brand. First of all, it is a small selection of products. the company has established the production of a few successful models and expands their line quite slowly. Also, buyers note the poor quality of the plastic that covers the body of the saw. it does not crumble into pieces, but leaves much to be desired. The third thing to consider. all chainsaws Hyundai weigh more than 4.5 kg. if the weight of the device is important, it is an important factor when choosing.


Patriot chainsaws are of Chinese origin, but in fact, the company was originally established in the U.S. Since its founding, the company has grown from a small workshop in forty years to a company that supplies equipment for agricultural work to several dozen countries and is constantly expanding its market.

Since the sales are aimed primarily at the economic segment, the production facilities of America have been moved in due course to China. Together with effective marketing this allowed to set almost the lowest in the market. As for the quality of products, it somewhat corresponds to the cost, but to be fair it is noted that the overall price-quality ratio in favor of Patriot equipment.

Asian models

Chinese and Korean manufacturers also succeeded in developing their own chainsaws. They are characterized by low price and individual technology, through which professionals have achieved an increased level of lightness and reliability of devices.

If a person has decided to buy a chainsaw to work in the country or at home, then these models are best suited. You can find the most functional device at a minimal price.

Manufacturer Partner

Partner is a member of the Swedish Husqvarna group, which has already been reviewed. However, the models are manufactured in Asia with their own technology. History of the organization began in the 1950s as a manufacturer of various tools for working with wood on an industrial scale. In the 1980s came the first line of automated saws that run on a gasoline engine.

Over the years, it has become clear that the company’s most successful products are the units in question. That’s why it was decided to stop developing them. Partner produced mid-range quality units at the highest possible budget price. This is not a high functionality and reliability level, but it has the right price/performance ratio.

Huyndai Company

Obviously, one of the most important parts of a chainsaw is the engine. It’s no secret that Huyndai specialists have many years of experience in developing their own engines for cars. Therefore, it was not difficult for them to start creating reliable and high-quality engines for chainsaws, and after that the chainsaws themselves.

The of models of this brand can not be called the lowest and most attractive, but they fully correspond to the products.

As for the disadvantages that the models of the company Huyndai have, there are only three. For some, they may seem unimportant, but you can meet cases where these factors have become decisive in choosing a chainsaw. The list of disadvantages includes:

    Small selection of models. The company’s policy is that it is easier to release and support a small range of successful models than to constantly expand the market with new products.

  • Poor quality plastic used in the construction.
  • Great weight of the models.

If these disadvantages are not important for the buyer, then you can purchase this company’s model without hesitation.

Semi-professional chainsaws

This category of chainsaw assortment is characterized by:

  • Use of quality and durable raw materials;
  • modern technologies of their processing, careful assembly of components;
  • higher power and performance.

Husqvarna 440E

The Husqvarna 440E Series opens the half-professional chainsaw review section. Universal by many parameters of the tool. differs from budget analogues:

  • fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly 2.4L X-Torq engine.с;
  • The Husqvarna 440E is equipped with the Smart Start system;
  • A refined primer in terms of reliability;
  • built-in reversing mode in the switch.

The 440E is easy to maintain and rugged and has proven itself in every part of the country, even in colder climates.

Efco 137

The chainsaw equipment of world leader Echo outpaced many competitors even at the start. The 137 is a lightweight and productive general-purpose tool.

  • 35-cubic-inch, 2.2-liter long-life engine.с. and a saw unit with a 410 mm guide bar;
  • low weight in the range of 4 kg and comfortable for continuous work, ergonomic housing configuration, minimal noise and vibration;
  • Adjustable oil pump of the automatic lubrication system of the headset;
  • Inertia switch of emergency chain brake mechanism;
  • Increased usable area of engine air intake filter and collapsible exhaust silencer.
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Echo CS-260TES-10″

Semi-professional saw of Japanese production by all indicators is not inferior to analogues of leading European brands. The functionality of this model is focused on household sawing jobs and applications in horticulture and forestry technology.

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12-inch headset activated by a 1.23 horsepower, 27 cc small engine. Primer and ES-start system reduces cold start difficulties to a minimum.

  • Increased engine life;
  • two-stage air cleaner;
  • three-piece clutch mechanism;
  • the presence of a shoulder strap attachment unit;
  • 5 years warranty from the manufacturer.

Hitachi CS30EH

Model of semi-professional level by quality and efficiency is identical to the best developments of European and Asian manufacturers. CS30EH multipurpose saw is intended for small-scale household and construction sawing work.

The tool with its own weight of 3.4 kg is equipped with a 34-cc two-stroke petrol engine with an output of 1.8 l.с. Includes 14″ professional headset, compact and easy to use in tight spaces. The price of 21,000 is 100% commensurate with the quality of the saw and the level of its technical equipment.

Makita EA3203S40B

In the production of competitive high-end chainsaws the company Makita, known for the quality of its products. One of the most successful products is the gasoline-powered saw EA3203S40B.

The tool in the price range of 11200 to 11600 is powered by a small-capacity 1.81 liter gasoline engine.с. The high traction characteristics of the engine ensure the productive operation of the professional 16″ saw.

Periodically updated rating of semi-professional chainsaws of this brand in recent years tends to grow steadily.

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STIHL chain saws are in particular demand on the domestic and European markets. In the list of the most popular and demanded developments is the model of MS 180 C-BE series.

The saw is equipped with a sturdy and robust engine with a displacement of 32 cm3 and a power of 2 liters.с. Realizing the full activation of the drive of the regular saw unit with a length of 400 mm. The design features, such as the easy-start system and the easy access to the inner systems, components and chain tensioning mechanism.

Rating of the best chainsaws from other popular manufacturers

In addition to the devices considered before, the most famous and popular companies, you can find on sale the products of several other well-known companies, which are famous for the high quality of their products. Let’s consider what chainsaw to choose in this case, and what features are characteristic of this or that model.

Features and price of the Makita DCS34 chainsaw

Many consumers recommend buying a Makita chainsaw because it is one of the best budget options. With all the necessary functions such as automatic chain lubrication, vibration absorption and inertia brake, electronic ignition and “Quick Start” function provide high efficiency and ease of use.

The Makita DCS 34 Compact Domestic Chainsaw

This chain saw has a guide bar length of 35 cm, which is good enough for pruning trees and other small household chores. At the same time, the power of the device is 1.3 kW, which allows us to conclude that this device belongs to the class of household. This chainsaw weighs 4.7 kg, with a fuel tank capacity of 0.37 l and an oil tank capacity of 0.25 l.

In addition to the device itself, the chainsaw kit includes a saw headset, as well as a combination wrench, which can be used for maintenance of the unit.

Is it possible to buy a chainsaw Ural instead of its foreign analogues?

Looking through the catalog of Russian-made chainsaws, and characteristics, you will surely meet there a more powerful and lighter counterpart of the legendary “Druzhba”. This device is difficult to classify as a household device, because with a weight of 11.7 kg and an engine power of 3.68 kV, it can cope with incredibly difficult tasks. Although it is worth admitting that it requires a fair amount of skill from the operator.

The Ural chainsaw is the best choice for use both in the woods and at home

The volume of the fuel tank is 2 liters, which also increases the weight of the device during use, but it is worth noting some advantages, such as the presence of automatic chain lubrication or the ability to turn the bar to 90 degrees.

Partner 350 chainsaw: price and features

Those who are planning to buy a Partner 350 chainsaw probably know that the company is a subsidiary of the popular European company Husqvarna. Specializing in the production of amateur and semi-professional equipment, Partner is known for the high quality of its products.

Initially, the intended bar size is 40 cm, however, some users independently install 45 cm on the chainsaw as well Depending on the store you buy it from.

Of course, the Partner 350 is inferior to devices of more famous firms, and is more of a competitor for models produced by Champion and Hitachi, because the parts for the Partner 350 chainsaw are inherently of lower quality. Among the disadvantages of this device users note not too easy access to the air filter, as well as the lack of an inspection window to visually assess the oil level in the tank. This makes detecting and correcting malfunctions with the Partner 350 chain saw very difficult.

The Partner 350 chain saw has automatic chain lubrication

Another important aspect that needs attention is the preparation of the fuel mixture. The ratio of oil and gasoline in a chainsaw should be as follows: 100 grams of oil should be added to 5 liters of gasoline, i.e. 1:50. Accordingly, the ratio of gasoline to oil for the chainsaw, assuming the dilution of 1 liter of fuel will be 20/1 gram/liter.

Champion chainsaws: reviews of owners and the cost of the devices

If you read the reviews, what is the best chainsaw to buy for the house, then quite often you can also find some models of the Champion brand. Most of the models belong to the price category of up to 10 thousand. For example, the price of the popular chain saw Champion 250 is 7,150, and Champion 137 is 5,400

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Among the technical characteristics of these models, it is worth noting a high level of noise reduction and the presence of a chain brake. There is a 2.2 kW motor for the Champion 250 and a 1.5 kW motor for the Champion 137. Among the disadvantages we can note the lack of an anti-vibration system in both the first and the second variants.

Champion chainsaws have won a special place among users, thanks to the low noise level when working and high safety standards

According to reviews, the technical characteristics of such chainsaws fully meet all requirements, providing an appropriate level of safety, although they cannot boast of very high power or productivity. With its advantages, this option is suitable for simple tasks that are not associated with serious loads.

“Champion is in no way inferior to the hyped brands. Bought 1.5 years ago and very pleased. And although there were small problems with the fact that the oil was leaking, I managed to solve it very quickly and inexpensively”.

“A great saw that handles everything, but also consumes quite a lot of gasoline.”.

In order to understand how to choose a chainsaw by price and quality, you should consider as many models as possible, their characteristics, features, as well as user reviews, which can often note the practical aspects of use. But in any case, each of the models discussed is worthy of attention, and you only have to decide on your requirements and financial capabilities.

McCulloch CS 360 chainsaw

This chainsaw is made in the USA and is positioned as a tool designed for building with wood, cutting firewood on a minimal scale, pruning and simple felling of trees. The engine capacity of 36 cm³ and the good power of 1.3 kW is more than enough to solve the following tasks. Since the American company McCulloch is part of the Husqvarna group, its products, and the CS 360 in particular, feature the core technologies of the Swedish company:

  • Fuel priming with a primer when starting;
  • easier starting due to the reduced resistance of the starter rope;
  • The use of CCS-system for air purification;
  • Presence of two chain brakes: manual and inertia ones.

The model also features a standard effective anti-vibration system.

McCulloch CS 360 design features

First of all the combined control unit for the choke and ignition of the chainsaw.

The engine’s OxyPower technology reduces exhaust emissions by 70% and reduces fuel consumption. The method is based on mixing clean air with exhaust air containing particles of unburned fuel.

the possibility of changing the base chain saw bar from a 45 cm to a 40 cm or even a 35 cm one deserves attention.

On forums there are sometimes complaints about the crankshaft breaking off when the chainsaw is overloaded. Two things need to be emphasized here. First of all, if you opt for a domestic model, which is a McCulloch CS 360 chain saw, you should not load it as a professional saw. Secondly, the breakdown of the crankshaft during improper use indicates the reliability of secondary units, which in other models in this case immediately fail. The disadvantages of the McCulloch CS 360 can be considered some difficulties with adjustment of the carburetor and, perhaps, a rather large weight. In general, it is a reliable and handy chainsaw, well worth its price.

What chainsaw to choose for your home?

At home, there are two reasons why a chainsaw is the best choice. The first one implies the permanent use of wood as fuel for the heating system. The second option involves working at home with wood, such as making furniture from solid wood, as well as other household items like stairs, railings and similar carved products.

In fact, it should fully comply with the load entrusted to it. Therefore, if the device is used only for the season, you can choose a product from any series, even inexpensive original Chinese brands and even replicas of promoted brands. If a home chainsaw serves as a tool to earn money at the same time, then it is worth paying attention to the products of Japanese and German brands, which are the closest in technical parameters to the specified requirements and load.

Top 5 best chainsaws by price, quality and reliability for 2021-2022

If a chainsaw is not planned to be used too often, there is no point in buying a too expensive professional model. Many brands have quite decent quality devices, which are sold at a very reasonable cost. In 2021-2022, users put four models in this category.


The Kruger chainsaw is equipped with a 4.5 liter, 52 cm3 gasoline engine.с. and 52 cm3 volume, which does not need frequent refueling.

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On the bar. a protective plastic cover that guarantees the safety of the operator and prevents tool breakage. Engine has soft-start option. It runs on a mixture of gasoline AI-92 and oil.

Fuel is mixed in the proportions indicated in the manual. In spite of the fact that the tool is made by a German brand, for our country it comes with a manual in Russian.

There is also a 1 year warranty.

The Kruger chainsaw is equipped with a chain brake that stops the chain instantly if it gets stuck or hits a nail.

The tool also has a chain tensioner. The chain is lubricated automatically, which greatly reduces the time it takes to service the saw.

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To exclude premature failure of the gasoline saw, the manufacturer has equipped it with thermal protection of the ignition system.