What Can Be Made Of Chainsaw?

Reworking principle.

The basis of almost any homemade chainsaw is its use as a universal drive that can be used for a huge number of different devices. The area of ​​their use is very wide: cutting stone and metal, pumping out water, cleaning snow, drilling wells and holes, riding, moving various objects, swimming and even flying.
They realize the potential of a chainsaw with the help of a variety of tools and attachments. The basis of any rework is the simple principle of engine power takeoff: the device necessary for the master is connected to the output shaft. The presence of a powerful motor, compact size and relatively light weight of this tool, autonomy and the ability to work under extreme conditions make it truly limitless. Equally important is the practical design of the clutch, which protects the components and systems of the saw from damage and overload. The tool, made of a chainsaw, is distinguished by its tightness so that it can be used in almost any position.

What can be made of chainsaw?

All homemade can be divided into two groups:

  • the simplest devices (Bulgarian, ice screws, pump, winch, tiller, boat motor, bicycle, moped);
  • more complex mechanisms and objects (sawmill, snowthrower, snowmobile, snowmobile, power station, helicopter, one-forged knife).

For the manufacture of all the above devices, you can use different brands of chainsaws. When selecting them, the necessary power for normal reworking should be taken into account. Most often for the manufacture of various devices use these brands of chainsaws: Friendship, Stihl, Ural.

The most simple homemade things from the chainsaw.

Below are the various options made by chainsaws. Everyone can use such ideas in his household. From chainsaws with a small number of additional materials can be made:

Circular saw.

The main system of such a device is a bearing assembly with a shaft. At one end of it, install a driven pulley that rotates with a V-belt. On the other, fix the mandrel for cutting wheels. Depending on their brand, such a grinder can cut stone, metal, brick and other building materials.

Ice screws.

For good operation of the device, the auger speed should not be large, so it is necessary to use a gearbox made in the form of a worm or V-belt transmission. Such a device can be used in the construction of the foundation of screw piles and other earthworks.

Pump for pumping water

can be used for watering the garden, emergency water supply, draining ponds or flooded basements. Such a nozzle is a simple centrifugal pump, equipped with a bracket for attachment to the saw and a pulley, which drives the pump turbines.


which uses a chainsaw drive. The traction force of such a device is directly dependent on the power of the saw motor. When using an additional block, it can be significantly increased. This device is equipped with such additional details as the tap-off unit, hooks, belts, anchors.

Outboard motor

A great alternative to buying an expensive engine. To ensure movement at 20 km / h, it is sufficient to install a self-made boat motor with a gearbox (gear ratio 2: 1) and a 3-blade propeller with a diameter of 210 mm on the boat. At the same time, fuel consumption will be only 1 l per hour of engine operation.


from chainsaws can collect almost everyone. It requires a transmission system (2 gears). With its help, the energy of the motor is transmitted to the drive wheel, through which the working mechanism is set in motion. Of course, such a cultivator is unsuitable for processing a huge field, but for the backyard, its capacity is quite enough.

Chainsaw scooter.

For such a vehicle will need a base, for example, an old bike. The motor of the chainsaw is attached to its frame. As a rule, gear is used on such a vehicle. If you use a mountain bike for rework, you will need a gearbox to control your speed.
To manufacture the following devices, the master needs some technical knowledge and experience in working with various mechanisms and materials. From chainsaws using multiple components, you can create these homemade:

Sawmill of chainsaw,

which can be done with a metal frame. The chainsaw is rigidly attached to this frame. Blanks can be sent on the track. There are other options for sawmills. So for a device designed for ripping, you need an adapter attached to the tire located at its base and a guide that sets the direction of movement of the adapter. The guide set on the board attached to the sawn log. With the help of such sawmill, logs can be divided into 2-4 parts.

Portable powerhouse of chainsaw

able to provide energy in many places away from the power grid. To create it, the following components are needed: gear reducer, generator, metal strip, drive belt, control panel. For such a device is the most suitable powerful saw Friendship and the Urals.

Homemade snow blower

can be made of saws with power exceeding 3 kW. It is necessary to mount a screw assembly with blades made of durable but elastic material. The chain of the motor connects with a screw node through a couple of gears. It is possible to attach to the snow blower, both wheels, and runners. To throw the snow, you can use any pipe of large diameter.

Homemade chainsaw snowmobile

its design is a bit more complicated A snowmobile consists of a frame, engine, track and steering. Also, he needed runners for movement. To create it on the steering wheel, you must take out the gas and clutch. You should also consider a suspension frame suspension system. Since the chainsaw does not have a transmission, the clutch on a homemade snowmobile put centrifugal. You have also used a V-ribbed belt and chain. For steering gear, you can use the details of the old bike. It is reworked so that the central axis moves the turning skis of the thrust. To enhance the drive shaft tracks, install traction gear. Engine power must be at least five hp.

Knife-type Chainsaw Helicopter.

Such an aircraft can rise into the air only when at least four engines with a total power of 20 hp and operating consistently will be used in its design. Make it a chainsaw will not work. Using such an improvised device can be life-threatening.

Chain knife

can make people familiar with the blacksmithing. To do this, first of all, the old chains are divided into pieces, which are then welded into blanks. They are heated in the furnace to 850 ° C. Blanks are pressed until they get rid of the voids between the links. Then the metal is forged by forging until the billet is given the necessary shape and strength.