What can you make a trimmer for grass for grass. Step -by -step assembly instructions

How to make a trimmer for grass from corner grinders and other electrical appliances with your own hands

All owners of personal plots are faced with the problem of mowing grass, which grows literally before our eyes, and during the season it is required to ennoble their site several times. The usual manual spit has been replaced by benzotrimers and electrimmers for a long time. But the price of them does not decrease and is quite noticeable for many owners of cottages and private houses. People’s craftsmen still found a way out of this situation and learned to make trimmers for grass with their own hands literally from improvised means, using benzo- and power tools not intended for these purposes.

Most often, a homemade electric trimmer for grass is made on the basis of a conventional corner grinding grinder, which is available to every home master. This tool is almost perfect for remaking into a trimmer for grass. It has a larger power than store machines and more than a minute. In addition, the standard nut used in the corner grinding for fixing the disks already has holes through which it is easy to insert a fishing line for a trimmer (cord).

So, there are many options from which to make a bar (holding). The simplest is the longer a wooden holder than for a shovel. To the end of it, an angular grinder is attached at the right angle with a conventional tape. The fishing line for the trimmer is inserted into 2 holes of the nut, after which it is twisted. Thus, in a few minutes you get a trimmer for grass, which can be mowed without problems.

For the safety of the operation of a home.made apparatus, you can improve it by making a protective casing (how to do this, will be considered later).

For advanced masters with a welding machine, you can advise a more advanced design to fix the angular grinder and protective casing. It is made from an aluminum tube (serves as a holder) and a metal square profile. Looking at the picture below, you can understand the principle of manufacturing the holder.

The corner grinder is fixed on the holder with bolts inserted into the holes that are designed to attach the handle to the device.

The following photo shows how this design looks below.

Next, the “native” casing of the corner grinder is removed, and instead of the disk, either a fishing line for a trimmer or a metal disk knife is installed.

By the way, you can fasten the holes for fastening the handle (bar) itself, when you want to make a simple trimmer for grass, which is easily assembled and is also easily versed if you need to use the corner grinding for its intended purpose.

HYECHO Cordless Grass Trimmer

To make it more convenient to hold a trimmer for grass in his hands during work, and it did not rotate around the axis of the bar, you can attach a side hand made of a bent pipe to it.

Lawn mowed for snow

By installing a dump, it is easy to make a snow mowing snowman. But it should be self.propelled. In this case, the mechanism moves due to the engine drive, and the snow is raked off the shovel attached in front. Convenient solution for those who do not want to disfigure their tool. Large changes to the design of the mowing will not be made.

The most unsuccessful mechanism for remaking into a snowball player is a gasoline lawn mower. The shaft of its engine is directed down, which significantly reduces the design options for the future apparatus. It will not be possible to put such an engine to the side, the oil will flow, the engine will jam.

The shaft is equipped with a special part that breaks when exceeding the load, protecting the engine. Another thing is a snowmaker from a mole cultivator, which can be assembled with your own hands only by reading the instructions on this site.

Necessary materials and tools to make a snow removal car with your own hands

We make a dump from a metal profile of 20 by 20 mm and a sheet of smooth roofing iron. From the tools you will require: corner grinder, welding machine, drill, rivets and other manual tools.

The main nodes of the grinder

DIR.made crusher made at the base of the design, has the following nodes:

  • Electric engine in order to give a rotational moment.
  • One or two working shafts.
  • Directly the working knives themselves.
  • The base is the frame.
  • A special bunker is installed to download branches.
  • Protection against possible injuries is the casing.

The crusher for branches for convenience is equipped with a pair, or four wheels. During operation, the engine through the circuit or belt system transfers rotation of the shafts with working knives installed on them. Branches, decayed wood are loaded into the receiving box, and working mechanisms grind waste into chips, which can later be immersed in the humus. The design of the structure resembles the action of a household meat grinder.

Industrial grinders are designed to process branches of large thickness. In the conditions of a personal plot, this does not make sense, so it is worth making a summer resident with your own hands.

Description of the device

Before starting the calculations and design of the future unit, you need to figure out what kind of device it is. Terebilka, or as it is called, crusted, is a mechanical or electromechanical device that allows you to instantly clean corn grain from cobs.

Divide such devices into 2 types:

    Industrial. capable of cleaning about 500 kg of crop for 1 hour of work. Such lousschers have large sizes and require at least 2 auxiliary workers, since the crop in them is covered with buckets or bags. Installed only on large farms.

Amateur. small devices of small power, in an hour of work are able to process up to 100 kg of fruits. Used on small farms, or in households.

Depending on the type of work, the beam happens:

    automatic. has an electric motor of different power, which is the main active force;

manual. is driven by a mechanical shaft system, thanks to the participation of a person;

Regardless of the type of design and principles of work, such units have the following components:

From the vacuum cleaner

The trimmer for grass from the engine from the vacuum cleaner is made according to the same principle as from the corner grinder. The motor must be fixed on the rod, and either knives or a plastic or metal disk in which the fishing line for the trimmer is fixed on the engine shaft. On top of the cutting tool is closed with a protective casing.

So that the dust and small particles of mowed grass do not fall into the engine removed from the vacuum cleaner, it can also be hidden in a plastic casing made of a sewer pipe, as shown in the next photo.

Since the engine in the vacuum cleaner is high.cost, it needs to provide cooling. Therefore, it is recommended to insert a homemade disk with cut and curved blades under the washer, into which the fishing line is inserted, so that it plays the role of a fan that creates a vacuum. It is required so that the air is sucked through the hose from above and cool the motor.

In order to facilitate the load on the hands of the mowing operator, the unit can be installed on the site with wheels. In this case, something similar to the lawnical mower will be obtained.

To fix the fishing line, you can also use either a pulley with a suitable landing hole, or a plastic wheel from a cart.

Components and assembly algorithm

It is possible to make a milling machine from a drill that has almost every home master, but it should be borne in mind that such a device cannot fully replace the serial model. This is explained by the fact that the cartridge of a conventional hand drill is able to rotate at a speed of 3000 rpm, while the serial milling cutter is able to ensure the rotation of the tool used at a speed of up to 30,000 rpm. In addition, the gearbox of a household electric drill is not designed for intense loads that will quickly bring it to a faulty state.

Vertical milling cutter from a drill

Scheme of the simplest vertical rack for a drill

Meanwhile, the simplest milling cutter made of improvised materials with minimal financial costs is able to successfully cope with many technological tasks. To make your milling machine from an electric drill, you must find the following materials and tools:

  • several pieces of wood-brown plate or thick plywood;
  • the clamp by which the drill will be fixed on the basis of the device;
  • bolts, screws and other fasteners;
  • feathers or drilling crown with a diameter of 40 mm;
  • Standard set of locksmith tools.

Raise scraps, plywood pieces, metal corners. all this can be used to make a simple milling rack

The process of assembling a home.made milling cutter itself goes through the following algorithm.

  • The basis of the future milling cutter is assembled from the sheets of the wood and plywood, which includes the horizontal base and the vertical part on which the electric drill will be fixed. The dimensions of the sheets of wood-brown stove or plywood from which such a design will be made are calculated depending on the dimensions of the electric drill used as the basis of a home-made machine.
  • On the horizontal base of the device, a hole with a diameter of 40 mm is drilled, which is necessary in order to ensure the access of the tool to the processing zone.
  • On the vertical stance of the device, a clamp is attached using a bolt, in which the electric drill is fixed. The drill should be located in such a way that the lower end of its cartridge is located a few millimeters from the horizontal base of the cutter.
  • To make the position of the drill on the vertical rack more stable, in its upper part a small wooden block can be fixed, which will act as a stop.

Drill consolidation options (click in the photo to increase)

Adjusting the cut depth when using such a cutter is carried out by changing the position of the electrodegro in the fixing clamp.

Standing with height adjustment by means of lever

How to make a milling machine of the above design more convenient and functional? To do this, it can be equipped with a simple microlift, which will be responsible for the movement of electrodels in the vertical direction. For the manufacture of such an elevator, you will need the following consumables and components:

make, trimmer, grass, assembly
  • two metal rods that will act as guide elements;
  • A platform (carriage) for fixing an electric drill made of wood-bearing plate or thick plywood;
  • threaded axis and nut that will be responsible for the movement of electric drill in the vertical direction;
  • Elements that provide an electrode in the required position.

Standing with a height adjustment using a threaded hairpin

The principle by which such a home.made milling milling cutter works is quite simple and lies in the next.

  • When the threaded axis is rotated, the carriage with a drill mounted on it moves in the vertical direction.
  • After the electric drill and the tool fixed in its cartridge will be set in the required position, the carriage is fixed using fasteners.

Naturally, the entire design of such a home.made milling cutter, the work of which shows the video well, should be recorded on a reliable basis. As the latter, the surface of the desktop or workbench may act.

Design and fastening options

Modern nozzles-cultivators can be performed in two performance:

  • Toothache, in which cutters are located sequentially on the shaft;
  • Disk, when several cutting discs act as cutting organs.

Despite different names and designs, by and large the fundamental difference is only in the form of a loose knot.

The torque is transmitted to the nozzle-cultivator from the engine thanks to the shaft, which is combined by means of a special bar. The latter, unfortunately, often has to buy separately.

The unit under consideration cannot be called interchangeable, while the number of slots on the end part of the bar may vary from 7 to 9. Based on this, buying a cultivator nozzle, for example, from Oleo-Mac it is worth knowing that it is not suitable for working with the Husqvarna trimmer, as vainly.

The slotted method of fixing the cutter or disks to the shaft provides for a free displacement of the cutting organs, so that the soil will be loosened with a fairly wide coverage-200-250 millimeters. This option is perfect for the purpose of cultivating the Earth on the site, since it eliminates the large amplitude of the bastard of the bar during operation. In addition, this method allows you to reduce or completely abandon restrictions on the density of the beds.

Cultivator nozzle is in two versions:

  • Disk, whose cutting organs are a pair of cutting discs;
  • A gear, which is a number of milling on the shaft.

The fundamental difference is only in the design of the loose knot. Disk nozzles are more stringent, and therefore suitable for processing heavier soils, while the toothed ones have less their own weight, but are designed for work on lighter soil.

The transmission of the rotating moment from the engine of the trimmer for the grass for the hacker-cultivator is carried out using a special shaft, which is arranged in a special rod (it will have to be purchased separately). This node is not interchangeable, and differs in the number of slots on the end part of the bar: there may be seven or nine.

The slotted method of joining disks or cutting to the shaft allows the free movement of the cutting organs, which is ideal for cultivation, since it allows you to loosen the soil with a fairly wide capture (up to 200 250 mm per pass), without requiring a large amplitude of the rod movement. Restrictions on the density of the beds located on the site are also removed. With lengthening the beds of convenience of working with the nozzle under consideration, the turns will have to be done much less often.

What can be done from a garden trimmer for grass with your own hands

Despite a fairly large number of attachments made to expand the possibilities of using a garden trimmer for grass, home craftsmen do not leave attempts to use the latter as other devices. As a rule, this is due to the fact that the cost of acquiring factory manufacturing equipment much exceeds the price of a trimmer for grass. So, masters in practice have already implemented quite a lot of different ideas. Among them, the most simple, and therefore the most in demand can be considered such a home.made:

In addition, a large number of different products can be equipped with an unnecessary engine and therefore an unnecessary trimmer for grass. For example, it can be installed on a bicycle, scooter, children’s snowmobile. In addition, the trimmer engine can be equipped with ice or motorbike, as well as reanimate the failed chainsaw. The difficulty for a home craftsman will be only in the need to independently develop and manufacture a drive, which ensures the transfer of torque from the shaft of a power unit to the executive mechanism of a home.made device. The design of the drive largely depends on the model of the trimmer for the grass.

Gasoline and electric engines

The braid engine should rotate or move the cutting knife. Its additional task is to set in motion the mower itself. For these purposes, both gasoline and electric motors are used. Both have both positive and negative characteristics. Here is some of them.

  • Mobility
  • Great power
  • High performance
  • Noisiness
  • Poor effect on ecology
  • Heavy weight
  • Dependence on the fuel
  • Small noise level
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Easier in operation
  • Dependence on the power source
  • Small power
  • The working area is limited by the length of the cable

Gasoline equipment

A homemade device based on a gasoline saw is an excellent solution that can save money. The assembly requires a frame, motor and fuel tank. The power indicators of such equipment make it possible to mow dense and large grass. The blades can be replaced with a petition with a gasoline saw.

Do not forget that you need to use a gasoline.type lawn mower very carefully, observing all safety requirements, since gasoline is a flammable substance.

trimmer for grass from corner grinder

Another simple and convenient option is to make an electric garden trimmer for grass from a corner grinder. In general, the assembly scheme is similar to the previous method, but with the difference that it is even easier to fix the power tool for the holder. If you remove the protective casing available in the configuration from the corner grinder, then in this thread you can fasten the P-shaped fastener, welded independently. You can fix it on the holder by means of bolts or welding, if in the future it is not planned to disassemble a home.made trimmer for grass. Some craftsmen immediately weld the protective casing to the fasteners.

There are many other units from which you can make a trimmer for grass for grass. As a basis, a vacuum cleaner, drill or chainsaw is used as the basis.

From the vacuum cleaner

In the manufacture of a homemade trimmer for grass from the vacuum cleaner engine, the latter is mounted on the bar. The knives are installed on the engine shaft and covered with a protective casing. Instead of knives, you can use a metal disk with a fishing line. The engine is also covered with a casing, it will protect it from dust and dirt. To create additional cooling, you need to install a cooling device. It is made from a disk with curved blades (fan) and mounted under the puck through which a fishing line for a trimmer for grass passes. The air enters from above through the hose and cools the engine.

From a drill

If you need to quickly make a trimmer for grass, then the drill will help in this. To do this, make a knife from a metal plate and pull it. Then a hole is made in the center, a bolt is inserted and fixed with a nut. The finished knife is inserted into the drill cartridge and neatly clamp.

This design is dangerous for the user, so a protective casing is attached to the drill.

It is made of a plastic pipe and put on the tool case.

From a chainsaw

Since the chainsaw engine is heavy, it is impossible to make a trimmer for grass with a lower drive, but you can make a lawn mower on wheels. Production process:

  • First, a cart is made from a 25 × 25 mm corner. Its dimensions are 500 × 600 mm.
  • Wheels are installed in the corners of the structure.
  • The gas cable and the fuel hose are lengthened.
  • The tire and the helm are unscrewed. A handle on which the helm is mounted is made from the water pipe.
  • When installing the engine on the frame, the shaft should be located at the bottom of the structure. In this case, the gearbox is located with a turn of 90 ° C.
  • Then a cutting knot is mounted on the tool shaft.

Production of a hand mowing from a vacuum cleaner

It is quite possible to make a trimmer for grass from an old vacuum cleaner. In this case, the engine will have to be removed from the case and in this form to be attached to the holder in one of two possible ways. The first option is described in the previous paragraph. fasteners are welded from the metal by the size of the motor. The protective casing can again be made from a plastic bottle.

But there is a second method of mounting the motor. Due to the fact that the engine is larger and harder, it is convenient to place it on a design with wheels, for example, from an old stroller. As practice shows, to keep a trimmer for grass, made of a vacuum cleaner, is extremely tiring and uncomfortable. Homemade head for attaching a knife in this case will not be needed. The motor in the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a fan, removing which a place for installing a cutting element is released. The latter is made by analogy with a description for a trimmer for grass from a drill.

Attention! When making a grass grip from a vacuum cleaner, you should not use the wire as a knife. In reviews, many craftsmen write that high speeds developed by the engine lead to rapid wear (torn) and, accordingly, frequent replacements of fishing line. Easier to immediately make a knife from a rectangular piece of metal.

Self.manufacture of a trimmer for grass from a drill

One of the easiest ways to make a trimmer for grass is to use an old drill or battery electric screwdriver. The second option is slightly worse, since the battery will significantly limit the working hours. But you can increase autonomy by installing a 12 volt car battery in the design. However, given the large size of this nutrition element, you will either have to take care of long wires, or make the whole device wheeled.

So, in order to make a trimmer for grass from a drill, a strong holder, directly power tools and a home.made knife will be required. The process includes several stages.

  • Production of the holder. It can be wooden or metal, but many recommend finding an aluminum pipe with light and weight and at the same time high reliability. In addition, it can be easily drilled if the trimmer for the grass in the future will not understand, and the drill will be fixed tightly.
  • Fastening to the drill holder (or electric screwdriver). This is carried out through metal brackets or clamps. Some home craftsmen claim that you can fix the tool with ordinary tape, but there are several nuances here. Firstly, it’s not safe. Secondly, it is impossible to give tape between the holder and the working mechanism, which means that it will be extremely inconvenient to use such an assembly.
  • Fastening to the cable holder. This is done with tape so that the wire does not hang and does not interfere during operation.
  • Another important point in the design is a knife. It can be made of steel. For ease of use, it should be thin. And if the assembly of a trimmer for the grass is made of an electric screwdriver on the battery, then the material should be selected light. this will allow to “squeeze” the maximum operating time from the battery. Further, the selected metal strip, sharpened on both sides, is drilled in the middle and tightly fixed from both edges on the bolt, which in turn will be fixed in the drill cartridge.
  • For safety, when working, you should take care of a protective casing, which can be made of plastic. A great option is to use the upper part from a plastic bottle with a volume of 19 liters.

How to Assemble the Toro 24 Volt Max Cordless String Trimmer | The Home Depot

trimmer for grass from corner grinder

Another simple and convenient option is to make an electric garden trimmer for grass from a corner grinder. In general, the assembly scheme is similar to the previous method, but with the difference that it is even easier to fix the power tool for the holder. If you remove the protective casing available in the configuration from the corner grinder, then in this thread you can fasten the P-shaped fastener, welded independently. You can fix it on the holder by means of bolts or welding, if in the future it is not planned to disassemble a home.made trimmer for grass. Some craftsmen immediately weld the protective casing to the fasteners.

On a note! The convenience of using a corner grinder as a basis for a trimmer for grass is that the knife to it is attached very easily on an existing mechanism. The cutting element itself can be made of an old disk knife from a circular saw. In the absence of one, you can use fishing line or wire.

How to make a trimmer for grass from a drill and a corner grind

The question of how to make a trimmer for grass with your own hands is always relevant among owners of private houses with a small land plot. A neat and well.groomed lawn near the house, it is not only beautiful, but also safe in terms of the absence of ticks on it.

About, how to get rid of ticks in a summer cottage It was told earlier, today the question will be considered. how to make a trimmer for the grass with your own hands from the most improvised means for this.

Today on sale you can find various options for trimmers working both from electricity and from gasoline. However, there is no opportunity to buy a trimmer for grass, and in most, the case is not so needed.

The advantages of a home.made trimmer for grass from a drill or corner grinder are that when you need to shake the lawn near the house, the trimmer for grass is easy to gather. With unnecessary, the drill or corner grinder from the trimmer for the grass is removed and used for their intended purpose.

How to make a trimmer for grass from a drill and corner grind

In order to make a trimmer for grass from a drill, a lot of materials and tools will not be needed. It will also not be necessary to disassemble the drill in order to make a hand trimmer from it for the grass with your own hands.

In addition, a battery of a drill can be a battery screwdriver, which can be connected to a car battery to increase the duration of the trimmer for grass.

Making a trimmer for grass from a drill with your own hands

The basic requirements for a homemade trimmer are primarily presented to its safety. The knife of a homemade trimmer for the grass is very acute, so the presence of a protective casing on a trimmer is a prerequisite.

The same is to the handle of a trimmer for the grass on which the drill will be recorded. The handle should be made of durable materials, of course, from wood, but it is better to use an aluminum pipe for these purposes.

In addition, working with a trimmer after its assembly should not only be as safe as possible, but also conveniently. Therefore, the holder of the trimmer for the grass should be adjusted to their height, maybe install an additional handle on it from the side, etc. D.

First, the handle of a trimmer for the grass is prepared, on which the drill should be fixed. For fixing the drill will need long bolts and metal clamps. Must necessarily be a drill power supply should be wrapped in a trimmer handle for grass. It is impossible for the wire to dangle and is a danger when it falls under the cutting element of the trimmer for the grass.

How to make a knife for a trimmer for grass: Materials

A homemade trimmer knife for grass is attached to the drill with a nut and a bolt, which is clamped in the cartridge. Be sure to not forget before this and install a protective casing on a trimmer for grass to ensure your own safety while mowing grass.

A trimmer knife for grass can be made of instrumental steel or other very durable material. You should know that the smaller the thickness of the trimmer for the grass is the thickness, the better it will cope with the harsh grass. The length of the trimmer knife for the grass depends primarily on the protective casing and the width of the capture of mowing grass. Most often the length of the trimmer knife for grass does not exceed 30 centimeters.

make, trimmer, grass, assembly

Trimmer for grass from corner grinder with your own hands

The question of how to make a trimmer for grass from a corner grinder with your own hands is solved in approximately the same way as the above manufacturing a trimmer for grass from a drill. There is only a small difference in the mounting of the corner grinder to the holder. A metal pipe can be selected as a handle for a trimmer for grass, to which you need to weld a plate with a hole for fixing the corner grinder with a bolt at the end.

Small changes touched a makeshift trimmer knife for grass. In the case of a corner grinder, here a knife is not in the form of a long rectangle. A homemade trimmer knife for grass from a corner grinder is made of concrete disk, with pre.cut sharp faces, which are just designed for mowing grass.

The question of how to make a trimmer for grass from a drill or corner grinder is completely solved and the main thing is not to forget about safety precautions and carefully study this issue.

Only after that, you can safely take up the manufacture of a trimmer for the grass with your own hands.

Snowmobile or snowfall

Based on the trimmer motor for grass, you can convert to a self.propelled vehicle for movement along a snowy flat terrain or a simple snowbreaker (motorized sleigh) shown on the video for steep descent from the mountain.

make, trimmer, grass, assembly


Motosani are a footwater modernized by the engine or Finnish sledges, or made completely from improvised materials found in the garage, or purchased in the disassembly markets. The main components:

  • a frame made of metal pipes, cooked in the image and likeness of the finca sled;
  • A pair of old skis;
  • engine and gas tank from motorcycles, motoblock or chainsaw;
  • caterpillar, or a wheel from a car or motorcycle (the studded wheel from the enduro motorcycle is perfectly suitable) and the chain if the tire cannot be “tuned” with spikes;
  • a steering wheel for controlling a sleigh, which is suitable for a bicycle, a steering wheel from a walk.behind tractor, or welded with your own hand;
  • Seat (optionally): from a bicycle, scooter, or homemade in the form of a bench or stool.

The assembly should start with the engine by connecting a circuit, cables and tubes to it, which will serve as a transmission. It is best to fix skis on a sedentary even basis. on the floor or table. Then the frame with the steering wheel is attached to the skis, the motor is installed. Before installing the seat, test the sled to eliminate all the shortcomings. And the latest is put the seat if it is provided.

Self.propelled guns

Self.propelled guns. a frame structure, including:

The frame is made of welded spars, on which racks of 30×30 cm are welded and cross. A steel pipe with a diameter of 14 mm is taken as a drive shaft. Skiing-musculoskel. Moving the snowmobile occurs with a screw or chain transmission.

What else can be done from a trimmer for grass

Homemade motorized motor vehicle. a vehicle for moving at short distances along the sidewalks and park tracks. The mechanism develops speed up to 40 km/h, due to wheels of small size it has small stability, for large loads and cargo transportation is not intended.

An old scooter is suitable for assembling the product, which mechanize:

  • install stiffeners using a square metal profile to enhance the frame;
  • selected stable and wide wheels, for example from a garden trolley;
  • The gearbox is made to transmit power from the engine to the rear wheel with chain gear;
  • Install brakes, gas handles and cables.

Motorized scooter is a good technique, but it must be remembered that children should not give such a “toy”.

Dear Kulibins, share your experience: what is the most difficult thing to create a home.made unit?