What disk to cut a plastic barrel.

Reliable soldering of cracks in plastic barrels and other PVC tanks with your own hands

A crack in a plastic barrel. a common phenomenon. It can appear as a result of a variety of factors, but most often occurs due to a strong blow by a sharp object, puffing, falling from a height and for other reasons. Is it possible to chat on your own? It is possible, and it will not take much time.

Someone may ask: why lock up a cracked plastic barrel, if you can buy a new? Indeed, you can buy a new barrel, since the price is low and is available for everyone. However, there are several factors that can convince skeptics:

  • Repair of a plastic barrel does not take much time and does not require much effort, besides, any man will be pleased to master a new skill that will come in handy in the workshop;
  • The method in question is universal and applicable to all plastic containers, starting from the canister with a wall thickness of 10 mm and ending with underground septic tanks.

Having mastered this useful skill, you can repair almost any plastic containers, which will ensure good savings in the means. Many craftsmen filled their hand so much on this technique that they practice paid barrel repair and have additional earnings from this. It is time to share a valuable secret.

The first method

To begin with, consider the proven method for which the following tools will be required:

  • a professional thermal pistol (you can use almost any model, the main thing is that the tool supports temperature control and has a small narrowed nozzle for plastic welding, about 9 mm);
  • ordinary electric drill;
  • a set of drills, the main of which is a ball;
  • Passatigi;
  • Kusachki;
  • sharp knife (it is recommended to use stationery);
  • Plastic rods of different thicknesses (can be cut from the body of the old barrel).

The essence of this method is as follows: on the back (inner) side of the barrel, it is necessary to make a conical groove, which goes exactly along the crack, which is further filled with plastic rods and melts, welding with the walls of the barrel. After that, the second groove is made, smaller, from the outside, and is also filled with plastic rods and brewed. As a result, the crack disappears completely.

How to do it

We will clean and degrease the edges of the crack, after which we gently drill small recesses with a drill. You need to immerse a drill to a depth equal to about 2/3 wall thickness. The holes should go with an equal step, and should be made 1-2 additional from each edge so that the recess is longer than the crack.

Further, having changed the drill to a ball, it is necessary to drill the jumpers and carefully form an even cone.shaped recess. You should not rush, since you can only expand the crack or break through it through, and then the repair will take much more time and effort.

Having completed this stage, it is necessary to put plastic rods in the groove, first thin, then thick. In order for the repair effect to be the best, it is recommended to give the rods the cross.section corresponding to the shape of the groove. So contact with the walls will be maximum, which will improve welding. In addition, plastic treatment increases adhesion. The tip of the bar can be focused for more convenient work.

We weld

It is recommended to lay the barrel so that the wall with a crack is located at a gentle angle. Set the temperature on the thermal pistol in the range of 290-330 degrees Celsius. We warm the tip of the bar until it becomes translucent (the melting can be determined by a noticeable change in the form). Before a similar elastic state, it is necessary to warm up the depth of the resulting groove, that is, the edges of the crack, from the inside.

Constantly working as a thermal pistol, we attach a heated tip of the bar higher than the crack, and then, without ceasing to warm with hot air, we smoothly lead along the entire length of the gap. It must be pressed a little on the bar so that it lies exactly in the center of the groove without leaving aside.

After the first minutes of work, a drop of molten plastic forms in the heating zone, which will drain along the edges of the crack, spinning them. The bar itself is gradually superimposed on top, closing the cavity.

You should not rush, the material should warm up evenly. This process takes a certain amount of time. It takes about 5 minutes to welding one bar. After the first passage, it is necessary to bite off the bar with nippers and then, according to the same principle, proceed to the next bar. Next, you need to repeat all the procedures, starting from welding, on the back, after which the crack will be completely eliminated.

disk, plastic, barrel

It is recommended to melt 1-3 bar larger, even when the groove is completely filled. The resulting seam will bulge over the surface of the walls, but then guaranteed to hold the edges of the hole, not allowing them to disperse. If desired, you can polish the seam by a ball, but only after the plastic is completely solidified. At the end of the process, you can weld several transverse seams from the outside, which will provide additional resistance to gap when filling the barrel with a liquid.

A barrel of oil can be sawed with a corner grinder?

cut a bare body, but they did not take off the boost from the ceiling. There was smoke. The carbon dioxide fire extinguisher for 5 kg did not help.

P.S. By the way, gasoline in the gas tank did not fire, the bucket was leaked later.

In his youth I saw a truck with barrels of alcohol, in the crown of the night, these barrels were lit with lighters, xs was lucky or not, that they were alive.

In his youth, I watched the loading of the truck with empty barrels of alcohol guess why loading the barrels of the loaders dragged on for 2 extra hours? )))

I sawed ordinary 200-liter barrels, so there used to be some kind of chemistry inside. Nifiga is not a foil. Non.flowering, but durable iron.

I at work took barrels from under the recipient (R-646 and T.P.), poured water for a day. Two, after which he had already cut a corner grinder. However, another person was not lucky from work (most likely, he did not soak, or flooded/merged water), but his solvent vapor ignited and burned his face, he was in the hospital.

I cut the lid with an electrician. over, at that time I did not find a file for metal, sawed wood with a file. EE was enough for one lid 😉

the spread of radio waves in this atmospheric layer decreases. Dull phrase, he whistled the judge of the double.sheet in physics, it seems.

pour water for a couple of days. If only the lid is cut. pour water with a slide and cut out in this state cut.

You try this oil just set fire to with matches/lighter and you will understand that the oil does not light up from sparks. And he consider vapors that there is no.

If you just cut off the lid, then in a circle I passed a corner grinder, but not through and through, and then knocked out with a hammer.

In large services and oil points, they say that they can ask

If Bauschi from chemistry that is not suitable for water, but can be used as source of good iron (or for any non-food purposes), then from 100 to 200, depending on the quantity. I took it in winter, already this year. If necessary, write in a personal. I will hand over phones 🙂

PS. And the infection that I quietly hanged my hammer. Bastard! I don’t see who exactly. Therefore, and quietly, therefore, the infection.

All about plastic barrels with a lid

From this article you can find out everything about plastic barrels with a lid, about what blue and white tones mean. It is told how to cut the lid, how to open a barrel for a summer residence. Additionally, attention is paid to barrels with a removable and other lid.

Plastic barrels with a lid are in demand very widely and can be used in various fields. Such products use a variety of production (and not only) organization. The flexibility and ease of plastic provides excellent practical characteristics of products. Contrary to a popular myth, they are not so weak, and are distinguished by decent strength. not the same as that of metal, but still sufficient for everyday needs. Plastic container:

has a fairly wide range of operating temperatures;

It is a little heated in the heat and does not cool so much in the cold that it reduces risks;

Thanks to the lid, the contents are reliably protected from clogging with leaves, dust and other garbage.

Not every plastic barrel is suitable for storing drinking water. A pretty good result shows only blue outside and white inside the container, as well as blue on both sides. This is due to the specific features of the material used. White color is even more practical. All changes in the chemical composition of the liquid are immediately noticeable on it, and it is not so difficult to wash the smooth surface.

Some models are delivered with a removable lid. They are better suited for watering gardens, gardens and other needs, where high sanitary purity of water is not particularly needed. The fact is that the protective part removed for a while will not take up space, it will not be necessary to think where to throw it away, how not to damage it. And scooping/filling the liquid will be more convenient.

Many modern manufacturers supply tanks with the head at the clamp.

How to cut the lid?

If necessary, cut off this part of the barrels often use grinds, hand saws or sharply sharpened knives. But the last option is best saved in case. In addition, a corner grinder or a powerful saw copes well with metal, but on a soft plastic, it can slip. Therefore, in order to open a new barrel, it is better to apply a drill, and not try to cut it out of some other tools.

A large diameter drill is taken to the drill. Instead of a drill, an electric jigsaw is sometimes used. The drill must be worked almost accurately along the edge of the product. For a jigsaw, use wood files.

When they take to cut the workpiece, you need to monitor the evenness of the cut line.

Throw the lid after it was possible to remove it, no need to. And the point is not only that it allows you to protect water or other liquid. Based on this element, many different objects can be made. In the design cut out with your own hands, it is worth punching a hole under the hose. It is prepared so that it is excluded to get into the water and the formation of such an unpleasant effect as the anti.

Colors and design

The darker the container, the better it restrains the hit of the sunlight. The effect is about the same as that of dark skin. over, for the same reason, many manufacturers try to make multilayer tanks. The impact of direct light can be extremely detrimental. Almost always preferred dark blue or even black colors.

Such colors are good in that they minimize the risk of flowering water. This is very important in any household. Bloated water is not suitable not only for drinking, but also for technological needs. In all industries, its quality must meet strict requirements. Flowering does not allow us to count on this.

To avoid such a problem, one of the layers is done with the addition of a special stabilizer. It is this substance that guarantees the duration of the operation of the tank and protects it from harmful factors. As a result, you can confidently use the container as a water carrier. And also it becomes possible to store (transport) and milk, and a number of other drinks. As for the coloring, the polymer, including the plastic barrel can be:

blue and even more exotic colors.

But it is worth considering that the design can differ greatly from typical industrial colors. Even on industrial facilities, the external properties of tanks are very important. They are even more significant in private houses and in dachas, where it is required to ensure optimal fit in the landscape. Wood painting is fully consistent with the natural style of design and significantly expands the possibilities of using containers. In some cases, at least the lid is made transparent. this greatly facilitates the control of the internal environment.

Black coloring is good for a country shower or summer bathhouse. Such a container will warm up much more efficiently from sunlight just. But for a garden barrel, this is hardly acceptable. In decorative qualities, a brown variety is distinguished favorably.

Red, orange and other tones should be considered last, when it is clear why they may be needed.


Plastic barrels are delivered by a variety of firms. A good example is Taraplastic. Various models made of polyethylene and other types of plastic have been produced since 2001. The company makes its goods both for ready.made models and for individual orders. She claims that all her products are distinguished by the optimal ratio of value and quality.

Among domestic firms, the Dzerzhinsky production association “Plastic” is also pleasing. This organization has a serious industry complex. The company uses innovative technological methods. The dimensions of the products vary greatly.

The company participated in the exhibition “Agropodmash 2020”.

Very good reputation and positive reviews traditionally have goods under the Miracle-Bill brand. These are folding polymer products rather high (from 100 to 2500 l) capacity. By order, you can make tanks of any size. Peculiarities :

For the manufacture of structures, 5 layers of selected polyvinyl chloride fabric are used;

multifunctionality (suitability not only for water).

Attention deserves the products of the Ecokub plant. The company ships products throughout the territory and the CIS states. The assortment has products from 20 to 230 liters. There are polyethylene products with a pair of neck. The choice of coloring depends only on the customer.

And also it is worth taking a closer look at the goods from “Polit”. The company has been manufacturing since 2013. At least 150 tons of plastic raw materials are processed monthly. All 100% of products are certified by quality.

The choice of polymer materials for barrels is very wide.

It is still useful to mention companies such as:

“Agropak” (one of the leaders of the market);

After preparing everything you need, you need to outline the place where the crane will be cut. It is believed that the most profitable location is low, located near the bottom. This will pour almost the entire liquid without a residue. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that it is not always profitable to use the bottom of the tank for installation, since it will have to have a reservoir in a special way, which will require additional efforts.

Before the work, the corresponding section of the barrel must be cleaned of dirt and rust, then degreased. If this is not done, then the tightness of the connection may worsen. Cleaning must be carried out both from the internal and from the outside. Perform work as follows:

  • After the suitable location has been chosen, it must be marked. You need to outline the place where the hole will be cut.
  • In a circle almost create holes with a drill. Then jumpers are broken with a chisel, and smooth edges are made with a file.
  • Where a short thread is on the drive, wrap a nut. The part is inserted into the created hole from the outside. The second is set from the internal.
  • Next, it is necessary to seal the joint. To do this, on the remaining free part of the thread, the fum tone is used. This place is abundantly lubricated with silicone sealant. Then tighten the nuts as much as possible.
  • Ball tap is screwed to the drill.

After the installation is completed, it is necessary to check the performance of the design. To do this, fill the container with water and use the tap. If it opens easily, does not proceed, then the installation is performed efficiently and reliable.

The choice of fitting

Before putting a tap on a plastic barrel, you need to choose a suitable fitting. The highest quality options are made of bronze or stainless steel. They provide strength and reliability of the connection. The use of polymer pipes is also common. They can be made from various materials, but most often polyethylene is used for this purpose.

disk, plastic, barrel

When acquiring, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the material from which these details are made. For example, cheap components of silumin can crumble in two months. As a result, you will have to carry out the installation of the crane again.

Metal products are known for high reliability. However, a polyethylene fitting is suitable in situations when, in addition to these qualities, elasticity is also necessary. This is important, for example, in those cases where the nut was pulled. Fitting in such a situation will not lose strength. The products under consideration are usually used for those containers, the volume of which is not more than 100 liters. Their disadvantage is that they withstand pressure not exceeding 4 atmospheres. When planning how to make a crane in a plastic barrel, this circumstance must be taken into account.

A correctly selected fitting, having a carvings, will not only connect the crane, but also, if necessary, provide a reliable connection, for example, with a watering crane. It is advisable to use such details made of identical material.

For large tanks

Large containers require more careful preparation. The tanks need to not only deepen the bottles and canists, but also ensure that they are at half the depth, as well as on the surface. The bottles that will swim on the surface should be in vertical condition and 70% in water.

There is also the scope of this method. in the cemetery. precisely, so you can protect expensive granite and marble vases from the ice. You should put a small plastic bottle of earth at the bottom in the vase and it will take over the energy of the ice compressing.

Of course, you can cover the vase with a cellophane and the matter is in the hat, but not everyone helps everyone. The film, for example, can damage birds and, if not track, the vase will burst.

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Далеко не во всех приусадебных или садоводческих хозяйствах для хранения воды используются емкости, изготовленные из такого материала как пластик. Довольно часто, люди для хранения воды используют разнообразные металлические емкости (бачки, баки и так далее).

However, one of the disadvantages of metal containers, which is used to store water, is that the metal, over time, due to contact with moisture, begins to be covered with a layer of rust. As a result, the capacity eventually fails and it can no longer be used to store a variety of liquids, including water.

However, with proper care, metal containers, for example, such as barrels used to store water, can last more than 50 years. There are many ways, thanks to the use of which it is possible to successfully prevent the appearance on the inner part of the metal barrel of the occurrence of rust.

Before covering the metal surface of the barrel with a variety of compositions that protect the metal from the harmful effects of moisture and prevent the occurrence of rust, small preparatory work should be carried out. First of all, the inner surface of the metal barrel must be thoroughly cleaned from rust accumulated on it.

Then you need the bottom, as well as the walls of the metal barrel properly degreased. At the final stage of the preparatory work, the surface of the container made of metal is processed with a special impregnation for better adhesion and properly, it is dried.

30 Amazing Uses for Plastic 55 Gallon Drums

There are several effective ways, thanks to the use of which it is possible to prevent the appearance on the surface made of metal with frequent contact with water, the occurrence of rust.

For this, the metal container should be covered with one of the following compositions:


Compared to other substances, bitumen has a lot of advantages. It is easy to apply to the processed metal surface. In addition, bitumen does not distinguish various harmful substances for human health. Thanks to its use, you can reliably and hermetically blockage of any cracks and shallows that formed on the surface of the metal.

In addition, thanks to the use of bitumen, you can update the protective coating of a metal barrel for a short time. To do this, you need a brush, as well as a soldering lamp. Before applying a bit of bitumen to the surface, it is necessary to warm. Then, after applying to the inner part of the container, a layer of bitumen needs to be given time so that it dries out. After that, another layer of bitumen is applied to the already processed surface of the barrel for storing water.

Bitumen. rubber mastic

The process of processing the metal surface of the barrel, which is used to store water, repeats the stages during which the capacity of the container with ordinary bitumen occurs. However, unlike bitumen, bitumen. rubber mastic, immediately before applying to a metal surface, you do not need to be heated.

Important! Most experts are in doubt about the environmental friendliness of the composition of bitumen. rubber mastic. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it for processing containers that are used to store drinking water.

So that on the bitumen-rubber coating, after applying it to the working surface, due to exposure to heat or cold, cracks did not appear, immediately before use, a small amount of ordinary linseed oil (approximately 2 tablespoons of oil per 1 kg of composition) should be added to this composition).


The composition of the lead of the harsh contains a large number of various harmful substances. Therefore, it should not be used to process containers that are planned to be used to store water. It is recommended to use an iron sword to process a barrel for water. However, this substance has low anti.corrosion characteristics. Therefore, the protective coating made of iron sugar will have to be updated every year.


To protect the internal and outer part of the water barrel from corrosion, you can also use enamel. For these purposes, any compounds that are designed to apply to the surface made of metal are suitable.

However, the duration of the service of the protective layer made of enamel is a small. As a rule, protective coatings made of enamels are able to perform a protective function and prevent the occurrence of rust on the surface of the metal of no more than 2 seasons.


One of the most effective ways to protect the metal surface of the water barrel from corrosion is the use of cement. However, this method will take a large amount of time to process the metal surface of the container.

Cement must be diluted with water or milk so that its consistency resembles the structure of sour cream. Then with this mixture, it is necessary to carefully cover the inside of the container in which water is stored. Then the applied protective layer of cement should dry (the time of drying the cement mixture takes at least 6 days).

After drying, the second layer of cement should be applied to the processed surface, to which the liquid glass should be added.

Advice! There is a simpler way, thanks to which you can protect the metal surface of the inside of the barrel from the harmful effects of moisture. It provides for the use of ordinary packages of increased strength. To do this, you can use large packages designed for garbage.

The package must be invested in the inner part of the container, fix it and fill it with water. This method allows not only to protect water barrels from rust, but also to use containers for storing liquids, on the surface of which there are small cracks.

How to cut thick plastic sheets

Cutting polycarbonate and acrylic sheets, the thickness of which exceeds 20 mm, is performed using electrical tools. Circular saws are best suited for these purposes. To do such a job, you will have to go to the store and purchase a special saw disk designed to work with plastic. It differs in a small thickness and smaller teeth of a special shape from the discs and the stone. In no case should you use disks designed for other materials in the work, since damage to the material in this case will be inevitable. Wood saws have too large teeth located at a large distance. Sprinking of acrylic or polycarbonate with such a disk will lead to the formation of torn edges of the cut and even to melting the polymer.

As well as with manual cutting, before sawing the sheet on a circular saw, it must be precisely marked. A fishing line for a trimmer is best carried out by a permanent marker, a fishing line for a trimmer of which is clearly visible and has sufficient resistance to washing. Before starting work, the plastic must also be well fixed. They cut polymer sheets as a plywood, with the difference that, when cutting a significant length, it is better to pause so that the disk cools down and does not melt the edges of the cut.

Classes of complex shape

When working with plastic, there is often a need to perform curved cuts. With thin sheets, you can use a mounting knife, but if the thickness of the polymer exceeds 10 mm, it is better to use an electric jigsaw. Manufacturers produce saw canvases designed specifically for working with acrylic or polycarbonate, having a special form of teeth and a non.standard tilt. When working with plastic with a thickness of 20 mm, the use of saw paintings for wood with the smallest teeth is allowed. In this case, you need to set the minimum number of engine speeds, otherwise the material will begin to melt during cutting.

No matter how hard you try, to get the perfect edge at the site of the cut, most likely it will not work. Therefore, after completing the work, it is necessary to treat the ends with sandpaper or grinding bar. Experts recommend using large abrasives at the beginning of grinding, gradually moving to thinner. If you show maximum accuracy and patience, the edge at the site of the cut will be perfectly even and will not cause trouble even with accurate docking of the elements.

Separately, you need to mention safety measures when performing such work. Cutting plastic should be performed on a stable workbench or table, in good tool. It is also necessary to take care of protecting the eyes of glasses, as some types of polymers during cutting can form fragments that fly a considerable distance.

Selection of tools

Which of these devices will cope with the task better than others, and which use is not just useless, but sometimes not even safe, the master checked in practice.

Practical use of tools

The first tested device is a hacksaw for working with metal, which the master uses in 90 % of cases.

She coped with the task: the cut turned out to be even, neat, as well as the most subtle.

The only minus of its use is physical labor.

The variant of disassembly using corner grinder turned out to be fast, but not practical and far from safe.

The plastic was not cut for the most part, but melted, flying around at the same time. The seam itself turned out to be fat.

The disc saw was inconvenient in terms of application, since the electric screwdriver itself (in the process of testing was used instead of a drill) had to be constantly kept so that it would not fly aside.

And the cut itself, left by the saw, turned out to be torn.

The results of testing the renovator turned out to be almost the same as in the case of a corner grinder.

disk, plastic, barrel

With an increase in revolutions, the power tool melted more plastic than cut it. One conclusion is inconvenient and ineffective, and the cut itself turned out to be poor.quality.

The plastic structure was cut with an electric jigsaw, without making great efforts.

It was convenient and easy to manage it. But the author notes that it is dangerous to lower the jigsaw deep down, since there is a risk of damaging the drum. Therefore, the main thing here is not to overdo it and maximize this process. The seam turned out to be more or less normal.

The hacksaw “Cool” (with a wide canvas and small tooth) coped well with the task.

But, as in the case of the first tested tool, for this the master had to make a lot of physical efforts.

The author of the video replaced the chain saw with the Bosch Easycut 12 battery.

The power tool did a high.quality and quickly made a cut. The seam turned out to be even, but wide.

Now we will figure out how to properly cut plastic pipes with reinforcement, known as metal.plast. The image at the top shows two metal.plast bays. these are composite material made of polyethylene, aluminum foil and glue (there are manufacturers who do not use glue, but in this case, it does not matter). Diameters from 16 to 32 mm are used in household needs, which allows you to fragment them with a hacksaw for metal, corner grinding with a small disk, knife or plumbing pipe scissors.

Despite the fact that you can use any of the above cutting tools, there is still a difference, and significant. All these cutters, with the exception of corner grinders and hacksaws for metal, are very pressed against the walls during fragmentation, and the pipe is flattened. This suggests that further manipulations with metal.plast can only be done after cutting the cut with a special tool. For experienced plumbers, this procedure means delay for only a few seconds, but for beginners in such situations it is best to cost a corner grinder or a hacksaw for metal. After circumcision on the plastic, there are burrs that need to be scrape (do not cut!) with a knife.

They are very similar to metal-plast in the appearance and structure of the walls of the pipe PEX-A, PEX-B and PEX-C, but there is sewn polyethylene and reinforcement have a slightly different quality. Since we are now not talking about the technical characteristics of water pipes, we simply limit ourselves to the fact that the conditions for cutting PEX remain exactly the same as for the usual metal.plastic.

Pipe from stitched polyethylene for water supply and heating

Such pipes are inherent: flexibility, strength, durability, ability to restore shape after damage to the source of Remstroiblog.ru

The Easiest And Fastest Way To Cut Off A 55 Gallon Plastic Barrel Or Drum

Now let’s fire about the same stitched polyethylene, only without reinforcement. In this situation, the pipes have a characteristic feature of restoring the form after damage. This means that if such a pipe is cut with a knife or scissors-pipe cutters, after flattening it will take a characteristic rounded shape. In fact, in this case, any of the tools that was mentioned above is suitable as a cutter. But for a beautiful, even angle, it is better to cut the place of fragmentation with a marker.

Polypropylene pipes

It should be understood that PPR pipes differ not only in diameter, but also in the structure of the walls. So, the marking PPR PN10 and PN16 indicates the lack of reinforcement, and the marking PN20 and PN25 suggests that the pipe is reinforced with aluminum foil or fiberglass. For cutting polypropylene pipes, as a rule, they use pipe scissors, which are sold complete with a soldering iron for PPR, and they can also be bought separately. But we should not forget that the capabilities of the scissors are limited by the diameter of the PPR and they are usually used for pipes not thicker than 40 mm.

On an industrial scale, gas pipelines with a diameter of up to 1600 mm are laid and, of course, there can be no way to do with scissors or corner grinder with a trimmed disk. Therefore, the cutting of polypropylene pipes of large diameter is performed by a special pipeline. For example, for one.time cutting, scissors with a chain drive are most often used, as in the upper photo, but for laying industrial pipelines, it is undoubtedly better to use cutting tools with electric.