What is the difference between a screwdriver and a Metabo screwdriver

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Metabo screwdriver. is the golden mean when choosing a power tool, both for home use and for professional activities.

Metabo screwdrivers deserve this characteristic for a successful combination of functionality, quality and price.

The stylistics of the famous German brand can be traced in the entire line of tools.

Regardless of the battery. the battery or the network, the devices are ergonomic and light in weight.

Professional and household screwdrivers of the oldest European manufacturer deserved popularity.

What you need to know about Metabo screwdrivers

The corporation creates such screwdrivers that can be adapted to any need, from home repairs to furniture assembly. Every year the company offers more and more functionality. Models of Chinese and German assembly can be found on the territory of the Russian Federation. The average battery power is between 1.3 and 8.0 mAh. The company is gradually expanding its range and increasing the number of wireless devices.

Any Metabo tool supports the drilling function, regardless of the type of power.

All models are easy to operate and absolutely safe.
General values ​​for the maximum drilling range:

  • for steel: 10, 13, 20 mm;
  • for wood: 18, 20, 35, 38, 65 mm.

The table shows some models from the review:

A bit about companies: description and product line

What is the difference between a screwdriver and a Metabo screwdriver

Metabo is also a German company. The brand is reliable and advanced. At the hearing of users no less than the notorious Bosch. It produces tools in two main areas: for construction work, for metal processing. The company’s specialists have developed a special battery, which has become the most powerful in the world. This is the highlight of Metabo, which also, in addition to the device itself, offers a separate guarantee for batteries.

What is the difference between a drill and a screwdriver?

Some are sure that a screwdriver is the same as an electric drill, but more compact. However, it is not. The main purpose of the screwdriver is to twist and twist the screws. The drill also serves to obtain round holes. Thus, these are two different tools, albeit similar. The differences between one and the other are as follows.

  • If the permissible load is exceeded during screwing, the self-tapping screw starts to scroll. The drill does not have this.
  • The speed of rotation of the cartridge in an electric drill is much higher.
  • The screwdriver does not have an inertial moment, due to which it instantly stops, unlike a drill. Her cartridge continues to spin, slowing down gradually.
  • With the same power and voltage, a screwdriver is characterized by a greater force.


What is the reason for the confidence in the quality of products from German manufacturers?

Such a long service life and a serious warranty period in combination with performance is ensured by the introduction of our own technical developments.

So, network devices are lightweight, equipped with a powerful and reliable Marathon engine from 400 to 600 watts.

Their productivity is enough for an apartment and for industrial construction.

Additional winding protection ensures operation in the event of a power failure or unstable voltage. The maximum torque is from 7 to 11 Nm.

The range of cordless tools from miniature to super powerful 18V class. The introduction of brushless motors in the LT and LTX class allowed:

lighten the weight of screwdrivers;
increase speed and power up to 30%;
ensure efficient battery operation.

A separate line in the Metabo line is cordless and cordless drywall screwdrivers.

Ergonomic tools for dry construction with an idle of 2500, 4000 or 6000 rpm are suitable for various materials.

They are lightweight and ergonomic. the control switches are most convenient for long-term operation in one position, and are designed for a long period of operation without fatigue.

General characteristics of Metabo screwdrivers

Any product of a brand is developed taking into account specifics of application.

Among the common parameters are the compact dimensions of the Metabo screwdriver, quick choice of speeds, and convenient control.

They have the following features:

equipped with quick-clamping chucks and backlight;
use protection of the mechanism against dust particles;
aluminum gear housing effectively removes heat;
The gear selector is located in a comfortable working area.

The molded case is made of polyamide, reinforced with fiberglass.

According to the manufacturer, he protects the mechanism from shock and falling from a height of up to two meters.

Can there be a drill and a screwdriver in one tool?

If desired, you can purchase a tool that combines the qualities of a screwdriver and a drill at the same time. Drills are produced by different manufacturers, for example, Makita, Metabo, Bosch. In this case, the features inherent in both drills and a screwdriver should be taken into account.

Choosing a Metabo screwdriver, the features of the 18 volt cordless model should be clarified in advance. It is considered the most popular among semi-professionals and is quite suitable for regular use. The series produces a fairly wide range of universal options.

All types of screwdrivers manufactured by the Metabo brand can be divided into three large categories.

  • Network, As a rule, they are supplemented by a cord 5 meters long, sufficient for free movement inside one room. The screwdriver has no restrictions on the duration of work, has a higher power. Such models are often produced in a combined version.

A drill / driver can work not only with self-tapping screws, but also with drills of various diameters. The shock module allows you to replace the hammer with small amounts of work.

  • Rechargeable. Among these types of equipment, you can find brushless models with an efficiency of 30% higher than other analogues, and classic collector solutions. The 18 Volt Metabo cordless screwdriver demonstrates high performance and energy efficiency. Most have a reverse button, an emergency stop. Features of battery models, such as compactness and mobility, make them really convenient to use.

Universal options for screwing an ice drill and providing small household services are produced. they usually increase the total work resource.

  • Tape. Oriented to continuous operation with automatic supply of self-tapping screws to the bit. Belong to the category of a professional working tool, equipped with network power supplies. They are mainly used in frame construction, when creating exhibition stands and partitions.

For mounting ceilings and other structures at high altitudes, the compact Metabo SE 4000 is considered the best option.. The network model weighs only 1.1 kg, produces up to 4400 rpm at idle, is equipped with a cable 5 m long. Power consumption is 600 watts. A built-in release button allows the operator to hold the trigger pressed effortlessly.

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For roofing, option No. 1 is Metabo DWSE 6.3. The model develops a torque of up to 18 Nm, easily connects wood and metal, weighs only 2 kg. The equipment supports operation in reverse mode, the start button is fixed in the set position. The special cartridge is designed to facilitate bit change.

At idle, speeds up to 2100 rpm.

Among the specialized tape models of Metabo, Metabo SE 6000 can be distinguished. The model is equipped with a device for feeding screws; it reaches a speed of up to 6000 rpm with a consumption of not more than 600 watts. An additional nozzle allows you to quickly reload the feed ribbon. Two handles make working with the equipment more convenient.

The screwdriver has a small weight. 1.1 kg, is equipped with a long five-meter cord, supports working with self-tapping screws 19-100 mm long, can be used without a nozzle.

Among the battery models, it is worth highlighting several leaders at once.

  • Ultra-compact Metabo PowerMaxx BS. Able to work up to 8 hours without recharging, equipped with a second spare battery of standard capacity at 2 A / h. The rubberized coating of the handle, the presence of reverse, backlight, gear shifting provide ease of use in any conditions. Despite its compact size and weight of 900 grams, the model is suitable for drilling ice and performing the function of a drill when working with wood and metal.
  • Powerful and energy-intensive Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 4.0. A screwdriver designed for the longest battery life, operation when screwing screws with a large diameter (up to 8 mm). Two handles and a keyless chuck allow you to translate the model into drill mode. Pulse mode is supported, there is a coast brake for an emergency stop.
  • Metabo BS 18 LT-BL / LIHD. A new generation model in a compact case with an innovative 4 Ah battery. The screwdriver is adapted for cyclic work with maximum intensity, uses modern cooling mechanisms. Developed torque reaches 60 Nm.

All modern screwdriver models from a well-known German brand are focused on solving specific problems and are suitable for professional use.

The best pneumatic and impact drivers

"Metabo PowerMaxx SB Basic"

Great multifunctional tool. It is intended for masonry and masonry, for drilling holes in wood, plastic or metal. Equipped with a wide range of tools for cutting, twisting, measuring and drilling. In general, maybe this compact colossus is able to work with virtually any material. The price is about 7000 rubles.

Package Included:

  • mobile workshop;
  • a plastic suitcase;
  • hook to wear on the belt;
  • Charger;
  • two batteries;
  • cartridge for quick clamping.

Metabo PowerMaxx SB Basic

  • long service life;
  • belt hook;
  • the ability to work in hard-to-reach places thanks to a shortened body;
  • two rechargeable batteries;
  • shock function is present.

"Metabo PowerMaxx SSD"

Belong to the category of shock accumulator wrenches. For the price of 3,000 rubles, the client will receive an excellent tool for installation and dismantling. You can also unscrew and tighten the fasteners. Suitable for almost any job. High torque allows you to quickly make the planned volume. Battery voltage 10.8 Volts. It weighs 1 kilogram. The product is completed with an insert in the MetaLoc case.

Metabo PowerMaxx SSD

  • maximum power is provided by Ultra-M technology;
  • durability of work;
  • strong case;
  • built-in backlight;
  • low return;
  • comfortable work.

"Metabo DRS 68 SET 1/2"

High-quality ratchet screwdriver. Assembly is carried out in China. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for 3 years. It is convenient enough to work with all 1.2 kg. This tool is not slippery, ergonomic and well insulated. Suitable for machine repair or steel structure. It has good torque. The pressure level is 6.2 bar and the sound power level is 87 decibels. Consumes 220 liters of air per minute. Such a unit costs around 3,500 rubles.

Metabo DRS 68 SET 1/2

  • good power;
  • compact;
  • easy to operate;
  • 3 year warranty;
  • durability;
  • reasonable price;
  • can work with steel structures.

Functions and Features

One of the distinguishing features of Metabo screwdrivers is its versatility.

A number of models support pulse mode.

Short-term impulses make it possible to remove a stuck self-tapping screw or a screw with a ripped off head; drill tile and kermogranit at the first stage.

This feature is useful in dry construction, furniture assembly, and chores.

The shock option in some cases replaces the hammer drill, used for drilling brick or concrete surfaces.

Spot lighting is a useful invention of Metabo engineers.

The LED turns on automatically, it has a minimum power consumption.

The directional beam power is enough to illuminate a dark area.

Among other useful options is the adjustment of the screwing depth.

Metabo SE 2500

The device has proven itself in working with drywall. The speed can be adjusted. Depth is adjustable, a special limiter is provided. It does not work noisy. It has a low weight and relatively small dimensions. Due to this, it is very convenient to work with just one hand. It is convenient when working with drywall, gypsum fiber, wooden and metal structures. It has an affordable price.


  • light weight;
  • small dimensions;
  • ease of use;
  • one hand is enough for work;
  • good power level.


Top screwdriver manufacturers (rating)

Before purchasing a tool, it is advisable to decide on the choice of the manufacturer. There are many such companies today. But among them stand out the most popular, which include the following.

  • Bosch produces household and professional tools, each of which copes with its tasks perfectly.
  • Metabo is known for producing versatile and reliable models. The brand is distinguished by a high-speed cartridge, as well as an impeccable engine cooling system.
  • Makita manufactures construction tools, constantly using emerging technological innovations and improving existing models.
  • AEG manufactures universal devices that are capable of making different holes and connecting parts with screws and nuts.
  • Dewalt is not a large line of models. But each of them is of high quality and highly efficient.
  • Ryobi, as a company specializing in the manufacture of motors, gained consumer confidence when it began to produce screwdrivers. Tools have different power, are high-quality and reliable.
  • Hitachi make ergonomic, modern technology that is lightweight and quiet.

Top 10.8V Battery Screwdrivers

Models are suitable for domestic use and are able to assemble furniture, as well as drywall structures.

Best 12v cordless screwdrivers

These models also serve for home use. They are more popular than 10.8 V. screwdrivers. This is due to a wider range of applications. The tool is able to work with wood and even metal.

The best 14.4 V screwdrivers

The tool belongs to professional models, more suitable for work in a workshop or on a construction site than at home.

The best 18v screwdrivers

The most professional models that can cope with any construction, installation and repair work. Great for when you need to perform fasteners regularly and a lot.

Best Metabo Network Screwdrivers

The tool connected to the network is able to work all day without stopping. The lack of battery makes it more compact.

Such models are characterized by high power, which is important for fastening with large self-tapping screws or drilling. Use these screwdrivers at home, when repairing indoors and in stationary workshops, as well as in furniture factories.

Metabo SE 4000. for ceiling works

This is the best Metabo screwdriver for fastening slats on the ceiling and other work on outstretched hands due to the small weight of the tool 1.1 kg and a large number of idle revolutions. 4400 per minute, which allows you to drive a screw 100 mm long into a wooden ceiling in 1.5 seconds.

It is convenient with this equipment to work around a workbench with a furniture frame, because the cable length is 5 m.


  • high power 600 W;
  • clamp of the pulled trigger, removing the load from the operator’s hand;
  • idle turns of 4400 a minute which do not fall at the maximum load below 2600 rpm;
  • wide clip for belt fastening;
  • a long protrusion on the end of the body with the motor repeats the shape of the hand well and allows you to confidently rest, without fear of slipping the handle below;
  • a narrow cartridge with a bit holder does not block the view of the working area;
  • the kit includes a depth and bit limiter, as well as a magnetic holder for placing a spare bit near the workstation;
  • the cam clutch is quiet;
  • system of instant change of bits;
  • change in the number of revolutions by electronic adjustment;
  • reverse function;
  • depth limiter made of aluminum, which extends its service life;
  • 5 m long cable allows you to work without carrying.


  • the cost of 12,000 rubles;
  • a twisting force of 9 Nm may turn out to be small when fastening in a thick metal profile;
  • comes in a cardboard box.

Metabo DWSE 6.3. for fixing roofs and corrugated board

This is the optimal screwdriver model for fixing roofing materials in view of the powerful and durable motor with a power rating of 550 W and a torque of 18 Nm, which will allow you to easily go through the metal and gain a foothold in the tree.

The mass of the tool 2 kg does not require excessive pressure by the operator, because the device independently presses on the screw.

The gearbox is closed by a metal case, which reliably protects the key assembly in the event of a fall. The reverse button is placed on the side and absolutely does not interfere when you pull the trigger.


  • latching start button;
  • ergonomic grip shape on the handle;
  • narrow cartridge with quick change bits;
  • adjustment of screw wrapping force with a scale;
  • short body for one-handed operation;
  • a ring for hanging at the workplace or fixing the key (in case of changing the cartridge and working with drills);
  • power 550 W;
  • idle speed 2100 per minute;
  • aluminum housing around the gearbox;
  • adjustment of the depth of twist;
  • an easy way to install and remove the stopper sleeve;
  • quick-release coupling;
  • change in the number of revolutions;
  • included bit holder.


  • the cost of 16,000 rubles;
  • weight of 2 kg is heavy for all types of work, except for the lower spatial position;
  • there are no rubber pads on the case;
  • no case;
  • only 1 speed.


The screwdrivers equipped with the Metabo Quick system allow you to replace the keyless chuck, angle nozzle and any equipment in seconds from any position.

The function is convenient for working in hard-to-reach places when it is necessary to perform several different operations in a row: for example, twist and drill.

QUICK Technology

QUICK technology differs in the way the holder is mounted on the spindle.

The device does not have a fixing screw, this allows you to freely operate the nozzles of the right and left rotation, quickly remove the cartridge and insert the nozzle directly into the rod.

A double-muffle cartridge is included with some models, it can also be purchased separately.

The two-sleeve design is complemented by a snap ring and is considered a more reliable attachment of equipment.

But most of the products are sold with a single-event mechanism.

Mini-versions of screwdrivers are available without a chuck. a magnetic clamp with a 1/4 ″ hexagonal recess allows you to insert the cue ball directly into the spindle.

Additional devices

Metabo is one of the market leaders for additional options in the design of screwdrivers.

Some models are made with an additional handle, like a drill.

Among other useful devices:

Metabo offers dust removal nozzles, dust collectors, carbon brushes, chargers and adapters for all types of batteries, including old NiMH.

Network Screwdriver Models

Such a device is powered by an electric network and can operate for a long time in continuous mode. It is compact in size due to the lack of battery. These are quite powerful tools that can fasten large self-tapping screws or drill bits. The scope of such tools is home use, repair work in rooms, construction, and furniture assembly.


As a rule, the complete set of screwdrivers is an individual matter.

Metabo simplifies the task and delivers tools both without kits and in a minimal set with original consumables.

Some models are packaged in a roomy case, which is designed for the device itself, charger, spare batteries and working nozzles.

In the territory of the Russian Federation, the products of the Metabo concern are widely represented by authorized centers, therefore it is not difficult to assemble the necessary set.

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