What kind of oil to put in an electric saw

What kind of oil should you put in your chainsaw?

The chainsaw blade is subject to heavy wear and tear when it is in operation. Forced lubrication of the saw is used to reduce the risk of this phenomenon. For easy running chainsaws chain release oils that are poured into the tank of the tool. Their characteristic feature is high adhesion. Such oils “stick” well to the chain surface and are hardly dislodged by the centrifugal forces during tool operation.

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For sprocket lubrication just put a drop of liquid on the bearing.

When analyzing manufacturers, experts consider feedback from gasoline tool operators and characteristics of technical liquids. The top 5 ranking presents products that provide good lubrication of the working equipment:

  • STIHL Forest Plus. The product is manufactured in Germany on a mineral basis. Poured in containers of 1.5 or 20 liters. Lubricant has high adhesion, tool protection against wood resin, good preservative capacity. Among the disadvantages. the high price and the inability to operate at subzero temperatures.
  • Oregon 90844S. Produced in the UK from minerals. Thanks to special additives it can work at temperatures of up to 1000°C.20°С. Reduced volatility and stable viscosity provides economic consumption at all cutting speeds. Disadvantages include high price, poor design of the canister.
  • Gazpromneft Chain Oil. Multi-purpose, multigrade oil, made in Russia. Used for chainsaw chain, guide bar, chain sprockets of all types of chainsaws equipped with manual and automatic oiling systems. Has good adhesion, protects metal parts from moisture and corrosion. Good price-quality ratio. Users, however, have experienced leaks in containers.
  • Hammer Flex Bar Chain Oil. Produced and bottled in Germany from synthetic raw materials. Suitable for use at subzero temperatures. Application of antifriction additives reduces friction and component wear. Important disadvantage. high price.
  • Champion Bar Chain Oil. Country of origin. Germany. It is based on man-made materials that decompose completely in the ground. A number of additives in the oil prevent wear and corrosion. The disadvantages include the excessively high price of the product.

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When working with a chainsaw, one rule should be followed. use only lubricants from well-known manufacturers. They are guaranteed to protect the chain and extend the life of the saw set.

What kind of oil can be used for an electric chainsaw?? How to use it? Why it does not go on the chain?

Electric chainsaw oil is probably the most important and necessary consumable. It has a positive effect on the performance of the tool. Good oil makes it much easier to use this device. With it, the cutter bar is in better contact with materials with different structures. In addition, thanks to this consumable, the tool can last much longer.

Let’s find out how to choose the right oil for an electric saw.

What is it for?

Many owners of electric saws ask a reasonable question, why this tool needs oil. The answer is simple. it is used as a chain lubricant to reduce the considerable friction between the individual parts. Due to the presence of oil, important system components do not suffer from excessive heat in contact with each other.

Occasionally there are cases where extra effort is needed for cutting. This fact signals insufficient lubrication or of questionable quality. In such a situation, experts recommend checking the oil level in the tank as soon as possible. You can immediately lubricate the chain to finish the work that has already begun.

If you use a good and timely oil, the saw will not only work better and easier, but also last longer. The equipment, deprived of such maintenance, is prone to very serious failures. It is unlikely to last long.

On today’s market there are several variants of oil designed for electric chainsaws. These formulations can be mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic. It should be borne in mind that the latter have both synthetic and mineral components. Another category of modern chain oils for electric saws from various companies are products based on vegetable raw materials. Of course, each group of oils has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If you consider the properties of all oils in terms of stability and ability to work effectively under quite complicated conditions, synthetic products naturally come out on top. They can keep electric saws running even in very cold weather (up to.40 degrees). However, these types of oils also have one important disadvantage to consider. they are expensive. That’s why many consumers refuse to buy them in favor of more affordable options.

As for the popular mineral oils, they cost many times cheaper than synthetic variants. However, their performance characteristics are also greatly inferior to those of the above formulations.

The lion’s share of mineral oils in temperature conditions.25 degrees simply stops flowing to the area where friction of saw parts is destructive, i.e. it stops fulfilling its main function. It’s not a good idea to use such oil in cold winters, because it won’t be very effective, or even useless in freezing temperatures.

Semi-synthetic oils are a cross between synthetic and mineral products. These types of oils are produced both for electric and gasoline devices.

Today it is easy to choose the right chain oil for your saw chain. There are many well known brands that produce this kind of product. The main thing is to choose the right composition, knowing the optimal performance characteristics.

Popular Brands

As mentioned above, modern chain oils for saws are produced by a large number of brands. Among them there are both little-known and very popular. If you have decided to buy a high-quality and reliable saw oil, then you should get acquainted with the list of the most popular models.

Forest plus

This oil is in enviable demand and has excellent adhesive properties. Forest plus is characterized by the fact that it can be used if the ambient temperature is not below15 degrees.

If you observe all the conditions of storage and operation of this product, it can remain quality for 3 years.

Bio Plus

Products of the company called Bio Plus are made on a plant basis. Lubricants of this company when penetrating into the soil very soon begin to decompose. Not every oil can boast of such a distinction. The product can be used at temperatures up to.15 degrees, like the previous version.

Sunth Plus

This oil, no less popular, is based on synthetic components. It easily withstands pretty high loads on the equipment.

Electric Pole Saw. The Right Chain Oil

It can be used in harsher conditions. ambient temperature can be up to.25 degrees.

The oil will not stop working and will not get into the right places.


Champion adhesive oil is commonly used for works with quite a wide temperature range. This grease is sold in 3 and 10 liter containers. The product is inexpensive and easy to use.


The name of this world-renowned brand inspires confidence. Husqvarna saw oil is the easiest and most economical solution for oiling your electric chainsaw. Such products are characterized by their moderate consumption and high efficiency.

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Can you use engine oil??

Whether it is permissible to use engine oil as a saw lubricant is another common question for tool owners.

In fact, transmission and engine oil formulations are acceptable for the chain lubrication of some models, but please note that such mineral formulations are to be avoided.

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Please note that these formulations are specific to the model of the saw. The fact that the tool can be lubricated with engine or gear oil has to be taken from the instruction manual supplied with the machine.

Never lubricate the chain with such compounds unless authorized by the manufacturer. Do not forget that such formulations are not designed for the conditions of chain operation. They simply can’t protect their machines completely. Therefore, it is better not to take the risk of using these types of oil.

No oil flow to the chainsaw chain. how to solve the problem?

This breakdown belongs to the most common faults of both brand-name electric saws and their Chinese copies.

There may be several reasons and ways to fix the problem:

  • A defect in the threads of the original oil pump shaft. in this case, the shaft will need to be replaced;
  • Breakage of the corkscrew on the pump’s main shaft is the most common problem faced by owners of Homelite brand electric saws. To fix the breakage will help replace the corkscrew with a thin nail, which should be pre-cut to the right length;
  • Damage to the pump pinion threads. replacing the pinion will fix the problem;
  • Debris in the oil pipe or a broken oil pipe. if so, you can flush or blow out the hose with compressed air from the bottle. In the second, the tube will need to be replaced;
  • accumulation of debris in the filter of the lubrication system of the electric saw. to eliminate the problem, you need to disassemble the entire unit, carefully wash the filter and other parts of the lubrication system.

It is important to remember that most brand name electric saws are equipped with collapsible oil pumps. If they get clogged, the pumps can be disassembled, washed and put back together. Some Chinese-made saws are designed with non-disassembly pumps. If they get clogged, the only way to repair the garden tool is to replace the pump.

For long chain life

Due to the nature of its design, the electric chainsaw engine does not need as extensive lubrication as a gasoline-type engine. However, you do need oil for your electric saw.


Oil is used to lubricate the chain to ensure ease of movement and quality of operation. Lack of lubrication quickly manifests itself in the fact that the saw performs less well and considerable effort has to be exerted to make the cut.

Due to the fact that the low-power electric motors themselves do not always require lubrication, some electric saws may not have an oil pump for the chain at all (however, to date, this is a rarity). When working with such a tool, it is necessary to periodically lower the chain into a bucket of oil, otherwise it will be hard to cut.

Most models have an automatic chain lubrication system and appropriate reservoir for oil pouring.

Special chain saw oil

Additives for adhesive additives. Environmentally friendly vegetable-based variants of these oils are common. Adhesive additives prevent the chain of an electric saw from shaking off the oil instantly during operation.

Using a lubricant like this is the best option, it’s exactly what it’s designed for. However, in most cases, the specialized oil is branded (produced by the same company as the saw itself), as a result. expensive. In addition, it is not always available, which leads owners of electric saws to search for alternatives.

Note that the production of specialized lubricants have been taken over by third-party companies, particularly from Eastern Europe. As a rule, such products are called “chain oil” and are not very expensive.

Engine and gear oil

The manuals for some electric saws say straightforwardly that this type of oil can be used for chains. However, the use of mineral oils is categorically not recommended.

Besides the lubrication itself, engine oil can be used in small quantities to flush out the rest of the “biological” oil. Unused residues of such oils form jelly-like seals which clog the lubricating system of the electric saw and cause malfunctions.

Used Engine Oil

Judging by the stories, many poured it and it even worked. But we would not advise doing so. Used oil is very dirty and makes your saw look unpleasant very quickly. Also, the lubrication system and the chain elements will be clogged.

Used oil should only be used in extreme situations and must be flushed out.

Vegetable oil

Strangely enough, but you can also pour it under certain conditions:

  • The oil must be refined.
  • It can only be used to lubricate the chain (if the oil goes into the cylinders, vegetable oil is contraindicated).
  • Must be completely exhausted and flushed out.

The consequences of insufficient or excessive lubrication on the chain

For the normal operation of the electric saw, certain requirements must be observed. This applies first and foremost to the chain lubrication process, and more precisely to the amount of oil needed to protect the parts of the mechanism. If not enough of it is supplied, the following problems can occur:

  • The tire will be out of order.
  • The chain starts to overheat.
  • Cutting teeth dull quickly.
  • The sprocket wears out quickly.
  • The chain jams and can even break.
  • Cutting takes more time and effort.

Many of today’s machines have an automatic lubrication system that regulates the lubrication. But in the event of a malfunction, oil can begin to leak out in excessive quantities and drain from the chain mechanism. This will lead to serious overspending. The cost of high-quality electric saw lubricant is high. Therefore, uneconomical use of it will cause additional financial costs.

Pump and system malfunctions

Nothing lasts forever in this world, and it all has to be repaired over time. The STIHL oil system in the mc 180 is no exception. it has its own specific requirements. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Signs of a faulty lubrication system are as follows:

  • the chainsaw chain is absolutely dry and not shiny;
  • The oil in the oil tank won’t come out;
  • the chain is quickly stretched and this happens all the time;
  • The bar is being pulled sideways while sawing;
  • the tire warms up and the paint melts on the drive sprocket.

All of these signs, either directly or indirectly, indicate a problem with the chainsaw’s chain lubrication system.

The first thing to do after suspecting that the chain oil is not coming in is to check the oil supply. There are two ways to do this. The first one is described in detail in the instruction manual of the tool and consists in starting up the chainsaw, adding as much gas as possible and pointing it toward some obstacle.

If lubrication is good, oil will fly off the tip of the bar and a streak of oil droplets will appear on the surface where the bar is pointing. If there is a defect in the system, the surface will remain clean.

The second way is to remove the bar from the chainsaw and start it. When you increase the engine speed, at the place of installation of the shank bar, oil will flow from the oil channel, if this does not happen, it is necessary to look for the cause of the malfunction.


A good place to start is to look and check the STIHL 180 oil receiver (oil filter). As a rule, if the filter is heavily contaminated, the oil flow may stop.

Next, it is necessary to remove the sprocket drum, and check the condition of the drive pinion. It should be completely free of burrs and other defects and with the gear removed you should check the thumbwheel. It should crimp the pinion tightly and not rotate, otherwise the pinion stands in place and does not transmit the force to the pump, and as a result the oil supply is stopped.

If all of the above ways of detecting and troubleshooting fail, extreme measures must be used, i.e. е. Dismantle pump.

How to remove the pump

The oil pump is installed on the right side of the bottom of the body, in the same place the oil pipe, coming from the gasoline tank, is connected to it. To remove the pump, you will first need to release the saw from the handle, to do this, unscrew the back handle of the unit and disconnect the throttle control rod. In the next step, it is necessary to take out plugs of handle cushioning and with the help of strong slotted screwdriver, squeeze them out of their places on the handle.

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After taking off the handle the body of the chainsaw should be turned upside down. The hose from the oil tank to the pump is immediately visible. It should be removed from its seat.

For a better understanding of the pump removal process, you can watch the video below. In this video the master chain saw operator shows in detail how to remove the oil pump from the chain saw and describes the main faults in the feeding system.

After the pump is removed, it should be cleaned and blown out. The main problem with the oil pump is usually clogging. Once it is eliminated, the pump can be reinstalled.

Pump only needs to be replaced if blockage cannot be cleared.

The Reason for the Oil Spill on the Base of the Chainsaw

The STIHL 180 chain saw has a defect in that the oil hose is not properly sealed and leaks in the housing. To fix it, simply remove the STIHL MS 180 saw handle, disconnect the hose, rinse and degrease the seat in the housing and the hose shank, then apply sealant and put the hose back in place. Such simple operation will reliably eliminate the fault and oil will stop leaking.

Checking the function of the oil system

Lack or absence of lubrication in the tandem “bar. saw chain” manifests itself by an additional load on the electric motor and a characteristic smell of burning wood. In such a case, the work should be stopped to determine the cause of the failure and to correct the fault.

To test the standard or automatic lubrication system, it is sufficient to hold the saw head with the motor on over a piece of paper for a short time. By the size and density of the oil spot you can judge the real performance of the oil pump and the serviceability of the system as a whole.

Selection Criteria

Engine oils and their chain lubricants are not interchangeable. The chain lubricant has a number of characteristic features, in particular an increased level of adhesion to the metal.

  • Circuits of all types of manual saws have the same design, so chain oil for electric saws is identical to that used in saw mechanisms of gasoline-powered models.
  • When choosing a chain lubricant for a particular model, it is recommended to give preference to the varieties and brands specified in the instruction manual. As a rule. it is a branded development, created taking into account many factors.

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In the absence of a recommended consumable, it’s best to use a brand name oil. Branded products of these manufacturers are characterized by universal lubricating properties, stable operating parameters in a wide range of temperature effects.

Oil system. care and maintenance

The oil pressure system of the electric saw, as well as the whole unit needs to comply with all the requirements prescribed by each manufacturer individually for a particular series and its modifications.

It is not uncommon to encounter a problem during the use of an electric hacksaw when there is no oil flow to the chain of the electric saw, which can significantly affect the condition of the working elements rubbing against each other. This may be due to several reasons, such as:

  • oil pump and gear oil pump failure;
  • The passages in the oil filter, through which the lubricant is fed, are clogged;
  • the hole in the guide bar is clogged;
  • leakage in the oil reservoir itself.

As you can see, there are many reasons why the chain saw does not feed oil to the chain, and you can probably figure it out yourself, but it is much better to enlist the help of experienced professionals.