What kind of work does a single-axle tractor do

single-axle tractor. Types and Work. Application and as a choice. Features

A single-axle tractor is a multipurpose, self-propelled work vehicle based on a single-axle chassis that serves as a small tractor. This equipment is also called a walking or single-axle tractor. It is widely used in agriculture and for various municipal works on landscaping.

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The engine of the power tiller is started with a cord, on the same principle as that of a chainsaw, or with an elektrostarter. The technique is equipped with a gearbox that allows you to adjust the speed. Wheels rotate both forward and backward.

Types of power tillers

First of all, it is necessary to clarify what this unit is.

Single-axle tractor. a multifunctional device that facilitates the work on the land plot. These days, such a machine, an indispensable thing that qualitatively performs all functions.

Many manufacturers offer a variety of models of different classes, not inferior in quality and functionality. However, we should not forget that such devices are also divided into varieties depending on different technical parameters, manufacturers and weight.

Types of power tillers depending on weight:

  • Lightweight with motors no larger than 5 horsepower, whose main work is considered the work of the cutters. Not suitable for heavy soils.
  • Medium. more powerful than light, but also heavier in weight.
  • Heavy with weight over 150 kilograms, so they can easily pull even a plow or carry small carts, which makes them indispensable. Which single-axle tractor is best for riding with a cart, you can clarify when buying or look at the characteristics.

In this video you will learn how to choose a single axle tractor:


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How to choose a single axle tractor: important features

Buying a power block is accompanied by the study of many details, among which are the following:

Engine. Engine power and manufacturer determines performance. The higher the power, the better. But the important factor is the engine manufacturer. Note Sadko, Subaru, BriggsStratton. These companies have proven themselves on the market. When choosing between the diesel and gasoline tractor, it’s better to give preference to the gasoline tractor, it consumes less.

The wheels are detachable, making it easier to transport. Minimum set of functions: forward/reverse speed. This is very important for a walking tractor. The efficiency of cultivation of dry soil increases by 2 times.

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Wheels. It is better to choose cast metal wheels for your power tiller. It is good if the wheels are removable, so it is easier to transport a single-axle tractor.

Working width. single-axle tractor is used for a large area, so it is advisable to buy a machine with a wide working width: from 90 cm. The narrower ones are also available (60 cm), but they have no sense, at least for such a productive machine.

Availability of attachments in the kit. Would be expensive to buy as a separate accessory. If the set includes at least a minimal set of equipment, the purchase is worth the money.

Price. A good single-axle tractor with high power can’t cost less than 450 dollars. When buying, you need to be guided by this indicator. A lower price will affect the quality of the product, or its power will not be enough for basic tasks.

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work, single-axle, tractor

A single-axle tractor is quite heavy equipment, so if you are a pensioner, it is likely to be heavy for you, it is better to pay attention to lighter cultivators. In order for the machine to cope with all the necessary tasks on the land, you should consider all the parameters of choice.

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The advantages of this equipment include:

  • Low price compared to a mini-tractor.
  • Great maneuverability.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Minimum soil compaction at work.
  • Inexpensive repairs.
  • Relatively cheap attachments.

This technique is practically universal, because with its help you can perform the vast majority of work in agriculture and utilities. This is possible thanks to its special design, which allows the installation of various attachments.

On a single-axle tractor can be put:

  • Rotary mower or segment mower.
  • Rake.
  • Plough.
  • Cultivator.
  • Potato planter.
  • Spudger.
  • Cutter.
  • Sprayer.
  • Fertiliser spreader.
  • Trailer.
  • Snowplow etc.

It is worth noting that not every type of power tiller is fully universal. Sufficient power is needed to be able to install certain attachments. In this regard, before buying a particular model, you need to familiarize not only with its characteristics, but also with the technical requirements of the attachments that are planned to be installed on it. The market offers both very powerful power tillers and rather weak ones that are designed for highly specialized noncomplicated works.

Varieties of equipment depending on power and size

Depending on the power and size, power tillers are divided into three categories:

Each species has its own advantages and disadvantages, Because of this, it is difficult to say what type of power tillers is better. It all depends on the individual requirements for the equipment in the future.


Sufficient for work on a small area of up to 20 acres. These are the cheapest units that weigh little and do not take up useful space in the garage or other place where they are stored. Such equipment is equipped with a weak engine, so it can not perform complex tasks. Under the strong load that occurs when working in dense soil, the wheels of the power tiller simply turn, because the lightweight chassis cannot drag the equipment immersed in the soil, because of its small weight.

This technique is very maneuverable, so it is convenient to use it for weeding between narrow rows of various vegetable and garden plants. A plough, ripper or rake can be attached to this single axle tractor. It should be taken into account that on hard ground such equipment is unlikely to be able to pull a plow. In most cases, these types are used to prepare the plot with cutters before plowing, to dip the plants, or to do weeding.

Lightweight machines are often equipped with a two-stroke gasoline engine. So, the fuel is poured into the tank together with oil, which must be added in a strict proportion. For this reason, a number of difficulties arise, because it will be necessary to keep a measuring container with you in order to prepare the correct combustible mixture. Sometimes the technique with a two-stroke engine has a more advanced design, when a special tank for oil refueling is provided. Self-mixed and injects gasoline and oil into the combustion chamber of the engine, which is much more convenient than mixing the fuel manually.


The middle class is more expensive than the light ones, but has more features. It is already possible to connect a trailer to them to transport various loads, including crops from the site. Such equipment can plow the land with a plow, and it is quite able to cope with a potato-plow and potato digger. It has enough power to perform almost any task and is quite able to cope with the plots up to 50 hectares.

It should be taken into account that although this equipment is almost completely universal, but still its technical characteristics are not designed to work on an industrial scale. The first disadvantage of these devices is air cooling, so when working for hours the engine gets hot. If you need to treat a small area, it is not a problem, but for a garden of several hectares, such a device will not be enough.

Heavy single axle tractor

The most expensive and costly in service. They have powerful engines that use a lot of fuel. At the same time this technique can perform absolutely any task that the power tillers are capable of at all. It can haul trailers with loads of several tons, and it can also clear large amounts of snow. Such power tillers are connected to woodcutters and branch chippers. They can handle sprayers, sweeping brushes, and wide grass mowers.

Choosing a heavy single-axle tractor, you should take into account that he oversized, so it will require space in the garage is not less than half of a car. These machines are water-cooled, so their maintenance is more time-consuming, because you need not only to control the level of lubricant in the engine and fuel in the tank, but also to monitor the radiator so that it is always full.

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Which engine is better

Moto-blocks can be equipped with gasoline or diesel engine. Gasoline can be two-stroke or four-stroke. The most popular are diesel motor blocks. This is due to the fact that this type of engine has a high efficiency. The cost of diesel equipment is lower than that of gasoline, due to the economy of fuel consumption.

MotoBlock Manufacturers

Today there is a wide range of different manufacturers of power tillers on sale. from domestic to foreign. Each of them consists of different quality parts. Of course, if you want a modern, very powerful, reliable, high-quality device, choose popular brands from other countries. However, it will be very expensive.

Many people prefer the Chinese equipment. You should not think that they are of low quality. Many components are made in other countries, and today the Chinese units are of high quality, performance, reliability and durability, but the price is very low.

There is also Russian equipment, which has also proven itself in the best way. These include units from CIS brands like “Neva”, “Belarus”, “Ugra”, “Agat” and others.

Foreign. Texas, Husqvarna, Caiman, Patriot, Hyundai, DAEWOO, and others.

Many people buy a fairly inexpensive motor blocks, and then remake and improve them by their own hands. Diagram of motor-block, which you can get as a result, in a large variety is on the Internet. Wiring diagram will help you to understand how a particular device is arranged, and how it can be easily improved.

It’s hard to answer the question of which unit is best. It all depends on your desires and requirements for it. Moto-block work is aimed at helping you to cope with any agricultural work faster and easier, as well as during the care of the site of the house or cottage.

How to check oil in a power tiller gearbox?

Keep an eye on the oil level at all times. Otherwise a negligent attitude to the equipment will lead to fatal consequences. Every 50 hours you fill up with new oil. At the same time, avoid excessive loads that will eventually lead to a rapid depletion of mechanisms and components. Let’s proceed directly to oil changing:

  • Set up the machine on a level surface. Find the dipstick, 70 cm long.
  • The dipstick is bent and slipped into the oil fill hole up to the stop, then take out the rod.
  • Check oil level, it has to be at least 25 cm. Fill up the dry gearbox with 2 liters of oil, at least 1.The dipstick is bent.

The oil fill must be GOST. It makes no sense to use cheap oil because sooner or later it will break down inside the gearbox.

Unit structure

As mentioned earlier, the single-axle tractor Luch has a simple design that allows it to work for a long time without any failure. Studying the internal structure of this versatile unit, the most important units should be highlighted. Among them, it is worth mentioning:

As a motor in the device is used an internal combustion engine model DM-1, which belongs to the category of four-stroke gasoline engines with 1 cylinder. Air cooling is used to prevent overheating during operation, and the piston diameter is 7.6 cm.

The transmission of the unit is simple, refers to the worm-tooth type, which allows you to guarantee a long service life, as well as the absence of problems during intensive operation. The clutch of the motor-block, as on the majority of domestic models, is manual and allows switching between 4 gears.

The gearbox device requires a separate consideration, because it is a key element, which determines the correct operation of the power tiller. It provides the following components:

On sale there are models with both pneumatic wheels and cast wheels, which allows you to choose the best option. The tread has a simple pattern, and the wheels themselves must be angled forward for proper operation.