What oil in the saw STIHL. Let’s talk about the installation of oil supply directly to the chain

The difference between mineral and synthetic oil for 2 stihl engine motors

07.08.2020 The metal surface of the elements of the engine of garden equipment only at first glance seems smooth. When the system is launched, frictional interaction occurs when the surfaces of different elements begin to rub against each other. With prolonged and severe friction, metal parts are welded together, as a result of which the engine fails.

For safe and productive operation of benzotechnics, oil is necessary. It extends the service life of the units and guarantees their effective work. The composition of the lubricant can be mineral or synthetic. STIHL oil, which is presented in two versions, is particularly popular among oils.

The German company produces a line of high.quality motor oils for two.stroke engines. Products are widely used for garden, communal and logging equipment. It is suitable for chainsaws, trimmers not only of the brand of the same name, but also the techniques of other brands. STIHL motor oils extend the operational period and guarantee the environmentally friendly use of a benzo.tool. Consider the features of use and the physico-chemical properties of both types and find out which type to choose?

Oil for a chainsaw

Motor oil for chainsaws must comply with a number of requirements. First of all, it is high thermal stability and anti.symbolic properties: when operating a chainsaw, especially in summer, the motor can heat up to high temperatures. Since the exhaust goes directly in the working area, minimal smoke is desirable. Taking into account these points, Rolf Lubricants GmbH creates specialized oil for benzo tools and garden equipment with two.stroke engines.

Choosing gasoline

The first question that the user faces before starting work is what gasoline to pour in the Stihl chainsaw.

STIHL gasoline is poured exclusively by.ethyl high.octane, t. e. with octane number above 90. If you refueled by low.octane, this is fraught with an overheating of the engine, jamming the piston and output of the motor. Therefore, it is optimal to fill the gasoline of the AI-92 or AI-95 brand in the chainsaw, but the question of the quality of fuel arises here.

The poor-quality AI-92 may “not reach” to the declared octane number, and AI-95 often contains many additives that do not bring any benefit to the engine. In addition, if the additives are poor.quality, they do not act long, and after a few days the acquired fuel can turn into a low.octane, which is not suitable for the chainsaw engine.

At the same time, a good 95 can harm the piston system. to “burn” it. Thus, some users found a way out: to refuel a gas station AI-92 with AI-95 gasoline. This is how the optimal balance between the octane number and the number of add.on impurities is achieved.

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What gasoline to fill in a chainsaw?

According to experts, you should use unhealthy gasoline obtained when adding additives without leading lead, the octane number of which exceeds 90. For foreign models, it is necessary to fill in gasoline of higher brands and use branded oil manufacturers. The fuel of the AI-92 brand is considered perfect. How to breed gasoline for the Stihl 180 chainsaw? In this case, implies oils in mixtures 1:40. AI-95 fuel is quite suitable for her, but according to professionals, it is better not to use for chainsaws.


The fact is that it is made on the basis of AI-92 using certain additives that change the quality of fuel. These components are deposited on the internal parts of the tool and when the critical mass is reached, they begin to exfoliate, violating the operation of the mechanism. The best option is to follow the instructions that are attached to the selected model. It is recommended to use gasoline, because with prolonged storage in containers, octane properties are lost.

Mineral or synthetic oil. which is better to add to gasoline

Two.stroke oils can be mineral or synthetic. As in the case of a car, synthetics here always cost more than a mineral water. Its most important advantage is that when using a chainsaw inside the cylinder, soot is not formed. This extends its service life. Thus, if you want a saw to serve as much as possible, pour synthetics.

True, it is worth noting that if you have already used a mineral water for a long time (at least 100 mothers), then you can not use synthetics. This is due to the fact that synthetic oil, possessing cleansing properties, will wash off a layer of soil accumulated on them from the cylinder walls, and its dumped pieces can lead to damage. Therefore, if you have been using mineral water for a long time, then use it.

Comparative review of the motor oils Stihl

The branded oils of the same purpose in composition and characteristics practically do not differ, therefore, as a small review, you can compare the characteristics of three motor oils of the popular Stihl brand.

  • Stihl HP motor oil is the optimal option and working characteristics. Its recipe is focused on the use of semi.professional and professional class in productive saws. When combustion, the composition does not form soot and toxic compounds, does not destroy the gaskets, has increased resistance to large and extreme loads.
  • STIHL HP Super is a classic low.zero semi.synthetics that meets user needs with increased requirements.
  • Stihl HP Ultra. pure synthetics, oil in its capabilities can be considered universal, as it has special resistance to temperature and loading effects. Great material for use in powerful ICE of professional chainsaw technology.

How to breed

STIHL fuel mixture is prepared by mixing high.octane gasoline and oil for two.stroke engines. The proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw is as follows: if the power of the unit does not exceed 1.5 kW, then the ratio will be 1:40 (t. e. 25 ml of oil per liter of gasoline), and with a power above this value. 1:50 (20 ml per 1 l).

It is necessary to dilute gasoline for the Stihl chainsaw in a separate canister, in no case, without filling the saw in the gas tank of the saw separately. There are no oil pump and the possibility of installing it in these engines, so only the finished fuel is poured into the tank. There are even special canists with two necks on sale to make it more convenient to dilute the mixture, but you can add oil to gasoline for a chainsaw and in an ordinary canister.

The proportions of the gas station refueling are best observed as accurately as possible: the excess oil will create soot on candles and pistons and provoke detonation when fuel combustion. This can reduce the engine operating resource. In addition, the user of the saw in this case is forced to inhale exhaust gases with unburned fractions. At the same time, an excess of gasoline can damage the pistons due to insufficient lubrication.

To dilute gasoline, it is recommended to use special tools. this is a measured container for gasoline, a lubricant dispenser, a syringe, a canister for the preparation of the mixture and a watering can for refueling the sawdaulu a tank. All these auxiliary accessories are sold in official stores and at Stihl dealers.

Some people’s craftsmen are advised to use a plastic bottle in case of lack of special measuring accessories: a full cover (from the same bottle) is poured into a half-liter container filled with gasoline. The output is an approximate ratio of 1:50.

The amount of the mixture for refueling is best calculated in advance based on the estimated volume of work and the declared consumption of this engine. The volume of the tank in most chainsaws is about 0.5 liters, a 2 kW engine will spend about 1.2 liters per hour of operation (more accurate descriptions of the saw can be seen in the instructions). Thus, it makes no sense to prepare a mixture in volumes exceeding 3 in a row.

What oil to choose

If you are an ordinary user of the chainsaw and do not use it daily for 6-8 hours, while you only work in the summer, then you can use the usual Stihl HP to prepare fuel mixture for your chainsaw. The optimal ratio of the price and quality of lubrication made it popular among millions of users of benzo.tool.

STIHL HP can be used to prepare a mixture for any two.stroke engine, including moped engines and boat options.

What gasoline to pour into the stihl chainsaw

Low.quality fuel can cause your tool to fail. UNETILED gasoline is usually used to refuel the stiHL chainsaws, where the number of additives without lead content exceeds 90. For this, the fuel of AI is completely suitable. 92. AI is also used. 95, which is used much less often. It is made on the basis of AI. 92, but contains various additives that are deposited on the internal elements of the engine and can disrupt the operation of the mechanism. At the same time, the mixing of both combustibles is permissible to achieve the optimal result.

It should be remembered that gasoline is recommended to use fresh t.to. With prolonged storage in closed containers, useful octane properties are lost.

Calculation of fuel mixture proportions

Correct refueling also implies strict observance of proportions. For a two.stroke engine, 1 part of the oil for 50 parts of gasoline is used. To comply with this ratio, you will need 5 liters of gasoline and 0.10 l of oil. It should also be remembered that the oil pump cannot be installed in such chainsales, and therefore the use of pure gasoline is completely unacceptable.

Filling a STIHL chainsaw with fuel and chain oil

In the event that substances for the mixture have different brands, then it is recommended to use 1:40 proportion.

When a new chainsaw in the first 3 refueling, the oil is added 20 % more. In this case, instead of a 1:50 ratio, 1:42 will be used, and 1:40 is replaced by 1:33.

Violation of the ratio of fuel substances can lead to the formation of bully, as well as to the appearance of soot on candles and pistons.

How to choose oil for lubrication of a chain or motor

A good lubricant mixture extends the service life of the chainsaw and guarantees high quality work. For a new tool, it is recommended to use STIHL proprietary chain oil recommended in the instructions. Otherwise, the chainsaw can be removed from warranty service from. For non.compliance with operating conditions. At the end of the warranty wasproof, you can use oil of any other brand. It should be remembered that it needs to be replaced twice a year.

STIHL has developed a whole line of lubricating mixture for two.stroke engines. High cleansing ability will increase the environmental friendliness of your tool.

All synthetic oils are based on primary refinants that can reduce the number of exhausts and prevent the breakdown of moving chainsaw elements during continuous operation.

STIHL HP oil. made on a mineral basis and has excellent properties of combustion and lubrication. Supplied in a different volume of 20 ml to 55 liters.

HP Ultra oil. suitable for prolonged use of the tool. Provides complete combustion of the fuel mixture and carefully lubricates the necessary components. Has a high degree of decomposition. more than 80 % in 21 days.

SAE 30 motor oil. used for any operating conditions on the garden. Helps to reduce fuel consumption and is characterized by high.quality basic oils.

10 W-30 motor oil-designed for 4-stroke engines. Resistant to temperature to. 30 ° C.

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Husqvarna chainsaw oil

, which is also a large manufacturer of chainsaws, produces its own set of lubricants for its technique. Husqvarna’s motor oil for the chainsaw today is officially supplied in only one form: Husqvarna hp.

Husqvarna HP gasoline oil is a semi.synthetic product that fully meets all the requirements in full

This lubricant goes well with the technique. but can be successfully used in saws from other manufacturers. Has excellent lubricant qualities, does not leave raids on the details of the cylinder.piston group.

The proportion of gasoline and oil for chainsaw Husqvarna is similar to the proportions for the STIHL technique and is 50: 1.

How to dilute the oil for the Husqvarna chainsaw and not be mistaken if there is no dispenser on kanistra with the products of this company? Here, all owners of gasoline saws are recommended to acquire a measuring capacity with a price of division of 1 ml.

The fact is that it will equally negatively affect the resource of the piston group of a two.stroke engine lack and an excess of lubrication. The lack of piston wear will accelerate from the deficiency.

On the piston and cylinder may appear bullying and furrows. An excess can lead to the formation of deposits and increased smoke, the service life of the candle will be reduced.

What lubricant liquid to use for Husqvarna, if there is no way to purchase the original? The answer is simple: any with similar properties. STIHL products is also suitable.


The usual lubricating liquid under the influence of centrifugal force will fly from the surface of the tire and leading star. Lubricants having high adhesion properties are effectively delivered to the bottom of the tire, which allows lubricating the most loaded parts and cooling them, extending the service life.

For products of the MS, MSA and MSU series, STIHL recommends using Forestplus. In addition, it is worth noting the novelty. Timberplus, which has improved adhesive properties and can not freeze to the mark. 40 degrees.

For owners of the GTA 26 battery, the manufacturer offers a special biodegradable composition Multioil Bio, which comes in a small container with a convenient cap for lubricating a sawing headset. Given the design features of the GTA 26, the lubricant serves to protect against corrosion of the working parts of this unit. Important: Multiol Bio is not intended for working with motorcycles!

How to breed gasoline for a chainsaw STIHL 180?

Most of the owners drank this model, are wondering which gasoline is to fill in the Stihl 180 chainsaw and what proportions with oil must be observed. The best option is 1/50, which means that for five liters of the finished mixture, you will need only 100 milliliters of oil.

How to mix gasoline with butter

You can extend the operational period of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw using a high.quality, properly prepared fuel mixture. Quite often for this model, AI-2 or AI-95 gasoline is used. Pay attention to the fact that exclusively non.ethyl gasoline is allowed, which is able to protect the engine from premature breakdowns.

Option of alternative fuel

For refueling household and professional chainsaws, it is recommended to use non-alcohol components and additional additives-car gasoline type AI-92. The question of whether it is possible to pour 95 gasoline into a chainsaw to date remains controversial. Theoretically, the AI-95 gasoline is higher than that of the standard AI-92 fuel, but in practice it is better to give preference to the second option. The problem is that in order to increase anti-depth characteristics, additives and sales are introduced by manufacturers and sales, the quality and efficiency of which in specialists causes reasonable doubts. Such fuel does not fully meet the required characteristics, does not have proper stability during long.term storage. After 3-4 months of exposure, its working properties worsen by 25-30%.

The configuration of the device is designed for users with various experience with these equipment. Cleaning, replacement or repair will not be difficult for you, since to disassemble the carburetor on the Stihl chainsaw 180 is quite easy.

You can make the unit yourself, change the gaskets and a needle valve, for which you will need disassembling the Carburetor STIHL 180. To do this, it is necessary to promote four screws located on the lid of the compensator, as well as lead one on the fuel pump. After you open the body of the unit, you should be extremely attentive, since even the hit of small litter and even hairs can make the operation of this unit impossible.

Criteria for choosing lubrication

After buying a device, the question may arise about choosing a bay in a stihl chainsaw. After all, proper care for technology increases its performance, and will save various kinds of breakdowns. The operation of the saw directly depends on the use of good fuel and lubricant.

STIHL chainsaws have a carburetor two.stroke engine and 2 tank (gasoline and oil). For the right choice of oil for the STIHL saw, you need to know its criteria:

  • It is necessary to determine the manufacturer, t. to. In domestic models, simple oils (for motorcycles) are used in a proportion of 1 to 25, and foreign. branded lubrication products, with a proportion of 1 to 40 (oil proportions to gasoline). In fact, the owners themselves determine what to use. It is worth being prepared that improper use will entail a decrease in power and productivity. Most use motor oil, if this is not, then the transmission. Experts advise for this manufacturer to use the last.
  • You need to know the color. Red, green, blue colors are suitable for chainsaws with a two.stroke engine.
  • Compound.

List of oils in terms of price and quality

Lubricants for 2-stroke engines:

  • Volume 100 ml. you can buy it for 90 r., It is necessary to add 1 to 50 (20 grams of oil per liter of gasoline) to gasoline). This type is designed specifically for Stihl chainsaws. The main component is minerals. It is also possible to use for other models of various manufacturers.
  • STIHL (volume 1l) intended for the saw of the manufacturer STIHL. Diluted 1 to 50. The basis of the lubricant is minerals. The price varies within 500 r.
  • STIHL with a dispenser (volume 1l). Diluted in a ratio of 1 to 50. The price is about 600 r.
  • Stihl h. P. Ultra (volume 100 ml), ratio 1 to 50. Also made for stihl chainsaws. This is synthetic oil. It has a high degree of lubricant advantages. It is also used for other models of chainsaws with 2-stroke engines. The cost of this lubricant varies within 120 r.
  • STIHL (volume 5l), the ratio of the product of lubrication to gasoline is 1 to 50. Component. mineral additives. Created directly for the stihl chainsaws with a 2-stroke engine. Apply for others. The price is 1500 r.
  • Stihl h. P. ULTRA with a dispenser (volume of 1l), diluted in a proportion of 1 to 50, manufactured for the chainsaw of the manufacturer STIHL. Can be used for other brands. Cost 1100 p.


The usual lubricating liquid under the influence of centrifugal force will fly from the surface of the tire and leading star. Lubricants having high adhesion properties are effectively delivered to the bottom of the tire, which allows lubricating the most loaded parts and cooling them, extending the service life.

For products of the MS, MSA and MSU series, STIHL recommends using Forestplus. In addition, it is worth noting the novelty. Timberplus, which has improved adhesive properties and can not freeze to the mark. 40 degrees.

For owners of the GTA 26 battery, the manufacturer offers a special biodegradable composition Multioil Bio, which comes in a small container with a convenient cap for lubricating a sawing headset. Given the design features of the GTA 26, the lubricant serves to protect against corrosion of the working parts of this unit. Important: Multiol Bio is not intended for working with motorcycles!

Four stroke

The assortment of the company presents two types: summer SAE 30 and all-season 10 W-30, differing in viscosity and threshold of soot. The summer is recommended for operation at air temperature from 4 to 40 ° C, and all.season can be used in the range from minus eighteen to plus forty degrees Celsius. The basic recommendation for these products is the first replacement in the new engine after 5 motorized hours, the next. every 30 30 hours worked.