What oil to fill the grass trimmer

Can I pour car oil in the lawnmower

Most modern lawn mowers use two-stroke, air-cooled gasoline motors. Working volume of power units rarely exceeds 200 cubic centimeters. Such a design provides moderate weight and efficiency of the machine.

In some cases, companies produce lawn mowers with four-stroke water-cooled engines. In this case, you should buy oil suitable for car engines. the construction of the internal combustion engines in this case will not be different.

General recommendations for choosing lawnmower oil

Due to the above-mentioned engine design features, it is best to use a special grease for lawn mowers and it must be suitable for the temperature conditions in which the machine will be used. specialized SAE 30 class grease is considered optimal. It is used at temperatures above 5 degrees.

What oil should I put in my lawnmower?

If a special one is not available, you can use car lubricants class:

These greases, too, are designed mostly for positive ambient temperatures and a maximum above 35 degrees.

By type of lubricating fluid. mineral and semi-synthetic are acceptable. Completely synthetic would be too expensive. API performance level. “SF”, “SG”, “SH”, “SJ” and higher. For the four-stroke engines of gardening equipment the label should say “4T”.

It is easy to fill motor grease, determining its quantity by the dipstick on the plug. The minimum level is practically limited by the length of the dipstick, and maximum level. reaches the thread of the drain hole. You can also be guided by looking in the crankcase opening.

As a rule, a single axle tractor or snowmobile with 6-8 hp engine can hold about 0,6 l of fluid, and a little more than 1 l in more powerful units. It is no coincidence that 0.6 liter volume is the most popular packing volume among manufacturers. This exact oil amount is enough to fill medium-powered motor vehicles, which are in the greatest demand among the owners of garden and country plots, up to the full level.