What Oil To Lubricate A Chainsaw Chain

Very often when selling a chainsaw the question is:"What kind of oil to lubricate the chain?". The most common answer is: "Anything but practicing." This is absolutely true, but there are some nuances. For example, sellers often offer to buy chain lubricants from chainsaw manufacturers or designed specifically for these purposes. This makes sense, as a rule, at low temperatures or when you pay great attention to protecting the environment.

Chain lubricant

In other cases, it is quite possible to replace the oil for chain lubrication with anything other than mining. However, there is one more nuance. Often users ask the question: “Why is the oil consumption for chain lubrication more than the fuel mixture? After all, their consumption is interconnected? ” It should be borne in mind that manufacturers of chainsaws consider oil consumption for chain lubrication, filling in their own. And the consumption of any other can differ both in a smaller and a big way.

On many chainsaws, ranging from semi-professional, it is possible to adjust the oil flow rate for chain lubrication. This is done by adjusting the performance of the oil pump.

What Oil To Lubricate A Chainsaw Chain

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If such adjustment is not provided, then the settings go initially from the manufacturer. How to check if the oil consumption for chain lubrication on your chainsaw is normal? It is necessary to start a saw, give gas and bring it to the board, log or other surface that is horizontal. Particles of oil should fly away from the working chain to lubricate the chain and leave a thin, even, oil mark.

When to use special chain oil

The use of special oils for chain lubrication will be justified in the following cases:

  • You have a new chainsaw under warranty and for its preservation it is necessary to use oils recommended by the chainsaw manufacturer. Otherwise, if, for example, an oil pump fails, then repair will not be carried out under warranty. This is especially true of expensive professional chainsaws.
  • You respect the environment and prefer not to pollute it again. In this case, oils with the prefix “bio” are suitable.
  • When working at critical temperatures.

Consider several types of oils from different manufacturers and sort them by price category, environmental friendliness and container volume.

Brands for chainsaw chain lubrication

  • Chain Oil Nanotech Standard. Suitable for working at temperatures up to. 20 degrees.
  • Adhesive oil Nanotek Premium. For work at.30 degrees.
  • Chain lubricant from the well-known manufacturer of machine tools and equipment. Enkor. Capacity 1 liter.
  • And the last in this category is Champion Oil. Capacity 1 liter.

Mineral oils with the prefix "Bio"

Branded oils intended for use as recommended by the manufacturer.

Oils packaged in containers of large volumes allow you to save upon purchase. Actual for enterprises with a large amount of work.

Often, the simplest M-8 or M-10 brand oil will be the best choice for chain and tire lubrication. Its characteristics fully satisfy the necessary goals.

At low temperatures, pour oil with a low thickening temperature, otherwise, the pump for oil supply may fail.