What Oil To Pour Into A Makita Saw

what oil to fill in a Makita saw

Among all the consumables used for the saw tool, chain saw oil occupies the first position, both in the frequency of use and the importance of the application. A good oil not only facilitates the operation of the device, but also extends its use by years.

Which oil to use to lubricate the saw chain

Incorrectly selected oil reduces the effectiveness of the tool and increases its wear by 7-10 percent. The oil for the saw chain must be selected based on the recommendations of the device manufacturer. Russian companies claim that their saws work with lubrication with conventional domestic automobile oils. In contrast to them are foreign manufacturers.

Chain saw lubricants

Fine tuned equipment only works with adapted oil formulations. So, some brands produce oils for a specific brand of drank, as evidenced by the inscription on the package. They provide perfect lubrication of the saw chains and tires. over, they have additional components in their composition.

To lubricate the saw chain, you can use working off, but do not pour it into a new saw, but use the oil recommended by the manufacturer.

Oils of many manufacturers are used to lubricate the saw chain and saw tires, the most common are:

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  • UZFAM oil. for work in any external weather conditions, well protects against wear, and corrosion;
  • Oleo-Mac OM Polar Lube oil. on a mineral basis with high viscosity, protects well from wear and corrosion;
  • Oleo-Mac OM Eco Lube oil. free of mineral oils, sulfur, has high lubricating properties, antiwear with high viscosity, oxidation-resistant;
  • Husqvarna Chain Oil is a branded oil that reduces the heating temperature of the chain and reduces the wear of chain links, teeth, and the guide bar, maintains its low viscosity even at very low temperatures, performs its functions even when water enters it;
  • AL-KO oil. used for chains of electric and chainsaws, maintains its low viscosity even at very low temperatures, reduces the heating temperature of the chain as a result of friction;
  • CHAMPION oil is universal, adhesive, used to lubricate the chain and tire, provides good lubrication, and viscous additives and special additives reduce the abrasion and oxidation of the metal of the saw chain.

How to lubricate the saw chain

There are models that automatically lubricate using a special integrated system. But because of their high cost, you have to resort to other methods, the lubrication of the saw chain and tires is performed using an oil can, syringe, brush or spatula for a more viscous oil.

Saw tire groove oil

Some manufacturers recommend a bath of oil for chains for a long break in use to prevent corrosion and rust. To do this, you will need any small-sized container into which a layer of oil covering the product is poured onto the bottom. To prevent dust and debris from entering, the container is closed with a lid or film for the period of preservation.

In addition, the chain requires lubrication before each subsequent use of the tool. It is done only when the power is turned off. Before lubricating, the saw chain must be loosened and then lubricated. Hands will need protection (gloves), since applying oil to lubricate the saw chain can injure yourself on the links and blades.