What's Better Cordless Screwdriver Or Cordless

Screwdrivers are firmly entrenched in our lives and are increasingly replacing the classic screwdriver for repairs and finishing work. The choice of this tool is so diverse that it often makes you think about which model is best to choose for operation.

Before making a choice in favor of one or the other option, and answering the question “Which cordless screwdriver is better?”, It should be clearly understood for what purpose the tool is purchased: for home use or for solving versatile professional tasks.

On sale you can find household, semi-professional and professional screwdrivers.

A household screwdriver is characterized by:

  • relatively low cost;
  • low productivity;
  • low power;
  • simple assembly;
  • cheap components;
  • small battery capacity.

Professional and semi-professional devices are:

  • high build quality;
  • powerful engine withstanding constant loads;
  • excellent battery life;
  • ergonomic design;
  • optimal cost, fully consistent with the quality;
  • reliability in work;
  • shockproof housing.

What's Better Cordless Screwdriver Or Cordless

The main market of power tools is occupied by cordless screwdrivers, crowding out models powered by the mains every year. Autonomous power allows you to perform a wide range of tasks. This is especially true for those who do not have the ability or simply do not like to constantly carry an extension cord and each time look for a power outlet to connect the device.

A few words about famous brands

If you want to get a really high-quality tool that would last more than one year without malfunctions, without the necessary repairs and updates, then it is best to buy a model of a well-known world brand, there are never any complaints about the quality, assembly, reliability and production resource.

Bosh. time-tested quality

The cordless Bosh screwdriver, which belongs to the line of professional models, is highly recommended, characterized by high performance, shockproof housing, impeccable assembly and reliable operation. The company, whose products are successfully sold in more than a hundred countries of the world, has been specializing in the production of professional power tools for more than a decade. Choosing Bosh. you choose quality!

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Makita cordless screwdriver. a Japanese tool with an 80-year history

In the same price segment and with similar technical and operational characteristics is the Makita screwdriver, whose manufacturers pay special attention to such indicators as:

  • production resource;
  • high build quality;
  • ergonomic design;
  • high power
  • universality of application.

Five main “advantages” of battery models

  • high level of security. There should be no doubt in this “plus”. since contact with high voltage is completely excluded, and, as a result, the impossibility of electric shock at the time of operation;
  • mobility. The self-powered tool can be used anywhere and anytime. This is especially true for work in rooms with no electricity.
  • durability. The cordless screwdriver is characterized by high performance and a long battery life. Models of well-known brands are guaranteed to serve more than one five-year period, even with high intensity of operation;
  • reliability in work. For many, cordless devices are a godsend in working conditions at a summer cottage or in a garage. One fully charged battery will be enough for intensive use for 3-4 hours, and in some cases more;
  • high labor productivity.

When is the best time to choose network powered models?

When constantly working with solid materials, for example, in a carpentry workshop or in a country house, when the continuous operation of a power tool is required, you should still consider purchasing a screwdriver that works from a household power supply. The user does not have to think about where and how to recharge the tool, yes, and such models are much cheaper than their battery “brothers”.

In addition, such models are distinguished by high power and productivity, which allows you to screw even long screws without much difficulty, drill holes of any depth. Work from a constant source of electricity will allow you to operate the tool continuously.

Say no to a cheap power tool

The more famous the brand, the more expensive the product. This pattern, alas, has not been canceled. Everyone has heard such power tool manufacturers as, for example, Bosh and Makita. Cordless screwdrivers of these brands will not only differ in price from the products of lesser-known brands, but also in quality, which should not be complained of at all. These companies produce really high-quality, reliable, high-performance tools, which are most often classified as semi-professional or professional.

Of course, when choosing a product, a tangible temptation often arises. to purchase a cheaper option from a less well-developed company. But here it is important to clearly understand that, in fact, you are buying a "pig in a poke." Sometimes this is justified, since today you can find a screwdriver with quite good technical specifications from the manufacturer, whose name is not yet publicly known. But at the same time, I want to warn you that you should not give preference to too cheap an instrument. Why?

The fact is that the characteristics of a screwdriver often declared by the manufacturer, from power to battery capacity, are overstated and not valid. In addition, in cheap models, the engine resource is often much lower than in more expensive options. Do not rely on "randomness" and believe that engine repair or buying a new battery will be inexpensive. In fact, the price of a new battery is 35-50% of the cost of a new screwdriver. Now it’s clear why we recommend not taking seriously the purchase of cheap power tools even for domestic needs, not to mention using them for production purposes.