What Useful Things Can Be Made From Chainsaws?

The chainsaw is very popular among home artisans, as it is a universal drive for original homemade designs.

Small weight and stable power in combination with compact dimensions allow you to aggregate this “lumberjack dream” with an ice drill and bicycle, power-saw bench and a winch.

Interesting homemade chainsaws can be made by anyone who works confidently with a welding machine, a grinder, and if necessary can get up to a lathe.
In this case, knowledge of the fundamentals of design and drawing will be beneficial, since the accuracy of all dimensions and the build quality are the main conditions for the normal functioning of the unit, driven by chainsaws.
Without going into technical details, consider the options for the most interesting designs with its use.

Model options.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about what can be made from a chainsaw is its use as a power saw. Dissolve the logs on the timber with this tool accounted for many developers.
Holding the saw on the weight in the hands is very difficult to control the accuracy of the entire length of the cut. Therefore, with a three or four-meter length of the log, it strongly goes away from the intended line. This problem can be solved entirely only. To do this, the chainsaw is rigidly fixed on the frame, which moves along the guide profile.
In this case, the log lies motionless and is carefully sawn along the entire length without wagging and slanting seams. If you provide such a mobile carriage with four lifting screws, you can accurately set the thickness of the sawn timber.
A sawmill of a chainsaw will also work without problems on the boards, only in this case too much waste will appear, since its cutting chain is several times thicker than the saw of the band saw.


A lightweight homemade snowmobile from a chainsaw is more complicated by a sawmill since here you need to take out the gas, the clutch on the steering wheel, and also take care of the shock-absorbing suspension of the supporting frame.
Besides, you need to develop yourself or use ready-made drawings of the caterpillar and correctly transmit the torque of sufficient power from the motor to it. Since the chainsaw does not have its transmission, the clutch on such a snowmobile is placed centrifugally with a poly V-belt and chain.
To increase the thrust on the drive shaft of the caterpillar put the “traction” gear, the diameter of which is larger than the size of the drive sprocket chainsaw.
There is usually no problem with the steering mechanism since it is taken from a regular bicycle or scooter and modified in such a way that the central axis moves the rods that turn the skis. The power of the snowmobile engine should be at least five horsepower, so for this purpose, it is better to use the Ural chainsaw.
The winter line of self-made vehicles will be complemented by snow chainsaws, which are structurally more straightforward than a snowmobile. They are driven by a large-diameter screw that directly rotates the gasoline engine.
A significant limitation to the patency of such a machine is the low power of the chainsaw. Therefore, you can move on it only on a flat surface of rolled snow, the ice of a frozen lake or river. To travel around the fields, you will need an engine with a capacity of at least 12 “horses”.
The same should be known to those home inventors who would like to make a backpack-type helicopter from chainsaws. Such a machine will require not one, but at least two engines, operating in a consistent mode.


This vehicle is most often done for the sake of principle, and not for practical use. The main driving force of its creator is the desire to test his strength as a mechanic and to prove to others the version of the original use of this cutting tool.
The base for the design is usually the old grandfather’s chainsaw Druzhba and a no less ancient bicycle, with which you can conduct any experiments to rework the frame for mounting the drive.
Power transmission here is carried out through a gear pair via a bicycle chain, and the start of such homemade products resembles preparation for cutting firewood.
rarely there are more advanced models, the base for which becomes a mountain bike, equipped with reliable brakes and shock absorbers. This moped chainsaw is equipped with gear with a gear ratio of 18: 1 and a CVT transmission, which allows you to comfortably move on it at the speed of an ordinary bicycle.

Boat motor.

This option of using chainsaws is quite simple because the task here is to transfer torque from the saw motor to the propeller. In the installation of the transmission, a homemade outboard motor does not need. It will need to make on the lathe a reliable adapter from the drive gear of the saw to the propeller shaft. The screw can be used from a standard outboard motor.
The photo shows a variant in which there is a gearbox in front of the propeller that changes the angle of rotation of the shaft by 90 degrees. The simpler models do without it, fixing the engine on the boat so that the shaft is submerged in water at a slight angle.


It is difficult to make a full-fledged tiller from a chainsaw due to lack of power and traction. But an easy motor-cultivator on its base was able to build many domestic artisan.
The design of such a machine is straightforward: the motor rotates a pair of gears and transmits increased tractive effort to one drive wheel.


The motor of the chainsaw is the same as turning. the cutting chain or the auger mechanism of the snow thrower. Everything here depends only on the design abilities of the creator and his ingenuity.
Using a Stihl chainsaw with a capacity of about 3 kW, you can quickly build an excellent device for cleaning the area of ​​loose snow. To simplify the design, some craftsmen refuse to install the wheels using ordinary sled runners.
The most crucial part on which depends on how well the homemade snow blower will do its job is the screw assembly. A gear pair and a chain drive it. The blades are made of thick rubber cord, and the intake device is made of galvanized steel sheet.
A plastic sewer pipe can be fitted under the snow thrower, securing it to the intake housing.

Chainsaw asks to heaven.

The most audacious inventors have long been eyeing the possibility of using a chainsaw as an engine for an aircraft. However, the power of this tool for the development of airspace is not enough. Therefore, no one has yet succeeded in making a knapsack helicopter from a single chainsaw.
The calculations showed that this requires at least four chainsaws (total power from 20 hp) of the forced design, which would allow them to increase the speed several times and work in a consistent mode.


This device is useful not only when building a fence or a foundation of screw piles, but also during winter fishing, when dozens of holes have to be drilled in thick ice.
Since the ice drill works at low revs, it is connected to the drill through a worm reduction gearbox to adapt the motor of the chainsaw.


The motor-winch is a beneficial device because with its help you can not only easily pull out a stuck car, but also move a heavy load to a height, pull a boat to the land or move a sawn tree.
The power of such homemade products depends on the power of the chainsaw used, and its pulling force can reach 1500 kg. Such a winch should be equipped with a sling strap, hooks and anchors for attaching to the ground, tree trunk or car.

Power station.

Marching power going on the base of chainsaws Ural or Friendship. It consists of a frame, an engine with gear reduction gear, a control panel, a generator, and connecting electrical cables.

A knife.

A good owner will not waste anything in vain, especially when it comes to high-quality metal. If you understand the nuances of heat treatment of metal, you can make chain knife, served his life.
Such a thing looks no worse than the works of Arab blacksmiths, who forged swords of legendary damask steel.