Where to fix a trimmer for the grass Maxcut MC. Our advantages

Repair of trimmers

SC master carries out professional repair of trimmers of all types and brands, regardless of the model and the complexity of the breakdown. We accept not only electric models of trimmers, but also repair gasoline trimmers in the service and motorcycle.

Our service center has its own warehouse of spare parts and components, which allows us to carry out repair work at a high.quality and operational level. Diagnosis of equipment handed over to the service is almost always carried out within 1 day. And directly restoration work and repair of equipment as short as possible (most often 1-3 days).

With minor or light malfunctions, as well as failures, the repair of a trimmer for grass can be performed immediately upon acceptance, in the presence of the owner.

If it is necessary to carry out repairs in an urgent manner, it is necessary to contact the manager separately and inquire about the possibility of its implementation on the required day. Such services are specified separately and are paid at the urgent tariff.

The most frequent problems of customers bringing lawn mowers and trimmers for grass in the “Master Service”:

  • the engine does not start;
  • Oil or fuel flows;
  • A tank of a hand starter is torn off;
  • clogging and failure of the fuel system;
  • Clutch clutch;
  • Lack of sparks.

All of the above and many other malfunctions of garden equipment are quickly eliminated by our specialists. The engineers of our workshop have extensive experience in repairing and restoring any type of electrical tool or benzo tool. There is no breakdown for them that cannot be repaired, and quality is the main priority. The main thing is that the cost of repair, spare parts and time costs pay for the possession of the equipment to our client. Free diagnostics is carried out when the repair of garden trimmers is performed.

We produce service for all types of equipment:

If your trimmer for the grass has stopped starting, it works unstable (wrong) or requires service, bring it to our service center. We will help to return your equipment to life and save significant amounts for the purchase of new garden technology. For repair services and original spare parts, a guarantee is provided.

We work daily, and not only on weekdays (including Saturday and Sunday), call and come!

Repair of benzotrimmers and motorcycles is carried out only in the conditions of the service center.

Review: trimmer for grass gasoline Maxcut MC143. technology needs good hands

Waiting for the summer season, I have acquired an enviable technique in the winter. trimmer for grass gasoline Maxcut MC143. The thing is necessary for me on the site in the village. The site is large and ordinary oblique you will not put it in order. I haven’t used this technique yet. Before buying, of course, I asked my acquaintances. which company they use the trimmer? I was advised by the German model. But by the time of acquisition of such motos for sale there was no longer. It turned out that absolutely all the technology is now Chinese.made. And all brands are also copied by China. Having slightly sorted out the topic, I realized that for my thickets we need a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife. over, the knife is better not plastic, as some manufacturers offered, but metal.

There is also such an important characteristic as power. The power of a trimmer for grass is measured in horsepower. So, a low.power trimmer for grass simply gets stuck in the thickets of thick grass.Having studied the catalogs, I found out that in practice it is more powerful than a trimmer for gasoline grass, the electrical characteristics have below the electrical characteristics. Almost all Chinese trimmers for grass were produced by two.stroke, which involved a simpler handling of fuel and quick ignition with a working candle.I also found four.stroke trimmers for the grass at one re.production, but they were not more powerful than two.stroke. Then, they would have to be delivered from production for an additional fee. There would also be repair problems. Yes, in fact, I do not understand why I am four.stroke. Therefore, she did not bother. February 17, 2008 in the online store “All tools” My Review of the online store “All tools” in the catalog I looked through all inexpensive gasoline trimmers for the grass. There are many new models. Of these, I chose and bought this particular gasoline Maxcut MC143 at a price of 4535. Made in China. Warranty period of 12 months.Engine volume is not small 42.7 cubic cm cm. Therefore, the power is suitable. 2.5 horsepower. The bar is not collapsible. I think it will be more reliable and easier. Fishing width 42 cm, knife diameter 255 mm. Since the volume of the fuel tank is 1200 ml, and the metal non-vegetable bar is also heavy, the weight of the trimmer for the grass as a whole is quite decent- 7 kg 800 g (with an empty gas tank). This is hard for me, but a less powerful trimmer would not have arranged me. I haven’t found reviews on this model on the Internet. The kit includes very detailed instructions, where everything is described thoroughly and you can figure out the newcomer. Namely, assembly with fishing line and knife, device, preparation of the mixture (gasoline AI92 and higher, and oil). Launching and stopping a trimmer for grass, maintenance, elimination of various malfunctions with your own hands, warranty card.The design, I think, is almost the same for everyone.There is a control handle on the handle with a latent position, which allows you to work without gas adjustment (on a half.gas. average revolutions). The shoulder adjustable belt is black synthetic, durable with fastening to the bar. Red protective plastic casing, which is installed for safety purposes, protecting a coil with a fishing line, or a knife.And the reel with a fishing line and a three.lobed metal knife are also included. There are necessary tools for independent assembly-disassembly. There is even a canister for the fuel mixture plastic with which you can carefully measure the composition of the fuel, namely, 1 to 32 gasoline and Patriot oil.In winter, I did not write a review, as I wanted to try out maxcut at work. During the summer, I used a trimmer 3 times. Used in all cases a knife.The trimmer for the grass works and the power suits me. But I can’t start it right away, despite the fact that he is two.stroke. It needs to be tormented for a long time for a cold, it does not start hot at all. The nuts also weaken after each work and I have to twist them.I also don’t like the tank. It seems to me that it is not quite in that place, because after work there remains unused fuel.I admit that he has not yet passed the period of the break.in. Yes, and I’m not used to new technology.If I have more experience, I think a trimmer for grass would work better.

Revenue prices

Name of works Price in rubles
Diagnostics (during repair diagnostics is not paid) 600
Complex maintenance (consumables and work) 1800
The overcoming of the engine 2500
Replacing the cylinder 1500
Replacing the crankshaft of the engine 2500
Replacing the spark plug 100
Replacing the piston 1500
Replacing the piston ring 1500
Replacing the engine oil seals 1500
Replacing the intake pipe 300
Replacing the flywheel 500
Replacing the flywheel gap 500
Clutch replacement 500
Replacement of the clutch coupling drum 500
Replacement of the clutch clutch spring 500
Replacement of dogs/springs 300
Carburetor replacement and adjustment 500
Replacing Magneto 500
Replacing the muffler 200
Carter replacement 500. 900
Replacing crankcase gaskets 500. 900
Replacement of the primer of fuel pumping 100
Replacing the fuel tank 500
Replacing the fuel hose 200
Fuel/Filter replacement 300
Replacing the air filter 100
Replacement (removal and installation) of the gas cable 100
Replacement of trigger/gas blocker 500
Replacement of high.voltage wires 500
Replacing a manual starter 500. 1000
Replacing the starter spring 500
Replacing the starter cord 600
Replacing the ignition switch 200
Replacing the bar 500
Shaft replacement/rods 200
Replacing a protective casing 100
Replacing a knife 100
Replacement of a spray 100
Replacement of fishing line in a spool 100
Replacing the gearbox 300
Repair of a hand starter 500. 1500
Repair of the carburetor 600. 2500
Carburetor adjustment 500
Adjusting the gase cable 100
Adjustment of valves 1400
Fuel system cleaning 600. 800
Gear lubrication 100

Gromov Sergey has been working since 2006.

Grass trimmer throttle repair

A certified specialist in the repair of Sadovo-Parkova, communal equipment of all brands. Specialization: post.warranty and warranty repair of gasoline lawn mowers and others. technology.

Pavel Lebedev has been working since 2009.

Manager of the Department of complaints, warranty and post.gamantial repairs. Carries out techniques for warranty and post.warranty repair, sale of spare parts, consultations.

Kuznetsov Dmitry has been working since 2006.

Specialist for repairing garden and park equipment. Specialization: post.warranty repair of gasoline garden equipment of all brands.

Alexander Sorokin has been working since 2010.

Manager of Sadovaya, Parkovaya, Communal Technique Department. Carries out the reception, issuance of equipment from repair, the sale of spare parts and components, conducting practical and technical consultations.

Kurbatov Vladimir has been working since 2005.

Work reviews

Harvested firewood in the country, suddenly the chainsaw began to “sneeze”, then completely stopped, stopped starting. I tried to repair the chainsaw on my own, washed, cleaned the carburetor. everything is to no avail. He took to the city, turned to the service. They fixed it quickly, said. the whole problem in poor.quality fuel, gave a guarantee (subject to pouring normal gasoline). Thanks to the masters for the quick and inexpensive solution to the problem!

The foreman gave the task to cut down the tree, handed the chainsaw, and he left. No matter how hard I tried to start it, it did not work. I saw the sign “Remo of those”, went to find out if they would be able to repair. It turned out that the contact has departed from the terminal of the candle. They didn’t take the money, thank you very much.

Sawed the fallen tree and did not keep track around the corner. The tire was jammed in the wood trunk, after an hour the torment was pulled out, but the tire was very faded. Friends advised SC “Remotech”. Agreed with the master and carried the unit there, there they picked up a new tire and imprisoned the chain. The next day he sawed the ill.fated tree, there is already experience))

The other day we urgently needed the repair of our chainsaw. The husband first tried to cleanse the carburetor on his own, but ruined something inside. Then they began to look for a workshop with urgent repairs, but everywhere it was necessary to leave for several days until they found this organization. They quickly found a malfunction and returned the saw in an hour.

The husband, leaving on a business trip, gave the task to repair a chainsaw in his absence. Having consulted with neighbors, she turned to the masters of the Remo Technical Service Center. I do not understand the technique, but they assured me that tomorrow I drank like new. I took the renovated tool and with a shudder was waiting for the return of my husband. I have it strict. However, in vain. drank started on the first attempt, my husband is satisfied, I am satisfied, what I pleased. Many thanks to the company’s employees.

Corporate service service MCCULLOCH equipment

Maintenance of corporate clients: legal entities, construction companies, government agencies, utilities are of great importance for our service center for repair and maintenance of MCCULLOCH equipment. So, in addition to servicing right in the center of Servy, it is quite possible to leave directly to the enterprise or object of the customer. Details of services for legal entities and nuances of mutual settlements can be found here.


The exact repairs are always indicated only after diagnosis. The cost of “Service” services is introductory in nature and can be changed after the diagnosis of your technique. With each client, we work individually and a detailed calculation of the repair price is made in accordance with the level of complexity of the breakdown of a particular type of equipment. Spare parts that we use in the repair are paid separately. Calculation based on data from the Servy client base.

Typical breakdowns of garden trimmers

If your gasoline or electric trimmer for grass has broken, do not believe that manufacturers are always to blame for this. Thanks to our long.term work with both electric and gasoline trimmers, we can name a number of the main causes of their breakdowns:

  • The benzotrimer does not start, there is no spark formation of the cause: the spark plug is faulty, the ignition coil (magneto), damage to the parts of the manual starter, the hazard of the fuel system, wear of the cylinder-piston group are faulty;
  • The lawn mower stalls, the possible reasons: the blockage of the fuel system (there is no fuel supply), wear of the cylinder-piston group, the carburetor, blockage of the air filter is cut;
  • The cutting nozzle of the benzotrimer, the main reasons: wear of the clutch parts (fists, springs, clutch cup), wear of the drive shaft, the gearbox is not rotated.
  • The electric coser does not turn on: the inclusion button is not good, the power cable, the wear of the graphite brushes, the engine burned out (either the entire stator, rotor) has not been properly
  • The electrimmer does not spin the cutting nozzle (trimmer head), the possible reasons: the wear of the shaft adapter (the sleeve connecting the engine shaft and the shaft of the trimmer for grass), the gearbox fails, the shaft of the trimmer for the grass failed;
  • The engine sparks or severe vibration in an electric trimmer for grass, the main reasons: the engine completely burned out, or separately a stator or rotor burned down.
trimmer, grass, maxcut

These defects are typical of electrimmers and gasosos: some are more common, others less often. And not often they occur due to the simplest reasons: improper operation (maintenance is not carried out), the use of not recommended fishing line or knives; Swear and gas surges in the power of the electric network or the use of non-high-quality benzo-mixture (oil and gasoline), many hours of uninterrupted operation of the trimmer for grass, mowing herbal coating that does not correspond to the technical capacities of the lawn mower. However, all breakdowns with a proper and professional approach are easily repaired by specialists of the Servy service center.

Just leave a request for the repair of garden trimmers on the site or call us by phone. our specialists SC “Service” will answer any of your questions.


The exact repairs are always indicated only after diagnosis. The cost of “Service” services is introductory in nature and can be changed after the diagnosis of your technique. With each client, we work individually and a detailed calculation of the repair price is made in accordance with the level of complexity of the breakdown of a particular type of equipment. Spare parts that we use in the repair are paid separately. Calculation based on data from the Servy client base.

Repair on the road with a guarantee up to 3 years

Do not waste time transporting equipment to the service center! The specialist will come to you anytime.

Modern equipment and high qualifications allows masters to carry out complex hardware repair on the spot quickly and efficiently.

If professional equipment is required for the repair, we will deliver the equipment to the service for free and bring it back!

Our specialists

Antonov Denis Engineer Engineer

Mikhaylyuk Semyon Engineer Engineer

Ivanov Sergey Engineer Outbuilding Engineer

Ignatiev Boris Engineer Service Engineer

Repair of trimmers

Servy Service Center (Service) provides professional post.warranty repair and maintenance of gas tools, power tools, household and professional garden equipment, cleaning equipment, m.

Additionally: Delivery of a trimmer for grass in/from the service center, outbound repair of a trimmer for grass at home or in the office, replacement of consumables, sale of spare parts

Budyonny Avenue, house 53, p.2, computer center Budenovsky, V-26 pavilions, B-9. Look on the map

Paid repair of various techniques for cash or non.cash calculation, the workshop works from 11 to 19h (better from 15 to 19h), you can call from 8 to 22 hours, write on WhatsApp around the clock

Additionally: Delivery of a trimmer for grass in/from the service center

Warranty repair Bosch, Sparky, Interskol

Hitachi, Aeg, Ryobi, Echo, Champion

Additionally: exit repair of a trimmer for grass at home or in the office, sale of spare parts

Additionally: Delivery of a trimmer for grass in/from the service center, on.site repair of a trimmer for grass at home or in the office, replacing consumables, installing a trimmer for grass (connection, configuration), sale of spare parts

Warranty Repair Makita, Hitachi, AEG, Interskol, Ryobi, Echo, MakTec

Our service center offers its customers to diagnose, warranty and post.warranty repair of the power tool and benzo.tool Makita, Hitachi, Interskol, as well as preventive.

Husqvarna, Briggsstratton, Gardena, McCullock, Partner warranty repairs

Seasonal maintenance and repair of tools, sale of spare parts and consumables.

Additionally: replacing consumables, installation of a trimmer for grass (connection, setting), sale of spare parts

st. Marshal Poslyakova, house 6, p. 1a look on the map

Warranty repair AEG, Sparky, MTD, Ryobi, Cub Cadet, Wolf Garten

SMT service offers its services for the repair and maintenance of lawn mowers, trimmers, tractors, snowball players, chain saws, generators, sprayers, vacuum cleaners, high-pressure sinks, air vents.

Additionally: replacing consumables, installation of a trimmer for grass (connection, setting)

Warranty repair Makita, Elitech, Briggsstratton

Additional services of service centers for trimmers repair

Trimmeres repair services

To install or set up purchased equipment, you can use the services of specialists of authorized organizations (authorized service center) who will carry out all the necessary work to further operate the trimmer for the grass. Addresses of all service centers on the map g. given at the beginning of the page. If the service center is absent at the specified address or is at another address, please inform us of this.

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All pros in one application

Evgeny arrived during, as agreed. He is a master of his business: having arrived at the place, he immediately determined the breakdown and began to correct it, and not inventing ways to breed a client. The master does everything neatly, and most importantly high quality. And most importantly, he has a wide work profile. Thanks. yet

Met near the store, bought components for the system. They purchased everything necessary, Vladimir, from my wishes for the computer, collected the best option. Then he collected everything at home, installed the operating room and everything necessary. The day after the work I installed the necessary software and. yet

Ayrat Thank you very much! Professional master, good specialist and pleasant person ! I really liked the work of the master. There was a problem in the well pump, arrived, determined the problem, he himself ordered all the necessary equipment to replace the pump, installed everything, but it turned out that it was still necessary. yet

Pumps, repair of submersible pumps, repair of garden tools

I received a used gasoline lawnaper, which requires repairs (replacing the stroke and belt-rustle) gasoline. They did everything without problems. At the same time, the rotor knife was imprisoned. There are no questions for repair.

trimmer, grass, maxcut

In terms of price-quality ratio, we were satisfied with the work of Alexander. In two weeks (plus a week to dry), our old terrible bathroom turned into a brand new and neat. Of course, if our repairs budget were larger, then the requirements and evaluation of work would be others. Further about the pluses and. yet

We had an old polycarbonate canopy, which was leaking and did not have the right bias for snow. I had to manually rake snow, standing on the stairs. long and inconvenient, well, and still do not clean the entire surface. We agreed with Mikhail to install a new canopy of a larger area from the corrugated board

Awnings and tents, installation of awnings from corrugated board

Megmet and his brigade. wonderful! Punctual, never were late, always exactly came to the time. Calm, patiently and with understanding related to thousands of issues, requests of the customer. They will answer all the questions, even several times))) Tk repair in the kitchen made one, Megmet without question. yet

Digital Video Project – Troy-Bilt String Trimmer Installation

Dismantling of finishing, gluing non.woven wallpaper, gluing wallpaper with the selection of drawing

Repair of trimmers for grass

Owners of garden and suburban areas can not do without tools that allow you to care for green spaces and generally ennoble the territory. One of them is a gasoline trimmer for grass. This is a lawn mower that allows you to easily cut lawns, shrubs and even young trees. Such equipment is very convenient and effective in operation, and its failure leads to the fact that you have to do everything manually, for example, using garden scissors.

trimmer, grass, maxcut

But do not sacrifice personal comfort. It is better to immediately contact professionals who will take on the repair of gasoline trimmers. Masters understand what these tools are, how they work and what can be damaged there. A professional will conduct diagnostics, and then quickly eliminate the problem, returning the lawn mower or trimmer the previous performance.

Look for experienced performers on our platform. To do this, form an order with a description of your requirements and wishes. Masters will respond to him and will only have to choose who I want to cooperate with. Be sure to discuss all the details before the start of work, including the price, to be confident in the right choice of a benzotrimer specialist.