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How to distinguish a real stihl chainsaw from fakes

In order not to buy a fake, first of all, you need to understand the real price. You can study the cost in trusted stores on Yandex Market. Below is the current value of the original, which should be focused on:

Stihl chainsaw is a device that a huge number of men trusts for thirty years. Consistent quality and excellent behavior in work. all this is kept from the first parties of the chainsaw to this day. Even the design of the device manufacturers did not change. The only drawback of the StiHL chainsaw is a huge number of fakes that are collected somewhere in the basements manually or on primitive machines. The quality of such products is inferior to original samples, but you can work with them, in principle.

But the matter is different. some sellers are trying to sell a fake under the guise of the original. The difference in price and quality is colossal.

If earlier the fake of the chainsaws had a primitive look, even from afar, not like the original, now copies are as close as possible to genuine devices.

For this article, a comparison of the original and fake chainsaw STIHL MS 170/180 was compared. To be sure that you are purchasing an original chainsaw, pay attention to the following details of the device.


Boxes of devices in appearance completely coincide. But the difference is the difference. the original box is a couple of centimeters longer than a fake.

In addition, there is a sticker on the original box indicating:

The number has nine positions and is assigned separately for each saw.

The presence of this number is mandatory. without it, repairs in the service center are impossible.

General recommendations

Let’s start with several general advice on how to distinguish the original original from a fake.

  • Color. STIHL saws have a characteristic orange color. No other is provided. Yellow and other covers a sign of fake. Remember this. And do not believe the seller if he convinces you to the opposite. There is one shade. And each product is painted in this color;
  • Only certified sellers. STIHL has no problems with the dealer network. Contact there. This is a guarantee of fake protection. No spontaneous markets, bazaars and transitions;
  • Marking. The company applies a serial number to the corps under the muffler. This code is duplicated on the sticker. It is applied to the saw case and on the packaging;
  • Company `s logo. It is on every device. Its absence indicates a fake. General chainsaws are marked with a logo using embossed embossing or high.quality paint. No stickers. All this is a fake.

You can check the quality and safety of the device before buying.

Genuine products are made qualitatively, and fakes give themselves out by different signs. We’ll talk about them.

The fact that you have a stihl fake, you can find out by the packaging box.

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There are several points on how to distinguish the stihl chainsaw from a fake by box:

How To Grease Pack Your Stihl Trimmer Head Gear

  • Outwardly fake and real packaging look the same. It is worth recognizing;
  • The length of the genuine container is 2-3 centimeters larger in comparison with the fake;
  • There is always a sticker on the original;
  • Information is applied to the sticker about the model, barcode, as well as the factory number of the device.

Keep in mind that to give the device for repairs on which there is no serial number will not work.

The room has 9 characters. Each saw is assigned its own unique code. Such a system simplifies fake control.


It is almost impossible to determine the authenticity of the oil by the appearance of the packaging. After all, the original STIHL oil is imported in 200 liter barrels and official dealers pour it into bottles. They can pour into any bottles. Therefore, bottles of original STIHL oil may look different.


All STIHL fake oils, like the original, have a protective seal on traffic jams. She shows that the bottle has not previously opened. Therefore, this criterion does not speak of the authenticity of the oil.

Manufacturers of fake oil try to choose the dye so that it is visually similar to the original oil. Therefore, on this basis, it is also difficult to determine the authenticity of the oil.


The original saw was twisted by the screws “Asterisk”. Fakes 90% or under a flat or under a cross screwdriver.

There is a logo on the tank cover. There is no logo on the fake. Also consider the logo on the screws on the back of the tank.

On the side of the muffler/tire on the original, there should be an identification plate with a serial number, which should coincide with the number on the box. On the fake of the tablet or not or it is of poor quality and it is clear that over time the inscription will be extended.

On the muffler housing on the original saw, the article is engraved.

Differences in the filter elements. Remove the lid that closes the filter and compare with the photo: each detail is original of the STIHL MS saw, an article is applied, each detail is perfect. The remains of the press forms, flakes in the casting of plastic are visible on fakes, there are no articles on details.

In the next video, in addition to differences in the original saw, show the distinctive features of the chain and tires:

In conclusion, read how to distinguish original circuits and oil for STIHL saw

Saws require timely maintenance. It is advisable to use original oil and original chains.

Click to increase (open in a new window).

The original chain is more difficult to distinguish from fake, use the official information of the manufacturer:

And a small video comparison of original chains with fake:

How to check a trimmer for STIHL grass for originality

China has already been making new fakes in new creams, as the “Juke” was said to the angle of sharpening from Novya walks on fakes. I held one in my hands. over, all in one to one and the inscription on the STIHL link and the box is visible by sharpening.And in some boxes of the chain even in calafan))))

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Arthur, where you saw them fake? Gypsies sell through the streets or something? On the Internet? They bought all the time from the officials, and not in the gateway, that Stihl, that Khuska, Oregon, Sandwick, no one inorized fakes

Boris, I did not guess to take a photo. Although a person does not trade in a walgin in the bays and does not hide it. https: //

Boris, China does everything))) I take the chains exclusively from the officials. And no one else has. He looked at the Hozmag exclusively for introductory purposes, and in the Hozhander is more expensive than the officials.And there is such a moment in each settlement there is a person who is engaged in repairing at home 2t equipment. And when trading consumables there, you can also get to the control system (and on the density they will say that the hands are crooked and grow from the wrong place)

Egor, what he writes and uploads a photo on Avito all this for the Pontus, and is designed for people gullible for free. We recently have one dunce for 361 stihl 17000 r for 361 stihl.I listed the sellers with Avito, and is still waiting for the courier, the phone is unavailable, and in the photo really real 361 was.

They also hack groups of groups and write, they say, they have an accident, we need money for the operation. Pictures, if you google, left.

Boris, did this through Avito?Or settled exclusively on the decency of the surge? And just transferred to the map?

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Arthur, I don’t know all the details, but our officers warned him that it was a divorce and this could not be, in the store it cost 41,000 r then, but the sweet word for the mind overshadowed the mind

Both original, just one old packaging is another new, somewhere else the package is lying without an observation window in general rarity)))

In fact, the packaging does not matter, for example, I have a STIHL chain, and the boxes have old. If you think that the chain is straight from the plant in the box, by the number of links. then this is a mistake. STIHL supplies the bays in my opinion of 1640 links, with a different type, step, thickness of the guide, and distributors and dealers already rivet all this in size. And no damage to the quality of the chain (with the right grinding of the hands), there is no. And about the original/non.original, it is noth to buy where not getting. Go to the STIHL, section “where to buy” and find the nearest. Everything, the issue with originality resolved.

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Literally today asked this question. There are both chains in new packages. What is noticeable right away: on the fake a more shiny packaging, the chain lies in a bag, the chain itself also shines strongly. Against the background of the box, a green tint prevails around the window on the fake. On the scallops of the chain, oil intakes are fuzzy and they are different at each link, on the original all one to one. Well, the price is almost 2 times.

That gives a fake

There are several signs for which the fake is identified. It is not difficult to distinguish genuine oil for chainsaws from counterfeit. But you have to show attentiveness.

Low.quality products have a number of negative consequences. And sometimes it costs the same as the original.

Start with the store

It is better to determine STIHL fake oil before buying it, as well as in advance to explore the market. The price is not the only sign. As I said, some fakes sell at the same as the original. Thus, the manufacturer tries not to give out. And sometimes the seller himself does not suspect that he sells a fake. This is a question for suppliers.

When choosing a store and studying its assortment, see the following points:

  • Reviews. Look on the Internet. If the purchase by other people turned out to be unsuccessful, and the goods are discussed in a negative way, then it is better not to go to such a store;
  • Where and how they sell. Spontaneous markets, transitions, as well as small trading shops, bypass you. Here they often sell counterfeit. Focus on large chain stores and official representatives of STIHL. Do not take the oil from the hands of strangers;
  • Blacklist. STIHL has its own official website. It created a section where lists of stores are collected on sale of fakes. Convenient and useful;
  • Display of goods. The seller will put good products in a prominent place and try to pay attention to it. The oil of dubious quality is hidden;
  • Attitude to the buyer. The seller has nothing to hide the original. He will provide comprehensive assistance, advise, and also provide documents at the first request. Sellers of fakes Julia, speak and try to shove the goods.

These are indirect signs. They are not enough to accurately determine the fake.

We study the oil itself

To accurately understand by buying StiHL oil, how to distinguish a fake, you need to study the appearance of products. This is 90% guarantee to exclude the purchase of a fake.

Nobody will open the canister before the purchase. Therefore, we look at other factors.

  • The original container is made of transparent highly dense polyethylene. The material should not crack in the cold. Withstands solid physical activity. When pressed with fingers, the form does not change;
  • The neck of real oil is always hermetically sealed. Just open the canister, if you remove the cap of protection, it will not work. It is also necessary to cut a plug of plastic;
  • A soldering seam is visible at the bottom of the container. This indicates the use of 2 halves in the manufacture of containers. In fakes, the lower part is more like a bottle of plastic;
  • The EAC index is present. This abbreviation indicates compliance with the requirements of the vehicle;
  • Inscriptions on the rear label are made in a large number of languages;
  • In the upper part of the container, the bulge on the plastic is indicated by litting. In fakes, this is usually only an inscription on the sticker;
  • There is an inscription with a date of production on the label from the back, as well as with the party number. The code is made of special paint. It cannot be erased without deforming the paper base;
  • In old liter canister there is a manufacturer’s logo;
  • No blots, errors, as well as typos and other typographic shortcomings;
  • Drawings are all clear and high.quality. No smeared inscriptions and images.

Stihl FS131 Buying best string trimmer made commercial equipment review test impression fs 131 weed

Look at all the factors at once. There are quite high.quality fakes. Only a few signs coincide with them. Others have all the signs of fake at once.

The issue of value

You remember about free cheese? Here and here be careful.

Low price, under the guise of the fact that this is a promotion, causes a hasty purchase. So a person gets fake oil under the stihl brand in his hands.

No benefit will be able to get. Even financial. Savings on good lubrication will lead to a breakdown of a chainsaw. And its repair is much more expensive than oil. Take care of the unit.

STIHL carefully monitors pricing. She does not allow the price of the market to hesitate more than 5%. If you see that they sell oil by 10-20% cheaper than the average market price tag, everything is obvious here. This is a fake.

Possible consequences

Now let’s see what you can get if you fill in fake lubrication for chainsaws from Stihl.

Surrogate reduces the level of protection, and also leads to active wear and overheating.

  • The engine quickly overheats. Lubrication does not cope with its functions. Associated with the absence of friction modifiers. The result is the load on mobile elements;
  • The formation of sludge increases. There are a lot of sulfate ash and low.quality base in fakes. This leads to the appearance of soot and mud deposits;
  • The tightness of the combustion chamber is violated. Without lubrication and with a lot of garbage, piston rings are destroyed. The engine literally breaks from the inside;
  • The engine jams and destroys. This is the final outcome. It occurs if it does not drain fake oil in time, as well as the long period to use it.

At best, you will have to drain the lubricant, rinse the motor, and then buy the original and normalize the work of the chainsaw.

In the worst purchase of a cheap fake will turn into engine repair, or complete disposal of the device. There were situations when the unit failed. And it was not subject to repair.

Reviews of the owners

Sergey: “The first impressions of the trimmer STIHL FS250 are a workhorse! Powerful and voracious, but perfectly coping with the task. I was seduced by technical characteristics that are significantly different from the rest of the models. Subject to the use of knives, even young trees mows. Starts, if hot, then from one time. The disadvantages include a high noise level and vibration transmitted to the hands. To replace the coil with a fishing line, I had to tinker. But in general everything is fine!””

Gennady: “My review is based on the positive experience of operating the Stihl FS250 lawn mower. This is the most powerful lawn mower of a similar class in the brand line, the following are already there are bushes that can completely clean your garden from any vegetation. I liked it because of my technical characteristics that are completely balanced. Weight with a full tank of about 7 kg, but on the shoulders and hands it does not affect due to a comfortable belt. The thing in the farm is indispensable.””

Chinese stihl chainsaws

Only a high.quality tool is able to reliably perform its functions for a long period of time. Stihl brand chainsaws are no exception. This company has long been considered one of the leading players in the global benchinated market, which, in turn, has become the main reason for the massive spread of fakes. What is the Chinese Stihl, how to quickly distinguish a fake and what is better to choose. these are the main points that we will consider in this article.

Initially, the chainsaws of this brand were produced only at factories in Germany. But modern realities are such that almost all world companies partially or completely began to produce their products in China for economic reasons. In order to reduce costs in 2012, part of the production of STIHL was transferred to the Chinese city of Kingdao. Initially, household models of MS 170 were produced there with tires 30 and 35 cm long, but over time, the assortment increased significantly.

Currently, almost all models of Stihl gasoline saws, exactly like another tool of this company, are produced in the Celestial.

Comparison of the Stihl chainsaws of German and Chinese assembly

To begin with, consumers must find out that StiHL has its own factory in China. Enterprise in the city of Tsindao has been collecting branded chainsaws “STIHL” since 2006. The quality of these products is at a high level, since German experts strictly monitor that their Chinese partners strictly observe the technology at all stages of production.

However, identical assembly is still not a complete guarantee that the German and Chinese Stihl chainsaws do not differ in quality. The fact is that Chinese manufacturers use less high.quality nodes when assembling (this is mainly applies to plastic parts), which is ultimately insignificant, but affects the durability and area of ​​the use of equipment collected in China.

At least, experts are confident that during operation, the equipment from the PRC can “please” its owner problems in the form:

  • frequent failures of a sawing headset;
  • regularly falling power;
  • quick loss of elasticity of the reverse spring in the starter;
  • the formation of bullying in the cylinder;
  • a significant reduction in the service life of the tire and circuit.

However, the buyer can easily calculate the Chinese version of the Stihl branded saw according to several “signs”:

  • serial number on the instrument assembled in the PRC starts with the number 8;
  • The price of a chainsaw from the PRC in the Stihl company stores is just below the original model with the same warranty service periods;
  • Chinese manufacturers continue to produce models that have already been discontinued in Germany;
  • Separate details on Chinese technique are made of cheap plastic, which can easily deform.

How to distinguish Chinese fakes of the stihl chainsaw

All these differences indicated above will help the consumer only in the branded stores of the German company STIHL. In all other cases, especially during purchases in online stores, the buyer will most likely have to deal with Chinese products, including obvious fakes that have nothing to do with the German company, but in appearance they practically do not differ from the original With the brand STIHL.

The keyword in the last phrase is “practically”. The differences between the original chainsaw “Stihl” and a fake still exist. Therefore, not even a specialist will be able to identify a fake on packaging, appearance, components and price.


Modern technique allows scammers to copy the original Stihl chain box. However, the size of proprietary packaging is a couple of centimeters more than that of a fake. In addition, on a box with an original chainsaw “STIHL”, a sticker is mandatory indicating:

In this list, special attention must be paid to the serial nine.digit number, which is assigned to each STIHL chainsaw and is necessary for servicing the product in the service centers of this German company. The first figure in this issue indicates the country of manufacturer (1-Germany, 2-USA, 3-Brazil, 4-Austria, 5-USA or Great Britain, 8 or 9-China).

Serial number in the form of a stamp on the muffler and stickers on the back of the case must be present at any proprietary chainsaw “Stihl”. If these three numbers on the packaging and body of the product differ at least one position. this is not the original, but a fake. In addition, a fake is unlikely to decorate the inscription “Made in China”.


If the packaging does not cause suspicions, then carefully study the contents of the box. Complete with the branded chainsaw of STIHL without fail go:

  • Operating instructions with a version in Russian (without grammatical errors);
  • A corporate set of tools consisting of a multi.purpose screwdriver and a candle key (each of these keys should be engraved by the company logo).

In addition, the original tire is packaged in a cardboard cover, and the chain is placed in a separate packaging. The case and packaging should be with the inscription Stihl.

The presence of a canister for fuel, several screwdrivers and other details, as well as cellophane packaging of the tire are obvious signs of fake.


It is not difficult to distinguish a fake from the original in appearance:

  • Pay attention to the quality of plastic parts on which there should not be any defects in the form of burrs, influxes, scratches and obvious traces of the press form.
  • Check the presence of a company logo (exclusively engraving) on ​​the muffler, fuel tank cover and screws from the inside.
  • All screws on the product should be with a proprietary groove under a screwdriver in the form of a “star”;
  • The product tire has only one hole. The presence of an additional lubrication window is a clear feature of the fake.
  • On each intermediate link in the chain and two large nuts on the left side of the saw, the letter “S” should be present.
  • On the holder of the air filter, the article of the product should be engraved. The filter itself is made of dense material with white outer and brown inner surfaces.
  • The branded product has a bright orange starting device.
  • The brake is fixed on both sides.
  • The proprietary chainsaw is equipped with special lids with the company logo with a patented structure for fuel and oil tanks.
  • On the case of the product (next to the silencer) there should be a stamp with a serial number. A sticker with a similar number is placed under the muffler.
  • In 2015, the appearance of all models of chainsaw company STIHL was updated. Therefore, now the original and fake can be distinguished by color, which fakes are not so rich.

Any deviation from the norm is a sign of fake.

, And the branded model should not cost cheaper than 10 thousand.

However, this indicator should not be decisive when choosing a chainsaw, as some “businessmen” specially overstate the for fake goods. Therefore, when buying a tool at any outlet with the exception of Stihl branded stores, try to bargain.

If the seller trembles and reduces the price, then he is clearly trying to come off the hand of a fake, since the proprietary products of this German company cannot be too cheap by definition.

What should be done

There are several ways to minimize the chance to buy a fake product.

  • Choose a certified store. There are official representative offices of the company. There are many of them. You can find through the official website. There are all addresses and phones. It is almost impossible to meet a fake there. This is nonsense;
  • Avoid spontaneous markets and dubious stores. The threat is carried by those outlets where there is no quality control of the goods offered. Even if the chain is offered by action or seductive price, it is better to refuse;
  • Look at the prices. There is an official website and a catalog with prices. This is the recommended retail cost. If the chain is noticeably cheaper than indicated there, they try to sell counterfeit;
  • Check certificates. Always demand from the seller documents for goods. This is your legal right. Many forget about him, and also be shy to use. This is better than working as a fake chain.

They figured it out. You can summarize.

Summing up

Fake chains for chainsaws Stihl can bring a number of problems, as well as troubles.

In your power to prevent this. You need to be careful and careful when choosing a product. Do not take a chain if you doubt its authenticity.

You came across fake chains under the stihl brand? As you realized that this is a fake? Worked with her, or immediately returned the seller?

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