Which Benz Trimmer is the Most Reliable Budget

Each owner of the garden site to maintain order on it must monitor the condition of the grass. And in order to avoid the appearance of stormy thickets, it is necessary to regularly cut it. Naturally, this is not so easy to do manually, so it would be better if the gardener got a special device. a gasoline trimmer.

First you need to decide which lawn mower to choose, because if you leave the weed grass without control, then the cottage will cease to be a resting place and eventually turn into an overgrown wasteland.

Popular petrol trimmer models

Which Benz Trimmer is the Most Reliable Budget

If you analyze the range of professional gardening equipment, then the most popular are the units offered by manufacturers such as Husqarna, Echo, Hitachi, Stihl.

The popularity of these gas trimmers is no coincidence, because they highly reliable, functionality and excellent technical characteristics.

They are also of interest to consumers due to their attractive and ergonomic design. The above companies offer a wide range of lawn mowers designed for both professionals and ordinary consumers.

At the same time, there are also units worthy of attention among domestic products. First of all, it is necessary to include the trimmers offered by companies. Energomash and Interskol. These mowers have optimum power and good technical equipment. Therefore, if timely service is provided, then they will be able to serve for a long time.

The most affordable gas trimmers made in China are considered. However, buying this equipment is not recommended for the reason that it is quite often out of order and has a short service life. You can decide on such a purchase only if you need a trimmer for 1−2 seasons.

At the same time, such products are not intended to carry out a large volume of work due to the low power. Many service centers often refuse to repair such models, explaining that the cost of their repair is comparable to the cost of acquiring a new trimmer.

Choosing the Best Benzotrimmer: Key Aspects

If you need a reliable and high-quality gas trimmer, then when choosing you should pay attention to such parameters as power and productivityl, which should correspond to the volume and intensity of work.

If you need an aggregate for single use, then a small power benzotrimmer is quite enough, with which you can successfully remove weeds and mow the lawn. Naturally, each model has its own service life. And in many ways it depends on the manufacturer.

However, often this parameter loses its significance, because if you do not plan to use the tool to perform a large amount of work, then you will not be mistaken if you choose a cheaper tool.

In that case, if you need a lawn mower that you will use for 6-8 hours a day, then, of course, you need to choose a gas trimmer of high power and good quality.

And it must be a model from the manufacturer of professional tools. They pay a high price for such an assembly, you can be sure that it will last you a long time and will not fail in the first month of operation.

The choice of a benzotrimmer must be done taking into account who will use the tool: man or woman. Modern lawn mowers have different weight, and therefore, for a girl and a teenager, a heavy model will not work, because a person will quickly get tired.

Such a characteristic as the type of rod affects the performance of the tool. If we consider a device with a curved rod, then the cutting tool will move thanks to a steel cable, which is not designed for heavy loads.

Direct boom units equipped with a metal shaft are more durable and therefore can cope with more significant loads. When choosing a lawn mower, you also need to pay attention to the type of cutting tool, since the possibility of its use in certain conditions depends on it.

The fishing line is part of the benzotrimmer, which provides grass cutting and weeds. functional in this regard are models that are equipped with a metal knife, since they can be used to cut young trees.

Rating of the best gas trimmers

If we talk about the most popular models of gas mowers, then, according to the rating, these can be called Stihl FS 55, Echo SRM-22 Ges U-Handle and Champion T336.

At the same time, they do not give a complete picture of what their superiority lies in. Therefore, we will eliminate this gap and present a more correct list of models of gas trimmers that will be of interest to consumers.

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The best budget gas trimmer for giving

Patriot garden&Power PT 2540. Cost: 3399 p. In the ranking, this model is the most universal, since it can perform a fairly wide range of work.

However, if you compare this mower with other similar devices belonging to the same price segment, then it is best suited for processing areas with grass near the house and on the lawn, as well as along the paths.

Among the equipment of this unit, a shoulder strap should be highlighted, thanks to which it becomes much more convenient to use this trimmer. Due to the fact that the load on the hands is reduced, the operator can increase the processing time of the site.

For buyers, this model is of interest due to the lack of difficulties with transportation, low vibration and low noise. If you provide this unit with timely care and repair, then it will faithfully serve for many years.

SunGarden GT 25. Cost: 4002 p. In the ranking of gas trimmers, this braid is distinguished by the fact that it has a complete set of functions that may be required to work on a suburban area. In addition to a convenient curved bar, it has an easily adjustable handle, a protective casing and a belt. This unit is quite lightweight and at the same time creates a small level of vibration and noise.

Partner xs. Cost: 4100 p. This model has gained popularity due to its advantages, which include:

  • semi-automatic supply of fishing line;
  • fuel feed pump;
  • the possibility of using available places for processing;
  • the presence of a translucent fuel tank.

What else stands out the model, so it’s low weight. At the same time, she does not have a belt, and therefore the trimmer is not intended for long-term operation.

The best petrol trimmer for agricultural work

HITACHI CG 40 EY (T). Cost: 15799 r. If you are looking for a tool for use in large areas, harvesting hay and mowing tall grass and shrubs, then you should pay attention to this model, which has a high rating.

A benzotrimmer from a Japanese manufacturer successfully copes with its task due to the presence of fishing line and metal knives. The manufacturer competently approached the choice of a place for the engine, so the weight of the tool, which is more than 8 kg, does not greatly affect the usability.

Given that the engine runs at 11500 rpm, the presence of an anti-vibration system is the right solution. This model is characterized by high power and reliability, because it is able to perform its task for many years.

ECHO SRM-2305 SI. Cost: 12690 p. This model is notable for its high power and is designed for processing areas of up to 20 acres for a long time. The main advantages are:

  1. Ease of use.
  2. Profitability.
  3. Light weight.
  4. The minimum noise.

This lawn mower is offered along with safety glasses that protect the operator from flying pieces of grass. For cutting grass provided line and knife. To start the trimmer, you will not have to make significant efforts. The presence of protection against accidental inclusion eliminates unforeseen situations.

Partner B407B. Cost: 10900 r. This model is equipped with a motor up to 2 liters. with. and provides a grip of 43 cm wide, which is made possible by a four-blade steel knife and fishing line. A benzotrimmer easily cuts grass in large areas.

In its equipment there is a bicycle-type handle and a double shoulder strap, which make it more convenient to use this lawn mowing. It can be used for a long time and eliminates serious load on the shoulders of the operator.

The best light petrol trimmer

Husqvarna 323r. Cost: 14290 r. Although this model is quite lightweight, but this does not prevent it from demonstrating higher power than other models of the same class of this manufacturer.

lawn mowing can regularly perform its task for many seasons, but for this it is necessary to ensure timely care. With great care, you should approach the preparation of a mixture of gasoline and oil, because otherwise the mower will consume too much fuel.

Standard equipment includes:

  • Face protection.
  • Glasses and headphones.
  • Saw blade.

Husqvarna 327 Rx. Cost: 17600 p. This model has a high rating among consumers and is designed for long-term operation, therefore, if you are looking for a unit that you plan to use for 8-10 hours a day, this gas trimmer will be the best choice for you.

With low weight and good ergonomics, it copes with grass cutting on the slopes. The device is equipped with an autostart system, so it will quickly resume operation if, for any reason, the device is cut down. The lawn mower is supplied with a belt tool, a four-blade knife and a trimmer head with two discs.

STIHL FS 70 C-E. Cost: 13990 r. This gas mower stands out with minimal fuel consumption and at the same time demonstrates high power and excellent technical characteristics, thanks to which it cuts hard grass, blackthorn and dead wood very efficiently.

The unit is equipped with a 900 W two-stroke 2-MIX engine, thanks to which it demonstrates high performance over a long time and without increasing the fuel consumption rate.

The best powerful gas trimmer

Champion T516. Cost: 6640 p. This model is primarily distinguished by high power, which is more than enough to cut grass on a summer cottage. the lawn mowing machine is offered together with a knife and fishing line, and is also equipped with convenient belt equipment, thanks to which this trimmer can be used for more than one season.

Patriot garden&Power PT 3355. Cost: 5799 p. The model has a large capacity, which is 1.8 liters. with. that allows her to quickly and accurately perform the processing of areas with grass.

Using a fishing line, you can cut medium grass, and the knife is very effective in combating weeds and tall grass. During operation, it requires a minimum amount of fuel, the unit does not create problems during operation and is offered at an affordable price.

Huter GGT-1900T. Cost: 5190. Due to its high power, this gas trimmer copes well with burdocks, maple branches, but it is not without some drawbacks. During operation, strong vibration occurs, the trimmer head is extremely short-lived. If you provide competent care, then the engine will last a long time. The fuel tank capacity is sufficient to solve most problems.

Despite the large selection of equipment for lawn care, petrol trimmers continue to be popular among summer residents. First of all, they are attracted to the fact that this tool can be used at any distance from home.

However, such functionality cannot be the main reason for choosing in favor of it. Each model has different characteristics, so it is on them that you need to focus on choosing a gas trimmer.