Which company should buy a petrol lawn mower?

TOP 15 best lawn mowers for petrol cars: price/quality rating 2021-2022

Gasoline lawn mowers are a great solution for mowing grass in areas. To simplify the search for the right device, we have analyzed the models presented in online stores, studied their functionality and features, got acquainted with the technical characteristics and reviews of owners. Below is a ranking of the best, quality and reliable lawn mowers for 2021-2022, grouped by the most popular query categories.

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Place Name Price Rating
The best gasoline lawn mowers by price/quality for 2021-2022
1 PATRIOT PT 42BS Learn the price 4.9 / 5
2 Hyundai L 5300S Check price 4.8 / 5
3 Husqvarna LC140SP Learn the price 4.7 / 5
The best self-propelled petrol lawn mowers
1 Huter GLM-5.0S Learn the price 4.9 / 5
2 PATRIOT PT 42 LS Check out the price 4.8 / 5
3 Hyundai L 4600S Learn the price 4.7 / 5
The best gasoline lawnmowers
1 Huter GLM-3.5L Learn the price 4.9 / 5
2 Champion LM5127 Check price 4.8 / 5
3 DDE LM 46-60 Check price 4.7 / 5
The best lawn mowers for uneven terrain
1 Champion LM5347BS Check out the price 4.9 / 5
2 PATRIOT PT 47 BS Check price 4.8 / 5
The best petrol lawn mowers with mulching
1 Huter GLM-6.0ST Check price 4.9 / 5
2 Champion LM4627 Ask the price 4.8 / 5
The best inexpensive gasoline lawn mowers
1 Zubr GKB-400P Learn the price 4.9 / 5
2 PATRIOT PT 400 Check price 4.8 / 5

How to choose a gasoline mower

We’ve got 18 of the best gasoline lawn mowers in our review. The contenders’ positions in the ranking were influenced by expert opinions and feedback from Russian users.

Nomination Place Name Price
The best inexpensive gasoline lawnmowers on wheels 1 Makita PLM4120N 21 987 ₽
2 Huter GLM-4.0 18 090 ₽
3 Zubr GKB-400P 17 890 ₽
4 RedVerg RD-GLM411G 18 840 ₽
5 DDE LM 46-60 18 402 ₽
The best lawn mowers on petrol engines by price-performance ratio 1 Honda HRX 426C SDE 59 900 ₽
2 Oleo-Mac G 48 PK Comfort Plus 32990 ₽
3 Husqvarna LC 153 30 990 ₽
4 STIGA Collector 43 22 990 ₽
The best petrol-powered ride-on mowers 1 VIKING MB 655.3 V 85 990 ₽
2 DAEWOO Power Products DLM 5100SV 39 990 ₽
3 Husqvarna LC 353VI 73 990₽
4 Husqvarna DBS51 89 990 ₽
5 Champion LM5345BS 37 490 ₽
6 STIGA Combi 48 SQ 22 990 ₽
7 Carver LMG-2651DMS 22 040 ₽
8 Huter GLM-5.0 S 26 790 ₽
9 PATRIOT PT 47 LS 20 530 ₽

Comparison of electric and gasoline lawnmowers

Output depends on the engine used. There are both low-power, household, and productive for large areas


Engine design is simple enough, components can be replaced by yourself

No combustion products, no need for cleaning

Low weight. Can be executed in the form factor of a brushcutter

Lawn mower can handle any terrain, no adjustment for bumps

The noise of electric motor is much lower than that of gasoline engine

Types of lawn mowers on petrol

Non-propelled machines have to be pushed by yourself. A mower weighs a lot, plus the weight of the grass it picks up. Therefore, these models are only suitable for flat areas. Women and the elderly are not recommended to use these gasoline mowers because of too much weight and low maneuverability. But for a small area of flat lawn, like a front lawn, they are ideal. And the price of such models is much more favorable than that of self-propelled.

Self-propelled lawn mowers are real mini-autos with a mowing function. Their powerful 2 and more often 4-stroke engines speed up the mowing of the lawn. Front-drive mowers are good for fairly simple terrain without a strong slope or irregularities, they are maneuverable and suitable for women and the elderly. But now almost all brands put rear-wheel drive.

Rear-wheel-drive models are needed where the terrain is sloping, there are bumps and holes, weeds. These mowers are powerful, heavy, requiring a man’s hands in the management. Expensive brand mowers work with the key or start button, but pulling the cord a couple of times is not a problem either.


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Key characteristics of lawn mowers on gasoline engines

Before you choose a lawn mower, you should pay attention to some parameters.

Mowing width and height

One of the important parameters for a quality lawn mower. If the mowing area is small, you can not worry. and fit a simple machine. But if taken seriously, this characteristic is worth making Accent.

Some petrol lawnmowers have cutting widths up to 58 cm. Front versions have a height of 87 cm. The minimum mowing range in this case is 30 cm.

Mowing height depends on the type of grass. If you mow not more than twice a week you can buy a lawn mower with a cutting height of 10-30mm. Decorative coverings can be mowed with a machine with a height of 30-50 mm. To mow a meadow lawn, here the height will be higher. 55-80 mm.

There are three options for adjusting the height of the mowing :

The third option is fast, but expensive. If mowing is infrequent. the first two options are sufficient.

which, petrol, lawn, mower

The type of grass cover affects the mowing height

Drive type

Lawn mowers can be self-propelled and non-self-propelled. If the area of mowing more than 12 acres, you need a self-propelled machine. But even a small area can be obstructed if it is uneven, has hillocks or is sloped.

Mowers with wheel drive are much easier to control. The speed of the lawnmower is low, 5 km/h, so you can walk with it leisurely. Even better when the drive is adjustable. You can choose the one that suits the operator.

Tank Capacity

The volume of the fuel tank is important in case of large areas for mowing. For such applications, it is better to buy a lawn mower with a tank volume of 1.2-1.5 liters. With small lawns can cope mower tank volume which has from 800 to 900 ml.


This characteristic is considered one of the most important. Mower capacity of 1 to 3 liters.с. (Gasoline units are measured in horsepower), will allow you to mow a lawn up to 2 acres. 3 or 5 liters.с. Can easily handle a 10-acre lawn.

There are lawn mowers with power of 8 liters.с. and more. These are professional units, where a seat may be provided for the operator.

which, petrol, lawn, mower

Number of wheels

Another choice of mower with a gasoline engine depends on the condition of the site. Non-motor units with four wheels are good for flat, wide lawns where you can turn the mower. But for narrow places or passages between bushes, their maneuverability is low.

Mowers with three wheels are more mobile. They have a leading front wheel, so the machine can turn where it’s needed. But again, four-wheeled versions are indispensable for steep hills. But already with front-wheel drive.

The lawn mower can have 2, 3 or even 4 wheels

What petrol lawn mower is better to buy?

This review of the best gasoline lawn mowers, compiled by our experts, comes to an end. Let’s hope that in the rating you can easily find the model that will suit all parameters and will not disappoint for all time of operation. When buying mainly pay attention to the design features, weight and power.

If you plan to process small areas do not buy a lawn mower with high power, because for it you will have to pay a higher amount.

Weight also plays a significant role, if the device will be used without transportation over long distances, then you can not pay attention to this parameter, but if you need to transport the mower, the weight plays a big role.

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